How to Get Your Blog Noticed in 2024 and Beyond: A Beginner’s Guide

So how to get your blog noticed in 2024? Did you know that there are literally millions of blogs are going live each week?

Getting your blog noticed in the crowded niche is the primary key to success. If you are not focusing on creating a unique brand for your own blog, it will go nowhere.

“If you build it, they will come” is the worst advice given by many people. If you are blindly following it without considering your audience, your blog will eventually die without capturing even a single sale.

You should compile the phrase into “if you build it, they won’t come – you have to work very hard to build audience”.

Here are the 3 goals to consider before making your site a success.

  1. Standing out from the crowd
  2. Getting more exposure back to your websites
  3. Making money by helping people

Most beginners think that they can make money once they get good amount of traffic. To get more traffic, they write posts day in and day out. And they hope for their traffic stats to blow but it will never happen. That’s the reason why most blogs fail to make money online.

If you want to avoid that trap, think about different ways to get your WordPress blog noticed in 2024. This detailed guide is exclusively for you to help you do that. Let’s get into the details.

How to get your blog noticed in 2024

How to get your blog noticed in 2024

Keep it simple as less is always more

Most people think that they need to make a lot of changes and use fancy elements in order to make their blog noticed. That’s a wrong approach to building a site that actually stands out from the crowd.

If you keep it simple, you can attract more because less is always more when it comes to online. Here are few ways to keep your website design and other important things simple.

Keep your sidebar simple: We often notice that a lot of bloggers use their sidebars completely wrong. Either they stuff with too many widgets or use none. Less is more when it comes to keeping your sidebar effectively. Use less widgets, show popular posts and use email sign up forms to generate leads.

Use less social sharing buttons: There’s no point of showing 5 to 10 social sharing icons at the end of your posts, left side, right side or above the fold. No one shares if you use too many social sharing icons unless you’ve a high traffic website. Use 2 to 3 social media buttons where your target audience mostly spend time on.

If you look at our blog, we only use 3 sharing buttons shown in below image.

less share buttons

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Don’t ask for too many details in an optin form: Email list can be your money making machine so if you’re serious about making money from blogging and to get your blog noticed, make sure to build an email list. But keep it simple by asking just name or email address. Sometimes, asking just their email will be enough as less is really more.

Keep your website’s logo simple: Either hire someone on Fiverr or use free logo maker tools online to create a logo for your website. Just make sure to keep it simple instead of using fancy letters or color combinations. If possible, try to add a tag line about your website.

Don’t show too many posts on the home page: There’s no point of showing 20 to 30 posts on your home page unless you’re running a news aggregator site. Show just 5 to 10 blog posts with enticing headlines and you’ll notice better results.

How to make your website stand out on Google?

The best way to get your blog noticed is to make the most out of Google search. Here are few practical ways to make your website stand out in Google search results in 2024 and beyond.

Get featured snippets

Here’s how a featured snippet looks like on Google search.

featured snippets

If you look at the above illustration, you’ll notice that we’re getting a featured snippet for the keyword “personal blogs”. Although it’s not ranking #1 for that keyword, still we’re generating a lot of traffic since it got a featured snippet.

So what’s a featured snippet anyway?

Google programmatically determines that a web page contains a likely relevant answer to the user’s question and shows the result and that’s known as a featured snippet. These are shown as experts to the users so the people don’t have to visit the site to read the whole content, as they’ll get a gist of the content in bullet points).

To get featured snippets for your content, here are few things you should do;

  • Use sub headings with h2 and h3 tags
  • Make sure to answer your readers questions by adding a FAQ section within your blog posts (it works like a charm)
  • Use descriptive sub headings instead of using two or 3 words so they’ll get picked up in Google featured snippets easily
  • Make sure to provide the BEST answer to your user queries. This is the most effective way to get snippets for almost any keyword query your target audience are looking for on Google search
  • Make sure to know the questions that your target audience asking. You can use sites like Quora to find what questions they are asking in your industry and we often use sites like Quora to provide the best answers to users queries.
  • Write detailed content. We often notice a common pattern when it comes to featured snippets as most of them have very detailed content. Google is definitely biased towards in-depth content so make sure to work around it to get better results

Use a review plugin

Getting star ratings in Google rich snippets is one of the best ways to get more click-through rates for your blog posts, reviews and so on. Here at BloggersPassion, we use an incredible tool called ‘WP Review Pro‘ which is an essential plugin every WordPress user should use.

