Top 10 Free Online Proofreading Tools to Write Flawless Content

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September 10, 2020

Who else wants to write flawless contents that will impress others? If you are searching for proven ways to improve your writing, make sure to use online proofreading tools.

In this detailed guide, I’m going to show you top 10 free online proofreading sites to create error-free content on your blogs. Whether you are writing for a blog or creating essays, proofreading is a must.

Here’s where using online proofreading tools will help you rectify your grammatical errors on the go.

Why is proofreading important?

Whether you’re a blogger, writer or student, you need to create flawless content to attract the audience. If you want to create a successful career online, you already know that blogging is one of the best ways.

Blogging is mostly about writing error-free content. Google gives top rewards to the sites that consistently update their pages with flawless content.

If you are not getting top results for most keywords you are trying, you might be writing content that is full of grammatical errors. So finding errors and writing error-free content on your blogs or websites is really crucial if you want to bring more traffic from search engines.

That’s why proofreading is important and you need to always take care of the content you are publishing online. Whether you are writing for blogs or academic articles, you need to proofread your articles before submitting them to someone.

Proofreading softwares have many benefits including correcting your typos on the go and you can easily save them in docs or text files.

Few solid proofreading tips to create flawless content:

  • Always make sure to re-read your articles or essays before publishing.
  • Read your content loudly to rectify your grammatical mistakes or typos easily.
  • Ask your friends to easily find out the mistakes on your content. Or hire an editor to easily make corrections.
  • Write in small paragraphs so that you can easily figure out where you are making grammar mistakes. Also use short sentences if you want to hone your writing skills.

Make sure to use proofreading sites online to write great content without any typos. Let’s now get into the details.

Top 10 online free proofreading tools

free online proofreading tools

1. Grammarly

Currently Grammarly is the most accurate tool for grammatical corrections in the market. This site not only helps you find your grammatical errors but also gives you relevant explanations of each mistake. This is a huge advantage for people whose native language is not English.

It also has an in-built plagiarism checker that will help you find the duplicate contents in a copy. It also checks the word count and gives you precise details about the document you are working on.

Here are few benefits of using Grammarly to write error-free content.

  • Eliminates most writing mistakes
  • Works wherever you write online (this tool helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and nearly anywhere else you write on the web)
  • Built by the world’s leading linguists

Get Grammarly here for free

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2. Google Docs

There’s a reason why I put Google Docs in the first place in online proofreading tools list. The reason is it’s not only free but Google Docs provides excellent features to edit your writing on the go. You can also include Add-ons such as Thesaurus, Lucidchart diagrams, Template gallery etc to make your editing process easier while writing.

You can save the files even offline when the connection is lost or if you simply like to write without having Internet connection. All in all, Google Docs is the perfect writing solution for all the writers who are into essay writing, copywriting etc.

Here are the features of using Google Docs for editing.

  • It offers 15GB free space all the Gmail users
  • You can keep and save almost any file
  • Share how you want
  • Safe and secure

Click here to start using Google Docs

3. Ginger

Believe it or not, Ginger software is world’s best grammar checker. It’s one of the best online proofreading tools that help you easily correct your sentences without having to worry much.

If you want to improve your writing and productivity on the go, start using Ginger software. It will give you effortless features to hone your writing skills without having errors. If you are always making silly mistakes while creating blog posts or writing essays, try Ginger. It will ensure that your writing is flawless but it does require you to stay online if you want it to make changes on the go.

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According to the Ginger website, it uses the most sophisticated “patent-pending technology to decipher the semantic meaning and context of text input, by comparing it to billions of similar sentences from the web.”

Here are few powerful features of Ginger tool.

  • Offers great English corrections
  • Works in Microsoft Office and browsers
  • Lightweight application
  • Great design
  • Built-in dictionary
  • Automatic translator

Try Ginger tool now

4. Polish My Writing (also known as After the deadline)

‘Polish my Writing’ or also known as ‘After the Deadline’ is a great proofreader that allows you to check your text to find any grammatical errors, style or spelling if there are any.

