12 Quick Tips to Increase Affiliate Sales from Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

Selling products online is really hard. Online is heavily crowded and there’s too much of noise.

It’s almost impossible to grab someone’s attention and make them buy your affiliate products. If you are finding it difficult to increase your affiliate sales, I have a list of 12 proven tips for you.

Over the years, I have struggled a lot, spent a lot of money on learning to increase my sales and now here I’m today making full-time income from blogging.

If you are searching for effective tips to increase your affiliate product sales, this detailed guide is for you. Let’s jump into the details.

Incredible tips to increase affiliate sales without spending from Your affiliate marketing blog

increase affiliate sales

#1. Create a Sales Funnel to Convert Visitors into Buyers

You need to find a way to convert your website visitors into sales. For that, you need a proper sales funnel.

Observe any profitable blog that makes passive income by selling affiliate products, you will notice one thing: they all have a sales funnel. Most beginners to affiliate marketing forget to create a funnel that turns normal visitors into buyers. If you are one among them, immediately spend time on creating a funnel. Here’s how you can do it.

sales funnel tips

Create awareness: Any successful sales funnel starts with awareness. Make sure to give your audience a clear picture of what you are selling from your blogs. Once they know what type of products you promote/sell, it becomes easy for you to build awareness about them.

You can use your blog posts as a way to create awareness about your products. Having an email list also comes in handy if you want to educate your audience about the products you recommend.

Build a connection: Treat your audience like your family. Don’t treat them like buyers. If you are genuinely interested in solving your audience problems through the products you promote, they will be gladly buy what you recommend! For that, you need to stay in touch with your blog readers through blog comments, social media platforms or emails.

Recommend, don’t force: One of the major reasons most people don’t be able to increase their affiliate sales is because they force! If you are going too aggressive to make someone to buy, they probably won’t do it! Instead of selling like a sales guy, recommend why they should use the products. Show them all the benefits they would be getting with the products you promote.

Make sales: Once you have successfully nurtured your visitors into prospects in the above 3 steps, you will build a great platform to make more sales. This is the sales phase where your sales depend on how good you implemented the above 3 stages.

Rinse and repeat the same for every product you create/promote. That’s the way successful marketers make passive income each month from their blogs and websites.

#2. Answer, “what’s in it for them?”: Offer Some Incentive

Focus on what you offer to your audience. If they don’t find any value in your products, they simply won’t buy.

Always ask yourself, “what’s in it for them if they buy from me?”

If you are able to answer the above question, you’re already on your way to making decent income from your affiliate marketing efforts.

If not, here’s an incredible way to boost your affiliate sales.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, make sure to offer some incentives exclusively for the people who buy from you. It can be anything from giving away your premium eBooks to designing a logo (if you’re a designer). So the point is you are rewarding the people to increase your affiliate sales.

#3. Don’t promote more than 2 products at any given time

If you are a beginner, it’s a waste of time to promote more than 2 products at a time. Why? Firstly, you are still in the process of building audience. Secondly, you will confuse your readers if you promote more number of products.

So stick to one or two products. Educate your blog audience about these products and you will have fair chances in making money by promoting them.

Also, you can better use your banner ads on the top of your sidebar and end of the posts if you are promoting less products.

#4. Improve Your Blog Design to Get More Affiliate Sales

“First impression is the BEST impression” when it comes to online. If you want to convert visitors into buyers, you first need to make them stick to your blog.

No matter how great your content is, if you have a messy design with a bad typography, no one likes to read and share your blog posts. Design is the king and you should invest time and money on creating an appealing design to increase your affiliate sales.

If you are struggling to find the best theme for your blog, I strongly recommend you to check out Elegant themes.

#5. Increase your affiliate sales by improving your SEO

I never saw someone increasing their product sales without the help of search traffic. The people who come from search engines are highly qualified and they are always looking for solutions to their problems.

If you promote the products that solve their issues, you are highly likely to convert them into buyers. Use tools like SEMrush to increase your search results.

Also spend time on spying on your competitors keywords and make sure to embed some of them into your upcoming posts to increase your organic traffic.

#6. Analyze product reviews from the top sites

If you are into affiliate marketing, you already know writing product reviews help you increase your affiliate sales. But writing just any product reviews won’t help. You should write reviews that sell.

How can you do that? Here’s a simple quick tip: go to the top blog in your niche and analyze all of their product reviews.

Study how their headlines are, the content they write and more importantly the call to actions they use on their product reviews. This helps you write persuasive product reviews for your blogs to increase your sales.

So next time when you are writing a product review on your blog, make sure to spend time on reading the reviews on top blogs in your industry.

#7. Visuals play a vital role

Did you know why few top blogs spend a lot of money on their visuals be it Infographics, images or the overall designs of the products they promote?

It’s because they know appealing visuals convert more!

