Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tools That Will Guarantee Your Success

Affiliate Marketing Tools
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Wondering what affiliate marketing tools top marketers are using to crush it? I’ll expose them in this post……Continue reading!

First of all, raise up your hand if you haven’t heard about affiliate marketing before. It does not matter if you’ve been online for less than a month, the chances are that you’ve seen or heard one or two things about affiliate marketing and how many people have made over 1 million dollars from it over the years.

Frankly speaking, one of the easiest business models on the internet is affiliate marketing, and I bet I’ve never seen any other more straightforward means of making money online like it apart from programs like the popular contextual advertising which requires you to have lots of audience/visitors before you can break even.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Ask people like Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income blog, and Matthew Woodward of and they will tell you that affiliate marketing is the best.

Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is the generation of commissions or income through the marketing and promotion of other people’s products, tools, or services. This can be a fantastic addition to your existing income portfolio.

The good thing about this business model is that it’s often operated on auto-pilot; it’s a program that once you set up, will keep bringing in money over and over again hands-free.

When you request to promote a particular product, usually, through an affiliate network, you’re given a unique tracking link that once a visitor to your site or page clicks on it and purchase the product, you’ll earn a certain percentage from the income generated.

This is very simple, and if you have an active audience backed up by a responsive email list, you will be making a lot of money through affiliate marketing alone.

The most affiliate marketing strategy today is what Pat Flynn called “Push Marketing” whereas a marketer; you’re persuading your target audience to buy a particular product based on your recommendation. However, the best method is what Pat also called “Pull Marketing” where instead of aggressively persuading your audience to buy a product; you’re including recommendations and affiliate links on existing conversations and contents you’ve already published on your site.

In my opinion, if you desire to build a long-term and sustainable affiliate marketing business, you must learn to use the “pull marketing strategy.” This will enable you to build a quality relationship with your audience, and once they like you, they’ll always buy anything you recommend to them knowing you will never lead them astray.

Interestingly, most newbie affiliate marketers often fail to make even a dime from it, and one of the principal causes of this is the fact that they’re not making use of the right tools that will make the process much easier and straight forward for them.

If you ask any successful affiliate marketer today, he will tell you the importance of utilizing these tools. Most times, you can achieve some little results without using tools, but that will take a lot of time and efforts on your side. Unfortunately, that time is what you don’t have hence, the reason most people often give up even before the real thing starts.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are useful tracking tools; there are list building tools, link cloaking tools, etc. Ignoring these tools will make your affiliate marketing business boring and demanding.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the top 7 affiliate marketing tools you should be using right now to build a sustainable business.

Without further ado, let’s get to the main things.

7 Tools That Will Guarantee Your Affiliate Marketing Success

1. Pretty Link

Pretty Link WordPress Plugin

Pretty link is an excellent WordPress plugin that will save you a lot of troubles once installed. What it does is to clean, and beautify your ugly looking and long affiliate link. It will shorten it, make it shareable and much easier to remember.

If you’re a podcaster or a video marketer then, you will find this plugin very helpful because, time will come when you will want to mention an affiliate link, with the pretty link plugin, it will be easy for you to memorize all your affiliate links.

For instance, if I’m promoting Optimize Press landing page builder, the raw link I will get from them may look something like this: (NB: This link is not working, it only serves as an example).

Now tell me, how many of you will be able to remember and mention this link correctly on a show? I guess no one can easily do that.

However, if I’m using Pretty Link, I can work on that link, customize it and make it look more sexy and catchy link what you see below:

How amazing is that?

That is the superb function of Pretty Link.

That’s not all, the plugin also tracks the number of clicks for every pretty link you create. The good thing about tracking these links is because if no one is clicking on them, you will know immediately that it’s not something you need to keep on your site, or you need to find a better way of making people to click it.

Thanks for this fantastic plugin, it indeed has saved a lot of people lots of trouble, if you don’t have it installed on your blog yet then, go get it right away.

It has both premium and a free one, but the Pretty Link Lite (FREE) will give you everything you need.

2. GetResponse


Let me see your right hand up if you haven’t heard of this tool before!


Ok, I guess you’ve all heard about it before, that’s to tell you how wonderful it is.

I don’t need to start telling you about the beauty of affiliate marketing here right now because I’m pretty sure you already know it’s one of the most necessary tools that will guarantee your affiliate marketing breakthrough.

However, what I will tell you is why you need an excellent tool for your email marketing campaign. See, if you’re an affiliate marketer, and you don’t have an email list, neither are you building it then, you’re a bigger joke!

