Best Email Marketing Strategy: 45+ Experts Sharing Their #1 Strategy for Beginners

If you’re looking for an excellent resource for creating the best email marketing strategy that works like a charm in 2024 and beyond, you’re in the right place.

Are you wondering if you should spend money on building and growing your email list?

Ask any successful blogger about their biggest blogging mistake, most of them will say “not building an email list from day 1”.

Whether you know it or not, email marketing gives you the highest ROI. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $40 in ROI.

Email marketing helps you with:

  • Building relationships with your audience
  • Building trust and strong rapport
  • Gives you a chance to directly interact with your prospects, leads and subscribers
  • It improves your overall website’s traffic

Above all, email marketing helps you generate more sales. So without further ado, let’s talk about the email marketing strategy shared by over 45 experts. Let’s get started.

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What’s The Best Email Marketing Strategy That Works Like A Charm In 2024?

best email marketing strategy

1. Harris Schachter

Harris SchachterFar and away the #1 email marketing strategy I would give to a beginner is to segment your list. Most people send the same email to their entire list, and maintain that list as one.

Use demographic information to segment and personalize. Even the most basic information, like keeping track of where you got an email address from or what state they’re in is better than the traditional spray-and-pray approach.

2. Brian Jackson

The number one recommendation I always make for beginners in email marketing is to re-send campaigns to those that haven’t opened them.

Brian JacksonTypically most will send out a weekly newsletter. You will only get a portion of your audience to open this. Many email marketing programs, such as MailChimp, have easy ways to segment your list with a few simple clicks. You can then a few days later re-send the campaign to anyone that didn’t open the first email (segmented list).

I also recommend slightly changing the subject line. Typically open rates are slightly lower on resend campaigns, but you’ll always get more clicks and eyeballs on your content that you wouldn’t have before. This only takes around 5 minutes each week, so it’s a no-brainer!

3. Dave Schneider

Dave SchneiderA great one is resending your email to people who didn’t open it the first time, with a different subject line.

Changes the subject line gives you a chance to make people think it’s something different and since they haven’t seen the email content yet they’ll treat it as a new email. Just remember to send it a few days later, like 3, after you’ve collected the people who haven’t opened it.

There are some email marketing tools that have this feature built in, like Drip, which I recommend. This usually can increase open rates significantly, perhaps as much as an additional 50% (relative).

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4. Akshay Hallur

akshay hallurThe #1 email marketing strategy that I have for beginners is “Having lead magnet as a part of the funnel”.

I know it may sound simple.

But. Wait. I’m seeing many beginners just having a lead magnet and collecting emails for the sake of doing it.

If you are willing to dive in the email marketing, before even creating the lead magnet, you need to have a clarity of the end goal you need to achieve and craft the funnel accordingly.

Keeping the end goal and funnel into perspective, you need to create a lead magnet around a strategic topic that attracts right kind of audience you want in your funnel.

Also, do remember that lead magnet is one of the initial touch-point for your audience so video content/ webinar would be better.

If you are building email list without having a funnel or a systematic marketing plan, you are burning money.

5. Pardeep Goyal

pardeep goyal“I have a small list of 20,000 subscribers that I collected since I started blogging in 2015. I don’t send all the emails to all subscribers in the broadcast but I have segmented the list as per their interest areas (Stock Markets, Money Saving, Blogging & Affiliate Marketing).

The biggest mistake that beginners do is sending broadcast emails to everyone in their list and most of potential engaged readers unsubscribe. I would suggest beginners to focus on understanding the needs of their subscribers from the day when they send them welcome email.

You welcome email must end with a question so that your email subscriber can reply and you have better understanding of your next email sequence.

In second phase, you can remove the questions and prepare solid email campaigns as per the needs of your subscribers.”

6. Ryan Biddulph

Ryan-BiddulphSee list building as sending value to your readers versus trying to sell something.