Whether you know it or not, Google shows rich snippets which actually extract and show more useful information from web pages than the preview text that you are used to seeing. So this plugin helps you get rich snippets with ease. Here’s the list of benefits you get with this plugin;

  • Review box
  • Easy customization to get star ratings in Google rich snippets
  • Modify rich snippets however you want
  • One Year of Support And One Year of Updates

Here’s how it looks in action;

review box plugin

Start using Semrush

If there’s only one tool you should get access to, it’s Semrush. Hands down, Semrush is the widely used SEO tool (used by over 10 million people worldwide) for doing everything from keyword research to competitor analysis to site audits to domain comparison.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using Semrush to get your blog noticed even in a crowded niche.

  • Domain Analytics which helps you analyzing traffic and also gives you keyword statistics of domains and URLs so you can better judge a site
  • Keyword Analytics feature for conducting SEO along with PPC keyword research to analyze metrics of popular search phrases and ad copies of your competitor sites
  • The ability to create and manage your website projects which help you audit, track, and monitor the visibility and health of your website (in order to rank well in search engines like Google)

Semrush offers 3 pricing options:

  1. Pro starts at $129.95 monthly
  2. Guru starts at $249.95 monthly
  3. Business starts at $499.95 monthly

Quick note: Only for BloggersPassion audience, you’ll get a 14 days free trial to Semrush pro account by using this exclusive link (it’s worth $129.95), so go give it a try for free.

That being said, if you want to know more about Semrush along with its features, go read this unbiased Semrush review.

Your writing style is what makes you unique

unique writing tips

Few people get quickly noticed online because of their writing tone. They don’t write posts in a generic tone. They differentiate themselves from the crowd by writing in a friendly or witty tone.

So if you want to get your blog easily noticed in 2024, write in a unique style. Figure out your own writing voice and capture readers’ attention. Here are a few tips that will help you hone your writing skills.

Learn to write every day: It doesn’t matter if you are too busy or already writing well, you have to make it a habit of writing daily. Then and only then you will be able to create content that gets read.

Keep your paragraphs short: Online reading is different when compared to offline. If you use long paragraphs in your posts, online people will find it hard to digest your stuff. So make sure to break them down to 3 to 5 lines.

Read other bloggers posts: One of the easiest ways to improve your writing is to read other bloggers posts. Read other writers posts, read popular people’s blog posts and analyze how they are writing and grabbing their audience attention.

Focus on your readers first. Without readers, there’s no way you can build a popular blog.

If you just focus on getting more page views or traffic, you can’t build a highly popular blog or website. Sure, you may get more income if you have multiple authors updating your blogs and websites each and every day but it doesn’t mean you will become an authority in your industry.

People pay you, not traffic. People buy from you, they share your posts not search engine crawlers. So when you are new to blogging, instead of focusing on SEO related stuff, focus on user interaction.

Try to figure out what all problems they have, ask them, create surveys, use your email lists etc. to know their frustrations.

Make sure to stand out with your content

Focus on solving your reader’s problems one at a time. You simply can’t give solutions all at once. You have to brainstorm the ideas, come up with great solutions and write them on your blog posts.

Only then you will be able to grab more people’s attention over time. Remember it’s the consistency that keeps you going in the long run, you need to be patient when building a popular blog.

The major difference between a successful and failure blog is the CONTENT. You see, whenever you read a popular blog in your niche, you will always find solutions to your problems. So whenever they launch something on their blogs be it paid or free stuff, you will definitely consider using it, right?

That’s why it is very important to focus on giving better user experience through your content.

Leverage others traffic

leverage traffic tips

Blogging is NOT a solo thing. You can’t succeed in online if you don’t get the help from others. You have to think win/win approach, help others first then seek help.

