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Passion App Review $97/month Review

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Summary is a flexible, easy-to-use eLearning course app maker of this year. You can add unlimited lessons and enable test exercises easily. It has sufficient features that you can EXPECT in a perfect LMS tool. However, it has one missing feature called certificate builder which is expected soon.

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Looking for an Honest IN-DEPTH Passion io Review? (Well, look no further than this page!)

After testing and creating a Course App, I am ready to share my thoughts

Selling your knowledge without an app is a BIG mistake. The eLearning industry has been booming and one of the main reasons for such massive growth is LMS platforms (like

Such LMS platforms don’t require coding knowledge, and hence instructors are able to develop their LMS apps quickly like never before.

In the early stages of digital coaching, instructors have to decide on a learning management system (LMS) tool. They often give their all in preparing course content, but because of lack of time, they make a quick decision about their LMS platform and REGRET it later.

But don’t worry. After going through the Passion app review, you would be able to make a wise decision.

So TODAY, this is what is going to happen…

In this detailed guide, I’ll talk about:

  • My experience with
  • Whether has enough FEATURES or not
  • Supported Lesson Types
  • Its LMS app creation process
  • Its primary benefits
  • Pricing, Pros & Cons
  • And much more…
Does have everything a course creator needs to create a world-class course? Let’s Find the Answer… Review: My Honest Opinion on Drag and Drop App Maker

passion-io-review Pros and Cons (With Quick Summary)

Quick note: I have tested (without investing a cent) and here is what I think. benefits Pros

As a result of choosing as your LMS Platform, instructors will enjoy these PRIMARY BENEFITS:

  • 14 Days Free Trial: Enough to finalize the decision on
  • Pocket Friendly: Allows instructors to SAVE more compared to hiring app developers.
  • Worldwide Reach: The Course app can be PUBLISHED on Google Play Store and Apple Store. For easy app approval, step by step guidance would be provided.
  • App Owner: The user will own the complete rights of the course app.
  • Device Friendly: Android, iOS, TV, Desktop (via PWA).
  • Quick Deployment: (No Coding & Designing Skill – No Problem) With the help of templates and a drag & drop approach, The course app can be ready in minutes.
  • Start Fresh: Option to build a course from SCRATCH is also given.
  • Upselling Opportunities: Yes, Upselling is possible via Community, Group Challenges, Scheduling sales calls (Calendly lesson widget) & Push Notifications.
  • Full Control: Everything can be managed through one single dashboard
  • User Friendly: Friendly intuitive interface with live preview mode.
  • Automated Page Generation: Sales page, Welcome page, User registration page, and Pricing page can be generated in a single click.
  • Learning Freedom: No RESTRICTIONS on the number of lessons & courses under a single app.
  • Flexible Pricing for Course: Fixed Pricing, Recurring Pricing, No charges (Free)
  • Essential LMS Features Included: Push notifications, Offline mode, Goal tracking, Scheduling, etc.
  • Unique Sequence Feature: Helps FITNESS instructors demonstrate multiple exercises in one go.
  • Advanced LMS Features Included: Content Dripping, Community Builder, Group Challenges, Live streaming, etc can be found.
  • Inbuilt Marketing Features (Campaigns, Sales funnels, Upsell journeys) could be a great help in increasing engagement & revenue.
  • Platform Capabilities Enhancement: has INTEGRATED with 3,000+ services, taking the platform’s capabilities to the next level.
  • Done For You Benefit: The UltimatePlus Plan allows Instructors to focus on the creation of course content while they take care of the app creation.
  • Ensure 100% Success: “The Expert Freedom Training” and “30 Days Expert Unleashed Challenge” ensures 100% growth & success.
  • Easy Order & Subscription Management: A separate tab “PassionMetrics” for handling subscriptions is there
  • Live Chat Support – A major perk.
  • 30 Days Money Refund Policy – Another major perk. Cons:

  • Only one APP can be created in the Pro & Ultimate plan.
  • The Pro plan has some limitations: Processing fees, absence of drip content & community builder feature, and restriction on video count.
  • To get more value, Users have to upgrade to the “Ultimate plan”.
  • Lacks certificate builder feature.
  • Lacks a “custom code block” feature that allows Instructors to embed the content of external applications. Is it worth it?