Newbies obsess over selling via email and forget to add value, fawning over getting big numbers and selling to those numbers.

Help human beings. Serve them. See email as a serving medium. That’s the best email marketing strategy you could use.

7. Enstine Muki

enstine mukiMost beginners always think they know it or sometimes they think it’s easy and quick to scout the net and get everything they need to hit success.

I admit there is a lot of free stuffs online to get anyone going. But these are all in bits, scattered here and there. I however vividly encourage newbies to invest in premium courses or hire a coach who should hold their hands through the ins and outs of the business. This way, they are going to avoid losing money to scams and bad offers.

8. Marko Saric

marko-sericMy best email marketing strategy for beginners is to use the tools available to you. For example most email marketing software these days allows you to segment your email list according to different criteria. One of the easiest ways to use this feature (and get best results in little time) is to simply resend your mail few days after you’ve originally sent it.

The difference is that in the second round you segment the list and only send the mailer to those who haven’t opened the first one. Very little work on your end but you stand to boost your overall email open rate.

9. Clayton Johnson

Clayton JohnsonThe biggest effect for building a new email list is connecting in communities and even blog comments that are focused in on your topic.

I used to think traffic from these types of places that you participate in providing your input and do not directly advertise were not worth the effort because of the short term traffic received.

After years of experienced I realized these are the ideal people that want answers to their questions that you can provide and show value which can turn into a lot of email subscribers.

10. Adam Connell

adam connellThere are a lot of components to a successful email marketing strategy. But none of that matters if you don’t have any subscribers.

Now, there are plenty of tactics you can use to grow an email list (I’ve talked about many here), but you’ll get the majority of your subscribers from a small number of tactics.

One of my favourite techniques is to use ‘category targeted opt-ins’.

You’ve probably heard about content upgrades. The idea of offering a unique lead magnet (or freebie) that is specific to a certain blog post or piece of content.

This idea is similar but you don’t have to create a lead magnet for each post.

Here’s how this ‘category targeted opt-ins’ idea works:

What you’d do is create a free download for each of your main blog categories (limit this to 5 to keep it manageable).

First, you need to create a killer lead magnet for each category.

Then, you need to setup relevant opt-in forms across each of those categories. This can be done with WordPress plugins like OptinMonster or Thrive Leads.

So for example, if someone is reading a category about meal recipes, they’ll get a lead magnet about meal recipes – not something different like breakfast recipes.

Why does this work?

When someone is reading your content, they’re more likely to subscribe if your offer ties in closely with what they’re reading.

We tried this tactic at UK Linkology and had a 300% increase in opt-ins.

And this wasn’t just a flash in the pan – the increase remained constant.

11. Nisha Pandey

Nisha PandeyI would suggest that beginners should lay a huge emphasis on their email content. Your emails are directed at people who are already interested in receiving messages from you. So there is a very high chance that they will open your messages.

It is your content that is going to do the magic in keeping them reading and getting them to click through. Create content that is easy to read and is created specifically for the customer (personalize it and address their needs).

Create it in a way that it creates a strong urge in them to click through to your landing page.

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12. Joe Williams

Joe Williams seoMy biggest email marketing strategy is to use compelling leads magnets and segment your email list. Now, a lead magnet could be a valuable pdf or a mini email or video class series.

But here’s the thing, before they receive the useful resource, you want to capture more than just their name and email address. You want to covertly capture what type of customer they are.

For example, as a search engine optimization (SEO) company, we often ask the question: what level of understanding of SEO do you have?

And then provide one of three answers.

1) Total Newbie 2) Some knowledge but fuzzy 3) Ninja level

We collect this data and tag each contact in our email autoresponder.

That way, we can get hyper-targeted in the messaging and promotions we send to our list. Best to do this early, even for beginners. And while you may not be ready to use the data now, you’ll find it becomes very useful later down the road.

13. Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine RegulyMy #1 email marketing strategy is to be honest with my readers.

