10 New Year Resolutions Every Blogger Should Follow for Success and Happiness in 2024

2024 is here. What are your new year’s resolutions as a blogger?

Are you confused about what resolutions to follow to build a profitable blog in 2024? Then, you are in the right place.

No matter what niche you’re in, if you want to succeed online, you will need to follow a strategy to start making money online. For this reason, new year resolutions for blogging can come in handy. Now without further ado, let’s discuss the new year resolutions for 2024.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Bloggers in 2024

new year resolutions for bloggers in 2024

1. Create a profitable blogging strategy

Whether you’re launching a new blog or have been blogging for a while, there’s one thing you’ll need to make money from your blog which is a “blogging strategy”.

If you’re just creating content day in and day out without a strategy, you’ll definitely experience failure in the long run or you’ll burn out a lot sooner.

That being said, here are a few quick tips for you to create a profitable blogging strategy that you can use to start making more money from blogs in 2024 and beyond.

Create an editorial calendar for your blog’s content

For years, we struggled with one thing: blogging consistently. Not only us, but a ton of bloggers fail to build a profitable blog simply because of one reason: inconsistent blog posting.

That said, the #1 way to build a successful blog is this: BE CONSISTENT.

So how can you be consistent with your blog posting schedule? The answer is simple: create an editorial calendar for your blog’s content.

Here are a few great benefits of using an editorial calendar for your blog.

  • Easy to keep track of your blogging schedule
  • Easier to come up with a ton of blog post ideas
  • You can easily handle your breaks (such as weekends and holidays that might influence your blog topics)

That being said, here are a few quick tips to create an editorial calendar for your blog.

  • Determine how much you can dedicated to your blog in a week (make sure you spend at least 10 hours a week to see better results)
  • Determine your blog posting frequency (is it posting twice a week or twice a month, and start working on it)
  • Create a list of blog post ideas that you can work on

A quick tip: If you’re a WordPress user, you should install this awesome plugin called Editorial Calendar (which is also free). You can use this to plan your content well in advance. You can also drag and drop to move posts, edit posts right in the calendar and manage your entire blog from your dashboard. It’s so easy and highly effective.

Create a blog sales funnel

What’s the point of publishing new blog posts or more articles without having a blog sales funnel?

A blog sales funnel is something you can use to turn random website visitors into email subscribers and repeat customers. If you want to build a profitable blog in 2024, you will need a blog sales funnel.

Here’s what a blog sales funnel looks like;

sales funnel tips

Here’s how you can create a blog sales funnel for your website in 2024.

  • Create a landing page
  • Create compelling CTA (call to actions) that define your target goal (which can be either building an email list, making sales, offering your products or services, etc.)
  • Provide freebies (freebies such as eBooks, videos, plugins, tools, free trials, etc. work like a charm to convert first time website visitors into leads)
  • Build trust (you can use an email list or your videos or articles)
  • Start pitching your products or services (after a week or so, to get people to buy your stuff)

2. Work on a NEW promotional channel

There’s no point in putting all your eggs in one basket, as you can NEVER trust just one traffic source. Google might penalize you or you could suddenly get content strikes from social media sites like Facebook, as most social networking sites are promoting more “paid stuff” to make more money.

Therefore, it’s always a smart strategy to come up with a new promotional channel for your blog or website in 2024 to be able to drive more traffic and sales. That said, here are the top 3 promotional channels you shouldn’t ignore in 2024, as they are going to send you a TON of traffic in the long run.

YouTube: Whether you know it or not, on mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or CABLE TV network.

Also, 77% of YouTube users are between 26 to 35 years old!

youtube users stats

That’s the power of YouTube! So if you want to target young adults, YouTube is the BEST platform. You can implement these YouTube SEO tips to get more views on your videos.

Instagram: Instagram is another rocking marketing platform you should be focusing on in 2024. It’s an image-based sharing network that lets you mostly target millennials. Make sure to use these tips to grow your Instagram followers.

Facebook groups: Facebook is the BIGGEST social media platform that is used by billions of people worldwide. The best way to get more out of Facebook is to start a Facebook group for your business and start sharing useful content on a daily basis to build your community from scratch.

Quick Note: You can be part of our Facebook group from here where you’ll find amazing blogging advice.

So what are you still waiting for? Make social media your #1 resolution for 2024.

3. Declutter your website

What’s the first thing your visitors see when they first land on your website? Your website design, right? If it’s messy and filled with too much clutter, no one will want to spend time on it even if your content is good.

  • Remove all dead links: You can use tools like Broken link checker, Screaming Frog, Xenu link sleuth, etc. to easily find and remove all the dead links from your website.
  • Remove or update old blog posts: Instead of creating new posts to increase traffic, make sure to first revise your old blog posts and see if you can update them. If you find any topics that are no longer valuable to your audience (such as Google+ related content, as Google+ has shut down their operations now), you can simply remove and redirect the URLs to your best performing posts using the 301 redirect plugin.
  • Declutter your website sidebar: Enough said! There’s no point in using too many widgets that don’t add any value. It also increases your website loading times by a great extent.

