Why First 6 Months of Blogging Is the Hardest [What to Do to Succeed]

Every professional was once an amateur.

Many bloggers quit within their first 6 months of their blogging journey to build a profitable blog. And here are the reasons: they don’t make any money, traffic, comments or shares on their blogs. If no one is listening to you, it really demotivates you to continue, this is true in blogging. Don’t worry, everyone faces this difficult phase and you will only be successful if you don’t lose faith.

So let’s discuss about few reasons why first 6 months of blogging is the hardest and what you should do avoid the burnout phase in blogging.

Why First 6 Months Of Blogging Is The Hardest

6 months of blogging

No one knows you

It’s all about connections that make you successful in online world. Who knows you and whom you know is very important in taking your blog to the next level. I always wonder why most new bloggers don’t spend much time in networking with other bloggers.

If you don’t spend quality time in connecting with other bloggers, there’s no way you can get wider reach for your blog. Spend time on blog commenting, guest blogging and networking with others on social media sites.

Never leave one or two liner blog comments, always read their posts thoroughly and make meaningful comments. This way you will be able to get their attention and some traffic to your blogs.

online repo

And guest posting is the best way to get more reach to your blog posts especially if it’s brand new. Spend time in analyzing your targeted blogs topics and write suitable posts for them. If you often share their posts on social media sites and leave good comments, the chances of getting your guest post accepted will be more.

You don’t make any money

It’s almost impossible to make money if you are a beginner blogger in first 6 months. Why? You might not have enough traffic to earn through different programs like Google AdSense, Chitika or AdBrite.

Similarly people may not be interested in buying your affiliate products because they are not aware of what you sell. So it’s hard to make money in the first six months of your blogging career.

You have to be persistent and never give up on your dreams. Then and only then you will have more chances to make money from your blogging efforts. Always remember, there are no shortcuts in making money online. You have to learn from your mistakes and be consistent in your efforts.

If you want to quickly make money from your blog, try to use Fiverr to monetize your skills. You can use their services like logo design, writing posts, creating ebooks etc as this is one of the fantastic ways to make money online even if you are new to blogging. Later you can use these skills to sell your stuff using your own blogs.

You barely get any traffic

Without traffic you can’t make much money online, can you? Traffic is the lifeblood for any successful blog. Most bloggers quit before six months of their blogging journey because they don’t see any hike in traffic.

In the first 6 months, without having any online connections, you won’t get much traffic. Trust me, I have done this and I know it’s quite hard to get 1000’s of visitors from a brand new blog.

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes to get huge traffic to your blog posts in this Google era. Google is coming with new updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird’s etc. They are making it hard to survive as a blogger and it is becoming hard to get more traffic to blogs from Google.

Mostly your blog stats will look like this (in the first few months);

lack of website stats

If your blog is brand new focusing on increasing your blog traffic from search engines is a waste of time because organic traffic takes time (some times it may take years to get traffic from specific keywords).

So focus on getting traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. These 3 sites can give you a lot of traffic whenever your publish a new post. But you should build a brand for yourself on these sites to get others attention. Here are few tips on how to do that.

  • Send friend requests to all the bloggers in your niche using Facebook. Follow people on twitter and connect with lot of bloggers on Pinterest.
  • Start sharing their contents from your profiles. This can help them to recognize you. Sooner or later, if your stuff is good, they will also start promoting your posts.
  • Use Facebook groups to your advantage, there are lot of groups where you can promote your posts. If you have great headlines, there will be many people interested in reading and promoting your stuff. So write powerful headlines.
  • Try to get more followers on Twitter. Try to be active on it and share quality links on your twitter timeline. Following others can also help you get more twitter followers.

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You don’t know how to write for both readers and search engines

Writing is hard especially if you are new to online world. It takes lot of time to get good at writing and you need to convince both your readers and search engines to build a profitable blog.

Writing for both readers and search engine bots is not a rocket science. Here are few things to keep in mind to satisfy both.

