How to Create A Free Blog On Blogspot In 4 Easy Steps & Make Money

More and more people are now looking for ways to make money online. The obvious way most people find it easy to make money online is through blogs.

Blogging is really a proven way to make money. I’ve been making a decent income from blogging for over 10 years now and I can say that anyone with hard work can make money blogging.

If you are one among them who wants to make the most out of their free time, blogging is a great way to not only make money but to boost your online influence. So if you are looking for ways to create a free blog, this detailed guide is for you.

If you are looking for ways to start a free blog, I highly recommend you to consider using Blogger blogging platform as it is not only easy to set up but you can start making money from AdSense as well.

Here’s a one-stop guide for people to create a free blog on blogspot and start making money from AdSense. Before diving into the details, we will first answer a few important questions.

Few basic questions most people have before creating a blog on blogspot

blogspot tips and faq

Can I use AdSense on blogspot blogs?

Of course, you can make money from blogspot blogs. Even though Blogger blogging platform allows you to create blogs, at the same time, it will also help you monetize your blogs through Google AdSense.

Do I have to pay anything to start a blogspot blog?

Nothing. You don’t have to pay even a penny to start a blog on blogspot. All you need is to enter your email address to sign up and start creating a blog on It’s that simple.

How can I make my blog look appealing to the readers?

There are so many blog templates available for blogspot blogs. Fortunately, you can use most of them for free, although you need to pay a few bucks if you want to get the premium blog templates to make your blog design stunning and unique.

For beginners, you don’t need to buy anything premium, just go with the free blog templates as you will not only save money but you can find gorgeous-looking themes even on free blog templates on blogspot.

How to get more exposure to my blogspot blog?

Increasing your blogspot blog’s exposure is really important as it can make or break your blogging success. If you want to get more traffic, links, and shares on your blog posts, make sure to follow the authority bloggers in your niche.

And start engaging with them on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to share their stuff frequently with your followers and focus on increasing your social media followers as well to increase your blog exposure.

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How to start a free blog on blogspot platform?

Start a free blog on blogspot

Creating a blog using is really easy. I’ll give you a few easy instructions and follow them accordingly.

Step 1: Sign up for

First of all, go to home page and sign up.

Quick note: Create a GMail account if you don’t have it yet.

Once you are logged into your Google account, you will now see the “New Blog” button on the left side. Click on it to create a new blog on Blogger.

Step 2: Enter a name for your blog

Type in any title that you want to name your blog in the Title box. And just enter any short domain address, if it’s already taken, you will see a yellow box. Make sure to come up with a unique name and select a template from the options provided in the same box. You can choose many more templates and customize your blog later.

Blog name

And that’s it! You have successfully created a blog on blogspot in under 2 minutes. Congrats. Now we’ll walk through the next steps.

Step 3: Start creating new blog posts

Click the button “Create New Post”  on the left side to create a new blog post. Enter any title and start writing content that you want.


Step 4: Google AdSense!

Once you are started getting a decent amount of visitors from search engines to your blogspot blogs, you can apply for AdSense to start making money. Don’t apply for AdSense unless and until you are bringing at least 300-400 unique visitors every single day. Otherwise, it’s really hard to get your account approved.


Quick note: You can anytime change your blog template by clicking on the button “Template” on the left side of your blogspot dashboard.

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What to do after creating your blog on blogspot?

blogspot checklist

Start creating SEO friendly content

If you want to generate more income from AdSense using your blogspot blog, you have to bring more visitors from search engines. The more search engine traffic you get the more clicks you will be able to generate and the more income you will make from AdSense.

Unfortunately, increasing search traffic to any blog or website is not easy especially if you are a beginner at SEO. You have to learn everything on your own related to SEO and start implementing effective SEO strategies to boost your organic traffic.

The only recommendation I can give to any beginner blogger is this: start focusing on creating content that is SEO friendly.

Here are a few simple tips to write SEO-friendly blog posts that will help you bring more traffic to your blogspot blogs.

  • Focus on internal linking. Whenever you write new posts, link to the previous posts. This will increase the search crawlability. The more crawling is done on your site internally, the more search visibility your blog gets.
  • Don’t write beyond 70 characters in your blog post titles. It will not show up in search results, so make sure to use short yet descriptive headlines.
  • Always focus on readers first, then optimize later for search engines. Don’t use the same keywords again and again as it leads to keyword stuffing and your blog may gets penalized by doing so.
  • Don’t use flash elements on your blog as it will slow down your blog’s speed. Google gives top priority to the sites that load faster.

Focus on getting AdSense approval

Once you started creating great content for your blog, it’s time for you to focus on getting your Google AdSense approval. This is the major reason why most bloggers start a blog on blogspot. If you are also one among them, don’t wait for a long time.

I would recommend anyone to focus their efforts on getting AdSense approval after completing 4 to 6 months. Because by that time, you will be able to get a good amount of traffic from search engines.

Even if you post one post a day, that would be around 100 articles in 4 months and if they are all optimized well for search engines, you will definitely get around 500 unique visitors. And that’s a good start to getting your AdSense approved.

Find out ways to increase your AdSense earnings

The next thing you can do once your AdSense account gets approved is you can figure out some proven ways to increase your earnings from AdSense. Although as a beginner, it might be a difficult job for you to increase your AdSense income over time you will understand how it works well.

You can also sign up for AdSense-related blogs to enhance your knowledge and place the AdSense ads on the right places to increase clicks from your blogs.