4. Start writing more

One of the best resolutions every blogger should follow in 2024 and beyond is to improve their writing.

Why? By writing more, you will be able to create content that actually sells. Write more. But writing is not an easy task especially when you’re new to blogging.

Writing is even harder if you’re a non-native English speaker, but just like anything else, writing is also a skill that can be mastered.

Here are a few quick tips to write more as a blogger in 2024.

Write often: This is the single most effective tip if you want to hone your writing skills. There’s no other shortcut to getting better at writing besides writing more and as often as possible.

We recommend you write at least 500 words every single day. We recommend you to check out 750words which you can use to write 750 words every day. This definitely improves your writing as a blogger even if you’re a beginner.

Read more blogs: Read blogs like Copyblogger and other copywriter’s blogs, so you will know how to write captivating content that actually gets read and goes viral online.

5. Start investing money into things that matter

There’s no better investment than learning. If you’re spending money on the right products and courses, you can definitely take your blog to the next level in the coming years.

That being said, here are 2 ways to start investing money in order to get the best ROI in the long run.

  • Invest in the right blogging tools: You should be getting access to the right blogging tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, email marketing tools like Drip or GetResponse and web hosting sites like WPX hosting, etc. to be able to build a money making blog, because it takes money to make money online.
  • Invest in courses and eBooks that talk about blogging, marketing and growth hacking your way to online success

6. Give a new look to your website

How often do you blog? When was the last time you changed your website design?

If you’ve been blogging for a long time, 2024 would be the perfect time to make new changes to your website design.

Give a fresh look to your website. Increase the page loading times. Move to a faster web hosting service like WPX hosting. Install a cache plugin. Improve the overall navigation of your site. Your audience will definitely appreciate it.

If you’re thinking about your budget, you don’t need to hire a designer and spend thousands of dollars to create an appealing and unique design for your websites. You can use Elegant Themes, where you can get access to over 80 premium WordPress themes at just $80.

If you want more details about it, you can go read the Elegant Themes review post where you can find every feature and why you need them. You can also give a try to GeneratePress theme (We are using the same on BloggersPassion).

7. Build that email list

The money is in the list. If you’re new to blogging or have been blogging for some time and still not building an email list, this new year is the right time. Building an email list can be one of the best resolutions for almost all kinds of bloggers.

Whether you know it or not, an email list gives you an ROI of $40 for every $1 you spend on it. That’s a lot of profit, right? So why do you ignore it?

email roi dollar

If you’re still wondering about the importance of email marketing, here are a few quick email marketing stats to spice up your strategy for 2024 and beyond.

  • By the year 2025, nearly 376 billion emails will be sent every single day
  • Currently, over 4 billion people are using email and the number is expected to reach 4.5 billion by the year 2024
  • According to Campaign Monitor, Friday is the best day to send emails as it has the highest email open rate of 18.9% and click-through rates of 2.7%

So what are you still waiting for? Go build that email list! Here are a few quick and easy tips to build an amazing list that actually makes money.

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8. Define your target audience

A new year is the best time to define or redefine your target audience to be able to build a better blog. Without knowing your target audience, it’s harder to create the RIGHT content that generates results.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to define your target audience better.

  • What problem or need does your website or product solve?
  • Create a perfect customer (or “buyer persona”) profile of people affected by the problem or need, including demographics, goals, values, interests, motivations, lifestyle, etc.
  • Think about your market (your competitors, and analyze their websites)
  • What makes your website unique compared to your competitors’ websites?

9. Research your competitors

One of the best ways to take your blog to the next level, in terms of traffic and sales, is to research your competitors’ websites.

Competitor research helps you easily find their strengths and weaknesses so you’ll know what works well for your website. That being said, here are a few ways to use competitor research to your advantage.

Step 1: Build a list of at least 10 to 15 of your competitor websites. You can either use Google or tools like Semrush to easily find who your competitors are.

Step 2: Do a quick analysis of the following tasks for each one of your competitor’s websites.

  • Backlink profile analysis: Make sure to keep an eye on the backlinks and their sources of your competitor websites so you’ll know how to get those links and where to look for link building opportunities.
  • Content analysis: Do you know what the top blog posts of your competitor websites are? If not, you should do a content analysis to find out what their most shared and most popular blog posts are. You can use tools like Buzzsumo for content analysis.
  • Traffic source analysis: Find your competitors top traffic sources using tools like Semrush, Ahrefs and so on. By estimating your competitors’ website traffic, you’ll know where to focus your efforts. Are they getting more traffic from search, social, email or paid traffic? You can also use this tool to check any website traffic.
  • Keywords analysis: What keywords are your competitors ranking for? You can use Semrush for detailed keyword analysis of your competitors’ websites, so you can save a ton of time targeting the RIGHT keyword ideas and topics to increase your organic traffic and sales.
  • On-site SEO analysis: Go to your competitors’ websites and do an audit of those sites. Find out their backlinks and see how they are optimizing their blog posts and pages for various keywords to rank higher in Google and get better conversion rates.