Authenticity goes a long way in developing trust!

The second thing I do after that is to find out what my readers want and then give it to them.

14. Ted Rubin

ted rubinGrowing your list is not simply about numbers… it’s about adding value to what you do. In order to ensure that happens, the following are important parts of the process.

1. Permission is a privilege, not a right: Consumers do not owe us their attention, and they certainly do not owe us their permission. We need to EARN their permission, and that’s not done by a gimmick or a flashy set of ads. Permission is earned through quality content and offers, genuine interest in and deep understanding of consumer preferences/needs, and a consistent track record that builds trust. Keep the trust, keep the permission, keep the follower.

2. Relevance is king: We all hear daily that content is king – so let’s take that one level further and point out that it’s not just the volume or brilliance of content that matters to your followers, it is how that content relates to them. If content is not relevant to them, it is nothing more than a waste of your time and a reason for the follower/consumer to take away permission for ongoing interaction with you.

3. It’s all about relationships: People must come first – in your growth strategies, in your marketing plans, and in every interaction that you have. When you place highest priority on people, you take the time to do all those hugely important things that build relationships:

  • You operate from a mindset of SERVICE
  • You think about what you can GIVE TO your followers, rather than take from them.
  • You ask them questions, listen to and clarify their answers, and get to know their pain points and what delights them.
  • You base your innovations on what they actually need and want.

And the result? You get and keep your permission to continue and build a relationship with them. In other words, permission is your ROR, #RonR (Return on Relationship), that’s the best email marketing strategy for anyone.

As you head into the second half of 2018, remember that Permission is a two-way street, and the traffic signals are controlled by your followers. Be their Green Light… not their stop sign!

15. Janice Wald

janice waldBeginners often fail to realize the importance of creating an email list.

Why is creating a list important?

You own the emails. What if WordPress, or a social media site where you have followers, fold? You’ll lose the connection with people who follow you and are interested in your content. Also, you can let your list members know if you have new products or services.

If you stop publishing due to a vacation, you can let them know that as well.

However, of all the services available (and I’ve used three), I feel the best is the Aweber email marketing service.

They pull from your RSS feed, so after a brief initial setup, you don’t even need to send emails to your list. Aweber does it for you! This saves a huge amount of time. Also, the folks over at Aweber are friendly and available round the clock.

Finally, they are less restrictive about your content than other vendors like MailChimp. Therefore, I have two related tips: Use an email list to collect emails and use Aweber to send your emails to your subscribers.

16. Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan BenitezCreate incentive emails by repurposing your guest posts into PDF files. Convert the posts into PDFs using Designrr and use an email platform like ConvertKit that allows you to append the content upgrade for the forms you will create.

Embed the form on the post related to your content PDF, i.e. if your incentive email is about SEO, then embed the form on your posts about SEO. By incentivizing email sign-ups with exclusive content they’re interested in, you can increase your email subscribers faster!

17. Darren Taylor

Darren TaylorThe number 1 email marketing strategy for beginners is first to look at the sender name and subject line. There is no point in crafting an excellent email when nobody is going to open it. Start off by testing your sender name. Often people respond more to a “name” as opposed to a “company” or “business name”.

Start off with this and then move on to testing subject lines to get the best email open rates. This is the most important first step. Testing CTRs and call to actions come later, get people to open the email first!

18. Aris Santos

Aris SantosFocus on building your list by creating lead magnets and adding them to your blog and landing pages. It’s easy to get people to subscribe to you if they already know you but that’s not going to be the case if you’re just starting out.

So be prepared to offer something of value like a discount code on their next purchase if you’re an e-commerce business OR an ebook they can download free. This way, you can grow your list faster and it will allow you to scale your email marketing campaign significantly.

19. Aaron Agius

Aaron AgiusThe one thing I think beginners get wrong when it comes to email marketing is that they try to sell too soon. If you’re just starting out, you need to build those relationships first. Often, that comes down to being conversational and providing value. Don’t just try to sell in every email you send.

