Advertising Web Page: Learn How to Make Money Online with Advertising Page on Your Blog

We can make money online in different ways on our blogs. Today’s post will remain focused around how to make money online selling direct advertisements on our blogs by creating an advertising web page on our blog. I think direct advertising is the best way to make money online with a blog if it works.

But we need to work for getting success in selling some advertisements on our blog though an advertising page on our blog. Key to success with direct advertisement is high amount of targeted traffic on your blog. And if you have decent targeted numbers against your blog traffic, you can easily get lots of advertisers on your blog.

Advertisers look at various factors before deciding to advertise on your blog like your blog monthly traffic, Subscribers for your blog, your blog Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Fans for Your Facebook, Twitter Followers, Technorati Ranking etc.

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Benefits of Making Money Online Through Advertising Page

We enjoy many benefits while making money though direct advertising or by creating an advertising web page on our blog. Here is the list of some benefits:

1. All Earnings Going into Our Pocket

When we sell direct advertisements on our blogs, we keep all earnings into our accounts and don’t need to share our earnings with anyone else.

In case we use advertising networks, we have to give some share of our earnings and it range varies from 25% to 50% depending upon the advertising network we are using for making additional revenue from our blogs.

We need to give 25% of our earnings if we are selling banner ads through BuySellAds network.

But when we get direct advertisers who approach us after seeing the advertising web page on our blog, are able to maintain 100% of our earnings into our pockets. So this is the real benefit we get when selling direct advertisements on our blog.

If we are able to make $300 selling banner ads through BSA every month on our blog, we will be able to make $375 while selling the ads at the same price directly.

2. Full Control Over Ad Space

With direct advertising, we enjoy more control over blog ad spaces compared to when we use various banner and text link-advertising network to sell advertisement space on our blog. We are in better position to decide the position of ads on our blog.

3. Full Control Over Ad Pricing

When we buy advertisement though a advertising page on our blog, we can get our own pricing for different kind of advertisements on our blog like how much I will charging for various size banners shown up at different locations on my blog.

I can set my own rates for text links and paid reviews on our blog. With most of ad buying and selling networks will have their own set of tools and calculators to judge the value of advertisement on your blog.

4. Direct Communication with Potential Advertisers

We used to do direct communication with potential advertisers when use direct advertising as a way to make money online from our blogs. We never get an opportunity to talk to any of advertiser when we use ads buying and selling networks to sell ads on our blog.

As advertisers are directly approaching us, we can give them additional details like what kind of benefits they will enjoy while advertising on your blog, negotiating the ads pricing and pinching it other advertising option on this and other blogs from you in the same niche.

5. Instant Money into Our Account

We used to get paid in advance when we sell ads directly on our blog by creating an advertising page on our blog. We generally place ads from advertisers on our blog once we get the payment for a pre defined internal in advance.

But with advertising networks, we need to wait for a month type to see our earnings into our Paypal or bank account as most of advertising network send payments to its publishers once in a month type.

Problem Areas while Selling Ads Directly for Making Money Online

As I shared above we enjoy many benefits while selling ad space directly on our blog, but there are few pitfalls to it as well:

1. Very Few Advertisers

Biggest problem lots of bloggers face while going for making money selling direct ads on their blogs, is lack of advertisers on their blogs. There will be few advertisers who will be approaching them for buying advertisement on their blogs and then there will be very few advertisers who actually will be converting into earnings.

But when we use a advertising network to sell ads on our blogs, we are able to get some advertisers for our blog easily because they already have big a collection of advertisers who are interested in buying ads on blogs of their interest.

2. Need to Give Lots of Time in Managing Advertisers

If you happen to get lots of direct advertisers on your blog someway, you need to spend lots of time in managing them. First of all you need to answer all new advertising inquiries on your blog. Then you need to place new ads on your blog after accepting funds into your account and keep track of ads subscription dates.

Some advertiser may ask to send them their banners monthly traffic trends like how many page views their ads get and how many clicks were actually generated from their ads that are placed on your blog. So you need to get used to Google Analytics to get such reports.

So you will be doing lots of communication and management of ad spaces on your blog if you are aiming at making big money selling direct ads on your blog.

How to Create An Advertising Page?

Lets talk in detail about how to create an advertise here or advertising page on our blog. We need to create advertising page to know potential advertisers about the advertising opportunities on our blog.

If we don’t put up an advertising page on our blog, no one is going to dream that we are accepting direct advertisements on our blog. Here are some points we should keep in mind while working on establishing an advertising web page for our blog:

Advertise Here PageOnce we have established an advertising page its time to popularize it. We should include a link for advertising page in Top navigation bar and if we are not maintaining top navigation link, we should place links and banners for advertising page on our blog in top sidebars.

