How to Get Your Blog Noticed In 2018 And Beyond?

Getting your blog noticed in the crowded niche is the primary key to success. If you are not focusing on creating a unique brand for your own blog, it will go nowhere.

“If you build it, they will come” is the worst advice given by many people. If you are blindly following it without considering your audience, your blog will eventually die without capturing even a single sale.

You should compile the phrase into “if you build it, they won’t come – you have to work very hard to build audience”.

Most beginners think that they can make money once they get good amount of traffic. To get more traffic, they write posts day in and day out. And they hope for their traffic stats to blow but it will never happen. That’s the reason why most blogs fail to make money online.

If you want to avoid that trap, think about different ways to get your blog noticed in 2018. This detailed guide is exclusively for you to help you do that. Let’s get into the details.

Free ways to get your blog noticed in 2018

get your blog noticed in 2018

Find your threshold

Most people say daily posting sucks. Some people say, you should post daily to grow larger audience. What do you think is the real secret behind building a massive readership?

It’s finding your threshold. Few people may create 1 amazing post each and every day while others can create just 2 posts every week. There’s nothing wrong in choosing the perfect blog post frequency for your blog to make it a success. Sometimes, it takes time to understand your own threshold. So figure out, test and analyze how it works to build your readership.

Your writing style is what makes you unique

Few people get quickly noticed online because of their writing tone. They don’t write posts in a generic tone. They differentiate themselves from the crowd by writing in a friendly or witty tone.

So if you want to get your blog easily noticed in 2018, write in a unique style. Figure out your own writing voice and capture readers’ attention. Here are few tips that will help you hone your writing skills.

Learn to write every day: It doesn’t matter if you are too busy or already writing well, you have to make it a habit of writing daily. Then and only then you will be able to create content that gets read.

Keep your paragraphs short: Online reading is different when compared to offline. If you use long paragraphs in your posts, online people will find it hard to digest your stuff. So make sure to break them down to 3 to 5 lines.

Read other bloggers posts: One of the easiest ways to improve your writing is to read other bloggers posts. Read other writers posts, read popular people’s blog posts and analyze how they are writing and grabbing their audience attention.

Leverage others traffic

Blogging is NOT a solo thing. You can’t succeed in online if you don’t get the help from others. You have to think win/win approach, help others first then seek help.

If you want to increase your traffic and get your blog noticed in 2018, leverage others bloggers traffic. How can you do that? Here are 3 simple yet evergreen ways to do that.

Guest posting: Guest blogging is not dead really. But you have to treat guest posting as a way of building relationships, not backlinks. Then you will get all you want, traffic, subscribers, money and even links. So focus on writing great posts for others, gain confidence, build relationships and drive traffic from their blogs.

Link dropping: Link dropping is nothing but linking out to other bloggers from your posts. It is like linking to the relevant posts of others to give a better experience to your blog readers. This strategy will also help you build great connections with the people who you always link. Sooner or later they will also start linking to your posts, so start linking to others posts.

Commenting: Whenever you publish a post, browse other blogs in your niche and start commenting. Commenting on other blogs is the surefire way to get your blog and website noticed in 2018 and beyond. It will not only give you traffic, but you can enhance your network and online reach.

Is your blog worth reading?

The one question that makes you stand out and get your blog noticed is this, why should I read your site?

If you have the right answers on why should someone spend their time on reading your blog or content, then you are in the right direction. If not, go figure it out.

Design is what makes your blog unique.

If you are seriously thinking about making money from your websites, invest in your blog design. Most online readers won’t like to read stuff on a site that is cluttered heavily. So make your blog simple yet attractive to grab visitors’ attention.

Try to get more blog comments on your posts. This is the surefire way to get your blog noticed in a heavy crowd. If no one comments on your posts, your visitors think that you have no unique stuff so they immediately leave your blog leaving your high bounce rates.

Here are 3 easy steps to get more blog comments.

  1. Reward your commenters. Whenever someone leaves comments on your posts either reply them or visit their blogs to leave comments.
  2. Use CommentLuv plugin (it’s available in free and paid versions). This plugin attracts more comments as it shows your commenters previous posts. So most people like to leave comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs.
  3. Start commenting on other blogs. Why would anyone comment on a new blog if you don’t comment on other blogs? Simple logic, so start commenting on other blog posts and you will start noticing the results.

So what are your thoughts about getting your blog noticed in 2018 or beyond? Do you have more tips on getting more online visibility for blogs? Please share your comments below.


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