Don’t Forget These 8 Factors Before Applying for Google AdSense

Google AdSense is perhaps the proven ways to make money online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or someone who’s thinking to make money blogging, Google AdSense can be effective if you put efforts in right way.

The money you make from Google AdSense is directly proportional to the niche you choose. It’s as simple as that, you need to create content in a specific niche that has high CPC (Cost Per Click). And Google AdSense is the BIGGEST CPC program that is available to most of us right now.

That’s the reason why Google AdSense program became such a huge hit in no time.

Why Google AdSense is so popular?

The money you make from AdSense will reach you on time, there won’t be any delay in money transfer whatsoever unless you’ve violated their rules. Your income is based on the number of clicks per ad. In short, that’s what called as a CPC.

Here are few more reasons why AdSense is very popular among most bloggers.

  • It’s easy to make money using AdSense. You don’t have to be an expert in any field to start making money from AdSense. Even a beginner can start making decent income from it.
  • The money you make from AdSense is provided by Google, it’s always reliable.
  • The more traffic you have the more money you can make.

Things to do before applying for Google AdSense

before applying for Google adsense


1. Choosing the RIGHT niche is the key

Most people enter into blogging to make money, so the obvious way they find is Google AdSense. Although making money from AdSense is never an easy task, but it becomes profitable if you know your niche well. Here’s where most people fail. They fail to make money from AdSense because they don’t know their niche and the keywords they use.

You don’t have to fret to choose the right niche for your websites to start making money from AdSense. You just have to find your passion and supplement it with the right topics to build a successful AdSense oriented blog. I personally suggest you to go for topics like Fitness, Lifestyle, Entertainment etc as they tend to get more traffic from search engines and they also have very good amount of CPC.

Before searching for the right niche, make sure to use few keyword research tools like Semrush, Moz etc. to figure the best topics so that you can start making more money from each and every click on your AdSense account. Also make sure to decide on your blog overall topic, whether you want to build a AdSense based blog or an authority site. That way you will be able to get a clear idea about the keywords to generate more income.

2. Write keyword rich contents by using effective keywords

Find profitable keywords that have high CPC (cost per click) to make sure you earn more money from AdSense whenever someone clicks on your links and ads. By creating content with relevant keywords, you can make a lot of money from Google AdSense. AdSense works best if your site is content focused with targeted keywords that improve your CPC.

As a rule of thumb, before trying for AdSense, make sure to have at least 100 articles on your website. This increases your chances of getting approved by AdSense team. Make sure to include pages like About page, Contact, Privacy Policy page etc to give a better user experience. Only by giving better reader experience, you can increase your AdSence acceptance rate on your sites.

3. Increase your website traffic by posting frequently

Without increasing your page views and site traffic, you won’t be able to generate more money from Google AdSense. So the money you make from AdSense is almost always directly proportional to the traffic that your site gets.

Increase your website traffic by simply updating your site with more contents. The more posts you have the more traffic it gets, and don’t forget about the importance of search engine optimization. SEO is the most lucrative way to increase your online visibility and search traffic. Use proper keywords and do perfection on-page SEO to increase your organic traffic.

4. Make sure you’ve minimum requirements

Before applying, it’s essential to tick few basic requirements to get fast approval. Here are few of them to consider before you apply for Google AdSense.

  1. Install Google analytics code (logon to your analytics, click Admin and create a new account to enter your website details. Then, click on Get Tracking ID and paste it on your websites or blogs).
  2. Apply for Google verification page. Logon to Webmaster tools, Add a site and verify your ownership.
  3. Make sure to have a sitemap of your website. Install a sitemap plugin to ensure each and every page of your website gets crawled by search engine bots.
  4. Avoid popup plugins if you have any and don’t use any flashy stuff to make your site loading time slower. Google gives a lot of priority to site speed, so optimize it before creating a Google AdSense account.

5. Create an appealing design

Your web design is not only an essential part in getting your AdSense account approved, but it also plays a crucial role in getting visitors attention. Always make sure to create a minimalist web design that uses a lot of white space and reduce the amount of clutter on your websites to create a great first impression to your website visitors.