If you want to increase your traffic and get your blog noticed in 2024, leverage others bloggers traffic. How can you do that? Here are 3 simple yet evergreen ways to do that.

Guest posting: Guest blogging is not dead really. But you have to treat guest posting as a way of building relationships, not backlinks. Then you will get all you want, traffic, subscribers, money and even links. So focus on writing great posts for others, gain confidence, build relationships and drive traffic from their blogs.

Link dropping: Link dropping is nothing but linking out to other bloggers from your posts. It is like linking to the relevant posts of others to give a better experience to your blog readers. This strategy will also help you build great connections with the people who you always link. Sooner or later they will also start linking to your posts, so start linking to others posts.

Commenting: Whenever you publish a post, browse other blogs in your niche and start commenting. Commenting on other blogs is the surefire way to get your blog and website noticed in 2024 and beyond. It will not only give you traffic, but you can enhance your network and online reach.

Keyword Research  

Now, You are writing a regular quality content. But wait, you need to know one more thing, the Keyword Research.

You will need a lot of research to find keywords which suits your niche and then, you can target each of those keywords in your Unique Articles. Suppose you are writing content on SEO, then you will need to find popular keywords related to SEO and then target them in your post so you can drive huge traffic from search Engines. You can use the Google Keyword Planner for this purpose as it is the best tool I have ever seen in my blogging career.

Make sure to find and use both commercial and informative keywords.

commercial keywords

That Tool will give a lot of information about keywords so you  can select according to competition and drive targeted traffic. Now, What the Hell targeted Traffic is?  Read it in the next para.


Now, What about Traffic? You need to drive lots of traffic to your blog? How?

I think, I already told you the way to drive traffic, It’s by doing some keyword Research and writing high quality content. But there is two types of  traffic, one is targeted and the second is Non-targeted. You need to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

For Example, you have a Blog on SEO, so you will need readers looking for SEO content, if you are driving readers looking for cricket news, then you are not going anywhere, your blog will die sooner or later. Also, Target traffic will have more conversion rate, So always drive targeted visitors to your blog by targeting specific keywords.

Building Backlinks

Many bloggers will take these two words in a wrong way, they think building lots of backlinks can help them rank high and drive huge traffic but it’s not correct. These days Google is very strict against any kind of manual link building, they want only natural High quality links.

Now, you would be thinking, How you can get natural High quality backlinks? Well, you can use any of the manual methods to get backlinks but only from High authority blogs, Google will always treat it as natural link.

But be carefully because One low quality backlinks can ruin your blog’s SEO and spoil all your efforts. So, be very careful while building backlinks, Even one authority link is better than 1000 low quality links. Go for quality, Rather than Quantity.

Find your threshold

Most people say daily posting sucks. Some people say, you should post daily to grow larger audience. What do you think is the real secret behind building a massive readership?

It’s finding your threshold. Few people may create 1 amazing post each and every day while others can create just 2 posts every week. There’s nothing wrong in choosing the perfect blog post frequency for your blog to make it a success. Sometimes, it takes time to understand your own threshold. So figure out, test and analyze how it works to build your readership.

Engage with the social media influencers

Social media influencers like Jane Sheeba, Ileane Smith, Zac Johnson, Ann Smarty etc. can immensely help you in your business.

But you need to remember that, you should not build relationships just for the sake of getting huge benefits from them. Instead focus on offering massive value to them, help them to grow their audience, then overtime they will also help you.

Here are few ways to help the influencers before getting help from them.

  • Find broken links on their websites and let them know
  • Share their blog posts on social media sites
  • Comment on their blog posts and
  • Often send friendly emails to get in touch
  • Ask if there is any chance to guest post on their blogs

Create a hook and build your email list

Want to know the surefire way to leverage your blog traffic for success?

Turn first time visitors into repeating visitors.

How can you do that? Build an email list that is responsive. Without building a list of email subscribers, you really can’t make your blog popular. After all, you have to make few people to listen to what you have to say.

Then and only then they will be able to care about your stuff and buy your products. Only using email list, you can build strong relationships with your subscribers. If you have great connections with them, it becomes easy for you to make more sales either from affiliate marketing or your own products.

