Top 10 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools to Polish Your Writing

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October 12, 2019

You write a blog post, hit publish button and someone points out your grammar mistakes.

How many times has it happened to you? And how many times did you feel awkward when you have poorly written content?

I know how hard it is to write content flawlessly. It’s a real challenge especially if you are a non native English speaker.

For bloggers, creating content is one of the BIGGEST challenges. If you create content that’s poorly written, no one likes to read your stuff. It’s as simple as that.

Did you know that Google penalizes the sites with poorly written content? Yes, it’s true. If your website copy or content has poor grammar (spelling mistakes, wrong sentence formation, punctuation errors etc), it’s going to badly affect your overall search rankings.

Google has some clever algorithms so they detect whether your content is well written or not.

If you are a blogger or someone who is looking for best online grammar checker tools to polish your writing, this post is exclusively for you.

You are going to discover top 10 online grammar checker tools that help you correct your spelling and grammar mistakes so you can impress your audience. Are you curious to know more about them? Let’s get started.

10 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools for Error Free Writing

top online grammar checker tools

1. Grammarly

Hands down, Grammarly is the top notch online grammar checker tool that helps you find spelling mistakes and grammar errors on the fly. It is also one of the widely used grammar checker tools by millions of people.

Although their tool is NOT free to use but they also have a free chrome extension which is quite handy for anyone to write flawless content online.

Visit their website, create a free account with them and grab their free chrome extension to improve your writing quickly. You can also use their tool to find spelling mistakes whenever you work online (be it on Gmail, Twitter, Facebook or WordPress).

2. Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing tool is also known as “After the Deadline” which is one of the top best online grammar checker tools used by thousands of people every single day.

This tool is also maintained by the WordPress company “Automattic”. You can use this tool to check spelling, style, grammar and punctuation mistakes that your copy might have.

Visit their site, enter the text you want to get feedback on your writing, click on “check writing” button and you are done.

Here’s how it looks like in live.


This tool helps you check contextual spell checking and intelligent grammar checking so you can get smart suggestions to improve your writing really quickly.

You can also download their software from their site for free.

3. Reverso

Out of all the top online grammar checker tools mentioned on this page, Reverso is the ONLY grammar checker tool that helps you translate your text into several languages including  French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese (apart from grammar checking).

Visit their site, enter or paste your text to check your spelling or grammar. You can also translate your text from one language to the other.

Here’s how it looks like.


You can also download their free app to use from your androids or iPhones. You can view the dictionaries results on the same page to discover the context meaning so you can quickly improve your overall writing.

4. Grammar check tool from Small SEO Tools

This is another simple and free online grammar checker tool where your spelling mistakes are highlighted in red and remaining mistakes like punctuation, syntax, grammar errors are shown in yellow.

When you click on the highlight of those words, you will get an explanation so you can quickly correct those grammar mistakes.

This tool is also helpful for finding plagiarised content so you can easily know whether your content is original or not.

5. Spell Check 24

This is a powerful free online grammar checker tool helpful for checking your spelling, grammar and you can also analyse your text for improving its quality.

You can do the following things for free using this grammar checker tool.

  • Spell check
  • Grammar check
  • Readability analysis
  • Word density analysis
  • Filler word analysis
  • Spell check many languages

It also has a unique feature called “Analyze” which you can use for checking your content’s readability issues along with the word density. Here’s how it looks like in general.


6. Online Correction

As the name suggests, this is an online grammar correction tool that helps you find spelling, grammar or stylistic mistakes that you might have your content or text.

Just visit their website and you will find a simple text editor where you can enter your text to find its grammatical mistakes. It also has a feature of “autocorrect” and by using it, you can correct errors in your copy automatically.

All those automatic corrected errors will be show on the results page. You can also pick the dialect (American English, UK English, Australian English) etc. So it doesn’t matter which dialect you want, this online grammar checker tool will help you find and rectify your grammar mistakes.

Here’s how it basically works.


Once you visit their website, you will see a text editor (shown as below). Just enter your copy to find and rectify your mistakes.

Once you click on the Submit button (after entering your text), you will be taken to the results page where you will find the corrected copy.

7. Sentence Correction

We all know how poorly written content can badly affect our blog’s readership and search rankings. No one likes to read a badly punctuated copy. Here’s where a tool like Sentence Correction comes into handy.

