Ezoic Review: How to Use Ezoic Ad Tester to Increase Your Website Revenue

Ezoic Ad Tester Review
Ezoic Review: How to Use Ezoic Ad Tester to Increase Your Website Revenue

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Learn how to use Ezoic Ad Tester tool to increase your website revenue overnight. Do A/B Testing to find the most profitable ad spots on your website.

If you are looking for PROVEN and fastest way to increase your website’s ad revenue, this post is for you.

In this post, I’m going to review an incredible tool called Ezoic which is used by over 200 million people every month!

Whether you know it or not, increasing ad revenue of any website is easy if you place the ads at the right places. Positioning is everything if you want to persuade your visitors to click on your ads.

If done right, by placing your ads at the most optimal places on your sites, you can double or even triple your ad revenue without increasing your overall site traffic.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a simple ad testing tool that helps you find the best places for your ads to show on your sites so you could get more clicks and sales. If you want to automatically do the A/B split testing to find the best ad positions and improve your overall site layout, this tool is for you.

To put it simply, Ezoic is a tool that helps you easily find the “money making placements for your website ads” so you can increase your overall website ad revenue.

With this ad testing tool, you can not only find the best ad places and ad sizes but you can also have access to premium CPM advertisers from Google’s Ad exchange. Ezoic is a Google certified publishing partner, that means you can trust them in terms of reliability or payments.

Why should you start using Ezoic ad tester?

If you are wondering why should you consider Ezoic, here are few stunning features of Ezoic.

  • Test Ad Positions: You can hand pick as many as 1000 ad positions for your website. Ezoic ad tester will find the best combinations that suit for each page to increase your overall clicks and ad visibility.
  • Mobile & Tablet Layouts: The good thing about Ezoic is it is not just limited to desktops. It automatically creates ad variations for even mobiles and tablets as well.
  • Layout Testing: Layout testing in Ezoic systematically uses the data (time spent on your site, page views per visit and bounce rate) to choose which layouts best maximize user experience. It also improves your website ad position on each page to increase your website’s ad revenue.

Give a try to Ezoic

Here’s how Ezoic works

Once you sign up for Ezoic, you need to place a simple script on your site pages or you can also point your nameservers at Ezoic. Once it is done, you can turn Ezoic on and off instantly from their dashboard.

Note: Your site should get at least 10,000 visitors per month if you want to start using Ezoic.

Click here to sign up for Ezoic for free now

Here are 3 simple reasons to go for it:

  • Show up to 5 ads per page: It shows up to 5 ads per page. It means you can easily increase your chances of making more money by placing more ad units and increasing their visibility from your site.
  • Access to Google ad exchange: Since Ezoic is a Google’s certified publishing partner, you can have access to thousands of ad publishing platforms and you can rapidly increase your chances of using the right ads for your target audience.
  • Increase your ad income: Did you know that the sites that use Ezoic ad tester increased their ad revenue at least by 50%? Ezoic helps you find the best ad positions and sizes for your site, thus by allowing you to make more money.

Testing your ad positions is the most effective way to increase your website ad revenue. It might appear really simple to test your ad locations on your sites to increase your conversions but in reality it is a lot harder to actually get results from your ad positioning.

Without properly testing and analysing a lot of complex things, you can’t really increase your ad revenue. Here’s where the ad testing tool like Ezoic comes into play.

It helps you pick the best ad positions and their sizes so you can easily increase your overall ad revenue on your sites. It also tests thousands of ad combinations so you can pick the best ad positioning for your sites.

5 Simple steps to double your ad revenue using Ezoic Ad tester

ezoic ad tester review

Ezoic test basically aggregates the following things

  1. The positioning of your ads
  2. The size of the ads
  3. The colours of your ads
  4. The number of ads to show
  5. When to show your ads

Once the above 5 basic things are done properly (which is done by Ezoic ad tester), you can increase your chances of making more money from your ads.

Now, let’s talk about how you can start using Ezoic ad tester from this Ezoic ad review.

Here’s a simple step by step tutorial on setting up Ezoic ad tester on your website to increase your overall ad revenue.

Step 1:  Integrating with Ezoic

Click here to create an account with Ezoic (it’s free)

The first step to start using Ezoic ad tester to boost your ad revenue is to integrate your site with Ezoic. There are multiple ways to do this, you can use a java script and paste it on your pages or you can point your nameservers to Ezoic.

The simplest way to integrate with Ezoic is to start using CloudFlare. It will also make your site loading time faster. Then, install “CloudFlare” from the apps section and Ezoic will work effortlessly. In my case, I have integrated Ezoic using CloudFlare because I’m already using it.

Here’s the screenshot.

Dashboard ezoic

I strongly recommended you to install “Ad Tester” extension (free) to easily manage Ezoic ad tester tool.

Step 2: Start creating ads

Now is the time to start creating various ad units for your site to grow its ad revenue. There are multiple ad units available with Ezoic and you can use them as per your readers needs.