After testing, I can say that it is a flexible, easy-to-use eLearning course app maker. You can add unlimited lessons and enable test exercises easily.

Talking about LMS oriented features: has sufficient features that you can EXPECT in a perfect LMS tool. (Community builder & drip content are the most robust features found in

But two crucial ones are still missing: Certificate Builder and the option to add content through an external application script.

Whether you want to conduct individual live sessions or group sessions – You can do it easily. 

To enhance revenue, instructors can always use the upselling advantages associated with this platform. 

Talking about the course app creation process: 50% of the process is done upon choosing the course template. The Remaining 50% process can be done quickly once you review the drag & drop controls, its user interface, and available options in the dashboard.

To streamline the process, has created a series of tutorials that you can take and be ready to edit the course template within a day. 

These two systems “Expert Freedom Training” & “The Expert Unleashed Challenge” are proven and ensure 100% Growth & Success. [Get at least 5-15 high paying clients in 30 days] training options

Talking about connectivity: Through Zapier, enables connections in the course app with 3000+ services such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Shopify, YouTube, etc. Integrating with various tools through eliminates the need for manual connections. This time-saving feature allows users to focus more on building and enhancing their apps.

through zapier passion io app can connect with 3000 services

Talking about customer support: A live chat option will be a savior throughout the course setup.

Talking about pricing: I find the “Ultimate” plan more valuable compared to the “Pro” plan. And if you’re looking forward to the tool I’d advise you to get your hands on the Ultimate plan as well. 

Yes, you can always start by taking a free trial on the Pro plan and upgrade to the Ultimate plan later.

The Special Discount on Ultimate plan is hidden in the “Pricing” section of this Passion io app review.

So, Are you ready to create life changing learning experiences (THAT SELL) for your customers?

For a quick launch, Here is what you have to do:

  • Signup for a “14 Days Free Trial” (Zero Payment)
  • Take a demo (Watch a video below)
  • Choose a course template
  • Participate in tutorials & expert training accessible from the dashboard. free trial

About App Maker Platform: Is it Trustworthy?

what is is the LMS app builder platform that allows instructors, coaches to build their eLearning mobile app without writing code. The course app can be accessible through various devices. 

Who is using

  • Coaches, Instructors
  • Trainers
  • Online Course Creators
  • eCommerce Businesses
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Creators & Influencers
  • More…

Instructors are earning over FIVE Figures every month by selling their courses through’s app maker platform. [7,500+ Users have already signed up]

Who Founded Are They Genuine People?

Quick Verdict: Yes, After checking the company page on LINKEDIN, I believe that these experts are genuine people and 100% trustworthy. Over 52k followers and 200+ employees is proving that is 100% SCAM FREE.

Well before investing your hard earned money in the LMS platform, it is best to do a little background check, isn’t it? is founded by Daniel Harvey (CEO) and a group of experts who have been working together for years on this project. 

Here are some key people that’ve been making better every day.

  • Daniel Harvey – Co-Founder
  • Austin Distel – CMO
  • Alex Camilar – Product Manager
  • Lisa Eiberger – Operation Specialist
  • Magdalena Mostazo – Customer Success Manager LinkedIn page
passion io team members

So are you ready to learn more about LMS Features: Does It Offer Everything You Need for Creating a Course APP?

No matter how the pricing is (cheap or expensive) if the LMS platform isn’t able to provide the functionality you need, then the whole effort, money & time would be wasted.

But this won’t happen with a is known for its LMS features, and it’s one of the main reasons thousands [7500+] of creators have created their course apps on this platform.

