Top 10 Ways to Prevent Your AdSense Account From Getting Banned: Google AdSense Mistakes

Are you using AdSense ads within your blog or website? Is your Adsense account suspended?

Do you want to know how to get back your suspended AdSense account and what are the ways to prevent your Adsense account from getting banned in 2024? You’re in the right place.

Although Adsense is not as popular as it used to be. But it is still one of the trusted ways to make money from blogging. AdSense is especially popular in countries like India. So if you’re using AdSense, this article can give you suggestions on maintaining your account safely from getting banned.

Let’s get into the details and cover the topics to prevent your AdSense account from suspension while also covering some Google AdSense mistakes.

How to Prevent Your AdSense Account From Getting Banned In 2024

How to prevent Google Adsense Account from getting banned

1. Avoid copyright infringement

Google is strict about copyrighted content and it is against their Google AdSense policy. In fact, Google itself mentioned it in their AdSense help page.

copy content

As you can see above, you can’t publish something on your blog or website that’s directly taken from other websites (without taking permission from the website owner).

There are several types of copyright infringement that include;

  • Using copyright images
  • Copy pasting others content

Let’s briefly talk about the above two things now so you can prevent your AdSense account from getting banned.

Using copyright images: There are a ton of new bloggers who are new to Adsense use copyright images within their blog posts. It’s so much easier to find an appealing image from Google image search and use it within your posts but all those images can lead to banning your Adsense account because of copyright issues.

So what can you do?

The best way to overcome this problem is to use stock free images (so you can download images with no copyright issues). Here are few of such sites where you can download images which are stock free.

  • StockSnap
  • UnSplash
  • Pexels and the list goes on

Copy pasting others content: If you’re using AdSense ads within your website or blog, you’re strictly not allowed to publish duplicate content i.e copying others content and publishing it as your own. Otherwise, your account gets suspended. Make sure to spend time in writing unique content and don’t even think about using plagiarised content.

Above all, you’re also not allowed to create prohibited content which includes;

  • Adult content
  • Dangerous or derogatory content
  • Drugs and drug-related content
  • Alcohol related content
  • Tobacco related content
  • Gambling content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Pages that offer compensation programs
  • Weapon-related content
  • Illegal content

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2. Never show AdSense ads in pop-ups, emails or software

Did you know that Google AdSense is strict about where you’re showing your ads. That means, your ad placement is also crucial and you need to take care of where you’re showing your Adsense ads.

You can’t show Adsense ads in the following places;

  • Pop-ups
  • Emails (yes, you’re not allowed to use Adsense code within emails to send as newsletters or spam others)
  • Software (you can’t also show ads within software)

Here’s what Google says about ad placement especially inappropriate places such as pop-ups, emails and so on.

ad placing

So if you’re already showing your ads in such places, stop using them or if you’re thinking about using them, don’t do that if you want to prevent your Adsense account from getting banned by Google.

3. Stop using traffic bots

You can’t use traffic bots that generate automatic traffic and fake visitors to your website if you’re using Adsense ads. The reason is simple: traffic bots lead to invalid clicks on your ads which is against Google Adsense terms and policies, hence your account can get suspended sooner or later.

Here’s what Google has to say about the traffic sources.

traffic sources google

As you can see above, you are not allowed to participate in various traffic sources such as;

  • Paid to click programs
  • Sending unwanted emails
  • Displaying ads within software applications and so on

So make sure to keep an eye on where your website traffic is coming from. If you’re using traffic bots for any reason, stop using or it can lead to suspension of your Adsense account.

So what else can you do?

You can use the following sources to generate quality traffic to your website.

  • Use Quora: Quora is the best platform to generate a ton of traffic to your site. You just need to find the right questions and provide helpful answers so they can fetch you more upvotes, followers and traffic. Here’s an ultimate guide on using Quora to increase your website traffic.
  • Learn SEO: The simplest yet most powerful way to get long lasting visitors to your website is to learn SEO so you can drive more traffic organically from search engines like Google. You can read our ultimate tutorial on SEO and apply few SEO strategies to increase your search traffic.
  • Use social media wisely: Social media is the quickest way to generate traffic as you can easily share your blog posts within other Facebook groups to drive quality traffic to your site.

