11 Best Technology Blogs to Follow for Latest Tech News & Updates 

What’s the best way to learn about the latest developments in AI, science, and technology? 

Following technology blogs.

Yes, technology blogs are an excellent resource for staying up-to-date on the latest tech trends.

But there are thousands of blogs out there that cover tech news.

That’s why you need ACCURATE information written by experts. If you’re looking for the TOP tech blogs for reliable info, this post is for you.

In this post, you’ll discover;

  • Top 11 technology blogs
  • Quick information about each of those websites
  • Why should you follow these blogs and much more

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

11 Must-Read Technology Blogs for Tech Enthusiasts 

best technology blogs

1. Wired


Wired is a leading website in the technology industry, attracting over 10 million visitors monthly. Wired covers various topics ranging from culture to business, science to design.

Quick Facts About Wired:

  • Founder: Louis Rossetto (now owned by Condé Nast, which is a media company)
  • Launched In: 1993
  • Twitter Followers: Over 10 million followers 

Why should you follow the Wired Tech blog?

Whether you’re looking for trending stores on tech or the latest ideas on science or security – the Wired blog has got covered everything for you.

Also, if you’re curious about learning AI, Wired magazine provides ALL the tips you need to use AI chatbots like ChatGPT in your personal and professional life.

If you’re a science enthusiast, Wired has long-form stories covering the latest news in science, from health care to climate change. So, it’s a one-stop source for all your tech needs.

What topics are covered on Wired?

Here are some of the major topics covered on the Wired website.

  • Business
  • Culture
  • Gear
  • Ideas
  • Science
  • Security

2. TechCrunch


If you’re following the latest tech news, you may probably have heard TechCrunch. It is one of the popular tech blogs and an excellent resource for anyone interested in technology. 

Quick Facts About TechCrunch:

  • Founder: Archimedes Ventures (led by partners Michael Arrington and Keith Teare)
  • Launched In: 2005
  • Twitter Followers: Over 10.2 million followers

Why should you follow the TechCrunch blog?

You must follow TechCrunch, especially if you’re interested in startups and technology news. TechCrunch is always searching for the next BIG thing, and it’s a great place to learn about new technologies and trends.

From apps, including news updates, to startup funding, you can find a ton of articles on the TechCrunch blog.

What topics are covered on TechCrunch?

TechCrunch covers the following topics in general;

  • Startups
  • Venture
  • Security
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Apps

3. Mashable


Mashable is an excellent resource if you’re looking for a trusted source for all the tech news and updates. Mashable has won many noteworthy awards, including the Webby Awards, the Shorty Awards, the People’s Voice Award, and more.

Quick Facts About Mashable:

  • Founder: Pete Cashmore, now owned by Ziff Davis, which is an American digital media
  • Launched In: 19 July 2004
  • Twitter Followers: Over 9 million followers

Why should you follow the Mashable blog?

Mashable is known for providing honest and unbiased opinions on the latest tech news. They have a HUGE team of experienced journalists who write about the latest tech trends, tech product reviews, and more.

It was launched by one of the top tech bloggers, Pete Cashmore, who founded Mashable in 2005 when he was just 19.

What topics are covered on Mashable?

Mashable has a ton of articles and reviews on everything from the latest smartphones and laptops to science and artificial intelligence.

Mashable also runs a podcast where you can find all the information you need about history, identity, and current events.


cnet tech blog

CNET is one of the popular tech blogs that covers in-depth product reviews, the latest tech news, and daily deals. It is primarily known for publishing unbiased reviews on popular tech products.

Quick Facts About CNET:

  • Founder: Halsey McLean Minor Sr
  • Launched In:  5 March 1994
  • Twitter Followers: Over 1.7 million followers

Why should you follow the CNET tech blog?

From tech and computing to services, software, and gaming – CNET covers all the major topics.

CNET has expert staff who select the products they cover and do a lot of testing and research before recommending any product to their readers. This careful content creation strategy is the #1 reason millions of people read and follow CNET.

What topics are covered on CNET?

