40+ Exclusive Quora Statistics that Will Surprise You in 2024  

Looking for the latest Quora statistics for 2024? Your search ends here.

Did you know that Quora has 400 million monthly active users worldwide?

Quora is NOT as big and famous as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc., but it is the most helpful platform. 

When it comes to gaining knowledge, no other platform comes closer to Quora.

what is quora

You’ll find thousands of helpful answers on almost every topic from various people, including scientists, scholars, engineers, doctors, etc.

What is Quora?

Quora is the world’s #1 l question-and-answer platform, which was released to the public on June 21, 2010 (founded in 2009). Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever founded Quora. It has around 300 employees worldwide.

The PRIMARY purpose of Quora is to let you search questions to get relevant and helpful answers. 

Quora allows users to collaborate by editing questions and commenting on other users’ answers. Quora users can follow specific topics, people, and questions to get updates. 

Let’s now jump into the details of some of the interesting Quora statistics for 2024.

Quora Statistics Marketers Need to Know [Our Top Picks for 2024]

quora statistics

1. How many users does Quora have?

Quora has 400+ million monthly active users across the world. (Source: Quora for Business)

The top countries with the most active Quora users are;

  • US with 140 million users (USA is the #1 country with the most number of Quora users)
  • India with 100 million users
  • South East Asia with 29 million users
  • UK with 28 million users
  • Europe has over 20 million Quora users
quora users

2. What is the annual revenue of Quora?

Quora has an estimated annual revenue between $25 to $50 million.

Quick note: Quora does NOT share its revenue stats and user growth (often). So these revenue numbers are taken from the previous years’ growth and other trusted sources.

3. How much traffic does Quora get each month?

Over 780 million people visit Quora every single month (Source: SimilarWeb)

Its average user visit duration is around 3 minutes; people visit 2.37 pages per visit.

quora traffic

4. Which countries sent the most traffic to Quora?

The United States (42.6%) is the top country sending desktop traffic to Quora.com, followed by India (12.61%)

quora top countries

5. What are Quora’s audience demographics?

Quora’s audience is 56.35% male and 43.65% female. The largest age group of visitors is 25 to 34-year-olds (Desktop). (Source: Similar Web)

Here’s a quick breakdown of Quora’s audience age group;

  • 18 to 24 years: 27%
  • 25 to 34 years: 29%
  • 35 to 44 years: 17%
  • 45 to 54 years: 12%
  • 55 to 64 years: 8%
  • 65+ age-old: 5.53%
quora’s audience

6. What are the top traffic sources of Quora?

Organic search traffic is the BIGGEST traffic source of Quora.

Here’s the breakdown of Quora’s traffic sources;

  • Organic traffic: 74.02%
  • Direct traffic: 24.37%
  • Email: 1.2%
  • Referral traffic: 0.13%
  • Paid search traffic: less than 0.01%
  • Display traffic: 0.02%
quora traffic sources

7. How much traffic does Quora get from social media sites?

YouTube is the BIGGEST social media traffic source of Quora.

Here’s the breakdown of Quora traffic sent by different social media networks;

  • YouTube: 33%
  • Reddit: 18%
  • Twitter: 13%
  • Facebook: 12%
  • LinkedIn: 4%
social media for quora

8. How many languages is Quora available in?

Quora is currently available in 24 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Hindi, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Arabic, Hebrew, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Polish.

Quora Revenue Statistics

Looking for Quora revenue statistics? Check out this fantastic list.

1. What is the net valuation of Quora?

As of 2024, Quora’s net valuation is over 2 billion dollars.

2. What percentage of Quora users have a graduate degree?

Quora users are highly educated. 50% of Quora users have an undergraduate degree or higher. To be precise, 30% have an undergraduate degree, and 20% have a graduate degree. (Source: Quora for Business)

quora audience education

3. What is the average income of Quora users?

According to Quora Business, 42% report a household income of more than $85,000 annually. 37% of adult Quora users are more likely to be in a management position.

4. What kind of companies are using Quora Ads?

60% of companies advertising on Quora are B2B, while 40% are B2C.

In case you’re curious,  B2C companies examples include Amazon, Walmart, and Meta. Examples of B2B are Samsung and Apple for producing the iPhone or smartphones.

5. Do Quora Ads work?

Quora Business states that Quora Ads get 4x more conversions than other ad platforms. Since the Quora ad platform launch, thousands of businesses have been using Quora to promote their brand or products.

Quora Usage Statistics

Here are some of the latest Quora platform usage statistics.

1. What percentage of Quora users use smartphones?

Almost 3 out of 4 people use their smartphones to access Quora. So if you’re planning to promote your business on Quora, make sure to target mobile audiences.

2. How much time do people spend on Quora?

On average, most users spend around 9 minutes a day on Quora. It is two times as much time on Quora than on LinkedIn. 

daily time spent

3. What are promoted answers on Quora?

Promoted Answers are the sponsored answers. Most marketers use “Promoted Answers” on Quora to get more visibility for their brand or products. Quora Business reports that this type of ad format has been one of Quora’s most adopted ad formats over time.

4. How many questions have been asked on Quora?

As of 2024, over 158 million questions have been asked on Quora. This number fluctuates as Quora users post new questions and the moderators delete unwanted questions regularly.

