How to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Classified Ads in 2024?

Are you looking for unique ways to increase traffic to your websites? How about driving traffic to your website from classified ads? Does it really work? Let’s find out in this post.

Whether you’re an online marketer, SEO expert or owner of a specific blog, you look for every possible way over the internet that drives traffic, right?

And because you know how significant it is that your website or blog, remains crowded with organic traffic, you will want to use all the methods that will attract real visitors.

In this regard if you haven’t tapped the potential in classified ad posting yet, it was time you did so and saw what difference they can make over your website’s traffic. Here is some insight about what how classified ads are beneficial and how to go about converting them into high traffic in 2024 and beyond.

How to drive traffic to your website from classified ads in 2024

drive traffic from classified ads

Top 5 Platforms for Posting Ads In 2024

Let’s first talk about top 5 platforms you can use to drive traffic to your site from ads posting in 2024.

1. Oodle


Oodle is the world’s leading classified websites platform where you can post ads for free and Oodle is currently operating in the following countries.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Australia and
  • New Zealand

So if you belong to any of the country listed above, you can use Oodle to post free ads online with ease.

What are the different categories that you can use to posts your ads?

No matter what you classified ad you want to post on Oodle, it provides you access to all of it. Here are some of the categories you use to post ads.

  • Merchandise
  • All Vehicles including Cars, Motorcycles, Boats and RVs
  • All Rentals Apartments including Office Space, Vacation Rentals
  • Real Estate Jobs
  • Pets including Dogs, Cats and Horses
  • Tickets, Services, Personals and Community

How to get started with this platform?

Click on this link to visit Oodle and create an account for free. You can either use your Facebook credentials or email address along with any password to start posting ads to drive traffic to your websites.

2. Craigslist


You must have heard about Craigslist at least at some point in your life. Craigslist is undoubtedly the most popular platform where you can also do classified ad posting for free and which is available all over the world include;

  • Africa
  • America
  • Most of the Asian countries
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Oceania

What are the different categories that you can use to posts your ads?

You can literally find A to Z topics on this site where you can post classified ad posting to promote your stuff online. Here are some of the major categories included on Craigslist.

  • Photo, Politics, psych recover, Religion
  • Science, spirit, sports, tax
  • Travel, Vegan, Writing
  • Housing, office, commercial parkin
  • Real estate, vacation rentals and so on

How to get started with this platform?

The best part about using Craigslist is that you can post a free ad without having an account or logging in to their website. However, if you have a craigslist account, you can easily post, edit, delete and repost more quickly.

Visit this link to post an ad on Craigslist for free and start posting ads to get more exposure.

3. Gumtree


Gumtree is the UK’s #1 classifieds site where you’ll find over 1 million classified ads being posted on their platform each and every single week. If you’re looking for UK based platform to post ads, Gumtree should be your top choice.

What are the different categories that you can use to posts your ads?

Here are some of the major categories that you will find on Gumtree.

  • Motors
  • Services
  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Real estate, Science, spirit, sports, tax
  • Travel, Writing
  • Garden, community and so on

How to get started with this platform called Gumtree?

To post an ad on Gumtree, you must create an account. You can use this link create an account for free or you can also use your GMail email account to start using their platform to increase traffic to your websites with ad posting.

4. OLX


The #1 thing about using OLX is that it gives you access to featured ads where your ad will be highlighted in the search results like Google where you can also get more replies since “Featured Ads” on OLX receive upto 10 times more responses than free ads.

What are the different categories that you can use to posts your ads?

On OLX, you’ll find the following categories.

  • Jobs
  • Mobiles
  • Bikes, cars
  • Services
  • Pets, electronics and so on

How to get started with OLX platform?

Click on this link and you’ll find a page where you can post your ads to promote your business or website. You need to enter your phone number to post ads for free.

5. Quickr


Quikr is widely known as India’s #1 online classifieds platform which is used by people around 1000 cities in India. So if you’re looking to generate website traffic from India (using classified ads), you should definitely start using Quickr.

What are the different categories that you can use to posts your ads?

On Quickr, you’ll find all the major categories ranging from jobs to electronics and also the following.

  • Services
  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Real estate, Science, spirit, sports etc
  • Travel, Writing
  • Bikes, cars, garden, community and so on

How to get started with Quickr platform?

You can use this page to immediately register on Quickr for free. Or you can also use your Google account to sign up for their platform to post ads for free.

Top benefits of using classified ads to drive traffic to your website

Are you wondering about why should you be using classified ad posting to generate traffic to your websites in 2024 and beyond? Here are few major benefits to use classified ads online.

1. Saves you time and money

Unlike offline ads where you’ve to pay money for each and every line to promote your app, business or company, online classified ads save you a ton of time (means, you don’t have to go to nearby classified ads agents or companies to post your ads).

Online classified ads are also save you money because most of the platforms such as OLX, Craigslist, Oodle provide you free access. That means, you just need to sign up on these platforms with your email and you can post your ads for completely free.

2. Cheapest way to promote

Are you operating on a shoestring? Don’t you have much budget or zero budget to spend online to promote your website? Then, why not give a try to classified ad posting once. It’s the cheapest (in fact, free) way to promote your site to drive more website traffic.