App Home

Their system will pull in your ad code from your site. You can select where on the page the ad should be and name the unit for your convenience.

Step 3: Place ad codes on your own site

Once you have decided where to show ads on your sites, You must copy the entire ad unit code and paste it into the appropriate location in your site in HTML format. It’s really easy with WordPress.

Just copy the code that you get from Ezoic system and paste it on your site pages or blog posts by clicking on the HTML tab. Here’s how the ad unit code looks like.


Step 4: Turn on Ezoic ad tester across all devices

Once you have set up your ad units on your sites, simply turn on Ezoic ad tester for mobiles, tablets and desktops. If you are using ad variations across all the devices, you can quickly boost your ad revenue.

Here’s one of my niche sites showing “turned on” Ezoic ad tester feature.

Turn Ezoic On Off

Step 5: Once you have set up ad units, wait for the magic!

Once you have set up all the ad units on your sites, it will run through a lot of ad combinations to show the best ads to increase your ad income.

You can expect to see much faster results with the Ad Tester.

Depending on your website’s traffic and the number of positions and sizes that you try, this can take anywhere between 1 week to 1 month.

How much does it cost to use Ezoic ad tester?

It’s actually free to use! After 30 days where you keep 100% of the ad earnings, Ezoic keeps the revenue from a single ad at the bottom of the page. That’s how they get paid!

If you don’t want to show small ads of them, you need to pay $49 per month if your earnings are up to $2500 per month.

What are the payment options made by Ezoic?

Currently they are offering check (cheque), PayPal, Dwolla, Direct Deposit (US Only), and International Wire Transfers Via Payoneer.

To get paid on time at the end of the month, you will need to:

  • Earn at least $20 in the previous earnings period
  • You need to fill out your tax information
  • Choose your payment method preferences from check, PayPal, Wire transfers etc.

How to increase your site ad revenue with Ezoic ad tester?

Here are four simple yet most effective tips to increase your website’s revenue with Ezoic Ad tester.

  1. Turn on mobile anchor ads

Whether you know it or not, people started moving to smartphones from desktops to consume online information. Not only it is easy to shop or consume online stuff using mobiles or tablets but mobile Internet usage is growing rapidly.

If you turn on mobile anchor ads from Ezoic dashboard, you are ready to display all the ad templates that are designed exclusively for mobile users. That way you can show the best ads to your smartphone users without hurting your blog’s readership.

  1. Pick multiple ad sizes

Not all ads are the same. Each ad size works and converts differently. If you are smart enough, just by using the right ad sizes on your sidebar or headers, you can rapidly grow your ad revenue.

  1. Use as many ads as you possibly can

If you want to quickly grow your ad income using Ezoic, place a minimum of 15 ad units per page. And use as many as ad units as possible depending on your content length.

If your site has a lot of content, you can start trying out at least 25 to 30 ad units per page. The more ads you try the more better ad combinations and placements you can find out. That way you can easily double or even triple your overall website ad revenue.

  1. Give it some time

Patience is really the key to boost your ad revenue. Usually it takes some time to find the right ad units and ad positions for your sites depending on its size. It might take just 1 week to 1 month to see positive results. So make sure to be patient if you want to achieve the best results from Ezoic ad tester.

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What is the Ezoic net?

Ezoic net is an intelligent platform (Google Certified Publishing Partner) built for publishers that helps better revenue, balance UX, improve site speed, and streamline growth.

How do I use Ezoic?

Creating an account on Ezoic can be done within 30 seconds by providing your website, email, and region. After creating an account, simply integrate your site with Ezoic based on the integration option selected.

Is Ezoic free?

Ezoic’s core platform is free for all sites. Apart from the core platform, if you want advanced features like monetization and site speed accelerator then you can opt for their 30-day and 7-day free trial.

How much does Ezoic cost?

You can get started with Ezoic for free with its core features. To enjoy monetization features you can choose from three options (free, 10% of Ad revenue, Enterprise) and to get accelerator features you have to pay at least $29.99/mo.

Does Ezoic affect SEO?

No, instead it will result in improved search engine rankings.

Conclusion about Ezoic ad tester (Review) to increase ad revenue

Ezoic is the largest testing platform for content rich sites, their technology is used by more than 200 million people every single month.

Once you sign up for Ezoic and logged into their dashboard, you can create as many ad variations as you want. Once you start showing these ad variations on your sites, Ezoic runs A/B testing and few other test variations and soon will start showing the best ad combinations to boost your ad income.

If you want to automatically improve your site layout based on your users behaviour (on mobiles or desktops), you should definitely give a try to Ezoic.

For beginners or for people who wants to grow their website ad revenue, Ezoic ad tester is a must have tool.

So what are you waiting for? Have you tried Ezoic ad tester yet? Why not give a free trial to them to grow you ad revenue? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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