Are you ready to unbox the LMS Features? LMS FeaturesAvailability
iOS, Android & Web Access (PWA)
Progress Tracking
Unlimited Courses, Lectures & Lessons
Offline/Download Mode
Push Notifications
Content Dripping
Custom Branding
Live Streaming
Community Builder
Templates (For Quick Start)
User Profile
Flexible Pricing (Course)Recurring/One time/Free
Lesson TypesImage, Video, Text, Files, PDF, Quiz, Surveys, etc.
Interactive Exercises (Sequences)
Scheduling (Group Coaching, Live Webinars, etc)
Embed Custom Code (Lesson)X
Embed Code Example (Lesson)X
Design Customization & Sales Page Builder
Individual & Group Coaching
UpsellingPossible by Hiding Price, Community Group Challenge, Push notification & Scheduling feature.
Drag and Drop Builder
Integrations3000+ services (Zapier, Shopify, MailChimp, YouTube, Apple, etc)
Start NowStart 14 Days Free Trial
Quick Verdict: After exploring entire LMS features, I must say it has everything an instructor needs to deliver the ultimate learning experience. One major feature is missing is the inbuilt certificate generator. The instructors have to take help from tools like Canva to generate certificates.

Did you know? (The instructors can always request for missing features through the roadmap page.) Lesson Types [Possible Teaching Methods]

After features, “Lesson Types” is the next thing you should thoroughly go through in an LMS platform.

In digital learning, there are numerous ways available to deliver lessons. You can supply course content in the form of videos, audio, PDFs, etc. An LMS platform is called “BEST” only when it gives complete teaching freedom to Instructors. 

With you can deliver your course content in 2 ways:

  • Lesson Widgets
  • Sequence lesson types
Quick note: The process of adding lessons & sequences is explained in the next section.

1.) Lesson Widgets: 

By using Lesson widgets you can include various types of content (video, audio, text, etc) in your lesson. Do remember, there is no restriction on the number of lessons to be added to the course.

Here is a complete list of lesson widgets:

  • Images: Max size 5 MB (.jpeg, .png)
  • Videos: To add videos Upto 5 GB (.mov, .mp4) & for live streaming
  • Text: For adding text based lesson
  • Stopwatch: For adding a stopwatch to the lesson
  • Audio: Helpful to add audio based lessons. Perfect for delivering podcasts.
  • Button: Add a CTR rich button with a link
  • Files: To add downloadable PDFs, docx, odt, CSV, xls, and xlsx files
  • Typeform Integration: To add quizzes, calculators, worksheets, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Calendly Integration: To schedule individual coaching, group coaching, and live webinars.
passion io lesson types

2.) Sequence Lessons:

Sequences are a special type of “Video based lessons”. It is basically a combination of multiple videos or exercises which can run in one sequence. 

Perfect for fitness instructors who are looking to demonstrate a set of exercises quickly. However, it can be useful in other courses (music, cooking, art, etc) too.

In sequences, Usually, the playback of (2-5 seconds) video would be allowed to display on the main screen. However, Sequence also allows us to upload entire instruction videos which can be run separately anytime.

Quick note: Sequence is a unique feature of and won’t be available in other LMS platforms.

Two types of Sequences lessons can be created:

  • Interactive Exercise: The timer is not there, meaning the user can proceed to the next lesson in a playlist anytime.
  • Timed Interactive Exercise: The timer is there, meaning the user cannot proceed to the next lesson until the timer runs out. sequence lessons

This is the EXAMPLE of an Interactive Exercise:

interactive lesson - passion io
Interactive lesson

This is the EXAMPLE of Timed Interactive Exercise:

timed interactive lesson -
time interactive
Quick Verdict: With, Instructors can deliver any type of lessons. Sequence lessons are the highlighted perk here.

Unfortunately, lacks a “Custom code” widget in the lessons tab – Meaning, Instructor can only embed the content of supported integrations: Typeform, YouTube, Calendly, etc. Content cannot be embed through the external application script (HTML & JS),

Ready to create your own custom branded app?

Words on Course Creation Process (Start to End): Is it Easy to Build a Course APP?

So, you have seen features, the available lessons…

But what about the course app creation process? Isn’t it the most important thing to check?