  • Write for readers first. Then optimize for search engines.
  • Always write detailed posts instead of short posts (500-600 words don’t rank high in a competitive niche)
  • Linking is the key to get more traffic (whenever you write a post, relevantly link to old posts and external linking also helps)
  • Use proper sub heads, alt tags on images and headlines to get more traffic from search engines.
  • Never copy others content, it definitely lowers your SERP rankings
  • Whenever you use others quotes, images or references, give them credit by linking to their sites from your blog posts.

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If you do the above tasks every time you write a post, you will soon notice a traffic hike irrespective of Google latest algorithms. And don’t blame Google for decreasing your traffic, if you always post quality content on your blogs, Google definitely rewards your site by giving top ranking to your keywords. Just focus on producing quality stuff all the time.

Do’s and Don’ts

In the first 6 months of blogging, most people make a lot of terrible mistakes that can decide the fate of their blog. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of blogging to build a better blog in the long run.


  • Do invest in blogging. Be it in website design, hosting or getting a premium domain name. It is all worth it if you’re aiming for long term results.
  • Learn SEO and other essential blogging related skills.
  • Learn how to write that sells.
  • Learn to be great at networking with other bloggers. After all, successful blogging is all about helping others. Tweet others stuff, mention them, link back to their posts and so on
  • Do optimize your blog posts for search engines, but give first priority to your target audience.
  • Post frequently and stick to a consistent blog posting schedule if you want to increase your traffic and get some rewarding results
  • Use proper headlines that catch your audience attention
  • Build your blog for your audience, not for you


  • Don’t write guest posts for the sake of links, do it for relationships or traffic
  • Don’t ignore your email list as it can be the most powerful asset you can have in the long run
  • Don’t copy content and publish it again on your blog
  • Don’t ignore the promotion part as it’s more important than content creation itself
  • Don’t ignore the power of building links. If you need more traffic, you need to find ways to build quality links

Top 10 goals to achieve in first 6 months of blogging

Here are top 10 goals every blogger should aim to achieve in the first 6 months to take their blog to the next level in 2022 and beyond.

1. Build a list of 500 email subscribers

The fastest way to start making money from a new blog or website is to build an email list and create awareness about the products and services you offer. Just make sure to focus on sending regular email newsletters to your subscribers that add immense value instead of pitching sales emails.

Getting your first 500 email subscribers in the first 6 months should be your ideal goal which is easier to achieve if you can break down the goal into;

  • Getting your first 100 subscribers in first 2 months
  • Reaching to 250 subscribers in 4 months and
  • Finally getting your first 500 subscribers in 6 months

Email list has the biggest ROI.

email roi

The fastest way to build and grow your email list is;

  • Use giveaways
  • Write guest posts and link back to the landing pages where you can show email optin forms
  • Use content upgrades
  • Use freebies such as eBooks to collect more emails quickly

2. Get 1000 twitter followers

Twitter is the most powerful medium that can bring you a ton of targeted visitors to your site no matter what industry you are in. Traffic coming from twitter converts way better than any other social media platform including Facebook, Instagram and so on.

The best way to generate more traffic from twitter is to increase your twitter following. While it’s not so easy to get more followers especially when you’re starting out, but you can aim to get your first 1000 followers in the first 6 months.

The simple thing you can do to increase twitter following is to find a list of influencers in your industry, follow them all and also start following their followers too. This hack works like a charm as you’ll get at least 20 to 30 followers out of 100 people you follow.

You can use tools like Tweepi to unfollow those who don’t follow you. Repeat the step until you get your first 1k twitter followers.

3. Publish at least 10 guest posts

Without a doubt, guest posting is the most effective way to build dofollow links. Your goal should be to be able to publish at least 10 guest posts on authority sites in your industry.

It’s not so easy to land on authority sites but that’s where the fun is, you’ll learn a lot in the journey. So aim high and start writing guest posts at least once in a week for other relevant blogs in your industry.