When you write product reviews or anything related to the products you promote, make sure to spend time on crafting gorgeous looking images.

Here’s a great post on finding high resolution images for free. NEVER ever download from Google images as most of them are copyrighted.

#8. Trust is the heart of affiliate marketing

If you are into affiliate marketing, you should know one thing: “no one buys from strangers, especially online”.

People buy from people who they know and trust. Trust is the online currency.

So if you want to increase your sales, build trust. Show testimonials from real people about your website and include all the blogs logos where you have been mentioned. This gives your first time visitors to easily trust you.

If you have nothing as such, then start working on how can you get others testimonials for your sites. And start writing guest posts for the top blogs in your industry to build credibility for your site.

#9. Don’t hard sell, ever!

If you think you can make more sales by selling hard, you are never going to be successful in affiliate marketing. Making money by selling products is an art. You should find out ways to add value to your audience lives through the products you recommend. That’s the fastest way to grow your online business.

#10. Include text ads on all relevant pages

I’ve been using few text ads across the relevant pages on my blog. And I’m doing that because I know when someone who is interested in reading my content, they will always look for further information.

That’s when if you recommend the relevant products by placing text ads, you will get more conversions. If you are not using text ads yet, start doing it now and you will notice the results in no time.

#11. Make the most out of “special days”

Make sure to subscribe to the affiliate programs email lists you promote. Why? When they offer some exclusive bonuses and discounts, the first thing they do is they send out emails to their subscribers.

So if you subscribe to them, you will be the first one to get notified about the special discounts.

Almost every affiliate marketer spends quality time during the special days such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas etc because most of the affiliate products offer huge discounts to increase their customer base.

#12. It won’t happen OVERNIGHT!

And the last tip I would suggest you to remember is: affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Ask any successful affiliate marketer and he will tell you making passive income online won’t happen overnight.

You have to develop few essential skills such as networking with the right guys, increasing your SEO skills, and more importantly working hard to build a tribe that helps you grow your business online.

If you are not getting any sales even if you are working hard, you might be lacking some selling skills. Or you might be not giving enough exposure to the products you promote. There’s always a solution for every problem, so look for it and NEVER give up. You will eventually start making more affiliate sales if you are persistent.

Bonus tip: Your email list is your ATM machine

Have you ever heard someone making a lot of money from affiliate marketing without having an email list? NEVER, right?

It’s almost impossible to boost your affiliate sales without having a list of loyal subscribers. An email list not only helps you build trust but it allows you to educate your subscribers about your products they can buy when you send sales pitches.

Read this great checklist if you want to build a list of hungry email subscribers.

Final thoughts on increasing affiliate sales from your affiliate marketing blog

The only way you can increase your affiliate sales in the long run is to continuously engage with your audience. Don’t treat them as BUYERS, treat them like a friend!

Know their problems and recommend the products that solve their issues. That way you can effectively convert your blog readers into buyers. And find out if your website design stinks. Make sure to spend time and money on improving the design and speed.

Another simple yet effective tip to grow your affiliate sales is to analyze what factors persuade YOU to buy a product from someone else? Note down all the points in a notepad and you will be amazed with the information you get.

And then simply improve your affiliate marketing selling strategy based on the ideas. It always works like a charm.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these quick tips to increase affiliate sales from your affiliate website. If you have any more suggestions or thoughts to boost affiliate income, please share in them in the comments.


  1. Awesome and Useful Tips. 🙂
    Keep Sharing such posts. I’ll surely implement these tips for the affiliate promotion on my blog in the coming days.

  2. Deepanker says:

    Point number 8 is the most important. If they trust on you and your blog, they will purchase on your recommendation. 🙂

  3. Bigwas says:

    I am glad I read this post. I am new to affiliate marketing and now using 8 web hosting affiliate in my blog, a mistake.

  4. Shakir Khan says:

    Hi Anil,
    This is the second post I read from your blog today. As always, you gave us amazing tips to generate affiliate sale.
    Building an email list is quite tough for me.
    Let me try though.
    Thanks again for writing 🙂
    Best Regards
    ~ Shakir Hassan

  5. Matt Doust says:

    How long is time? you say more than 2 products at a time – Is that within a, day, week, month or within an article? Thanks

  6. Great post Anil,

    Excellent tips on affiliate sales which will come in very handy.It lays it out in a logical and easy to understand manner.I have bookmarked this post – the perfect how-to reference resource.

  7. I have been looking for this article for a very long time finally, I got it. This is one of the best articles I have ever read about increasing affiliate sales. 🙂
    Brother thanks for sharing with us.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Suresh says:

    Getting listed on the first page of search engines can actually increase and boost your sales, but this happen at a later stage. The best part about affiliate marketing is to be patient as you don’t know when the break point to start making money.

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