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WordPress is used by almost 18% of the Internet users, it is the ONLY content management platform that offers exceptional features to its users. One of the great things about using WordPress is that you will have access to thousands of plugins (ranging from premium to free). As of now, they have over 33,000 free plugins available on their plugin directory excluding the premium plugins.

WordPress is the ultimate choice of web developers, designers and bloggers like me who don’t know the A-B-C of coding when it comes about deciding decision about Platform for our next website or blog. One Major thing that differentiates WordPress from its competitors is the collection of themes and plugins that fulfills all of our needs. Thousands of free and paid plugins are available for WordPress users. Since this post is about Premium WordPress Plugins, so I will be focusing on them only.

Why use premium WordPress plugins?

One of the basic questions most WordPress users ask me is this: why should I use premium WordPress plugins when I can get most plugins for free. Here are few strong reasons to use premium WordPress plugins

  • Premium WP plugins offer top notch performance and include great features (that most free plugins can’t offer)
  • They come up with support forums and customer satisfaction
  • They don’t include malicious codes

If you are really serious about making money online, you must invest money on your WordPress sites. One of the best ways to invest your money on your sites is to buy WordPress plugins that add exceptional value. Here are few premium WordPress plugins that are worth paying every penny.

Top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins List

premium wordpress plugins

Most of the functionalities I imagined about adding to my blog, they all can be easily done through installation of Premium or free WordPress plugins. So here is the collection of my top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins that are worth each and every penny.

1. Easy WP SEO


When it comes to improving the organic traffic of a WordPress site, you must use a search engine friendly plugin. Although there are free plugins like SEO by Yoast, All in one SEO that add great value to your WP sites, but I strongly suggest you using Easy WP SEO plugin to enhance your optimization skills.

You don’t have to be a SEO expert to properly optimize your blog posts or web pages for the search engines, by using this plugin you can hone your optimization skills. It gives you easy flexibility to optimize your posts for both search engines and users.

Easy WP SEO is the best Premium Plugin when it comes about making more WordPress blogs search engine friendly. Easy WP SEO Plugin helps you make corrections at On page level in your blog pages. Easy WP SEO takes into 20 plus On page factors into account while generating the SEO score for a page or post of your interest. Easy WP SEO Plugin is quite cheap when compared with other SEO plugins available in the market.

You just need to make a one-time payment of $37 to start using Easy WP SEO plugin on any number of websites that you own. Best thing about Easy WP SEO plugin is that it’s available with 60 days compete money back guarantee. You should check Easy WP SEO Plugin Review here to know in detail about its features and the kind of results I’m getting after started using this plugin from Chris.

2. WP Robot Plugin

Wp Robot Plugin

Want to run your WordPress sites on autopilot mode? If yes, this plugin is exclusively for you. WP Robot plugin helps you create automated content and aublogs automatically.

We can use WP Robot Plugin to create WordPress blogs on Autopilot. It is the best plugin for Auto Blogging. We can use this plugin to get posts on topics of our choice from Amazon, ClickBank, Articles Websites and Yahoo Answers type of Question Answers websites on Autopilot. WP Robot plugin is coming with lots of modules. So you can purchase modules of your choice and in case you want to purchase the full version of WP Robot Plugin, you can do so by making a payment of $129 only.

WP Robot Plugin comes with 14 days compete money back guarantee. So in case you are not satisfied with it, you can get all your money back. You should check WP Robot Plugin review here to know more in details about its features and different modules available for selection.

3. Keyword Winner SEO Plugin

Keyword Winner SEO Plugin

Want to target low competition and highly demanding keywords for your niche? Then try Keyword Winner SEO plugin. This premium WordPress plugin gives you enough analytics on searching good keywords for any niche.

Keyword Winner is one of very few Premium WordPress Plugins that can help you target low and high competitive terms of your niche from your WordPress admin section only. Once you have purchased Keyword Winner SEO Plugin, you won’t need to go to different keyword research tools and spend lots of time in browsing and filling unwanted captchas.

Keyword Winner plugin comes in single license and multiple license type. Single license of Keyword Winner plugin will cost you $47 license for multiple websites will cost you $97. Daniel Lew developer of Keyword Winner plugin has so much believe in his plugin that he is giving away 60 days full money back guarantee, which is not a small time frame at all to judge whether a plugin is Worth enough what you are paying for it. Click this link to know more in detail about how you can use Keyword Winner SEO Plugin to get top rankings for low competitive keywords in search engines.

Here are few features of Keyword Winner SEO plugin:

  • Page Competition Rank Checker
    Live Google Keyword Planner Data
    Full control of Keyword Research
    Check SEO Stats instantly
    Competition, Insights & Search Trends and Backlinks Clear as Crystal
    Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition Headlines & High Search Trends

4. Magic Members WordPress Plugin

Magic Members Plugin

Creating memberships and making money from them is one of the best lucrative ways to make money online. Most successful online marketers create membership sites to earn passive income. You don’t have to work every hour to make money online using membership sites, spend time on creating content and you are done. That’s the beauty of membership sites but when it comes to choosing a plugin for creating membership sites, its always a fuss.

Here’s where Magic Members WP plugin comes handy,  we can use Magic Members Plugin to convert our exiting WordPress blog into Membership Website or can create a membership website on WordPress from Scratch.

You will enjoy all the features you have dreamed of in a membership website after using Magic Members Plugin. Magic Members Plugin is available in Single, Three and Unlimited License types. Single License of Magic Members Plugin will cost you $97. Magic Members WordPress Plugin is coming with 30 days money back guarantee. You need to go through Magic Members WordPress Plugin Review here to get compete details about its features and pricing etc.