4. Publish 50 blog posts

Most blogging experts say “don’t publish too many contents” but from my 10 years of blogging experience, I can suggest you that, you should publish as many blog posts as possible especially when you’re getting started.

Do you know why? When your blog is new, the first thing you need is to improve its traffic especially from search engines. And the only way to increase your search traffic is to create content by targeting the right keywords with low search volume.

You never know which blog posts go viral and receive more traffic, so you need to fail fast and find out the RIGHT kind of content that works well for your audience. The only way to do that is to create at least 50 blog posts in your first 6 months after starting your blog.

5. Build at least one income stream

If you’re completely new to blogging, you should know one thing that it takes a ton of time and skills to earn decent income from blogging. Whether you know it or not, 9 out of 10 bloggers never make even $100 from their blogs. It’s the harsh truth, so avoid such situation of making no money, you must find at least one income source that you can cash in on.

That being said, focus on those income streams that help you earn money even while you sleep instead of finding ways to earn money only when you work (such as freelancing). Here are few passive income sources you can try;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating and selling your own products
  • Automating your blog’s cash flow (that means, investing $100 in content creation and SEO and generating $200 or even more and repeating the process)

6. Create 5 pillar blog posts

Pillar blog posts contain a ton of information. The best example is we recently wrote a massive article on the best affiliate programs which is around 16000 words. That’s called a pillar article because you’ll find almost every affiliate program under the sun on a wide range of topics.

Pillar blog posts are helpful for;

  • Increasing your search traffic
  • Increasing your social shares and comments
  • Attracting quality links from other sites
  • Increasing your readership and so on

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7. Increase your traffic numbers to 100 to 200 visits a day

When you’ve a new blog, it’s extremely difficult to get visitors from search engines. That’s the reason why you should take baby steps and focus on achieving tiny goals. Instead of aiming at attracting thousands of visitors to your site from search engines, attract 100 visitors a day within 6 months and you’ll be on your way to success.

Most blogs die within 6 months due to lack of traffic. So find ways to increase your traffic. Don’t rely upon one traffic source though, try to use blogging forums, blog commenting, social media sites, guest posts and so on to bring more visitors to your site.

8. Earn at least $100 within first 6 months off your blog

Earning your first $1 gives enough momentum and courage to take your blog to the next level. So plan on how you can make your first few bucks through your blog. We recommend you to give a try to blog services such as freelancing, writing, design or whatever skills you have.

And ask your readers to try your services. Just make sure to put an affordable entry price tag so you can easily make your first $100 within first 6 months of blogging.

9. Attract 100 comments

If you’re starting a new blog, make sure to reward your commenters. Comment on others blogs, start responding to every comment you get and make sure to install a plugin like “Top commenters” widget to attract your first 100 comments.

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10. Increase your website DA

You can focus on improving your website’s DA (Domain Authority by Moz) which gets updated every month. If you can get to 20 to 30 DA within first few months, you’re doing something really great in terms of building links for your site.


Here are few important questions you might want to know if you want to succeed in the first 6 months after starting a blog.

Why no one is reading my blog?

This is one of the most common problems faced by new bloggers. There could be a lot of reasons behind not having any readership for your blog such as;

→ Your content is generic
→ You’re writing on a broad topic
→ You’re not creating anything unique, useful and problem solving
→ You’re not spending time and money on promotion, SEO and so on

Why isn’t my blog making money?

First things first, a new blog doesn’t make money so quickly unless you’ve a foolproof way to make money. Building a profitable blog takes time but if you want to get the ball rolling fast, give a try to freelancing and providing services through your blog.

How to network with others as a new blogger?

Make sure to leave comments, write guest posts for others, connect with other bloggers on social media and email regularly to appreciate others efforts as they all add up in the long run.

How much traffic you should get to your website in the first 6 months?

There’s no thumb rule on how much traffic you should get to your website in the first 6 months as every industry is different and it also depends on the quality of your content and how good you’re optimizing your content for search engines.