After the Deadline or Polish My writing is a language checker for online users with:

  • Contextual Spell Checking
  • Advanced Style Checking
  • Intelligent Grammar Checking

This tool uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to detect your grammatical mistakes and gives you better and relevant suggestions.

Using this tool is pretty simple, just copy your text and paste it in the box provided on the website and click on the button that says “Check Writing”. The great thing about this tool is it also offers a free plugin called “After the Deadline” for WordPress users. Click here to download the plugin for free.

Use Polish My Writing to improve your writing

5. Paper Rater

Correctly spelled words used in the wrong context mean embarrassing mistakes for you. So this tool helps you with the most advanced “contextual spell checker” to easily rectify your grammatical errors.

‘Paper Rater’ is a free proofreading software that utilises Artificial Intelligence to help writers and students write better. The features include

  • Grammar & Spelling Check
  • Free Proofreader
  • No Downloads Required
  • It will also check for any duplicate contents using its plagiarism detection tools
  • It also gives you writing suggestions to improve your writing

Start using Paper Rater to write flawless contents

6. Proof Guru

‘Proof Guru’ is a free proofreading tool that provides a number of packaged style guides and checklists relevant for different types of content.

You can use the packaged checklists or create your own custom style guides and checklists to easily improve your writing. This tool typically checks your spelling and automatically suggests edits to your documents.

Proof Guru basically consists of two parts – the Proof Guru website and the Proof Guru Checker.

You can use the Proof Guru website to maintain your subscription, checklists, style guides, and standards. Proof Guru Checker is a free Windows desktop application that works in Microsoft Word to check your Word documents.

Click here to start using Proof Guru

7. Language Tool

LanguageTool is an Open Source proof­reading program for English, French, German, Polish and more than 20 other languages.

This proofreading software finds many grammatical errors that a simple spell checker like MS Word can’t detect and enables you to write flawless content. If you’re using the LibreOffice or OpenOffice add-on you can also make use of this free tool “Language Tool”

Try Language Tool for Free by Clicking Here

8. Slick Write

Whether you’re a blogger, novelist, or student writing an essay, SlickWrite proof reading tool makes it easy to check writing for grammar errors and help you take your writing to the next level.

If you want to improve your writing skills as a writer or a beginner, consider using SlickWrite. It is one of the simplest free proofreader that will help writers easily find the errors and typos in a document or text file.

The features of SlickWrite tool are:

  • The grammar checker is lightning fast
  • It provides customizable feedback to suit your audience and style
  • It’s completely free

Click here to start using SlickWrite

9. Spell check plus

‘Spell check plus’ uses an advanced yet user friendly interface to all you to check your text to see if there are any errors in your text.

The great feature about this tool is that it targets a number of errors made by second language learners of English. So this tool is a blessing for the people whose native language is not English and who still want to improve their English writing skills.

Spell check plus design almost resembles the MS Word interface but it will caught more grammatical mistakes that MS Word won’t caught. This tool allows you to paste the text into the text box, once you enter the text, you will see if there any errors in your copy after clicking the button “Check Text”.

This online tool is able to detect problems with words that sound the same. For ex: there versus their, its versus it’s etc.

This tool catches thousands of commonly confused words that other spell checkers ignore.

Features include:

  • It is available online and therefore accessible from any computer.
  • It follows a pedagogical approach that encourages learning
  • It updates automatically

Start using Spell Check Plus for free to proofread your articles

10. Reverso

Reverso is a free online translation, dictionary, grammar and spell check tool that provides you a great features to edit your writing easily.

This tool also offers online translation into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese.

Here are few great features of Reverso tool:

  • You can benefit from a translation service that has been tested on millions of translations and has been constantly improved
  • Optimize the translation quality thanks to the automatic spell checking of the mistakes contained in the original text of your documents
  • You can improve your oral skills and your accent by listening to native speaker pronunciation of whole texts
  • You can also translate idioms and suggest better translations that could improve the translator
  • View the dictionaries results on the same page and discover the various meanings of words

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to start using Reverso tool

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FAQs | Free Online Proofreading Tools

1. What are some proofreading techniques?

Re-read your content loudly, ask a friend, write small paragraphs, use short sentences, and make sure to use some proofreading sites for error-free writing.