4. Don’t mislead your website visitors

This is one of the biggest Google AdSense mistakes. Stop misleading your website visitors. Stop tricking your visitors to click on your ads as it can lead to your AdSense account suspension.

Here are a few things you should avoid at all costs (which may mislead your website visitors).

Auto redirects: There are a ton of sites that use auto redirects where the ads or content elements get auto-redirected the page without any action from website visitors. Avoid it!

Fake messages: Don’t use fake messages, dialogue boxes, other notifications that lead to clicking ads on your site as it clearly misleads your website visitors.

Browser history manipulation: This is another technique which few people use to generate more clicks on their AdSense ads, which can also lead to suspension of your account.

This feature prevents the normal function of the “back” button by keeping your website visitors from returning to the previous destination. For example, the site adds a page to the browser history which is simply manipulating the user behaviour on your site.

Mouse pointer: Adsense ads that resemble a moving or clicking mouse pointer that attempts to trick your website visitors into clicking it. Avoid it!

Using malware: Ads that promote or link to malware or unwanted software that may be installed on your users’ machines (without their prior consent), avoid it if you want to prevent your website from getting banned in AdSense.

5. Stop fraudulent activities. Never click your own ads

Most of the beginner bloggers (who are new to using AdSense program) start doing fraudulent activities on their ads to increase their AdSense revenue.

Fraudulent activities such as,

  • clicking on their own ads
  • asking their friends or colleagues to click on their ads
  • using software to click on ads

can only disable your AdSense program. Google is really smart and their AdSense team is aware of all such fraudulent activities and if you do any of them, you will get banned! So stop clicking on your own ads if want to make reliable money from AdSense.

6. Don’t tweak your AdSense code and text

Modification of your Google AdSense code is a strict NO. Google AdSense team itself says their policies don’t permit any kind of alteration to their AdSense code whatsoever (alteration of AdSense codes artificially inflates and harms advertiser conversions). So stop making any tweaks on your ads to increase your clicks or AdSense earnings.

Your headings should be either “advertisements” or as “sponsored links” and don’t change your AdSense ads headings to something else to make your visitors click on your ads. This is clearly a viloation of Google AdSense terms and conditions. Similarly, don’t tweak your ad or search code that comes along with the Google AdSense ad code. You can only use tweaked texts according to your wish on the other ad publishing platforms but no on AdSense.

7. Stop having multiple Google AdSense accounts

Even if you have 5 websites that use Google AdSense, you don’t have to open 5 different AdSense accounts. You can use your AdSense ads on all the websites with ONE account. Stop creating Google AdSense accounts if you already have one.

Google AdSense TOS clearly says that, “Publishers are only allowed to maintain one AdSense account under the same payee name”. That means you shouldn’t get another account if you already have an existing AdSense account.

Only try to get a new AdSense account if your existing AdSense account has troubles such as not getting accessed to it or not able to recieve your payments. Contact Google AdSense team before adding another account to your websites. That’s the safe way to play Google AdSense game in the age of spammers.

8. Stop placing too many ads and don’t stuff your pages with keywords

One of the simplest ways to get your AdSense account banned is to place too many ads on your web pages to increase your AdSense earnings. Google clearly says that you should not at all place more than 3 ad units on a page no matter what. If not, you are violating its rules and you will get banned sooner!

Simultaneously, stop keyword stuffing on your web pages with multiple keywords to increase your website organic traffic. Make sure your keyword density is between 1 to 3% and not more than that at any cost.

Most beginner users use a lot of similar keywords on their web pages to rank higher on Google, if Google crawlers find out that you are keyword stuffing your pages, you will get penalised!