Here are some of the major topics covered on CNET;

  • Tech
  • Money
  • Home (Security, Smart Home, etc.)
  • Wellness
  • Energy
  • Home Internet
  • Deals & Reviews

5. The Verge

verge tech blog

The Verge is a top tech blog that covers breaking news, reviews, and more in the tech industry. The Verge has hundreds of articles on the latest gadgets and software to social and science.

Quick Facts About The Verge:

  • Founder: Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, and Marty Moe
  • Launched In:  2011
  • Twitter Followers: Over 3.2 million followers

Why should you follow The Verge tech blog?

Are you curious about watching mindblowing documentaries on the future of technology? Want to learn more about the latest technology, science, and culture? If yes, The Verge is the ONLY destination you need.

From electric cars to space to the latest tech gadgets – you’ll find in-depth information on most topics, which are written by experts. 

What topics are covered on The Verge?

The Verge mostly covers articles on the following topics;

  • Tech
  • Reviews
  • Science
  • Entertainment
  • Cars

6. Gizmodo

gizmodo blog

“We come from the future” is the tagline of Gizmodo. Gizmodo is the best resource for those looking for the latest tech updates and helpful resources on the future of technology.

Quick Facts About  Gizmodo:

  • Founder: Peter Rojas, and is now owned by G/O Media
  • Launched In: 1 July 2002
  • Twitter Followers: 2.7 million followers

Why should you follow the Gizmodo blog?

If you’re looking for a one-stop place for the best tech, science, and culture news, you should subscribe to the Gizmodo blog. From news and hardware to science and the latest developments in AI, you can find all the information you need on Gizmodo.

In addition to tech updates and product reviews, Gizmodo also publishes news articles, opinion pieces, and interviews with tech celebrities.

What topics are covered on Gizmodo?

Here are some of the topics covered on the Gizmodo tech blog.

  • Reviews of the latest gadgets 
  • In-depth analysis of tech trends
  • They often cover the trending technology guys in the tech industry, so you can learn from their success.
  • Excellent resources on the future of technology

7. Engadget

engadget blog

Engadget was one of the first technology websites to focus exclusively on technology news and reviews. It quickly became a famous online resource for tech enthusiasts because of its in-depth coverage of the latest tech products.

Quick Facts About Engadget:

  • Founder: Peter Rojas, Joshua Topolsky, and Nicole Martin
  • Launched In: 2004
  • Twitter Followers: Over 2.3 million followers 

Why should you follow the Engadget blog?

Engadget is a blog that covers all things technology. You should follow this blog if you’re a fanatic about the latest gadgets and tech-related products.

They write about new gadgets, software, and trends in the tech industry. They also have a lot of great reviews of tech products. It also features exclusive interviews with tech industry insiders such as Marques Brownlee. Overall, Engadget is a great resource for anyone who is interested in technology.

What topics are covered on Engadget?

Here are some of the topics covered on Engadget;

  • All the reviews around the latest tech products, including smartphones, smart watches, tablets, etc.
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Tech news, reviews, and deals

8. Digital Trends

digital trends blog

Digital Trends is the online platform for the latest technology news, exciting product reviews, tech editorials, and product sneak peeks. Digital Trends has over 6 million social followers and 30 million visitors worldwide.

Quick Facts About Digital Trends:

  • Founder: Digital Trends Media Group
  • Launched In:  2006
  • Twitter Followers: Over 1.9 million followers 

Why should you follow the Digital Trends tech blog?

Digital Trends is an award-winning technology brand that helps people find and use the best products and services available.

The website is also partnered with all the major platforms, including Apple TV, Android TV, ABC News, Roku, Oath, Fire TV, Atmosphere, DailyMotion, and more for content syndication. Digital Trends covers a wide range of tech news, so you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest developments.

What topics are covered on Digital Trends?

Some of the major topics covered in this blog include;

  • Computing
  • Mobile
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Audio / Video
  • Smart Home  
  • Reviews related to tech products 

9. TechRadar

tech radar blog

TechRadar is known for publishing high-quality content that is both informative and helpful.

If you’re curious about what tech to use, what to cancel, what to buy, and what to skip – you can find all the information you need.