And if I can share a second tip, it’d be to email often. If you’re being genuinely helpful, it’ll be welcomed. But if you mail sporadically – the way I see many beginners do – you aren’t going to hit the frequency and consistency needed to build the kinds of relationships I described above.

20. Sathish Arumugam

Sathish Arumugam Still, our affinity for email marketing is not winded up. Email Marketing would be dominant appealing users to do your goal of action. But, it does only if you can optimize it in such a way. There are plenty of itty-bitty strategies going great guns in different scenarios. Among all, I would consider the frequency and consistency in shooting emails to the subscribers are crucial.

Growing email subscribers list is significant for any business. At the same time, you will have to be conscious of not to lose your existing subscribers. How your emails are pleasing or bothering your customers is a great deciding clue that lets them read or unsubscribe from your list.

Do send only relevant emails as well as don’t often send or so frequent, irritating your customers. These strategies might be familiar, but matters.

21. Jignesh Padhiyar

Jignesh PadhiyarEmail Marketing is a vast subject to discuss. But for a beginner, who wants access to hands-on information on this subject, he/she must ponder over four crucial points of email marketing.

Selecting an Email Marketing Tool: In the most cases, the marketer makes a mistake in picking up a tool to run email campaigns. Everyone must analyze their needs, their target audience, and the most important of their goals. Based on this analysis, a marketer should pick the tool.

Content and Design: After you have decided the right tool for your email campaigns, it’s time to decide the content and email design. Make sure you pick content based on the interest of your audience. Design and content of the creative have to have shocking value and directness.

The Best Time to Send Emails: A beginner often makes a mistake and overlooks this important factor of email marketing. Selecting the right time slot to blast emails is a critical part but easy to decide. Understanding your target audience behavior, their interest, and their schedule will help you to choose the best time for a higher open rate of your emails.

Measure the Engagement: Once the emails are out, you can go for the next steps: measure open rates, clicks, and engagement to your email campaigns. Learn from this analysis and make appropriate changes in the next campaigns to improve responses and conversions.

22. Maddy Osman

Maddy OsmanThere are so many different things that you could let yourself worry about with regards to email marketing when you’re just getting started but there are just a few things you have to keep in mind in order to actually be effective.

Don’t get too caught up obsessing over which email service provider is the best, how to set up drip campaigns, or how to create the most bad-ass opt-in form you can. You’ll figure all of these things out over time and you may even change your mind after deciding on what you initially think of as your perfect solution!

So instead of worrying about all these little details, focus on what’s really important: consistency. Send out emails on a regular basis, at similar times, on the same days each week. The alternative, sending emails sporadically, without a strategy behind them, will more than likely result in high unsubscribe rates.

23. Matthew Woodward

matthew woodwards Any type of email marketing would be useless without subscribers. So for me one of the important parts to any email marketing strategy is building your subscriber list.

You can do this a number of ways. I usually focus on….

  1. Opt in forms
  2. When someone buys a product
  3. When someone registers on your site
  4. When someone comments for the first time
  5. When someone submits a contact form
  6. Landing pages

Just a quick reminder that email marketing is not dead!

In fact having the ability to control hundreds or even thousands of peoples attention and point it somewhere you choose is like having super powers!

Look what happens when I send an email out to my subscribers!

matthew emails

So when it comes to email marketing tools, take a look at Aweber.

matthew email sequence

It’s extremely friendly for beginners, easy to understand and has plenty customization options. So if you are looking to start a blog or fairly new to the world of blogging then I recommend starting with Aweber which has a 30 day free trial for you to try it out.

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24. Dan Scalco

Dan ScalcoMy #1 email marketing strategy for beginners would be to have a funnel in place for both gaining new subscribers and turning those subscribers into sales.