9. Say no to plagiarism

Lastly and most importantly, you can’t create plagiarized contents on your websites to drive more traffic from search engines. Google has advanced algorithms that will easily know if you have copied contents on your blogs or websites.

If you think, just by copy pasting others contents on your blogs is the easiest way to increase your search engine traffic, then you are doomed! You will start noticing big down fall in your search traffic if you have copied contents. Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin roll out often and they target only on the sites that have thin or copied contents. If you have copied content, then you will pay the rewards in Google Panda updates whenever they roll.

Start spending quality time on writing posts that solve your readers problems. Focus on using specific long tail keywords that drive huge search traffic to your blog posts and start linking to others to attract more incoming links back to your sites (also called ethical link building).

10. Follow simple AdSense rules to avoid ban

By following few simple AdSense rules, you can easily prevent AdSense account suspension. Here are few of such AdSense rules you can follow to make sure that your account never gets suspended.

  • Use 3 or less ads within a page (the lesser the ads, the better it is as it’s also less abusive in terms of providing better experience to your website users)
  • Make sure to read and follow Adsense program policies if you want to prevent your Adsense account from getting banned
  • Never use 3rd party services to generate clicks or impressions on your Adsense ads such as paid to click, paid-to-surf, click-exchange programs and so on
  • Another simple yet most powerful AdSense rule is NEVER trying to track your website visitors into thinking Adsense ads are not ads. Let your website users know where you’ve placed your ads (and they should clearly figure out your AdSense ads)
  • Last but not least, you must have a Privacy Policy within your website if you’re going to use Google Adsense

So make sure to avoid as much as Google AdSense mistakes and follow the above AdSense rules to stay safe.

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Here are few useful questions you might want to go through if you want to stay safe and prevent your AdSense account from getting banned in 2024 and beyond.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program from Google that lets you monetize your site by placing ads on your site. 

Does AdSense really pay?

Yes, AdSense is the most trusted and widely used platform to make money online through website monetization.

Is AdSense really worth it?

Yes, AdSense is really worth it. This is the most traditional way to make money online and people are still using it to make money while following their passions.

Is Google AdSense free?

Yes, Google AdSense is totally free.

How do you qualify for Google AdSense?

To qualify for Google AdSense, all you need is a site with some quality content, gmail account, and phone number & the mailing address associated with your bank account. 

How do I stop my AdSense account from being banned?

Avoid copyright infringement, Never show AdSense ads in pop-ups, emails or software, Stop using traffic bots, Don’t mislead your website visitors, Stop fraudulent activities. Never click your own ads, Don’t tweak your AdSense code and text, Stop having multiple Google AdSense accounts, Stop placing too many ads and don’t stuff your pages with keywords, Say no to plagiarism.

How do I maximize AdSense earning?

AdSense earning is mostly based on the CPC (cost per click). So target high CPC keywords and drive traffic from countries like the U.S.A and the U.K.

What is RPM in AdSense?

RPM is Page revenue per thousand impressions. It is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views and then multiplying by 1000.

What are the Google AdSense ban reasons?

The primary reason for Adsense account ban is “invalid clicks on your ads”. So don’t generate fake traffic (by using traffic bots) or ask other people (including your friends, family etc) to click your AdSense ads.

What happens when your Adsense account gets suspended?

If your AdSense account gets suspended due to any reason such as invalid traffic, then immediately ad serving will be turned off on all of your content for a fixed period (most frequently 30 days) including your website, YouTube channel, mobile apps, and so on. You’ll also not be paid anything during your account suspension.

How to protect Adsense account from invalid clicks?

Never click on your own ads, Stop using traffic exchange websites, forums, and so on (as the mostly result in invalid clicks which can ban your AdSense account), Choose your blog promotion platforms carefully (so you can drive only targeted visitors to your site). If all fails, you can lodge a complaint on invalid clicks of your account.

Pro tip: If you’re a WordPress user, install this amazing plugin called AdSense Invalid Click Protector as it will help you to save your Google AdSense account from unusual invalid click activities and click bombings.