This section is going to be the “Turning Point” of this guide where I’ll be reviewing as well as clearing the COMMON queries about platform.
#1 How does the LMS platform work? (Quick Launch)

Well, if I have to explain the working in short, here is how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for a free trial (No risk)

step 1 sign up for a free trial

Step 2: Choose a Course Template

step 2 choose a course template

Step 3: Launch Course App

step 3 launch course app

That’s it.

#2 The App Creation Process (Detailed)

During our testing phase this is how I proceeded:

As soon as you sign up, the setup wizard welcomes you:

Step 1: Tap on the “start” button

passion io welcome wizard

Step 2: Define an App name

step 2 define an App name

Step 3: Choose a template

step 3 choose template

As soon as you choose a template, launched the app – Meaning 50% of the work is done in a few seconds. app example

Step 4: Edit the Course Template & Upload Course Content

All the work left to do is all about editing the course template and uploading learning lessons.

Don’t worry it’s not rocket science.

I will give you an overview of the dashboard so that you can easily proceed from this point.


In the PassionProducts menu, you will find the five APP tabs. To edit the content of any tab, simply tap on it.

passion io user interface

1.) Discover Tab: First tab in an app where you can configure the welcome screen and sales tab.

app welcome screen
sales page of the app

2.) Learn Tab: To create courses and lessons. (Please refer to the Lesson Types section of this post and learn how to create a lesson.)

create new course
add lesson
drip content

3.) Community Tab:

It’s like a Facebook page for your course where you can connect with all users, answer their queries, and even upsell by creating “Group challenges” – A powerful feature.

community builder

4.) Tracking Tab: To create a tracking goal so that you and the user themselves track their progress.

goal tracking

Nothing, just another way to edit the “welcome screen” & “sales page” of the tab.


A tab where you can setup & publish your course app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Web, and app directory itself. Enjoy the benefit of custom branding. sales channels

This tab is all about customizing the app colors, logo, background, etc.

course design customization

To send push notification and keep your clients engaged, and force them to come back for more.

passionmessaging - push notifications

To access reports & easy subscription management.

Pricing Plans:

To define a pricing structure (recurring/one time/free) for all courses.

define pricing for courses
  • To link the course app with Stripe
  • To enable other integrations (via Zapier)
  • To enable tracking on your course web app
  • And more…
passion io integrations and other settings
The Learning Curve (Quick Verdict)

Is it hard to learn the LMS tool & build a course app? – Not at all.

The team helps you get your app up and running quickly by providing GUIDANCE & SUPPORT for the entire course lifecycle.

On the dashboard tab, you can access various training program plus tutorials that not just guide you but also ensures 100% growth.

passion io main dashboard
passion io expert challenge

Ready to get started? Start with Free Trial and design your course app now!

Words on Plans & Pricing: Is it Worth the Money?

I believe you now have a good understanding of the course creation process and are EXCITED to give it a shot! 

Isn’t it? pricing review
I’ve already covered Passion io Pricing in detail on a separate post. However, here is a QUICK REVIEW of plans & pricing:
  • 3 Plans: offers 3 plans: Pro, Ultimate, and UltimatePlus.
  • Billing: All plans can be purchased as a monthly or annual billing.
  • Savings: You can SAVE upto $696/year on annual billing.
  • Pricing: The Pro plan starts from $97/month. And the Ultimate plan costs you $239/year. For UltimatePlus pricing, users have to contact the team.
  • Popular Plan: The Pro plan is the most popular plan among new instructors and for those whose budget is tight.
  • More Value: The Ultimate plan gives you more VALUE for your buck, both in features and money.
  • Done for you!: The UltimatePlus plan is a unique plan where the team develops an app for you based on the course content you provide.
  • Free Trial: The free trial (14 days) – Available only for a Pro plan.
  • Hidden Discount: A special discount ( Black Friday Deal) is running on the Ultimate plan.
  • Accessibility: In all plans, users will get a custom brand APP that is accessible on Android, iOS & PWA.
  • Pro Plan Limitation: The Pro plan has a restriction on the number of subscribers (100), videos (100) & push notifications (1000).
  • Pro Plan Limitation: In the Pro plan, the content dripping feature is missing – So AVOID it if you don’t want to release content all at once.
  • Pro Plan Limitation: Community builder – Another essential feature is missing from the Pro plan.
  • Payment Processing Fees: 3.9% – Downside of the Pro plan.
  • Ultimate Plan Benefits: No restriction on usage, no processing fees and includes all features.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: Applicable on both Pro & Ultimate plans.
Quick Verdict: After examining plans bit by bit, I should declare the Ultimate plan – A clear winner.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a Ultimate plan TODAY! During the special Black Friday offer, the ultimate plan is available at a pricing of Pro Plan – BIG SAVINGS!