5 essential SEO tips for blogspot blogs

blogspot seo tips

Now that you got a clear idea of what to do after creating a blog on blogspot, now is the time to focus on your SEO strategies to boost your blog’s traffic from search engines.

1. Give top priority to on-page SEO

If you want to increase your blog traffic on blogspot, you must ensure that you are doing proper on-page optimization. On-page SEO includes the following factors.

Use your primary keywords on title tags, image alt tags, internal links, subheadings such as h2, h3, and overall body content. This will ensure that your content is properly optimized for specific keywords and you can increase its search engine visibility.

2. Find keywords before you write anything

Keyword research is the key factor in increasing your organic traffic. Use SEO tools like Semrush to find out the best-performing keywords in your niche.

Make sure to always come up with long-tail keywords to drive more traffic. For instance, “blogger” is a short tail keyword and it’s almost impossible to rank for that keyword because of high competition.

But you can rank for long-tail keywords such as “create a free blog on blogspot”, “start a new blog on Blogger”, “how to create a free blog” etc. These are all long-tail keywords that are generally are less competitive and you can easily rank for these keywords without building too many links.

3. Getting incoming links is the key to increasing organic traffic

Link building is the most effective way to increase your search traffic. Although link building is hard for most beginners, try to write guest posts for other blogs in your niche to build natural links.

Also use creative link-building strategies such as the Skyscraper technique, blogger outreach, etc to attract high-quality links from other blogs. The more you focus on building links the more traffic you will attract from search engines as Google gives top priority to the sites that have more backlinks.

4. Never publish duplicate content

Most beginner bloggers publish copied content on their blogspot blogs. I observe this almost every time I see a new blogger starts a blog on blogspot platform. They do this to increase their blog traffic but what they don’t understand is Google has clever algorithms that will catch up with who is posting copied content.

And if they find you are posting duplicate content on your blog to increase your traffic, it will start penalizing your search rankings or even Google may delete your blog for doing wrong deeds. So never post duplicate content, take your time to research and craft great content for your blog readers.

5. Optimize images for search engines

A picture is worth of thousand words.

Images not only add depth to your content but helps you increase your traffic from “Google image search”. The more compelling images you use the more traffic you get from search engines.

But when using images on your blogspot blog posts, make sure to use images that are not copyrighted. Don’t use random images from Google search results as Google won’t accept your AdSense if they find copyrighted content using freely on your blogspot blogs.

You can use free sites like or to make your own images.

Check out this post for the best places to find free images.

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FAQ’s About Creating A Blogspot Blog

Here are a few frequently asked questions that you might have before creating a blogspot blog using the Blogger platform.

What’s the difference between a blogspot blog and blog?

Here are a few of the major differences between both a blogspot blog and a blog.

In the Blogger platform,

→ You rent your website, Blogger actually owns it (it means you won’t get full control over your free blogspot blog)
→ Fully maintained and controlled by Blogger so you don’t have to worry about the domain or hosting space (free to use)
→ Easy to use for beginners
→ Customizations (themes or SEO related) are limited when compared to WordPress
→ Automatic software updates


→ WordPress is an open-source platform that means you own your site.
→ You’re responsible for managing your site from security to malware to everything else.
→ Easy to customize
→ Automatic WordPress updates (on

What is the best blog site?

So if you’re someone who’s looking for a free platform to easily create and manage your free blog, the Blogger platform is definitely for you. But if you’re really serious about making money, you may consider using a self-hosted blog on the WordPress platform which is used widely by so many people.

How do I name my blog?

Here are three simple yet most effective tips for you to name your free blogspot blog or any other blog.

→ USe what your blog is all about
→ Use synonyms?
Use blog name generators

How can I make money from a blogspot blog?

If you’re getting traffic mostly from countries like the US, UK, etc it’s easier for you to use AdSense and other sources to make money from your blog because you can use high CPC ads to increase your AdSense earnings. Likewise, your industry also plays a big role in monetizing your free blogspot blog.

How to get more visitors to my blogspot blog in 2024 and beyond?

Getting traffic to any blog (whether it’s a blogspot blog or WordPress blog) requires the following things.

→ In-depth and useful content (articles with 2000+ words rank well in Google)
→ Consistency in your blog posting frequency (Google always loves fresh content and gives top rankings to the sites which post consistently)
→ Proper SEO (keyword research to building links)

How do I get Adsense approval with a blogspot blog?

→ Create at least 30 to 50 blog posts before thinking about using AdSense so you’ll have more chances of getting approval for your AdSense account.
→ Make sure to get at least 1000 visitors a day to have a high chance of getting your AdSense account along with decent earnings.
→ You can also search for Facebook groups or connect with other people with approved AdSense accounts as it makes much easier for you to start monetizing your blog’s content without waiting for the approval of an AdSense account from Google.

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Final thoughts on starting a free blog on blogspot platform

I personally think creating a blog on blogspot blogging platform is the best way to begin your blogging journey. Over time, you will not only be able to gain blogging experience but you will also start understanding all the technical terms related to blogging such as SEO, themes, plugins, customization, etc.

Once you started getting confidence, you can later migrate to WordPress self-hosted platform to enlarge your monetization strategies and skills as a blogger. Not only you will be able to make money quickly when you have a good online reputation but you will know how money blogging really works.

I hope this detailed guide on creating a free blog on blogspot blogging platform helps you not only to start a blog but also helps you start making money from AdSense. If you find this guide helpful, please share it with others so they can start their own blogs on blogspot.

Share your thoughts in the comments below and also ask questions if you have any! I’d be glad to respond to them all.

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