Step 3: From the 2 steps above, you can implement the strategies to improve your website’s overall traffic and sales.

10. Start small, act fast

Last but not least: you need to start small and act really fast.

No matter how big your resolutions for 2024 are, if you want to succeed as a blogger, you must know how to start taking action.

You don’t have to write 10 blog posts every single day, you just need to start small. Start by writing 500 words every day, so you can easily publish a 2000 word blog post twice a week, which is enough to build a profitable blog within a year.

The same thing applies to all other marketing channels too including SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and so on.

10 More New Year Resolutions Every Blogger Should Follow in 2024

Here are 10 more resolutions every blogger should follow to succeed in 2024 and beyond.

1. Believe In Yourself, How You Can, What You Can

This stand will not only help you in blogging but also in your real life. Up and downs in blogging is a part of blogging and we should accept it.

Many people start blogging to make some money, but this isn’t that simple. Everything requires proper efforts and guidelines.

One thing I have observed in my blogging career is newbie bloggers quit blogging once they get rejected by Google AdSense. But dear friends, you don’t need to be sad, as AdSense is not the only way to make money online. You can even check our Make Money Online category which can be helpful.

For this new year, we should all take a stand that we will never lose hope and always believe in ourselves. Every person is born with a unique quality and should find and develop it.

2. Act Professionally In Your Work

I think I make this resolution every year, but as the year passes down, it always gets ignored:(. But readers, if you really want to be more productive in your work, you should be very professional.

Acting professionally during work hours can also be a great resolution or stand to take for this new year. Acting professionally may include working for hours, replying to comments you receive on your posts, interacting with readers, etc..

From now on, make a resolution that you will be more professional in your work. Trust me guys, this will really help you in your life as well as in blogging.

3. Social Media Etiquette

Discipline is very important in every field of work, and when it comes to blogging it is of special importance. You should maintain discipline with your blogging efforts.

Social media is a great source to reach out to millions of people, so I think Social Media Etiquette should also be on the list of resolutions every blogger should follow this year. Many bloggers forget to give respect online and this terribly affects their reputation.

Social media discipline can be maintained by not spamming all around. When you are chatting online with your readers, always be polite and humble to them. When you are sharing something on social media be sure that it does not give any negative message to your fans.

4. Come Up With New And Creative Ideas

Always giving the readers more than their expectation shows how much hard work you are doing for your readers. We can see a large number of posts already written on the same topic, but what will make your post more attractive to readers? Isn’t that a very important question?!

Yes, because until and unless you give some value to your readers, they will not return to your site. So let’s take a stand, that we will always try to come up with unique ideas that will be helpful to our readers.

If you make this resolution and maintain it in your blogging journey, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful blogger ;).

5. Increase Network Among Bloggers

Learning the things that you don’t know is very good practice. This is exactly what I want to say here. Online marketing or blogging is a field that is continuously changing. To be in the race, it’s very important to have a learning attitude all the time.

Making more and more blogging friends can help you simplify this process. I personally worked on this and now I have lots of friends in the blogging community. This helps me find solutions to problems I am facing. Oftentimes we support each other by sharing content, etc.

So from now on, start building your network of bloggers. This will simplify blogging to a great extent.

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6. Get Rid Of All Excuses

Not only in blogging, but also in real life, this will help you a lot. This is also a success mantra told by many successful people.

You can apply the same thing in your blogging. I have found many newbies ignoring the frequency of updating their blogs. They seem to be making various excuses and this just kept them away from their dream of becoming a pro blogger. So this will be a great resolution for you.

Now overcome all the excuses and start working. I would like to share the great Indian proverb –

Rise,  Awake And Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached ~ Swami Vivekanand.

7. Start Reading More

This habit has been bombarded by us since childhood, so why shouldn’t we? Reading is a very good habit and it adds more to our knowledge. For bloggers here I mean to say, start reading famous blogs. Understand them and aim to write much better content than them.

Starting this new year, together we will take the stand of reading other blogs. Reading leads to creativity and develops new and creative ideas. So make the resolution to read more blogs in this coming new year :).

If you seriously follow this, the worries of coming up with new and attractive post titles will also disappear from your mind. In every way, reading more will only help you become a better blogger.

8. Organize And Plan Your Work

Planning first, and then working accordingly, has always helped me to be more productive in my work. Here I would like to say, plan your work and strive to work accordingly.