Just starting out, don’t try to make them overly complicated funnels. Rather, just put something together and evolve it over time as you learn what works best for your audience.

25. Stacy Caprio

Stacy CaprioMy #1 email marketing strategy tip for beginners is to set up a welcome email that people receive automatically right after they sign up for your list.

You should have a value-add in it, such as a high-value PDF relevant to your industry as well as just say welcome and let them know they’re on the list.

26. Sam Hurley

Sam HurleyGrow your email list by placing an attractive sign-up box on your website, somewhere it can’t be missed (even better if it’s in between awesome, helpful content). But don’t just use the words ‘sign up’. Be creative, not rigid!

[IMPORTANT: Always offer value first e.g. When you sign up to my course, you get tons of free info first.]

Remember that people who subscribe are valuable to you. They aren’t cold, they aren’t hot — but they are lukewarm. They have just given you their details which means they not only trust you somewhat, but are willing to digest and possibly share your content…

Vast opportunities lie here. Don’t let them go to waste!

  • Send ‘nurturing’ emails regularly, but not too regular (depends on your industry and audience – B2C offerings can usually be delivered more frequently)
  • Don’t over-style your emails – sometimes plain text works best
  • Increase the trust of your recipients with actionable tips, whatever your niche
  • Keep emails short and snappy, but not throw-away
  • Ensure your emails actually get opened, by using cryptic or hard-hitting subject lines
  • Include links to your website content, to get it seen
  • Don’t be afraid to link out to other helpful resources

Finally: Segment your audience into different lists, because not everybody will want the same material.

Personalization increases bottom line conversion, hands down.

27. Jeet Banerjee

Jeet BanerjeeBe consistent. If you want to create a solid email marketing strategy, be consistent.

A lot of people do email marketing once and they stop because they don’t see results. However, with email marketing you need to really engrave your name and brand with your audience. You have to constantly send out emails and provide free value to your audience in each email before they convert through your funnel. Consistency is key!

28. Zac Johnson

Zac-JohnsonEmail marketing and lead generation is a must for all bloggers, site owners, and brands online. The problem is, many of them are approaching it in the wrong way and rushing the process.

Before even going live with a newsletter sign up form on your site, you should have the following in place:

  1. Unique call to actions and something of value to offer
  2. Using a popup and lead generation tool for max conversions
  3. Ability to split test subscription forms on site and within content
  4. Have a quality autoresponder series in place (several weeks out)
  5. Make sure you are providing value and gaining trust in the process

Email marketing is easy to set up, but it’s a tough process to master. If someone is going to give you their email, make sure it’s worth their time. Otherwise they will just click unsubscribe and never come back to your site again.

Lastly, email marketing is a long term game. Make sure you are also implementing mobile and social media marketing into your email efforts as well. There are a lot of cool things you can do with remarketing and advertising once you have a users email address.

29. Dione Sui-San

Dione Sui-SanWhen starting a mailing list, there are two important things you should have in place before going live:

  1. An attractive sign up form and an incentivized call to action
  2. An autoresponder with several mailings in place

By having these two components in place on day one, it will make the overall email marketing and lead generation process a whole lot easier. Way too many sites start a mailing list and place a boring form on their site, and completely forget to message their subscribers. This is the wrong way to do email marketing.

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30. Ryan Scollon

Ryan ScollonMy #1 tip for an email marketing strategy is to provide value. Don’t think that you can get away will filling your email with any old junk.

We all get masses of emails each day, so the email needs to be filled with rich, useful content that your audience will find interesting. Email marketing should not be used to sell anything, the pure focus should be to just stay in front of that audience as a reminder for your brand. Let your remarketing and other tactics do all of the selling.

31. Andy Nathan

Andy NathanDon’t buy your list. The biggest mistake most beginners make is they believe they can buy a list, and grow their business faster. Most lists are either too expensive or full of junk email addresses. Either way, you waste your money buying a list. What you really need are passionate subscribers who enjoy your content, and want to know more about your business. Therefore, grow your list organically through search, content, ads, and other marketing channels.

