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Here is the list of websites you can use to make money online with a website and blog whether its free or self hosted blog.

1. Paid Blogging with Sponsored Reviews

Publishers are able to make money selling paid reviews on their blogs and advertisers are able to create buzz, traffic and backlinks with SponsoredReviews website. My total earnings with this paid review website are $1631.95. You need to have 3 months old blog with 10 quality posts published to get accepted.

2. Make Money Selling Text Link Ads

Bloggers are able to make good earnings selling text links and advertisers are able to get lots of high quality backlinks and traffic for their websites. This helps them earn a lot of money from the services and products they are selling on their websites. I’m so far I have been able to earn $7,711 with this website. You need PR 3 plus blogs to get accepted.

3. Clickbank Affiliate Website

Learn how you can make thousands of dollars selling Clickbank products while working as an affiliate through your website, blog, Squidoo Les, Hubpages etc. I have so far been able to earn thousands of dollars working as an affiliate with them.

4. Review Me Website

Review Me website is very similar to Sponsored Reviews website where we need to write paid reviews about the advertisers website while working as a publisher with them. You should have a blog with PR 3 at least, RSS subscribers 100 plus and Alexa in six figures to get your website approved in their marketplace.

5. Selling Banners with Puxee

Learn how to make money online selling banner ads on your websites and blogs with website. is a marketplace for buying and selling banner ads.

6. Text Link Advertising Network LinkWorth Reviewed

LinkWorth has lots of products that bloggers can use to make money online from their blogs and at the same time, advertisers can use them to advertise and promote their business websites in various ways on top blogs in their industry.

7. Google Adsense Alternatives

This is the complete list of 12 Google Adsense Alternatives we as blogger can use to make money online from our blogs.

8. Websites that Pays to Blog

This post is sharing ultimate list of 21 get paid blog websites including SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe, LinkWorth, Smorty and PayPerPost etc.

9. Banner Ads Advertising

Learn how to make money online selling banner advertisements on our blogs.

10. Advertising Web Page

Learn how to make lots of money online selling banner advertisement through advertising page on your blog.

Make Money Online Websites ListWhen you start searching for ways to make money online or how to make money blogging, you will end up seeing thousands of websites with their own ways to make money online. Some of them are legit, some scam and some just false get rich schemes. My motive behind creating this page is sharing only make money online websites that are legitimate and I himself had some success in making money while blogging with them. From time to time, I used to be sharing payment proofs and deep review about certain make money online methods.

You have to work really hard to make money from Internet sitting at home. There is no real thing like making thousands of dollars in one week especially if you are new to internet and you don’t have a website or blog to showcase your presence. If you remain consistent with your efforts, you will end up earnings money from your website and even from a blog. I will keep on adding new ways to earn money online on this page. So every time you visit this page, you will see some new make money online websites added to this page with details, payment proofs, detailed review in case cases etc.