5. WP Answers Plugin

WP Answers

Want to make money from forums? Or are you searching for ways to create a WordPress site that is mostly embedded with questions and answers? If yes, WP Answers Plugin is for you, it helps you easily add questions and answers on your WP sites.

We can use WP Answers WordPress plugin to convert existing WordPress blog into Question Answer Websites and also can establish a Yahoo Answers type Question Answer website from scratch using WP Answers Plugin. Apart from question answers website creation, this plugin can pull questions answers of your interest on Autopilot from Yahoo Answers website.

So your website will always have targeted content coming in the form of questions and answers. WP answers plugin is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter kind of popular social media websites and thus users can ask questions and answer to open questions directly from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You should check WP Answers Plugin complete details here like its features and the price you need to pay to use this plugin under single, multi and developer license type.

Pricing: $27

6. OIO Publisher Plugin

OIO Publisher Plugin

OIO publisher Plugin is an ad manager plugin for WordPress sites. If your blog or website is using ads to generate money, this plugin is a gift for you. It’s the most flexible plugin to sell all forms of text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews on your WordPress sites.

If you own a WordPress blog and don’t know how to manage different advertising spaces on your blog, OIO Publisher Plugin can help you with the same. After installing OIO Publisher plugin into your WordPress blog, you will have full control over different advertising options you selling to advertisers. After buying this Premium WordPress plugin, your blog will be listed in OIO Publisher marketplace directory for free. So you can get additional advertising inquiries from there.

Normally you need to make a payment of $47 to start using OIO Publisher plugin on your blog, but with the discount coupon SHOGUN-BP, you can get it for $37 only and thus you will be able to save $10 on OIO Publisher plugin after using this discount coupon. This discount coupon will be valid for the Month of May 2012 only. And in case you decide to buy OIO Publisher plugin later, let me know, I will share the latest coupon code for the same. You can get the complete list of OIO Publish Plugin features list here.

7. WP reviews 

WP Review EngineSearching for easy ways to create and manage a review site? Use WP reviews plugin and it saves your time and money. You can use WP Reviews plugin to create full-fledged review websites on Restaurants, Hotels, Web Hosts, Real Estate, Computer software’s or any topic you can think of. This Premium plugin is compatible with all WordPress Themes; no technical skills required from your end. This plugin can be used to convert any existing WordPress blog into Review Website around any product or service where we used to earn commissions while working as an affiliate for different vendors.

This plugin comes with lots of features like Star ratings, Auto-generated site thumbnails, Google Maps integration, and Easy addition of affiliate links, Comparison tables and many more. Click here to get this plugin and start create a review site on WordPress CMS.

Pricing: $59.95

8. Comments Plus

Comments Plus PluginWe all know the importance of getting comments on our blog posts. One of the best ways to make your site popular is to attract more blog comments and you can do that only by making it extremely easier for your readers to leave comments on your posts.

Comments Plus Plugin allows you blog readers to make comments through their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts and WordPress IDs. Comments Plus plugin is compatible with latest versions of WordPress, it’s cross browser tested and search engine optimized.

This premium WordPress plugin works well with all popular WordPress Themes. After installing this plugin, we can combine comments from all three popular Social Media Websites Facebook, Twitter and Google and not only one. Click this link to know more in detail about the Comments Plus Premium WordPress Plugin. Just by paying $19 you can get this plugin to attract more blog comments on your WordPress sites.

9. ClassiPress


You can convert your existing WordPress plugin into a professional classified website instantly with ClassiPress. We can even use ClassiPress to establish a fully functional classified website from scratch on WordPress.

ClassiPress has an elegant front end and back up. While your website users will be busy generating content rich classified ads and you as an admin will be able to moderate those moderated ads. Click this link to know more in detail about ClassiPress, its features and pricing.

You can get this for $99 (standart package where you will be getting everything except Photoshop PSD files) and if you want to get PSD files, you have to pay $159.


10. ShopperPress

ShopperpressWe all know the importance of eCommerce sites or online stores. They all are making a lot of money by attracting more online buyers, if you are looking for ways to create an online store using WordPress, Use ShopperPress and it will do the rest.

ShopperPress Plugin comes with a Theme to help you create a fully functional E-commerce website running in no time. It comes with lots of options to help you sell products online with ease. ShopperPress plugin should be used by those people who are interested in selling products, services or digital product download online.

ShopperPress is trusted by more than ten thousand customer’s world-wide. It is easy to set-up, search engine optimized, supports 20 plus payment gateways, 20 plus store designs available to choose from and 24×7 support etc are some of the features you will enjoy with Shopper Press. Click this link to know in detail about Shopper Press features list and pricing options etc. You can get this just by paying $79 and it will be free for lifetime and you will also get updates whenever it gets updated with new features.

Additional Premium WordPress Plugins

Apart from above top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins, I would recommend going through some more premium plugins here:

  • DirectoryPress plugin can be used to create professional web directory on WordPress. <Link>
  • CouponPress plugin can be used to convert a WordPress blog in to professional and SEO Optimized Coupon website in no time. <Link>
  • CommentLuv Plugin can convert nofollow links in your blog comments section to dofollow and thus motivating your blog readers to leave more comments on your blog. It comes with 30 day 100% money back guarantee.
  • Gravity Forms is the best premium WordPress plugin for creating different kind of forms on your blog. As per the data available on their website more than 3 lacks WordPress websites are already using Gravity Form plugin. <Link>

Conclusion: Before buying any premium WordPress plugin mentioned in this article, I strongly suggest you to first go through your blogging needs. Only then decide about the plugins you want to use, also find out if there are alternatives available. After all, we all want to save money to build a successful website online. The tools and plugins mentioned in this article has few affiliate links, that means I earn a small commission when you purchase using them.

In case you feel I’ve missed few premium WordPress Plugins that should have been in this list, share in the comments section below.


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