GeneratePress vs Astra 2024: Who’s the REAL Winner [Ultimate Comparison] 

GeneratePress vs Astra
generatepress vs astra

Product Name: GeneratePress or Astra



If you’re looking for lightweight, high-performance, and affordable WordPress themes, GeneratePress and Astra themes are the BEST. But which one is better among them? Read our comparison to find the winner. Use the following links to try them out.

Starting a website but can’t decide which WordPress theme to go with? 

Are you confused between GeneratePress vs Astra? 

This expert head-to-head comparison of Astra vs GeneratePress will help you choose the right WordPress theme for your website.

In this unbiased comparison, we’ll look at FIVE of the most important features when it comes to choosing a website theme which includes;

  1. Features comparison
  2. Ease of use (interface comparison) 
  3. Pricing plans explained
  4. Speed test and comparison of both the themes
  5. Customer support and documentation 

Apart from the above, we’ll also briefly cover other important things like pros, cons, customer ratings, etc.

So are you ready to find out which WordPress theme is the best, and why? Let’s jump into the details. 

Is free version available?YesYesTie
PricingStarts at $59 per year and goes up to $249 for lifetimeStarts at $49 per year and goes up to $699 for lifetimeGeneratePress
Money back guarantee30 days14 daysGeneratePress
Readymade templates (Demo sites)Around 100 premade templatesOver 180 premade templatesAstra
Theme Size7.5 KBLess than 50 KBGeneratePress
Loading Time619 ms1 SecondGeneratePress
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Comparison Verdict: The comparison between Astra and GeneratePress shows both themes as great choices, with many similar features. GeneratePress performs better with faster loading times and a smaller theme size. However, Astra stands out with a larger variety of pre-made templates. Astra’s yearly plans are cheaper at $49/year compared to GeneratePress at $59/year. Yet, GeneratePress offers a more affordable lifetime plan, giving another reason to prefer it over Astra.

GeneratePress vs Astra: Which WordPress Theme is the Winner?

generatepress vs astra

GeneratePress vs Astra: Features List

Let’s first have a glance at the features offered by both GeneratePress and Astra themes.

GeneratePress Features

  • Full access to the Site Library
  • Use on up to 500 websites
  • Access to block-based theme builder
  • WooCommerce support
  • Off-Canvas Panel
  • Infinite scroll
  • Import/export, copyright control, and smooth scroll
  • Mobile header
  • Advanced layout system
  • Styling controls 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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Astra Features

  • Unlimited website usage 
  • Offers white label
  • Advance header builder, advance blog layouts, and advance footer builder
  • Sticky header
  • CSS file generation  
  • Advance colors options
  • WooCommerce controls
  • Native AMP support
  • Sidebar designing styles
  • Custom 404 pages
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

So what else are you waiting for?

Grab Astra Theme Now! 

Who’s the winner in features?

Both these WordPress themes offer a wide range of features, so it’s a tie. 

Astra vs GeneratePress: Ease of Use

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, the ease of use matters a lot (especially if you’re a beginner with zero coding skills).

So how do these compare when it comes to ease of use? Let’s find it out by exploring their interfaces.

Here’s what the GeneratePress customization interface looks like;

gp interface

See that? Customizations are extremely as you can modify everything including;

  • Site identity
  • Layout, colors, typography
  • Menus
  • Widgets, additional CSS, and more

Looking to find more details about GeneratePress? Read our GeneratePress review to know more about the theme.

Here’s what the Astra customization interface looks like;

astra interface

As you can see above, you can customize everything including;

  • Global
  • Header
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Blog
  • Sidebar
  • Footer, widgets, menus, etc

Who’s the winner when it comes to the user interface?

It’s a tie as the customizations are extremely easy on both the themes and their interfaces are easy to use even for beginners. 

GeneratePress vs Astra: Demo Sites

Most website owners don’t want to customize their sites from scratch. They always look for themes that offer stunning demo sites.

If you’re also one among them, you’ll love both Astra premium and GP premium as they both offer ready to import starter websites. Let’s find out what kind of demo sites you can get in both themes.

GeneratePress Demo Sites

GeneratePress premium gives you access to something called a “Site Library” where you’ll find a ton of professionally designed starter sites.

You can visit this page to see all the demo sites offered by GP premium.

gp demo sites

You’ll find all kinds of starter sites including;

  • eCommerce sites
  • Demo sites useful for freelancers
  • Marketing demo sites
  • Developer demo sites
  • Crypto sites, fitness sites, and more

No matter what niche you’re in, you’ll find an amazing demo site that you can use to start your new site and make it appealing. 

Astra Demo Sites

When it comes to demo sites, Astra gives you access to 180+ ready to import websites.

Want to check them out? Visit this page to find all the demo sites provided by Astra theme.

These demo sites are compatible with all the major page builders including Elementor, Beaver, Gutenberg, and Brizy.

astra demo sites

You can discover all kinds of ready to import starter websites including;

  • Online stores
  • Simple blog themes
  • Starter websites for eBook authors
  • Portfolio sites
  • Health websites and much more

You can also read our detailed Astra theme review to find more details along with its features in detail.