passion io black friday

Or, if you’re looking to go with the “Pro Plan”, you can always start its 14 days free trial (Zero Payment Needed).

passion io free trial available for pro plan
passion io money back guarantee

Alternatively, the UltimatePlus plan is waiting for those folks who simply want to create course content, and chill! ultimate plus plan Free Webinar

Is this your first time in eLearning? Are you confused about whether you will succeed or not? Or do you have a question related to the starting journey and how to proceed?

Once you grabbed, the first thing you should do is to get yourself enrolled in this free webinar.


Dan Harvey (Business Growth & Marketing Expert) or the speaker of this webinar teaches you:

  • How to make up to $10k in the launch of your course app?
  • How to run your eLearning coaching business on autopilot by converting strangers into clients?
  • How to create an app quickly which produces up to 10x growth?
  • And more… free webinar

Words on Customer Support

Priority customer support is the BACKBONE of LMS platforms. No matter how many tutorials are available, top-notch customer support should be available.

Quick note: When I talk about Priority customer support – doesn’t disappoint you at all. It provides a wide range of customer support options, including live chat, phone support, and more.

To get support assistance, the following options are available:

  • Live Chat (The response rate is awesome. I have tested it)
  • Email Support ([email protected])
  • Phone Support (Only for UltimatePlus plan users)
  • Onboarding Calls (Personalized calls for Ultimate plan users for a quick & smooth setup)
  • PassionFighter Community (A community of instructors on Facebook)
  • Help Center (To find answers & text based tutorial for almost all questions)
  • Expert Freedom Training Step by Step (Only for Ultimate plan users)
  • Expert Unleashed Challenge (For tremendous launch and achieve 1-100 clients in 30 days)
  • YouTube Tutorials

I have a query related to Integrations, Gladly Hannah cleared it in seconds. (I initiated a live chat on Sunday (Weekend) and I got a reply in seconds. – Extremely Professional)

passion io customer support Reviews From Thousands of Instructors

“A 14-day free trial is included, and you can try the product risk-free for 30 days.”

However, it’s always better to see what other people think before deciding whether or not to purchase.

Well, these words from other customers may help you decide if is right for you or not.

Passion io Reviews on TrustPilot [Rated 4.7]:

passion io trustpilot has been rated 4.7 on TrustPilot. After going through the customer reviews, I have finally come up with the SUMMARY below: Plus Points:

  • Instructors are appreciating how quickly they can get help from the support staff.
  • They also appreciate how easy it is to create a final SUCCESSFUL course app by following the expert freedom training, 30 days expert unleashed challenge, and other step by step instructions.
  • They are admiring the 14 DAYS free trial and 30 days return policy. 
  • They hardly feel any missing features.
  • Some online coaches also appreciate the PRICING benefit. They said it’s better to do it with an LMS platform rather than hiring app developers who charge huge hourly rates ($30-$120/hour) Negative Points:

  • Few of the instructors are complaining about missing certificate generator features.
  • Few of the coding instructors terminate their plan because they won’t find the “Code Example” widget in the lesson editor. This widget helps programmers to teach code easily but lacks it here. Case Studies:

Wanna see the true experience Instructors had with – Explore Success Stories. case studies

On this page, you will be introduced to creators from various industries (eLearning, Health & Fitness, eCommerce, etc) who are MAKING FIVE FIGURES with every month.

passion io case studies App examples Alternatives

When seeking alternatives to, you have a few options to consider:

1.) Fliplet: Fliplet, for instance, provides a code-free platform for building apps, making it more budget-friendly than However, it may not meet the advanced needs of coaches or course creators looking for features like upselling and community-building.