Here’s what this tool helps you do.

  • Spelling mistakes and incorrectly used words
  • Improperly used punctuation; correct use of semicolons, commas, colons, apostrophes and other marks
  • Improves your grammar by correcting issues such as dangling modifiers, fragments etc
  • Helps you find any issues with possible plagiarism

Visit their website, enter the text or paste the copy that you want to find and fix grammatical mistakes.

Click on “Check your text” button to get suggestions. That’s it!

8. Sentence Structure

This is also similar to the above mentioned tool. The above tool helps you check your grammar whereas this tool helps you form the correct sentence structure so you can improve your overall copy or content easily.

Here’s how it looks like in general.


Enter any sentence or paste your text and click on “check your text” to know whether your sentences are used correctly or not.

9. Slick Write

This is an incredible online grammar checker tool that has a simple and unique dashboard where you can find and fix all your grammatical mistakes.

Here’s how it looks like.


Once you visit their site, simply click on the edit section (see the above image) and enter the text you want to correct the grammar.

Once you enter the text, it shows you all the grammatical mistakes on the go (through red color words) and once you click on “check” option, the tool gives you where your copy has grammatical mistakes so you can correct them to polish your writing.

Note: Not only that, this tool also gives you access to your writing statistics like how many words you have entered (along with pronouns, adverbs etc) so you can easily know your writing progress.

10. Virtual Writing Tutor

I love this online grammar checker tool for one reason. You can even use your microphone to convert your text into speech. Any mistakes that are included in your speech can be shown.

You can also enter text or copy/paste any of your document to check your spelling, punctuation or grammar. A fantastic free tool for beginners who want to improve their writing online.

Here’s how it looks like.


Simply enter your text or use a microphone to convert your voice into copy to find your spelling or grammar mistakes.

Apart from the above, this tool also gives you suggestions for your entered text so you can make it better for readers to understand your writing.

Why create flawless content and how it helps you boost your Google rankings?

We now have covered top 10 best online grammar checker tools to improve your writing, we’ll now talk about the most important thing: “why should you create error free and flawless content? Does it really help?”

Yes, absolutely.

Creating flawless content improves your website rankings on Google.

Here are 3 benefits of creating flawless content.

  • It improves your reader experience: We all know Google gives #1 results to the sites that give top priority to the user experience. Creating flawless content is a surefire way to improve your reader experience. After all, no one likes to read a blog post that is full of grammatical mistakes, right? That’s why it’s extremely important for every blogger to increase their reader experience. Then, you will see a quick boost in your search rankings.
  • It builds credibility: Check out any top blog in your industry and they spend a lot of money and time in creating great content that’s error free. Do you know why they spend most of their time on creating epic content? Because they know that’s the only way to build and boost their online credibility. Once you have great credibility, you won’t struggle to increase your traffic or sales.
  • Increases your search rankings: If you are someone who would love to get massive traffic from search engines like Google, creating flawless content gives you a BIG edge. Google always penalizes the sites with thin, duplicate and poorly written content. And rewards those sites with informative, error free and authoritative content.

So there you go. Now, you have access to some of the best online grammar checker tools to polish writing and you also know why it is essential for you to create error free content to build credibility and boost your search rankings.

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Final thoughts on using top 10 online grammar checker tools

Most of us are non native English speakers. So writing content without grammatical mistakes is usually a BIG deal.

When it comes to online grammar checker tools, there are literally hundreds of tools available and most of them are free. But 90% of those tools are NOT accurate. It means, they are not going to help you improve your writing.

So my quick tip is to read articles by better bloggers (I recommend Copyblogger articles) and spend time in writing at least 500 words every single day and within a few week you will start noticing the improvements in your writing. That’s the beauty of writing daily.

But all the top 10 best online grammar checker tools mentioned on this page are really good and most of them are free to use so you can start using them to polish your writing quickly.

What do you think about the post? Do you have any more top online grammar checker tools in mind that I’ve missed in this post? Share them in the comments below.

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    Great article, I have really enjoyed your article. You show me the right path how to check Grammar online .It helps me a lot .All the 10 tools are really good and very easy to use. So I am going to start using these tools to polish my writing quickly, Thanks for sharing.

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