Sorry if I sounded too harsh, but the truth cannot be far from that. What are you thinking? Who’s going to buy those products you’re promoting and recommending? Are you relying on Google traffic or social media leads?

My friend, you need to wake up from slumber right now and start putting super efforts into list building because if you fully put all your hope on search and social traffic then, sooner or later, you’ll regret it.

I do not wish you any bad luck here rather, I’m only being realistic. Therefore, pick up your tools box now and start building your own list of eager subscribers.

Now, if you’ve decided to heed my advice and build a list then, you need Getresponse. To me, it’s the best email marketing tool you will ever need. What this tool does for you is to store and keep all those wonderful subscribers of yours in one place so you can easily reach them any day, anytime without any hassle.

With Getresponse, you can easily create opt-in forms, send them automated emails once they join your list, create a simple survey, there pretty so much you can do with this tool.

Just read my review here to see more about this tool.

You can as well jump the review and buy Getresponse here if you don’t have it yet.

3. Semrush


If you’re ever concerned about what your competitors are doing on their own site and wondering how you can possibly outsmart them so you can make more affiliate sales then, Semrush is simply the tool you need.

With this excellent tool, you can easily monitor your competitors to know what they’re doing and how to better do it better than them.

You can find out what keywords they’re buying via Google Adwords as well as the ones they’re ranking for organically.

Once you’ve figured these things out with the help of Semrush, you can now start planning on exactly what to do to outrank your competitors for the search terms they’re already ranking for.

Apart from carrying out competitor analysis, Semrush is also a good keyword research tool. If you’ve been wondering on what better tool to use for keyword research then, this tool also comes in handy. With it, you don’t need any other tool to know what popular keywords you could rank for while writing blog posts.

You can also use it to identify your competitors backlink profile, so you will find a way to beat them.

The fact is that if you’re an affiliate marketer then, you should always be on the lookout for what’s trending in your industry, you should always want to know how not to get beaten out by the competition, and there’s no other better tool for than SEMrush.

The good thing is that you can also use it for free for the next 30 days using this link.

4. Camtasia Studios or Screenflow

Camtasia studio

One of the best and easier ways to promote a product and make people buy it from your link is to tell people what they’ll get from the product before they get it using your own voice.

Assuming you’re promoting a physical product then, it will be easier for you to do this because you can simply use your phone’s camera and video yourself using the product. However, if what you’re promoting is software or a digital product, you will find it harder to shoot such video.

That’s why these two tools come in. If you have a Macbook then, Screenflow is all you need, just like Camtasia Studio will do the same job for PC users.

Although, Camtasia have a Mac version of it, but most Mac users prefer using Screenflow for their screen recording.

With these tools, you can easily record whatever is on your computer screen together with your voice. You can record your full screen or a particular portion of your screen while giving your audience an insider look at whatever it is you’re recommending.

Doing this will always increase the likelihood of someone clicking your affiliate link and buying the product because it will make them trust and believe you’ve truly used the product which puts you in a better position to talk about it.

Giving them this over-the-shoulder guide will also make them know how to navigate around the product once they’ve purchased it.

This is a very powerful affiliate marketing strategy that a lot of people are not utilising; I hope you start doing it from now.

5. EasyAzon

EasyAzon wordpress plugin

If you’re into the popular Amazon Associates program then, you’ve probably heard about the Easyazon plugin.

This plugin makes it insanely easy to promote Amazon products without the hassle of going over to their site to get a link to each product you’re promoting.

Once you have Easyazon installed on your blog while writing product review articles, you don’t need to go over to Amazon again to get your affiliate links, you can easily get them via your WordPress dashboard, and I’m sure you know how time-saving that can be.

Apart from that, while setting up the plugin, you can also no-follow all the Amazon affiliate links that you will use it to create for SEO purpose. It also has a fantastic localization feature that will enable you to localize your affiliate links so that you can also make your commission if someone uses your link to buy via Amazon UK store, Brazilian Store, etc.

This is simply a must have WordPress plugin (tool) for every Amazon, affiliate marketer. I’ll urge you to go get your own copy right now if you’re not making use of it.

Conclusion about Top Affiliate Marketing Tools for Great Success

I’ve listed for you here the five affiliate marketing tools I use on regular basis. If you’re truly serious about making money via affiliate marketing then, these tools are a must have for you.

I understand there are also some other tools I didn’t mention here, these are just the ones I make use of however, if there’s any other one you’re using that I didn’t mention here, people feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

Also, if you enjoyed this post, remember to share it with your friends as they might also find it helpful.


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