Read this detailed guide to create a stunning design on your websites and remember to focus on giving a better user experience through your website design.

6. Make sure to have a domain name

If you want to get fast approval of Google AdSense on your websites, make sure to own a domain name that is self hosted on a good web hosting service like Bluehost or HostGator.

Most beginners think they can start a free blog using blogspot blogs and drive some blog traffic to start earning money from Google AdSense. Well, the truth is you won’t get Google AdSense approved in that way. If that’s the case, everyone would be using the same thing instead of spending money on getting a custom domain and hosting on a good web host service.

Blogging platform also plays a crucial role in getting your Google AdSense approved. Most people say by having a blog hosted on Blogger platform (owned by Google itself) can make it easy to get approved by AdSense team but the main thing is that you need a platform that is really effective to bring more search visitors. In this case, I strongly recommend you to choose WordPress over Blogger platform as WordPress is the most popular content management system and over 20 million websites are hosted on it.

Again, choosing the right platform for your blogs depends on your blog requirements. So choose your blogging platform wisely.

7. Avoid click bombing. Don’t forget to prevent fake clicks

Remember that, Google will ban you from AdSense if you click your own ads. Clicking your own Google AdSense ads is strictly prohibited according to Google AdSense guidelines.

The important factor to note down is that, stop getting fake clicks on your Google AdSense ads. Sometimes few people use various traffic tools to increase their click through rates on their AdSense ads, and Google has very intelligent crawlers that can easily smell your fake clicks. Thus it will ban your AdSense account without paying you even a penny! So avoid getting fake clicks on ads if you want to make a decent income from AdSense.

Avoid click bombing at all costs as your AdSense account may be instantly get banned without any prior notification. Click bombing simply means, if a malicious user comes into your blog and repeatedly clicks on your ads thousands of times. This sudden click through rate on your ads will ban you from AdSense (and that’s the reason why few of your competitors might try click bombing on your sites).

Here are few tips to prevent fake clicks on AdSense ads

  • Make sure to monitor your AdSense account frequently (at least once a day) to track any fake clicks.
  • To avoid click bombing, make sure to show your AdSense ads only to search engine visitors. Use plugins like “Who Sees Ads” (free WP plugin) to show ads only for search engine visitors .
  • Block the IP addresses of people who are repeatedly clicking on your ads.

8. Stop using others copyrighted content

This is the most common and dumbest mistake most beginners make. They use others images or content without even giving a proper credit (like a link to their web page sources).

If you want to use one image per post on your websites, don’t forget to only use royalty free images or create images on your own. By using copyrighted images of other sites on your blogs or web pages, you won’t get Google AdSense approval.

Don’t get disappointed, try again if your AdSense account gets rejected.

While it’s pretty normal to reject your Google AdSense account approval and Google gives you some reasons for your application rejection. Analyze their emails carefully, follow their instructions and apply for AdSense account again if in case they reject your application in your first attempt.

Make sure to give at least one month gap before reapplying for AdSense account. This way you can catch the attention of their team not by being a spam AdSense user.

Here are few more precautions you need to remember:

  • Don’t use more than three ads on any web page on your sites.
  • Don’t encourage your friends or family to click on your Google AdSense ads. Or you’ll get banned!
  • Never use adult-only content on your websites.
  • Stop using images from other websites.
  • Stop creating content that is related to piracy or hacking etc.
  • If you are using any other ad services on your websites, stop using.

Few points to note after getting AdSense approval

Positioning of ads is everything

According to many people who are successfully making money from Google AdSense the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, and the 160×600 wide skyscraper ads will best complement your site to increase your AdSense revenue.

Don’t go overboard with ads

Never use too many Google AdSense ads as they can only annoy your website visitors. If you give too many ads, they won’t click on any ad and considers your blog content as spam leaving your blog immediately.

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Before applying for Google AdSense, make sure to create content that is focused on using targeted keywords to increase your CPC and also optimize your site speed to easily get approved by Google AdSense team. It is always better to drive more organic traffic by creating fresh content on a daily base rather than using black hat SEO techniques to increase false click through rates on your AdSense ads.

Do you have any more tips before applying for AdSense? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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