For this new year, I ask that you properly plan all of the work you have to do. Let’s take the example of replying to comments and commenting on other blogs. If you’re applying this resolution you can dedicate particular days to do certain things and complete them on time.

This will also help you become more professional and can help you take your blogging business more seriously :).

9. Always Think Positively

We know negativity surrounds us all over, but we should always keep a positive mindset. The best way to bring positive energy around is to meditate every day for about 15 minutes.

Concentrate on your work and never become overconfident. Always stay calm and keep working. Some may get fruits for their hard work quickly and for others, it may take time.

So never stop trying and sooner or later success will come your way ;).

10. Experiment More And Enjoy Blogging

This is something I really need ;). In this new year, I will try to experiment more with my writing and also observe the results. Experimenting with new things helps us find different ways to improve, and if not, it at least shows what doesn’t work for us.

Another thing is to enjoy what you’re doing. Whether you’re a content writer, a pro blogger, or anyone else, when you’re doing your work with lots of joy and dedication, you are bound to get lots of success.

I am not saying that if you don’t enjoy blogging you should quit, rather think on the saying –

Don’t Find the job interesting? Make The Job Interesting!

So guys, concentrate on your work and you will automatically start enjoying it.


Here are a few important questions about new year resolutions for bloggers in 2024.

1. What are the top 3 new year resolutions to follow for bloggers?

If we had to pick only the top 3 resolutions for bloggers to follow, they would be these;

  1. Create a content marketing strategy so you’ll know what type of content to create, when to create it and how to generate sales and traffic with your content
  2. Build an email list so you can build trust and awareness on the products and services you offer
  3. Read more (it can be books, taking part in courses and enrolling into membership sites, as learning is the fastest way to success)

2. What’s the FASTEST way to make money blogging in 2024?

There are no shortcuts to making money blogging. Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you’re looking for the fastest way to make money blogging, we recommend that you start offering services. These can be freelance writing, offering SEO services like keyword research, backlink analysis, web design services like logo design, and so on.

3. What are the best blogging books for 2024?

If you’re looking for the best blogging books to build a profitable blog, we highly recommend that you check out the following books on blogging.

  • Secrets To Blogging Your Way To A Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett
  • WordPress To Go by Sarah McHarry
  • How To Start A Successful Blog In One Hour by Steve Scott
  • How To Write Great Blog Posts That Engage Readers by Steve Scott
  • ProBlogger’s Guide To Blogging For Your Business by Mark Hayward

4. How to achieve new year resolutions as a blogger in 2024?

The best way to achieve your new year’s resolutions for 2024, is to start acting on them. Create a plan for next year, then break it down to quarterly and monthly goals and start taking action. There’s no other way around it!

5. How to create a blogging routine?

No matter what new year’s resolutions you have as a blogger, if you don’t follow a routine, your dreams will just be dreams. Create a blogging routine. Spend at least 2 hours a day on it even if you’re working somewhere or studying. That’s the minimum time and effort needed to set up a profitable blog within a year.

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Final Thoughts

New year resolutions are meant to be followed and crushed so you can achieve blogging success. Otherwise, your blogging resolutions will be just dreams. Don’t let that happen. As said above, start small but act fast.

Please let me know in the comments what resolutions you will be following to improve your blogging in 2024.

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    • Hi Ronald, yes writing more helps you no matter what industry you are in. That can be a great resolution to follow in 2019 as well. The quality of your content definitely depends on how much you write every single day!

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  12. That’s a great list Anil, I have been blogging since a year, and I have learned a lot over the period of time. But, More time I get distracted by TV, Youtube as I work from Home. Now, I have taken a membership in the British Council Library near my place. I will be working from there from now.

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    I couldn’t get my eyes of this great quote “Don’t find interesting job, make the job interesting”.

    Thanks for writing this, I can see my blogging career changing for better.

  15. Hey Anil,

    First off, great post. We, as bloggers, should always have our own blogging resolutions.

    And the 10 you listed above should be followed in 2016.

    I especially like #1 and #6.

    We should always believe in ourselves and never lose hope. If you keep doing what you got to do, you will get to where you want to be. 🙂

    As for making blogger friends, extremely important!

    I finally get that. I started blogging 2 years ago. And for like 15 months, at least, I always ignored it. I always thought I could do it alone.

    But no. Making friends in the blogging community can bring you tons of success. Like traffic and social shares.

    All you have to do is get out there and start reaching out (pretty much). 🙂

    Well, Anil… Enjoy the rest of the year.

    Here’s to a very AWESOME 2016. 😀


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    • You are welcome Gaurav. And Happy New Year

      Good to know you are finding my resolutions motivational. I hope I will be able to improve myself as a blogger in 2016. Best of luck for new year.

  23. Well, This article is really great. And I hope that I could follow the guidelines correctly. Thanks for sharing it. And Happy New Year 🙂

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