2.) Appily: Appily allows you to create Android and iOS apps but may lack the smooth user interface of It is more suitable for straightforward apps without advanced functionalities.

While these alternatives may be more cost-effective, they do not offer the advanced features that make the preferred choice for coaches, trainers, and course creators who aspire to develop a professional app. If you prioritize creating a high-quality app with features like drip content, built-in communities, and upselling, stands out as the clear choice. Nonetheless, if you require a simple app for personal or basic business use, one of these alternatives could be a more economical solution.

FAQ about

What are the Pros of Course App maker?

– Course templates are available for a quick start.
– Advanced features like community builder & drip content are present.
– The user gets ownership of the course app.
– The App can be accessible on all devices, and Upselling opportunities are there.
– Expert training would be provided, Flexible pricing benefits, etc.

What are the Cons of

– The certificate builder is missing.
– Lifetime plans are not there.

How can I use for free?

Instructors can use for 14 days without any charge. The Free trial required no initial payment hence it is the perfect way to get your hands on without any risk. 

How much do Google Play Store & App Store charge for uploading the APP?

Google Play Store – $25 (One time)
Apple Store – $99 (Annually)

Does offer a discount?

Yes. The user can save upto $696 via annual billing and a special Black Friday discount is running where users get a “ Ultimate Plan” at a pricing of Pro Plan – Meaning Flat 60% Off.

How can I receive payment from my app?

You can receive payment through PassionPayments (Stripe) and through Google or Apple directly (In-app purchases). In the Ultimate plan, you can also integrate other payment gateways (PayPal, Wix, etc) and get paid.

How much can I earn with

The earning potential for your course will depend on the number of subscribers and the price you set for each course. Here is a income calculator which you can use to estimate the potential earnings.

Which is better: vs Kajabi? allows coaches to create their own learning app, whereas Kajabi is a web hosted LMS solution with tremendous marketing features. Both are great services and if the instructor wants to build his coaching app then should be preferred. Otherwise, Kajabi can also be considered as well. The only downside with Kajabi is its expensive pricing.

What are alternatives?

As per research, No other LMS app maker offers robust features as If you are still interested in alternatives you can check Fliplet, Appily, and AppGeyser.

What sorts of apps are possible to build using Passion app builder?

Passion’s app builder offers versatility, allowing the creation of diverse apps like coaching, fitness, music training, and more, catering to various industries and interests.

What are the available pricing plans on offers a range of pricing plans starting at $97 per month.

Does support integration with external tools and services? seamlessly integrates with over 3,000 services through Zapier, including popular tools like Mailchimp, Stripe, YouTube, providing extensive flexibility for users to connect and enhance their apps.

Who benefits from using for app creation? is an ideal platform for coaches, trainers, course creators, and businesses aiming to monetize expertise through mobile apps.

Is complicated for creating apps? prides itself on being incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface ensures that even novices in app development can create high-quality apps hassle-free.

Read: Best Competitors: Picked by Experts

Final Thoughts – Creating App Made Easy!

If you want to earn FIVE FIGURES by selling your skill through courses, could be a BIG help. After reviewing thoroughly, I’ve convinced that It has everything you will require for delivering the Ultimate learning experience. is not just an ORDINARY app maker. It is more than that. From course creation to revenue generation, they will guide you in every step.

You might feel hesitant, but this is why offers a free 14 days trial so that users can review if is good enough for their courses or not. 

So what are you waiting for?

Start your online teaching business now by taking the first step toward the path of success. Rest’s guidance will be there to support you on your way.

What are your thoughts about If you have any questions related to the App maker, do let us know in the comments.

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