Who’s the winner when it comes to demo sites?

Astra is clearly the winner as it offers over 180 demo sites whereas GP premium offers only a handful of starter sites.

GeneratePress vs Astra: Speed

Whether you know it or not, your website SPEED matters A LOT.

No one wants to wait around for a page to load. If your website is slow, people are going to leave and probably visit your competitors’ websites.

In addition, website speed is also a ranking factor for search engines like Google.  That’s why it’s extremely important to pick a WordPress theme that’s REALLY FAST. 

A faster WordPress theme usually contains less page size and uses a clean code.

So how fast are GeneratePress and Astra themes? Let’s find out.

In case you’re curious, here are the page sizes of both these themes;

  • Astra theme page size: Less than 50 KB page size
  • GeneratePress page size: 7.5 KB page size

GeneratePress Theme Speed

Quick note: We’re currently using the GeneratePress premium theme on our blog BloggersPassion.

Here’s the speed and performance result of the GeneratePress theme;

generatepress theme speed

As you can see above, our blog which is using the GP premium theme is loading just within 6 milliseconds which is incredible!

Astra Theme Speed

Quick note: We’re currently using the Astra premium theme on our blog’s subdomain

Here’s the speed and performance result of the Astra theme;

astra theme speed

As you can see above, the subdomain which is using the Astra theme is taking around 1 second to load.

Who’s the winner in speed?

Honestly, both themes are insanely fast. But GeneratePress is slightly faster than the Astra theme. So GeneratePress is the winner in terms of speed. 🏆

GeneratePress vs Astra: Pricing

One of the best things about WordPress is that there are a TON of themes available, both free and paid. Most people go for free themes but you also need to consider paid themes if you’re serious about making money online.

That being said, here are the pricing packages offered by both GeneratePress and Astra themes. 

GeneratePress Pricing: GeneratePress has two versions: free and premium. The free theme offers the basic modules whereas the premium version contains full access to the Site Library.

The Premium version of GeneratePress is offered in the following two pricing plans.

1. Yearly: Yearly plans are the most affordable plans and the GP premium yearly plan costs just $59 per year where you’ll get the following features.

  • All premium features
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • 1 year of updates
  • 1 year of premium support
  • Use on up to 500 websites

2. Lifetime: If you don’t want to pay yearly and looking for a one-time payment option to enjoy the benefits of GP premium for a lifetime, this is the perfect plan. It costs you $249 which is a one-time fee where you can enjoy the following benefits for life. 

  • All premium features
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • Lifetime updates
  • Lifetime premium support
  • Use on up to 500 websites

Both the premium plans from GeneratePress come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try GeneratePress Today 

Astra Pricing: Just like GeneratePress, Astra theme also offers two versions: free and paid themes. The free version is good for beginners who’re looking for a minimalistic design.

Go with their premium plans if you want more functionality, support, better features, updates, etc. 

Astra offers the following three pricing packages.

1. Astra Pro: If you’re looking for an affordable plan from Astra, this is a perfect choice. This plan costs you $49 a year ($239 for a lifetime) where you’ll get;

  • Advance Header Builder
  • Advance Blog Layouts
  • Sticky Header
  • Advance Footer Builder
  • Custom Layouts & Hooks
  • Typography & Colors Options
  • WooCommerce Controls
  • Native AMP Support
  • White Label
  • Product Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage

2. Essential Bundle: If you want to customize your site using a page builder Addon (Beaver or Elementor), go with this plan. This plan costs you $169 a year ($499 for a lifetime) where you’ll get;

  • Astra Pro
  • 180+ Premium Starter Templates
  • WP Portfolio Plugin
  • Choice of One Page Builder Addon (either Ultimate Addons for Elementor or Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder)
  • Product Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage

3. Growth Bundle: If you’re looking for an all-in-one suite of tools, this is the right choice for you. This plan costs you $249 a year ($699 for a lifetime) where you’ll get;

  • Everything in Essential Bundle
  • Convert Pro Plugin
  • Schema Pro Plugin
  • Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  • SkillJet Academy Membership
  • Product Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage

Astra premium theme offers a 14-day no-risk money-back guarantee. 

So what are you waiting for?

Try Astra Theme Today

Who’s the winner in pricing?

When it comes to pricing, GeneratePress offers a simple pricing structure and is more affordable when compared to Astra. You can get lifetime access to GP Premium for just $249 whereas you need to pay $699 for lifetime access to Astra theme. 

The clear winner in the pricing section is GeneratePress. 🏆

GeneratePress vs Astra: Customer Support and Documentation 

Support and theme documentation are equally important when it comes to picking a WordPress theme.

So how are these two themes compare to each other in these two segments? Let’s find out.

GeneratePress support & documentation 

One thing we REALLY like about GeneratePress is its theme’s support assistance. They’re really fast.

If you ever need any help with the theme, you can visit their Support forum, ask a question, and you’ll get a prompt response.

gp support

GeneratePress also offers HUGE documentation in case you’re looking for helpful tutorials to customize your site using GP.

gp documentation

See that? You’ll find everything ranging from general documentation to customization, modules, developers, and a lot more.

Astra support & documentation 

Honestly speaking, Astra’s support is slow at times.