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32. Chris Makara

Chris MakaraIt’s hard to pick one, but for a beginner I would say it’s important to be consistent in emailing your subscribers. What I mean is that if you’re just starting out, chances are you don’t have much of a brand/reputation.

And if you only email your subscribers a few times at the beginning and then go dormant for months only to email them again, chances are they will have no idea who you are. So with that said, I would recommend creating an evergreen drip sequence to stay “top of mind” in order to build that relationship at the beginning.

33. Raelyn Tan

Raelyn TanMy #1 email marketing strategy for beginners is as follows:

Create a welcome sequence to indoctrinate your new subscribers: Get them acquainted with your personality, introduce them to your community groups, and provide them with massive value. By having a welcome sequence, you make sure that you don’t accidentally do things like sending new subscribers a sales email before they even trust you.

A welcome sequence will increase the chances of them opening your future emails significantly and increase the ROI of your email list.

When people open your emails, you can serve them better as well. During the welcome sequence, you can also create open loops by teasing your subscribers with what to expect in the next email, so that they are curious and will open your next email, and the next one… and before you know it, you have a subscriber for life!

34. Brooke Sellas

Brooke SellasThe best piece of advice I have for email marketing beginners is to understand their audience (and their WHY). Let me explain.

I could say to segment their audience by intent (also important) or to focus on building their list before they start hitting send (a really good idea). But until they truly understand their audience they likely won’t do a good job of either of those things!

So, how do you get to know your audience? Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Who are my target customers?
  • What are their goals, motivations, and needs?
  • What product/service am I selling and how will it solve those goals/motivations/needs?
  • Where does my target audience buy? (online, offline?)

By answering those four key questions, you should better understand your audience and what your WHY is for sending emails. Then you can move on to the first tasks of getting your list created or segmenting that list for better conversions.

35. Uttoran Sen

Uttoran Sen“When it comes to email marketing, get your 3 things ready: 1. Landing Page. 2. Auto Responders 3. Offers and News.” As long as these 3 things are done properly, your list will keep growing. Use professional quality landing pages and pop-up email catching systems.

Optinmonster can work well. Work hard on your autoresponder content, if possible hire a professional copywriter to do it. Auto Responders are responsible for converting random email viewers to buyers by running them slowly towards a sales funnel. But all these aren’t enough to keep your subscribers busy – so make sure to send them the real content in terms of offers, news etc. so that your subscribers stick with you.

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36. Shobha Ponnappa

Shobha PonnappaI have three simple rules for beginners in email marketing strategy.

One, email is still far superior to social media in its ability to reach the inboxes of target audiences and get their attention. But to achieve this, you have to make sure your site can get your exact target audiences to optin, and your emails are then extremely relevant to the target audiences. RELEVANCE is the number one reason why email may succeed or fail.

Two, make sure that your welcome email not only gives your optin subscribers their free edocs or ebooks, but see if you can have CONTINUED SHORT CONTACT. For instance, see if there’s a way you can send short daily thoughts (instead of long emails) to people every day. People have short attention spans and memory recall. So short daily thoughts work well to keep your name and site on subscriber minds. These also conquer email fatigue.

Three, try to GET PEOPLE TO RESPOND. Ask your customers for information to get them to write back rather to have a one-sided conversation. Try to make your emails look less like newsletters and make them look like personal business emails.

37. Ankit Singla

Ankit-Singla Out of many, the #1 email marketing strategy and technique that I would like to share is “Asking for an email reply.”

Create a drip campaign, or say a Welcome email and ask your readers to reply to your email.

Ask question/questions in your email like:

  1. What is the biggest challenge they are facing?
  2. Why they signed up to your newsletter and what are they expecting from you?
  3. Or you can simply ask them to connect with you.

The point is craft your first email in such a way that encourage your readers to reply to your email.

