Why First 6 Months of Blogging Is the Hardest

Why First 6 Months of Blogging Is the Hardest

6 months of blogging is hard

Every professional was once an amateur.

Many bloggers quit within their first 6 months of their blogging journey. And here are the reasons: they don’t make any money, traffic, comments or shares on their blogs. If no one is listening to you, it really demotivates you to continue, this is true in blogging. Don’t worry, everyone faces this difficult phase and you will only be successful if you don’t lose faith.

Here are few reasons why first 6 months of blogging is the hardest and what you should do avoid the burnout phase in blogging.

Why blogging is so hard in first 6 months?

6 months of blogging is hard

No one knows you

It’s all about connections that make you successful in online. Who knows you and whom you know is very important in taking your blog to the next level. I always wonder why most new bloggers don’t spend much time in networking with other bloggers.

If you don’t spend quality time in connecting with other bloggers, there’s no way you can get wider reach for your blog. Spend time on blog commenting, guest blogging and networking with others on social media sites.

Never leave one or two liner blog comments, always read their posts thoroughly and make meaningful comments. This way you will be able to get their attention and some traffic to your blogs.

And guest posting is the best way to get more reach to your blog posts especially if it’s brand new. Spend time in analyzing your targeted blogs topics and write suitable posts for them. If you often share their posts on social media sites and leave good comments, the chances of getting your guest post accepted will be more.

You don’t make any money

It’s almost impossible to make money if you are a beginner blogger in first 6 months. Why? You might not have enough traffic to earn through different programs like Google AdSense, Chitika or AdBrite.

Similarly people may not be interested in buying your affiliate products because they are not aware of what you sell. So it’s hard to make money in the first six months of your blogging career.

You have to be persistent and never give up on your dreams. Then and only then you will have more chances to make money from your blogging efforts. Always remember, there are no shortcuts in making money online. You have to learn from your mistakes and be consistent in your efforts.

If you want to quickly make money from your blog, try to use Fiverr to monetize your skills. You can use their services like logo design, writing posts, creating ebooks etc as this is one of the fantastic ways to make money online even if you are new to blogging. Later you can use these skills to sell your stuff using your own blogs.

You barely get any traffic

Without traffic you can’t make much money online, can you? Traffic is the lifeblood for any successful blog. Most bloggers quit before six months of their blogging journey because they don’t see any hike in traffic.

In the first 6 months of blogging, without having any online connections, you won’t get much traffic. Trust me, I have done this and I know it’s quite hard to get 1000’s of visitors from a brand new blog.

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes to get huge traffic to your blog posts in this Google era. Google is coming with new updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird’s etc. They are making it hard to survive as a blogger and it is becoming hard to get more traffic to blogs from Google.

If you are blog is brand new focusing on increasing your blog traffic from search engines is a waste of time because organic traffic takes time (some times it may take years to get traffic from specific keywords).

So focus on getting traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These 3 sites can give you a lot of traffic whenever your publish a new post. But you should build a brand for yourself on these sites to get others attention. Here are few tips on how to do that.

  • Send friend requests to all the bloggers in your niche using Facebook. Follow people on twitter and circle lot of bloggers on your Google+.
  • Start sharing their contents from your profiles. This can help them to recognize you. Sooner or later, if your stuff is good, they will also start promoting your posts.
  • Use Facebook groups to your advantage, there are lot of groups where you can promote your posts. If you have great headlines, there will be many people interested in reading and promoting your stuff. So write powerful headlines.
  • Try to get more followers on Twitter. Try to be active on it and share quality links on your twitter timeline. Following others can also help you get more twitter followers.

You don’t know how to write for both readers and search engines

Writing is hard especially if you are new to online world. It takes lot of time to get good at writing and you need to convince both your readers and search engines to build a profitable blog.

Writing for both readers and search engine bots is not a rocket science. Here are few things to keep in mind to satisfy both.

  • Write for readers first. Then optimize for search engines.
  • Always write detailed posts instead of short posts (500-600 words don’t rank high in a competitive niche)
  • Linking is the key to get more traffic (whenever you write a post, relevantly link to old posts and external linking also helps)
  • Use proper sub heads, alt tags on images and headlines to get more traffic from search engines.
  • Never copy others content, it definitely lowers your SERP rankings
  • Whenever you use others quotes, images or references, give them credit by linking to their sites from your blog posts.

If you do the above tasks every time you write a post, you will soon notice a traffic hike irrespective of Google latest algorithms. And don’t blame Google for decreasing your traffic, if you always post quality content on your blogs, Google definitely rewards your site by giving top ranking to your keywords. Just focus on producing quality stuff all the time.

What do you think are the reasons people quit within their first 6 months of blogging? Do you have any more tips on encouraging people to continue blogging without quitting on their first 6 months of blogging career?


  1. vikas yadav says:

    Hello@Anil:- I am also agree your all points. But, I think you have also mention LinkedIn as another great social media platforms, because LinkedIn can give a new ways to and brand and there are thousands of Business owner, freelance, blogger and many other people who daily used LinkedIn. and LinkedIn is also great tools to popularize a new blogs.

  2. Varun says:

    The first crucial month of a blogger is like a first six months of a new born baby 🙂
    when someone starts as a newbie, it’s really difficult to stand out from the crowd because almost all niches are crowded with thousands of blogs.