5. What is the most popular question on Quora?

“What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?) (here’s the link to the question) is the most popular Quora question. The question has over 41,000 followers and approximately 30 million views so far.

6. How many topics does Quora have?

Quora has 300,000+ topics to explore, from science to movies to technology, AI, marketing, and more.

7. What is the most followed topic on Quora?

“Technology” is the #1 most-followed topic on Quora, with over 126.8 million followers.

“Movies” is another popular topic on Quora, with over 113.2 million followers.

quora popular topics

Here are a few more popular topics on Quora to follow;

  • Health (110.5 million followers)
  • Science (104.5 million followers)
  • Music (100 million followers)

8. Do Quora Answers help you generate website traffic?

Yes, if your answers are helpful and you promote your website links strategically, you’ll get traffic from Quora.

Wish Pond generated over 13000 website page views from Quora in a month.

Key Quora Statistics

Here are some more fascinating Quora stats for marketers.

1. Is it true that Quora was hacked?

Yes. On Nov 30th 2018, Quora discovered a data breach where 100 million users’ data was compromised, such as user name, email, etc. 

2. What does Quora Plus cost?

Quora Plus is a premium service from Quora to access ALL the content without ads. It costs $6.99 monthly (or $47.88 one-time payment for an entire year).

quora plus price

Quora+ also offers a 30-day free trial to browse Quora ad‑free and unlock millions of answers.

3. How many questions are asked on the Quora platform?

On average, 5000 to 7000 questions are asked on Quora every day. It means over 150,000 to 210,000 questions are asked every month. The number varies, and there’s no specific answer to the question.

4. How many answers per day on Quora?

As a Quora user, you can post up to 50 answers daily. The answer limit per day depends on the number of followers, the length of your answers, etc. This system is designed to minimize the possibility of spam answers.

5. Who is most popular on Quora?

Here are some of the Quora users with the most followers.

  • Balaji Viswanathan (who’s currently the most followed person on Quora with over 640,000 followers)
  • Adam D’Angelo (He’s the CEO of Quora, with over 539,000 followers)
  • Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia, with over 383,000 followers)

In case you’re curious, Balaji Viswanathan is the CEO of Invento Research (makers of the Mitra robot). He currently has over 500 million content views on his Quora answers.

6. Do Quora questions get answered?

Yes, 99% of questions posted on Quora are answered. No matter your topic, your question gets answered within a few hours or days (depending on the question).

7. Who is Adam D’Angelo?

Adam D’Angelo is the CEO of Quora. He’s also the co-founder and American entrepreneur based in Mountain View, California. He was also the former CTO of Facebook, who has a net worth of over $1 billion as of 2024.

8. Is it possible to get millions of views from Quora?

Yes, if you’re publishing high-quality and helpful answers, you’ll get millions of views.

Take our Quora profile, which has generated over 6.6 million views so far. If you want to learn SEO and affiliate marketing, you can follow my Quora profile.

quora content views

We’ve published over 500 answers on Quora and attracted over 6500 followers so far. The key to Quora’s success is to pick selective questions where you know and be consistent with your efforts.

9. What is the most followed company on Quora?

Google is one of the most popular companies on Quora, with over 2.9 million followers. A few other popular brands/companies on Quora include Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, etc.

10. What is the average CTR for Quora ads?

The average CTR can be between 0.75% to 0.95%. Your average CTR will vary depending on ad bidding, your ad copy, ad targeting, etc.

ctr of quora ads

FAQs | What Is Quora Including Quora Statistics

Here are some FAQs about the Quora platform statistics and its usage.

How many active users does Quora have?

Quora currently has over 400 million active users. Unlike other social networks, Quora usually does NOT reveal its user base data publicly.

What’s Quora+?

Quora+ is a paid subscription service with access to the BEST of Quora’s content without ANY ads. It costs $5 per month, and a part of your subscription fee is paid directly to the Quora+ creators you follow.

Does Quora have stock?

No. As of 2024, Quora is a privately held company and is not publicly traded anywhere in the world.

What is the male-to-female ratio of the Quora audience?

Quora Business reports that 55:45% is the Male: Female ratio on the platform. It means 55% of male users and 45% of female users.

Is Quora a good platform for advertisers?

Yes, if you plan to promote your business on Quora, it’s the BEST platform. Over 50% of Quora users have an undergraduate degree or higher. Also, 42% have an annual income of over 85,000 dollars.

Who uses Quora the most?

Quora’s audience are mostly aged between 25 to 34-years. (over 31%).

Which countries use Quora the most?

The US (140 million) and India (100 million users) are the top two countries with the most number of Quora users. South East Asia has over 29 million users, UK has 28 million users and Eurpose has over 20 million Quora users.

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Final thoughts on Quora Stats 2024

Whether you’re a student, employee, or business owner – you can use Quora to learn and share your knowledge with others.

The beauty of Quora is you can build an online presence by writing helpful answers. If used right, you can even make money from its Quora+ program.

The best part? Unlike other social networks, Quora is used by graduates (over 50% of users have graduated), and over 40% report a household income of $85,000+. That means you’ll target a SPECIFIC set of educated and high-income users.

What are your thoughts on the Quora statistics mentioned here? Did you find them helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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