Always remember that people don’t buy from strangers especially in online business. So you have to gain trust and build rapport to make them buy. Building email list is the best option to do that.

Is your blog worth reading?

blog standout tips

The one question that makes you stand out and get your blog noticed is this, why should I read your site?

If you have the right answers on why should someone spend their time on reading your blog or content, then you are in the right direction. If not, go figure it out.

Design is what makes your blog unique.

If you are seriously thinking about making money from your websites, invest in your blog design. Most online readers won’t like to read stuff on a site that is cluttered heavily. So make your blog simple yet attractive to grab visitors’ attention.

Try to get more blog comments on your posts. This is the surefire way to get your WordPress blog noticed in a heavy crowd. If no one comments on your posts, your visitors think that you have no unique stuff so they immediately leave your blog leaving your high bounce rates.

Here are 2 easy steps to get more blog comments.

  1. Reward your commenters. Whenever someone leaves comments on your posts either reply them or visit their blogs to leave comments.
  2. Start commenting on other blogs. Why would anyone comment on a new blog if you don’t comment on other blogs? Simple logic, so start commenting on other blog posts and you will start noticing the results.

Making money is not a rocket science

Do you know why most successful bloggers are so profitable and making a living from their websites?

The reason is they are selling something from their websites and helping them to make passive income. That means they are making money even when they are sleeping!

There are basically two ways to make money by selling stuff.

  1. Making money by selling others products (affiliate marketing)
  2. Making money by selling your own products (eBooks, videos, podcasts etc.)

Making money from affiliate marketing is not a rocket science, you need to learn how to sell. If you are a beginner and finding it hard to make money from affiliate marketing, don’t lose hopes.

Just focus on how can you help your readers by selling relevant products, write genuine reviews and offer them something for free when they buy from your links. You will definitely notice the best results then.

You can also make money by selling your own products like eBooks (ex:, videos (ex: bodybuilding sites), plugins (ex: WP beginner) etc.

Checklist On How to Get Your Blog Seen in 2024

Here’s a useful checklist on how to make your website stand out from the crowd in 2024 and beyond.

  • Get a faster web hosting service. Hosting not only plays a key role in increasing your website loading times but it also affects your ranking factors because website speed matters a lot both for search engines and users. We recommend you to check out WPX hosting (it’s also the same hosting we’re using for a long time).
  • Check that whether your website is mobile friendly or not, you can use tools like (free tool online) to check the mobile responsive of your site. If it’s mobile friendly, you can use WPTouch (free plugin) to instantly turn your site into a responsive design for your audience.
  • Check that all pages have unique page titles with a recommended length of less than 70 characters. You can use use site audit feature from Semrush to find and fix all your website technical and SEO related issues with ease.
  • Always network with other bloggers as building relationships is the key factor that can make or break your blogging success.
  • Always be consistent with your blog posting schedule. If you really want to get your blog seen by others, you need to stick to a posting frequency, create an editorial calendar and start posting consistently to build audience.


Here are few important questions you should know if you want to get your blog noticed in 2024 and beyond.

How do I make my WordPress blog popular in 2024?

The best way to make your WordPress blog popular is to do competitor analysis. Make sure to create a list of top 10 blogs in your industry and analyse their traffic sources, backlink sources, monetization strategies, type of content they create and so on so you’ll easily get an idea about what it actually takes to build a profitable blog in your niche.

How do I come up with most popular blog topics in my industry?

Join Quora and follow all the topics that are relevant to your industry. You’ll find a ton of answers almost in any industry. These are the questions that most of your target audience are actually asking on a platform like Quora.

How can I start a blog on WordPress and what will be the approximate cost?

We highly recommend you to check out Bluehost as we’re using it some of our sites and it’s also one of the very few hosting recommendations by WordPress itself which is used by over 2 million sites worldwide.

It also offers you a free domain for 1 year and you can get their basic plan starting at just around $3 per month.

What’s more important to get my blog noticed: SEO or content?

Definitely content rules the blogging world. No one blog is ever famous with crappy content and when you look at almost any popular blog in the world (in any industry), it creates amazing content regularly.