If you have any questions related to Astra, you can join their Facebook community or use the WordPress forum to ask questions, give feedback, etc.

astra support

But… the documentation is excellent in Astra.

Have a look;

astra documents

See that? You’ll find documents for everything from installation to customization, starter templates, troubleshooting, and more.

All in all, both Astra Pro vs GeneratePress premium offer priority support and extensive documentation. You should be logged into your account to get priority support.

Who’s the winner in support and documentation?

GeneratePress as it offers faster customer support assistance, even for free theme users. It’s a tie between both themes in terms of documentation. 🏆

Pros & Cons of Astra Theme vs GeneratePress

What’s the point of creating an unbiased comparison of Astra and GeneratePress themes if we don’t talk about their pros and cons? Let’s find them out.

GeneratePress Pros & Cons

benefits of generatepress

GeneratePress Pros:

  • GeneratePress is a super-fast theme as it has just a 7.5 KB page size and 2 HTTP requests. So if you’re looking for 100% PageSpeed scores, go with GeneratePress.
  • You can install the GP theme on up to 500 websites, whether they’re for you or your clients.
  • With the GeneratePress premium version, you’ll get access to regular updates that include new modules, improved features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.
  • It gives you access to professionally designed templates called demo sites in its Site Library.
  • GP yearly and lifetime plans are cheaper when compared to Astra premium plans as they cost only $59 and $249 respectively. 
  • Using GeneratePress, you can create any type of website, whether it be a simple blog or an eCommerce site.
  • GeneratePress is SEO friendly as it comes with a clean code which ultimately helps you with better search rankings.
  • GeneratePress is compatible with all major WordPress plugins and website builders so you can easily add any functionality you need to your website.
  • It gives you access to free and paid versions so you can pick the version according to your budget.
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which is great. In case you don’t like the theme or its features, your money is safe as you can get a full refund.

GeneratePress Cons:

  • Although GP offers a free version, it’s better to go for the premium version as the free version doesn’t offer many features. Also, you won’t get support with the free version except in the WordPress forum.

Astra Theme Pros & Cons

benefits of astra theme

Astra Theme Pros:

  • Astra is a lightweight WordPress theme as it needs less than 50 KB of resources
  • Astra is fast and responsive, which means your website will load quickly 
  • It uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery for better website performance
  • Offers a drag and drop builder that lets you customize every part of your site from header to footer 
  • Astra is SEO friendly, which means your website will rank higher in search engines like Google
  • Astra is compatible with all major WordPress plugins and WordPress page builders including Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc
  • It is easy to use and customize, even if you’re a beginner
  • Offers a wide range of features to create ANY type of website you want
  • Astra offers both free and premium versions, which is great
  • Astra has a dedicated support team that can help you with Astra theme’s features and customization options
  • Astra theme is regularly updated with new features so you can always keep your website up-to-date
  • Astra is an excellent WordPress theme that is suitable for all website owners
  • Offers WooCommerce integration so you can easily build online or eCommerce stores
  • Astra premium theme offers a 14-day return policy

Astra Theme Cons:

  • The pricing of Astra premium plans is expensive when compared to GP premium. Also, the free version of the Astra theme offers very limited features. 

Customer Ratings of Astra vs GeneratePress

What do other customers think about both Astra and GeneratePress? Let’s find out.

Customer ratings of GeneratePress theme on WordPress platform;

generatepress reviews

On, the GeneratePress theme got a 5 out of 5 stars rating from over 1300 users.

Customer ratings of Astra theme on WordPress;

astra theme reviews

On, the Astra theme got a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating from over 5000 users.

FAQs | Astra vs GeneratePress

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions around Astra vs GeneratePress.

Which is better Astra or GeneratePress?

Both themes Astra and GeneratePress offer free versions of their themes. Both are lightweight, responsive, and easy to customize. In terms of pricing, GeneratePress is cheaper than Astra.

Is GeneratePress a good theme?

GeneratePress is an excellent theme that loads really fast and is fully mobile responsive. It offers ready-made demo sites to create almost any kind of website. It also offers a free version to create and customize a WordPress site. 

Which theme is better than Astra?

Here are some of the better alternatives to the Astra theme;
– GeneratePress
– Neve
– OceanWP

Is Astra better than Elementor?

Astra is a lightweight WordPress theme whereas Elementor is a page builder that works with any WordPress theme (including Astra). Both offer a ton of templates, modules, and integrations to customize your website. 

Which is better: Astra pro vs GeneratePress premium?

GP Premium is slightly better as it offers a similar set of features but is more affordable when compared to Astra Pro as GP premium plans start only at $59/year and go up to $248 a year whereas Astra Pro pricing starts at $49/year and go up to $649 a year.

Which is better: GeneratePress vs Elementor?

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme whereas Elementor is a WordPress plugin used for website building. Elementor works great with GeneratePress to customize your site however you want. Both are excellent tools to create an appealing website.

Astra vs GeneratePress: which theme is popular?

In terms of popularity, GeneratePress is way ahead of Astra as GeneratePress is used by over 4.1 million websites whereas Astra theme is used by over 1.6 million sites.

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