I have added a link for advertising page in my top navigation menu. We can send additional traffic to advertising page by creating special posts around advertising options on our blog and by including advertising page in some of your posts where it looks relevant.

1. Blog Topics

First of all we should share the kind of topics we are covering on our blog and the kind of advertisers will get maximum benefits by advertising on our blog.

Like on Bloggers Passion, I’m covering topics related to making money online, blogging, seo, social media networks like Twitter Facebook, Affiliate networks, WordPress tips etc.

So if an advertiser is aiming at driving targeted traffic to his website offering products or services related around any of these topics will find my blog most relevant for placing their advertisements.

2. Blog Traffic Details

Then we should include traffic details on advertising page. We should share traffic numbers like Number of visits your blog is getting on monthly basis, number of page views, bounce rate, demographics from where your blog gets the maximum traffic etc.

If your blog is in top 10 rankings on Google for your niche leading terms, you can share them as well on this page. It would be great if you could share a traffic graph from Google Analytics as in that case people will believe on what you are claiming on advertising page.

3. Domain Authority and Other Traffic Metrics

We should share current domain authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) for our blog. We should share our blog latest Alexa Rankings. We should also share number of fans we have on Facebook and number of followers we have on Twitter on advertising page.

If we have decent RSS Subscribers counts or email subscribers, we should share those numbers with potential advertising by mentioning them on our advertising web page. It would be great if you could share total published posts and comments on your blog as well.

4. Share All Advertising Opportunities

You should include all kind of advertising opportunities that you are interested in providing to your blog advertisers on advertising page. If you are interested in selling banners ads or text link ads or paid reviews or any other kind of advertising on your blog, please share on this page.

If you are selling banners, you should share the banner size and locations where you will be placing the advertisers banners. Some bloggers use to share the amount of money they will be charging for various advertising options on their blog and some keeps them on demand.

You can decide how you want to go about it. I’m keeping the advertising rates for any kind of advertisement on bloggers passion open. You can check yourself by visiting the advertising page on my blog like how much I’m charging for banner ads, text links and paid reviews on Bloggers Passion.

5. Testimonials from Previous Advertisers

It would be great if you could include testimonials from previous advertisers on this page. Availability of testimonials will motivate potential advertisers to by advertisements on your blog.

So we can increase flow of ads on our blog to some extent by including testimonials of real advertisers on this page. There are very few bloggers who actually using this point on their advertising page.

6. Blog Popularity Details

If your blog has been over mentioned in any of top blogs, websites or newspaper in your niche website, you can share that on this page. Availability of such links will send a message to the advertisers that they are advertising their websites on a popular blog.

7. Mode of Payment

You should share the mode of payment on advertising page. Advertisers should be able to know how they can send payments to your like via Paypal, Credit card or Bank Transfer. I’m accepting all payments via Paypal on my blog.

8. Contact Details

You should let advertisers know how they can communicate with you. You should share your working email id or contact form. Additionally you can share your Chat ID on Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Skype etc on advertising page.

How to Approach More Advertisers

So you have established an advertising page on your blog and now waiting for advertisers email in your inbox. But you did not get even a single advertising inquiry on you blog in the last one month even.

You don’t need to worry, if advertisers are not approaching you, there are ways to find advertisers for your blog who will be interested in placing ads on your blog. So here are some methods you can use to find lots of potential advertisers for your blog:

1. Websites that Place ads in Search Engines

When I do search for any of competitive keyword related to my blog like make money online on Google, I see lots of websites listed under sponsored results. It means these websites are paying good amount of money for every click to generate targeted traffic to their website.

In this case, they are using Google Adwords advertising program. So what we have to do is make a list of top keywords related to our blog niche and then searching those keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We need to note down the list of all advertising websites for those keywords in search engines.

Apart from websites name, we need to note down their contact details in excel. Once we have collected a big list of advertisers, we need to contact those advertisers. Since they are spending huge amount of money in search engines to get targeted traffic to their website, there is every chance, they will be interested in placing their ads on your blog.

We need to convince them that they will be getting targeted traffic and reasonable rates if they decide to place their ads on our blog.

2. Other Blogs in Your Niche

Make a list of top blogs in your niche and see which websites are placing advertisements on those blogs. You need to note down the contact details of all advertising websites in excel. You can use the same process to find advertising websites list on your competitor’s blogs and websites.

So you have collected contact details of advertisers who are advertising on top and your competitor’s blogs in your niche. Now start contacting these advertisers with your attractive advertising opportunities.

If advertisers feel you are offering them a better deal, they will surely decide to advertise on your blog. And if they are satisfied with the results they get by advertising on your blog, they will continue showing their ads on your blog.

3. Top SEO Discussion Forums

On most of discussion forums created around SEO communities, there are sections specially created around for buying and selling different kind of advertisements on blogs and websites.