Surprisingly, if your content is good, you’ll also get SEO benefits so you don’t have to specially focus on SEO especially when you’re starting out.

How long does it take for getting my blog noticed by others?

It really depends on how good your content and promotion strategy is. If your content is good and promoting it across the right channels such as social media sites, influencer outreach and so on, you’ll be able to get your blog noticed within a few months. If not, it might take even a year or two.

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Final Thoughts

Make sure you are providing huge value to your audience, and build a great network that helps you make money from your products. If people don’t find any real value in your products, it will eventually turn down your online reputation as well as money.

So what are your thoughts about getting your blog noticed in 2024 or beyond? Do you have more tips on getting more online visibility for blogs? Please share your comments below.

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Anil Agarwal is the Founder of Bloggerspassion. He is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade Now. He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and etc. Know more about Anil Agarwal from here.

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  1. Incredible post Anilji, I have understood the significance of comments. It ought to be a fundamental technique of each blogger.Thank you especially for this data. I’m learning many things from you especially on blogging and about Affiliate Marketing that is immensely helping an aspiring blogger like me.
    Thanks for your help. Please keep it up.

  2. I believe everything said made a great deal of sense. However, what about this?

    what if you added a little content? I am not suggesting your information isn’t good., but suppose
    you added something that makes people want more? I mean How
    to Get Your Blog Noticed in 2020: A Beginner's Guide is
    a little boring. You should look at Yahoo’s home page and see how they create post headlines to get
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    grab readers excited about everything’ve got to say. In my opinion, it could bring your posts a little livelier.

  3. I am absolutely with you. The first thing that’s makes your readers stay on your blog is your content and your writing style. Second thing is your SEO, if not done well then you might have not that outreach. Apart from this I also feel that brand building plays an important role too. Think about the logo making, colors, fonts, images, all those small things not done carefully can give your blog a different look.

  4. This is probably the most comprehensive breakdown I have seen as far as the do’s and do not’s of blogging basics. My bro Anil is here dropping massive gems! I was slightly off-put by a few grammatical errors, but I am extremely glad I read all the way through! Your wisdom is much appreciated, keep doing what you are doing brother!

  5. Thank you for breaking this down so well, Anil! Indeed, high-quality content is very important in the pursuit of achieving better rankings. It is considered as one of the most important ranking factors that could lead any SEO campaign to the shiny heights of SERPs. Good thing though, I’ve stumbled upon helpful blogs just like this as well as video tutorials which greatly made a positive impact on our blog’s content. Hopefully, this post will help the beginners out there as well. Cheers!

    • Hi Dasho, yes it’s true, if you want to get your blog noticed in 2019, you need to create content that stands out. If everyone else in your industry is creating short articles, you create long articles. That way you can stand out from the crowd. Also make sure to focus on SEO as it helps you get targeted traffic from search.

  6. Great post! I have realized the importance of comments. It should be an essential strategy of every blogger.thank you very much for this information…

  7. This guide was really complete, it have some basic tips and some others that I didn’t implement myself. “Featured Snippets” is incredible to rise the CTR in search results and I will try the recommended SEO Plugin. Let’s see if it will improve my blogs SERP.

  8. Hi
    You have provided great tips and it will surely help the bloggers (especially newbies) to get their blog stand out from the crowd. Setting up a blog and make it viral is a difficult task if you don’t have a proper guidance.

    A blog design must be user-friendly and it helps in grabbing reader’s attention. Yes, we need to focus on providing useful content to the readers that can help them in solving their problems. If you provide value to the readers, then they will surely come again to your site.

    Quora is definitely one of the best ways to get ideas for the next blog post. Here, I have learned many new things.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen Verma

  9. One of the beauties of running a membership site is that you’re always creating new, valuable content for your existing members. Why not strategically sell some of this content to non-members? It gives them an opportunity to test out your training.

  10. Hi Anil –

    I don’t know if you can help, but I’m really a discouraged blogger about now. I’ve been trying to attract readers and comments and haven’t had much success (not even with my family). I really feel as though my content is good – and I put some effort into my posts. I have also been around the net a bit. For example I have noticed that some posts on writing advice and all have gotten quite some comments when the content isn’t much different than so many others all over.