  3. Pramod says:

    Awesome post Anil and inspiring as well. It is very hard to keep on going without having any money making program and less traffic but blog like BloggersPassion keep us inspired and motivated. One thing you said about fiverr that in starting we can make money from it but it is still hard for a newbie to get work their unless he offers something unique. So I would say try to improve your skills in first six months and forget about making money.

  4. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Great post sir.And I am really feeling good now that there are probloggers like you really care for the newbies. I am going from this peroid now and understand that its all matter of hardwork and patience

  5. Mahaveer says:

    Hi Anil. It is my own experience that the only thing that can help an amateur continue for more than 6 months is his interest and will power.

    Usually, people think of blogging as a get rich quick scheme or a job with less efforts and that’s why low traffic or no earnings make it difficult for them to continue.

    Whenever I meet any of my friend who faces the same situation, I advice them to keep patience, have faith in their work and to keep going.

    • vikas yadav says:

      Hello@Mahaveer:- I agree your opinion that patience and traffic is the key to success in the blogging. But I saw many bloggers which having good traffic on their blog but stills they unable to take good amount of money from their blog.
      In addition, to the traffic, patience another factors which matters a lot about the identify of the blogger in the blogosphere. without identity you can not get comment, backlinks etc. on your blogs, that is also a plus points.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      That’s true. Its due to our will power and interest about the thing we are blogging inspires us keep on doing blogging whether we are able to make any money from our blogs or not. The real problem is for lots of those bloggers who started doing blogging just for money and who were expecting like they will become rich overnight with blogging, which is not true.

  6. Naveen says:

    These days people stat blogging that after seeing some earning proofs of others and think they can also make money easily and later they realizes that the amount of hard work need to put initially and they quit from blogging.

    So in the initial 6 months we should put hard work to prove stand out from the crowd.

    • Pramod says:

      Yes, Naveen you are absolutely right, there are lots of blogger who fakes their earnings and that’s why many starts blogging. Although these earning sometimes keep us motivated but if we only look for money and money then it’s waste of time.

  7. Hi. Anil Bro
    very helpful Article i found here. sorry bro This is my first visit on your blog. and when i read many posts then think I’m reading a Helpful Blog. Thanks Bro……

    Keep Sharing..

  8. frank joseph says:

    So so true…. I know a lot of bloggers who have been trying to make money online and then after a few months they are gone!
    You stated the reasons clearly why bloggers fails and if only they can just follow the guide provided here, they will be successful just like https://www.bloggerspassion.com !

    Connecting with other bloggers have been one of the thing that has increased my earnings and a little popularity 😀

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Congrats frank for the good work that are doing.

      Whenever i’m approached by a newbie blogger, I try to make him convince like you should keep on giving you best efforts and soon result will come your way. Don’t lose faith in your abilities. No one is going become a millionaire overnight with blogging. Its going to take some time before you start smelling the taste of success from your blog.

  9. Nikhil says:

    Great Post Anil,
    The pain points you noted and the solution given to them are great. I agree with you that first six month are struggling to any blogger and blogger need to survive in those conditions. If he do that, he can eligible to be called as a real blogger.

  10. rajeshisoftway says:

    It is really hard for maintaining the blog first six months period,Because nobody will knows our blog.but for reaching blog much more wider social media like Facebook and Google plus etc which helps us our blog will reach many more people.For money making point of view,one should prepare for their initial days,because no income will come.More important thing is Blogger should post good article then only people will visit our blog regularly.thanks for sharing your ideas to us.

  11. Anirudh Anand says:

    Very true… First 6 months is like the sad and hardest part for any blogger. I too have gone through the same. Only determined bloggers will come out with flying colors…

  12. Syed Ali says:

    My first six months were very hard as i couldn’t understand anything about blogging

  13. I was just browsing through some old articles here and found this post. I am very impressed that the titles of your paragraphs are so natural and true, they suit me well. I mean, I also have a blog and trying to monetize it and get traffic. I hope these tips will help me.

  14. Sumil Dutta says:

    That’s a really motivating post Anil. I can relate this to my 10k running experiences where most newbie’s run full speed in the start and after 3-4 kms they loose all energy, are not anywhere near to the finish line and finally give up. Initially i did the same mistake and realised key lies in maintaining a consistent speed, staying motivated and not burning out self in excitement.
    When i started blogging 4 months back the first month pageviews were 86 and today the same number is for a days page view.I see google also referring my pages.I am really hoping to see better results in near future.

  15. Mary Ann Garson says:

    indeed true, I am still on my 4 months of blogging, your words resonate me, thank you for sharing this useful information with us.

  16. ColeN says:

    Nice post. I have a 10 months blog and all this is true. I would like to add testing and site optimization as the things you should do with your blog. This includes SEO but site speed, design and performance too.

  17. Shalaria says:

    Also, most new bloggers try to do this alone.

    Building a community isn’t just successful for your blog, it’s also a great way to receive support and motivation that will keep you going.

  18. Faith Biete says:

    I have been blogging for the past 4 months. I write or update my blog once in a week. So far one of my artcle is ranking in google first page. Lucky me huh!

  19. Gigi says:

    I started my blog back in February and was discouraged at first, especially after the first few months where page views were really low. It has definitely picked up as of late and it’s been awesome! Pinterest has been a major factor in driving traffic to my site. The key to using Pinterest is making your graphics look clean and inviting. I use Canva and it has been so helpful. Also, don’t be afraid to make multiple edits to your graphic if they aren’t up to par. You definitely don’t have to strive for perfection, but spell-check, have a good color scheme, and write captivating text!

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