As a side note, make sure to use Google My Business if you want your business and website to show up in local search as it will make sure your website and business address is not only visible on search, but on Google Maps and Google+ as well.

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3. You attract specific set of target audience

When people are using sites like OLX, Gumtree or Craigslist, they will be specifically searching what they want in particular categories. That means, if someone wants to buy an electronic gadget like an iPad (and if you’re running an affiliate site that sells electronics), they will be specifically looking for ads posted in Technology or Electronics section.

So you’ll receive specific audience and visitors and if your ads have catchy headlines, you can easily drive traffic to your websites in 2024 and beyond.

4. Gives you a huge platform

Websites like Craigslist, OLX etc that provide you free access to post ads receive millions of visitors every single month. That means, if you’re posting your ads across these platforms, you get a wide range of online visibility and exposure to your postings such as ads, businesses, products, apps and so on.

5. Extremely easy to use

You can use ad posting sites to list items, services or properties for sale in order to generate multiple leads from online platforms such as Craigslist, OLX, eBay and so on. The best part about posting ads online is they are really easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find extremely easy to set up your account, list your ads and start promoting them for wider reach.

What Exactly Classified Ads do in Building Traffic?

Organic traffic or recurrent visits from real visitors can be seen as a well-built trust for your website and eventually for the business. More the opportunities you trigger to keep your prospects excited about the products or services, the higher the likelihood that they will keep dropping over your site.

Classified advertisements are a phenomenal way to convey a big message in limited words and to place the website address alongside. A better aspect with internet based classifieds is that you get to include a hyperlink back to the home site, thus making them more effective. Thus, all serious individuals who read out your ad are a possibility from the traffic’s point of view.

For instance, if your website is dedicated to artificial jewellery, everybody who trades for American, Italian or Indian form of jewellery would also be interested in having a look at what all you have to offer. Now here is a catch and something for you to cash on!

If you announce that this website you have dedicated to jewellery welcomes free post ads for other forms of jewelries, diamonds, rhinestones, gems, etc., your website becomes manifold interesting and prospective. By doing so, you have generated a platform for entrepreneurs as well to come and place free classified ads and promote their business.

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All the more, it makes sense because these traders know they are advertising for their products and company at the right place. In other words, this online place becomes worthy for both buyers as well as sellers.

Fair enough, you have the traffic now; but the point is how these ads will enhance traffic? Answer is very simple – it is the appeal or business interest you generate. Buyers who placed their ads over your website will like to keep track of the number of views their ads are getting per day.

Every time they come back to check how good their classifieds are doing, it is an opportunity for your website to get spotted in the search engines. That gives a broad idea of what good classified ads do in building traffic!

Tools you should apply in Reaping Traffic from Classified Ads

There is definitely a lot you can apply to make your ads as magnets for high traffic. Why there is so much of stress on placing hyperlinks over specific keywords in your classified ads is obvious now. Traffic generated through clicks over these links turns in more chances for the site getting found in Google or other search engines.

However, an even better way to place hyperlinks is to make classifieds more market and customer centric. Considering the jewellery site example as stated above, think using keywords like free American jewellery ads, Indian ornament classifieds, cheap Italian pendant ads, etc. This way, you are not only catching the attention of more and more buyers and sellers, but also are making your website the darling of search engines!

Another advantage of bringing classified ad placement option on your website is truly handsome from your income’s perspective. Sellers or entrepreneurs placing their classifieds are offered additional features like extra lucrative font categories, colors, designs, emphasized listing, etc. by paying an upgrade cost. If you are with an established classified ad affiliate program, they will pay you 10 to 20% of the up-gradation cost. That is simply to say that you are generating a whole new stream of income out here.


Here are some of the most important questions you might want to know about classified ad posting to gain more exposure online.

Are classified websites worth of time or money?

Although classified websites won’t send you highly profitable traffic (that actually turns into sales) but they are worth giving a try considering the fact they are all free to use so why not give a try?

How to start a classified website like OLX?

If you’re looking to start a classified website like OLX, Craigslist, we highly recommend you to pick WordPress platform as it is the most popular blogging platform which gives you access to a wide range of themes and plugins to create your own classified website.

How do online classified websites make money?

Almost all of the classified websites like OLX, Quickr etc make money by featuring premium ads where users have to pay hefty money (mostly) to get exclusive visibility for their ads. Apart from that, most of the classified sites make money by also partnering up with other brands, collaboration, showing banner ads and so on.

What are the important things to remember to drive traffic to my website from classified ad posting?

If you really want to drive traffic to your website from classified ad posting, focus on the following things.

→ Post in the right category
→ Use catchy titles
→ Don’t mislead users
→ Keep your classified ad posting description engagings

What’s the #1 effective way to bring website traffic from classified ads?

You need to post multiple ads to multiple classified ad sites on multiple occasions in multiple categories. That’s the single most effective way to drive traffic to your website from classified ad posting.

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Final Thoughts

Although classified ad posting is not popular now as it used to be before but they are still worth giving a try. If you’re running a new website or an eCommerce store, you should find as many ways as possible to bring visitors to your sites.

One such promotion technique is posting on classified ads websites. So go give a try to the above mentioned sites and if you still have any questions on how to drive traffic to your site from ads posting, share your thoughts in the comments.

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