Quick Facts About TechRadar:

  • Founder: Future plc (which owns over 220 brands)
  • Launched In: 2007
  • Twitter Followers: Over 346K followers

Why should you follow the TechRadar blog?

You should follow TechRadar’s blog if you’re looking for daily breaking news, reviews, analysis, deals, etc., from the tech world.

The TechRadar blog is a great place to start if you’re looking for reviews of the latest tech products, the latest news on emerging tech trends, product reviews, advice on electronics, and more.

What topics are covered on TechRadar?

Here are some of the major topics covered on this tech blog;

  • Phones
  • Computing
  • TVs
  • Streaming
  • Health
  • Audio
  • Cameras

10. PCWorld

pc world tech blog

PCWorld is one of the best tech blogs on the internet. If you’re interested in learning more about technology or want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, we highly recommend subscribing to their blog.

Quick Facts About PCWorld:

  • Founder: David Bunnell and Cheryl Woodard 
  • Launched In: 2013
  • Twitter Followers: Over 388K followers

Why should you follow this tech blog?

PCWorld is a great resource if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest tech news, from product launches to industry trends. This tech blog mostly covers various aspects of PCs and related items. So, if you’re interested exclusively in PCs, software and laptops – PCWorld is a must-read blog for you.

What topics are covered on PCWorld?

Here are some of the topics included on PCWorld;

  • Computers and laptops tips on how to keep your computer running smoothly.
  • Software 
  • Advice on how to stay safe online
  • Mobile devices
  • Gadgets and tech toys
  • Tech news 
  • How-tos on just about anything with tech

11. MakeUseOf


MakeUseOf is one of the go-to sources for tech, digital culture, and gadgets. This blog covers all the essential tech topics, from foldable phones to internet scams and AI technology.

Quick Facts About MakeUseOf:

  • Founder: Aibek Esengulov (it was acquired by Valnet on July 6, 2020)
  • Launched In: 2007
  • Twitter Followers: Over 150K followers

Why should you follow the MakeUseOf tech blog?

MakeUseOf was launched in 2007, and since then, they’ve published some high-quality articles on a wide range of tech topics.

On this blog, you’ll not only find tech news but also helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks that you can use to get the most out of your devices. Whether you’re looking for smartphone tips or latest tech news on the Internet, follow MakeUseOf blog, as it covers all those topics.

What topics are covered on MakeUseOf?

Some of the things you’ll discover on this blog include;

  • Free Windows CMD Cheat Sheet
  • How-tos on using popular software programs
  • Tips for troubleshooting common tech problems
  • Reviews of the latest tech gadgets
  • Latest tech trends and more

How to start a technology blog on your own?

So, how do you start a technology blog? Starting a tech blog is a no-brainer if you want to earn a passive income or build a side hustle.

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  • It helps you start making money off your blog in many ways including ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, etc
  • It helps you network with other tech enthusiasts and influencers
  • You can build and grow an online presence
  • And the list goes on

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FAQs on top tech blogs

Here are some questions on tech bloggers and blogs.

What is a tech blog?

A technology blog or website is an online resource that MOSTLY covers the latest news and reviews on technology. Topics can range from the latest gadgets, such as smartphones and software, to in-depth tech articles on artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, etc. 

Do tech blogs make money?

Yes, many tech blogs make money in various ways, including advertising, sponsored posts, brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, etc. 

What is an example of a technology blog?

TechCrunch is one of the best examples of a tech blog that mostly covers content related to technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley.

Which tech blogs to follow?

Here are some of the best tech blogs to follow for the latest tech news and updates.
– Mashable
– TechCrunch
– The Verge

What are the best technology blogs for students?

Here are some of the best education technology blogs for students.
– The Wonder of Tech 
– iLearn Technology By Kelly Tenkely
– MIT Technology Review

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Final thoughts on top tech bloggers

There are a gazillion tech blogs out there, each claiming to be the best. 

We’ve handpicked only 11 of best of the tech blogs that provide reliable updates and news related to technology. Make sure to check out those blogs and subscribe to their updates if you find their content helpful.

So what are your thoughts on the tech blogs shared here? Did we miss any of your favorite tech bloggers? Let us know in the comments. 

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