    I’m sure part of it is that I’m NOT on facebook (and avoit it like the plague for privacy reasons. I’m not on twitter. I have considered twitter, but I don’t want to get trapped into tweeting at the expense of creating my blog posts.

    I also don’t comment a lot on other blogs, though sometimes I would like to comment on a post I liked. Why not? The main reason is that they have discus and I believe I read discus tracks you all over the net, even when you’re not logged in.

    One question you might be able to answer is about adding “share buttons” to my posts or something like that. How intrusive would that be to my blog itself (in other words, what will facebook learn from that button if it’s on my blog). Maybe I sound a bit paranoid, but this tracking us and cookies all over the place does worry me.

    One thing I tried was making a “business card” with my blog address on it. I’ve given them our to some folks I know, but I don’t think any of them have even bothered to check them out. I also have blog links on an e-mail signature I use sometimes.

    Is there any hope? I really put a lot into my posts and it’s really dispiriting that no one seems to notice.

  11. Great post Anil! I have just realized the importance of comments. It should be an essential strategy of every blogger.

  12. I think the best way to get noticed is guest posting on good blogs. And social media can also play an important role in this.

  13. You can build the greatest website in the world and it will just sit there. The primary step is to create relationship and engage within the blogosphere.

    Step out , Engage and Remark !!

    Guest Posting can do great. After all , great posting is not just for Linkbuilding or driving traffic. It is an effective method to get more social exposure and build connectivity.
    Well, you can even try doing SEO , so that people find your blog via Google Search results.

    Good One Anil 🙂

    • Thanks Sourav for sharing your valuable tips. No doubt guest blogging has too many benefits. The point here is not to use it as the way to build links only.

  14. Awesome post sir. I started a blog few weeks ago. This post helped me a lot. I have a request sir. Almost every newbies start their blog on blogger platform. So post some tips about blogspot too. Thanks.

    • Rahul my blog posts used go have something useful for everyone. From this post as well there are some tips which you can apply on your blogspot blog. And I will try to do some posts around blogging tips for blogspot users in the coming days.

      Thanks Rahul for your valueable feedback.


  16. I’ve read about the Comment Luv Plugin, the only issue that worries me is getting tons of spammers or people commenting just for the sake of it. About the frequency of writing posts, my opinion is its more important to be consistent and write quality, helpful content that adds value. One person may write daily with zero to little value and another one, once a week that gets many shares because its helpful. Thanks for the link dropping tip!

    • That’s true. Content quality is the first thing that matters the most. So then we have to see how frequently we are able to publish them. If you ask me, I use to write maximum 2-3 posts every week.

  17. Sometimes we dont have nothing to write so there may be a frequency change in the blog posting but it is neccessay to maintain the frequency of postings. and offcourse good writing always attrack the reader as you do.. 🙂

    • Shiv, first of all you should choose a niche about which you can write on regular basis for many years. If today you are not getting any relevant topic to blog on, you can do it tomorrow. So there is no strict guideline like you have to do x amount of posts in a particular time frame. But over all when it comes about the number of posts you are doing in a month, they should match with your plan.

      And need not to mention, all of your posts will be high quality and relevant for your blog audience.

  18. To get your blog noticed is not that easy I suppose…Every blogger wants that…You have given useful tips for the same…I feel the most important part is to recognise the right niche area and then work on that with passion..

    • That’s true Karen. Its about finding the right niche and then writing the contents with the aim to satisfy the needs of targeted readers.

      You have to differenciate yourself from other websites or blogs out there on the internet to leave a big impact on your target audience.

  19. Even I have been confused as to how much one should write? Should it be daily or with gaps of a few days like 3 to 4 articles one week.
    I have read from authoritative bloggers who say daily blogging is a must, some say don’t do it daily. I guess, we should set our own schedule.

    • I think one can set his own posting schedule. For a long time I have been publishing 3-4 contents every week. But I just decided from June onwards for few months I will be doing 8-10 posts only. But the posts will be more detailed and I hope it will help me drive more traffic to my blog from search engines.

      But you should decide a posting schedule that you can continue for longer period of time.


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