2. What is the best proofreading website?

For me, it’s Grammarly. I have been using Grammarly to proofread my blog posts from the beginning and it works like a charm for me.

3. Is Grammarly really free?

Yes, it’s free to use. Apart from the free version, you can also opt for its paid services to get more features.

4. Is there a free alternative to Grammarly?

Yes, there are so many but I would recommend you go with the Pro Writing Aid, the best free Grammarly alternative.

5. Can you make money from proofreading?

Of course, you can earn money from proofreading. Like software testers, there are proof-readers for flawless writing work.

6. How do I become a proof-reader online?

There are lots of freelancing sites available like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. where you can easily get suitable work online.

Final thoughts about using top free online proofreading tools

So next time if you want to write flawless contents without having any typos or grammatical errors and want to impress your blog readers with your writing, make sure to use free online proofreading tools listed in this post. Feel free to bookmark this page as it will come be handy in the future too.

No matter what type of tool or service you use, there’s always one defect – almost none of them rectifies your grammatical mistakes with 100% accuracy with today’s technology. So don’t get disappointed, just make sure to read better stuff and keep on writing each every single day to hone your writing skills.

Anil Agarwal

Top 10 Free Online Proofreading Tools to Write Flawless ContentAnil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like, Huffingtonpost, SEMrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

12 Comments on "Top 10 Free Online Proofreading Tools to Write Flawless Content"

  1. Hey says:


    I have been using Grammarly from the beginning to proofread my blog posts and it’s amazing.

    Chrome extension and MS Word integration work very well.

    I will definitely consider the other options you mentioned in the post.

    Amit Garg

  2. Nihal Singh says:

    The Tools are very useful to the content for the story and the thesis writing to the content writers and the students also. It helps to improve the writing skill and the communication skill for the writers.

  3. Min Kyu Kim says:

    Proofreading and editing is just not a cup of cake. A right mix of software is required to support your proofreading. As a proofreader, I think these would definitely help me out in my work.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Proofreading and editing is just not a cup of cake. A right mix of software is required to support your proofreading. Excellent points Min, truly said. Editing is definitely a masters game and you should get access to the right online proofreading tools if you really want to keep your content tight.

  4. romeo mihalcea says:

    Have a look at It has some unique features.

  5. Shilpi Dutta says:

    A very useful blog post . I downloaded Ginger and started using it. It proved to be quite helpful. Since I am in writing profession, these kind of tools is an advantage for me. Saves time and corrects mistakes. Thanks for sharing a very useful post. 🙂

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Shilpi, glad you found it useful and honestly, Grammarly is the most popular Grammar and punctuation checker tool currently which is literally used by millions of people worlwide. However, there are other solutions like Ginger, Pro Writing Aid and Whitesmoke which are great for online proofreading, so you should check them out as well.

  6. Uttoran Sen says:

    hey Anil,

    Thank you for the comprehensive review of proof reading tools,

    I love to proofread my content myself. We do have a very strong team of proofreaders and enhancers on GuestCrew but I love to proofread my own personal content myself.

    However yes, that does leave room for mistakes. Am thinking to give grammarly a try soon – been hearing about it for some time.

    will surely check out the rest of the tools that you have mentioned,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Sen, Glad you found this comprehensive review of proof reading tools helpful. So what online proofreading tools are you currently using? GuestCrew is great but there are also tools like Ginger, Whitesmoke, Grammarly etc that can help you improve your writing.

  7. Thomas James says:

    This is helpful. Thanks for sharing this online, this is a good start up tips for all aspiring and so as for professional writers. Cheers!

  8. Sweta Mishra says:

    Hey Anil great article. i hope these tools will increase my writing ability. Thanks

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