I happen to see Advertising section on Digital Point Discussion Forum here. You will end up seeing similar sections on other seo based discussion forums. What you have to do is reply to open threads satisfying your needs and you can create new thread as per your need.

You can show various advertising options, the kind of traffic advertisers can expect and how much you are charging for different advertisements on your blog in that thread.

4. Email Format for Advertisers

There will be some advertisers who will be approaching you, but you also need to contact new advertisers to increase advertising revenue from your blog. Before approaching them, you need to create a template that you can send to all advertisers. You need to keep some elements of personalization in your email to give advertisers the intension that this email is specially designed for him. Apart from this, you need to keep your email short otherwise lots of advertisers will skip your email without reading. So here are some key points you can include in your template:

  1. First of write something about you and your blog
  2. Why you are contacting them
  3. Share some traffic metrics about your blog
  4. Share various advertising options on your blog
  5. Why they should advertise on your blog
  6. Share testimonials from previous advertisers

How Much I should Charge for Ads

How Much I should Charge for advertising?This is the biggest question that will come to your mind when you get your first advertising inquiry on your blog. You need to decide how much you will be charging for various ad spots on your blog.

If you decide to charge too much, you will lose your first advertiser and if you decide to charge too low, you will fear losing the only money making opportunity on your blog.

1. Reasonable Charges

You should charge in a way that it is beneficial for you and advertiser. Advertiser should get value for money they are spending though advertisement on your blog. And you should be able to make reasonable amount of money through those ads on your blog.

It should be a Win-Win situation for you and advertiser. If advertisers are not getting return for their investment, they will not be renewing subscription for their advertisement on your blog.

2. Use CPM Method

You can take CPM (Cost per thousand impression) as well into consideration. You could think of charging $5 or even more depending upon where you are going to place ads on your blog. You may charge even higher if you are placing ads on prominent positions on your blog.

3. Other Blogs in Your Niche

See how much other blogs in your niche are charging for placing similar ads on their blogs. You could apply the similar ad-pricing model on your blog.

4. Use Google Adsense Ads

Apply Google Adsense ads on those positions on your blog where you are interested in selling banner advertisements on your blog. You should run Adsense ads on your blog for a month type and see how much you are able to make thorough those ads. You can use the similar pricing model for placing advertisements from advertisers on your blog.

5. Give Discount

If any of your advertisers is interested in buying advertisement for longer period of time on your blog, give them some discount. Suppose you generally charge $25 per month for a 125×125 banner ad on your blog, you could offer them a discount of $10 if they buy subscription for this banner in advance. This way, that advertiser will only need to pay 4140 for six month advertising of 125×125 size banner on your blog.

I hope these tips will help you make lots of money from advertising page on your websites and blogs. Do you have some questions or want to share something, please share in the comments section below.


  1. The problem with direct selling is we (as bloggers) often don’t have the connections required to get access to the advertisers. Sure, we can get one or two that will want to advertise, but there are many that won’t.

    The advantage with ad networks is they do the work for us. I don’t have to hussle for the extra coin and I can concentrate on doing what I do best.

  2. Xavier says:

    Relationship building, that’s the best way existing behind the direct ad selling businesses. Make strong relationships with fellows and invite them to advertise on your Blog.

  3. This is probably the most complete post I’ve seen on the topic, thanks for sharing Anil. I agree with Barry that it’s hard to find some advertisers, specially starting out, I started with an ad network, then switched over slowly as I started building connections.

  4. Oliver says:

    Hi Anil,
    I’m very glad I got to read this very informative post of yours about adverts on blogs. I agree that it is very hard to get advertisers to advertise on blogs, especially if the blog is only beginning to grow or it does not meet much of the advertisers’ requirements. Your post is very detailed, I have it bookmarked for future reference. Thanks!

  5. kingsley says:

    I agree, in my opinion With Good SEO, you’ll get good traffic and make really cool money online by displaying ads and lots more. traffic is very vital to internet wealth.

  6. BRAHIM says:


    How did you get this number 4140 on your article?

    5. Give Discount

    If any of your advertisers is interested in buying advertisement for longer period of time on your blog, give them some discount. Suppose you generally charge $25 per month for a 125×125 banner ad on your blog, you could offer them a discount of $10 if they buy subscription for this banner in advance. This way, that advertiser will only need to pay 4140 for six month advertising of 125×125 size banner on your blog.

  7. The best thing I thought about this article, apart from many other things is the pros and cons you mentioned about direct advertising. The downside, I think is, like what you said, we have to do all the hard work and keep searching for potential advertisers, which we get without any hard work from ad networks. So, no wonder, we need to share the profits with them.

  8. Wow it is nice and informative post for new blogger. I think so many options are available earn money in market. It is upon us, how we can analyze and execute.

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