How to get unbanned from AdSense?

Unfortunately, Google AdSense account suspensions are currently not appealable.

If there are no further issues with your AdSense account, it will be automatically re-enabled after the fixed period (mostly within 30 days). Once your account gets re-enabled, you can again start showing Adsense ads within your website, YouTube channel, mobile apps, and so on.

Just make sure to take the right precautions to prevent invalid clicks and traffic to prevent your AdSense account from getting banned again in the future. Also, avoid a few common Google AdSense mistakes such as copied content, multiple accounts management, etc.

What are the other high paying AdSense alternatives in 2024?

If you’re tired of Adsense ban or earning peanuts from it, it’s better to search for other high paying alternatives which include the, Infolinks, Chitika, Viglinks, Clicksor, etc.

We have also written a detailed guide of high paying alternatives to Adsense where you can find all the details including payouts, signup link, and so on, so make sure to check it out.

Final Thoughts

Google changes its AdSense policies whenever it wants but one thing is constant: Google always focuses on providing the best experience to its users. So if you can use Adsense ads without manipulating the user behaviour and providing better experience to the users with your content, you’ll earn more with AdSense. It’s as simple as that.

Even if your AdSense account gets suspended for any reason, it’s not really the end of the world as there are so many other alternatives you can try including, Infolinks, Chitika and so on.

So what are your thoughts on preventing AdSense account ban? Are you making any of the Google AdSense mistakes? If you still have any questions, do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Simple answer, dont use adsense at all. Google will ban anyone without proper reason, just becase google can. You can do everything right and still you get banned.

  2. Yes Anil,
    I fully agree with you.
    These are serious mistakes to make note and keep away.
    So much of ad placement is no good. This is indeed a great warning tho new bloggers.
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  3. Google Adsense is big and nice for PPC program. But on point #4 is really ambigous about placing more than 3 ads on one page and we eill getting banned. Beacuse i’ve got plcing auto-ads code from Google Adsense and it filled up to 4 ads on a page.

    • Hi Ragil, true that AdSense is great if you are just starting out and mostly driving traffic from search engines. But you need to try a lot such as ad placement is so important.

  4. Hello,

    Well, Google Adsense is a big big source of income for us, but with lack of knowledge, it is just a waste of time. As, in my past I lost my first account due to invalid activity and that was my biggest mistake.

    But after that mistake, I learn a lot reading number of tips online and now, I got my new adsense account and I am making some money with it and I hope it will increase with time.

    Btw, Great Post! Will help many.


  5. Very helpful information for those who wants to earn money online through Adsense. All the points are very genuine and I think click exchange also is the mistake people use to do.

  6. Hi..this is really a great post. I found it very thing I would like to ask that how someone can report invalid clicks to google AdSense ?
    How I will know that there are invalid clicks on my ads ?
    Your response will be highly appreciated.. Thanks

    • Nadeem you can mail AdSense support team if you notice invalid clicks. Now coming to the question of identifying invalid clicks, if you notice big jump in number of clicks and when your website traffic is almost same, that can be the case of fraud clicks. Take traffic and clicks screenshots and share them via email to AdSense team to avoid any chance of losing your AdSense account.

  7. Hi Anil,

    Good post for the bloggers who use Adsense. I feel good as I’m not doing any of these mistakes 🙂

    Having 3 ads is upright and yes, multiple Adsense accounts should be avoided.

    Useful post from you as usual, keep sharing your valuable tips.

  8. Thanks a lot for your great content bro Anil.I am also a newbie in the blogging, Can you tell me Anil bro how can i approve Adsense account for my new site ? now my site is only three months old and Iam from Bangladesh.your above mentioned Adsense mistakes are really useful for the newbie bloggers who has approved Adsense account.

  9. Great Post Anil and These are very Common Google Adsense Mistakes which many New Bloggers Makes My Friends also Also make The Mistake Clicking on Own Ads and Then Google Adsense Banned his Account by The way Great Post.


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