Now you may ask:

Why to ask for a reply?

Because it solves a very BIG problem.

Problem of landing your emails (even non-promotional) in Gmail’s promotion tab.

Once your email subscribers interact with you via email, Gmail sends your future emails in their inbox’s primary tab.

38. Siimon Sander

Siimon Sander“Spend some time and put together highly useful incentive or a freebie that people can receive when they opt-in to your email list.

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a PDF, a checklist or an email course, just make sure it’s so good, that if it wasn’t free, you could even charge money for it.”

39. Nick Leffler

Nick LefflerBe helpful. While it really is that simple, I won’t leave it at that. If your email marketing is all about sales and trying to convert then your email marketing will fail.

For email marketing to be genuinely successful it has to be seen as a way to build your brand awareness and help people. A small portion of your email marketing will actually be selling, typically less than 20% but more realistically about 5%. Any more selling in your email marketing and you’re just noise who will get unsubscribed from.

40. Zak Mustapha

Zak MustaphaAfter you get visitors to sign up to your email list, set up a autoresponder email sequence. Have at least 5 days worth of emails set up to introduce yourself, inspire and educate your new subscribers.

A new subscriber can forget you and your name really fast so you need to introduce yourself properly in the beginning. If they just download your lead magnet and then get an email a week after… most would have forgotten you. I know I would.

41. Amandah T. Blackwell

Amandah T. BlackwellAfter you have defined your audience, choose the right email service provider for you and your business. If you’re not a techie and don’t plan on hiring someone to execute your emails daily, weekly, or monthly, do not opt for a service that requires you to use coding.

Instead, find an email service provider that has drag and drop templates. Better still, consider sending no frills text-based emails. Why? Because they may convert better than image-based emails.

42. Atish Ranjan

atishEmail marketing is a vast topic, and there are a lot of things, you need to consider for getting success.

The very first email marketing strategy is to offer something valuable so that users would love to be on your email list. That is simple to say, but it is tough to make users believe that what you are offering is valuable because there is so much competition in the market. But if you actually offer value through your product, your work will be a lot easier. You must create a tempting product page where you ask users to sign up.

Once they sign up, don’t start spamming their mailbox but try sending relevant information only which they subscribed for.

This is just the beginning thing; later you can do different things to improve your email open rate, CTR, etc.

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43. Saurabh Tiwari

Saurabh TiwariHere are my 3 best email marketing strategy to do email marketing for newbie the right way:

#1 Don’t make it all about yours

#2 keep your email list hygienic and use alt-text in images.

#3 keep the design consistent and keeping mobile users in mind.

44. Marcus Svensson

Marcus SvenssonEmail marketing is still an effective way to reach your target audience, especially if you collect emails from people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Thus, the very first, and I think the most important, step to an efficient email marketing campaign is identifying and exploring your target audience. After getting familiar with your target audience – something that Albacross can help with – it will be easier to distinguish which strategies best suit your prospects.

It’s impossible to venture into email marketing without considering personalization. Personalization includes collecting data on customers, creating their profiles, and then segmenting lists to send more relevant messages to different subscriber groups. Thus, even when using an email template, the emails won’t look as robotic, when some personalization principles have been incorporated.

45. Scott Offord

Scott OffordMy best suggestion for email marketing is to ensure you are truly nurturing your leads. It is more important than trying to land that big deal right away. I would say 80% of your emails should provide real value and should be for the purpose of building trust. The other 20% of your emails can be about making a sale.

Also, try starting with a small offer or give something away for free. It’s all about helping your prospects or customers along the path to finding the right fit for them. Using an autoresponder or automation sequence can be very powerful in accomplishing this goal.

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46. Srish Agrawal

Srish AgrawalEffective email marketing is all about building a relationship with your audience. To make the most out of your efforts and also provide value to your audience, make sure you have a nice series of emails in place for the following days and weeks after someone joins your list.

While this is also keeping the communication alive between you and your new subscriber, it’s also letting them know more about you in the process. This is where the trust and customer loyalty factor comes in. If you are selling anything online, this is a must.

Follow this simple tip and make sure your emails always provide the most value possible. Most importantly, don’t try to sell within your first few emails! And never forget… email marketing is not dead!

47. Anil Agarwal

Anil-AgarwalMy #1 email marketing strategy is that don’t sell before you nurture your email audience. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you should NEVER sell as soon as you start building your email list. It doesn’t work that way as you need to build rapport and strong relationships with your email list before you sell anything.

Most people especially those who are new to email marketing often make a mistake of just building their email lists by offering freebies like eBooks, guides, videos and so on but they often don’t take care of how engaging their email autoresponder series is. Just focus on making it better by adding as much value as you can and your subscribers would be glad to buy anything from you when you promote anything.

48. Tim Bourquin

Tim BourquinEmail marketing and lead generation can be a very slow process when first starting out. Besides all of the basics (like having a great sign up form and a unique call to action in place), it’s important to also treat your newsletter like a business as well.

Something that we’ve focused on for a while, is creating new partnerships with site owners and email marketers — thus allowing the site owners to make money, while sending new leads to the email marketers. This helps both sides of the equation, as one can make money from their site traffic, while the other can increase their mailing list at a much faster pace. Best of all, this is a 100% opt-in process.

In summary, if you want to win at the game of email marketing, you should be considering your options with paid lead generation and advertising. Not just waiting for organic sign ups to come through your site.

49. James Wolf

James WolfOur number one email marketing strategy suggestion for beginners is to start one optin campaign, tied to one list!

Growing your email list is the first step, and an important one!

Final Thoughts

Email marketing really never gets old. It’s the single most effective channel that can make or break your online business success. So don’t ignore it and use all the tips around the email marketing shared above by the industry experts

So what are you still waiting for? Go start building an email list from today if you haven’t started it yet. Let us know if you like this expert roundup post around the best email marketing practices so we will do more of such posts in the future.

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  1. The experts have shared some great tips and views on email marketing. Email Marketing is one of the best ways to do direct advertisements

    • the article is great i agree with your email marketing is the best way to get sales and regular traffic thanks for sharing such useful email marketing strategy

  2. Pardeep Goyal is completely right, segmenting your lists is an absolute must. Not only does sending emails to people who don’t care about the subject annoying to them and causes them to unsubscribe, but it’s also a huge waste of money if you’re paying for an email list service that charges you per email sent (like Mailchimp).

    • Hi Sam, yes segmenting an email list is one of the advanced email list building tactics most people don’t use. By segmenting an email list, you can easily send appropriate emails to a specific set of people. It also less annoys people where you can share only relevant information with relevant people.

  3. Awesome Roundup Post. The experts have shared some great tips and views on email marketing. Email Marketing is one of the best ways to do direct advertisements

    • Yes, it’s true that Email Marketing is one of the best ways to do direct advertisements, not only that, it helps you with permission marketing. Which means, you take permission from people well in advance before interrupting them with any of your sales pitches.

  4. Thanks for asking me to participate in your roundup! And it’s my honor to be included in a roundup with the likes of you 😀

  5. Hello Anil,

    Awesome Roundup Post. The experts have shared some great tips and views on email marketing. Email Marketing is one of the best ways to do direct advertisements. If you are doing affiliate marketing or selling your own products then email lists will be gold mine for you. Sending personalized emails along with the offers that resonates with your readers can definitely help you to push up the click thrus and open rates of your email.


    • Rightly said, if you are doing affiliate marketing or selling your own products then email lists will be gold mine for you and not only does it help you with selling but also helps with building rapport which is huge if you’re targeting long term results. Glad you found it useful.

    • Glad to feature you Ryan, yes I know how important it is to feature experts like you to share your wisdom so others can benefit.


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