That being said, if you’re getting at least 100 visitors a day in the first 6 months of blogging, you’re doing a great job (if you’re in a competitive niche).

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Final Thoughts

Yes, first six months to 1 year of blogging is really the hardest but you should be aware of one simple thing that it takes time and consistency to build a money making blog.

Just don’t look for shortcuts and get carried away if you don’t see results in terms of traffic and sales in the beginning, then you’ll be fine.

Do you’ve any questions related to making money from blogging? What do you think are the reasons people quit within their first 6 months of blogging? Do you have any more tips on encouraging people to continue blogging without quitting their blogging career? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Anil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. BloggersPassion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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  1. Thank you Anil Agarwal. I learnt a lot from your post.

    My blog was created about two weeks ago, and I am almost pissing off – since no one is visiting. But through this post I learnt that all successful bloggers once face the same things: No visits, no comment, no revenue.

    Now, with this information I know I am not alone.


  2. Awesome article, Anil. It was much needed, at least for me. Having been struggling with my own blog for around 7-8months, I totally understand whatever you have mentioned here. Thanks for sharing these really helpful tips. I’m sure it will help and I’ll make sure to follow these to improve my own blog.

  3. hello Anil sir,
    I am agreed with your all points, maybe you forgot about Youtube, Youtube is a great platform to goes your content viral and also Yotube has lots of daily views so we have to take advantage of Youtube. when my blog was new that time Youtube is my main source for traffic.

    • True, YouTube is a great platform to increase your visibility online. In fact, recently I started making videos on YouTube (you can subscribe from here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqGj9uABhmcUK2AjNIAGmyQ). If you’re interested in learning blogging, you should check it out. I’m also doing some of the videos in Hindi.

      • I have already subscribed you on youtube, I am continuously following you for 6 months and I have learned lots of blogging tips from you.

  4. hi anil
    yes, blogging takes time. it may be months or even years. it totally depend upon how much time we are putting, how we are doing smartly, how we are connecting with others, how we are engaging on social media. all these factors come into play while blogging. we have to follow the industry experts, we have to read and apply the influencers suggestions for their blog posts. great article.

    • Hi Venkat, true that it takes time to build a money making blog. If it was so easy, everyone would be blogging, right? You need to be consistent, create great content for a long time, bring traffic from search to be able to generate profits from your blog. That’s why first 6 months of blogging is so much important. Glad you found it useful.

  5. I started my blogging journey at 6 month ago, now i slowly slowly understand what SEO is ! because SEO is the one and only way to get Organic traffic. after rank 5-6 contents i can say ” OBSERVE+RESEARCH+PRACTICE+APPLY+AND KEEP patience = GOOD RESULT

    • Hi Ashish, that’s a keen observation. Glad you’re learning about SEO. Make sure to spend time on learning how to find great keywords using tools like SEMrush, Ubersuggest and so on. You can also subscribe to Moz Friday whiteboard videos where you can a ton of things about SEO.

  6. Improve a blog search engine position is a hard work, and probably will take more than 6 months to have good results in a competitive niches. But create theses objectives is a excellent way to stay motivate in the tedious process of Search Engine Optimization.

    • Yes, that’s so true, increasing your search traffic is not easy as it sounds. That’s why many people fail to build money making blogs. It takes time and you need to be consistent.

  7. Once again, you are discoursing another topic that is less talked about by pro bloggers. One thing that amazes me about you is that you did not only share quality tips and tricks, you also inspire and encourages new blogger. kudos to you man.
    I promise to locate you when i visit India as i am Planning to visit soon.
    thanks once again
    thumb up

    • Hi Simon, so glad. Yes, do visit India and when you come here, do let me know and I stay in Delhi, we can definitely catch up some day. Thanks for the great words.

  8. Loved this article read through many articles but none as relatable as much as this one. I have just started blogging around three months ago and my daily traffic was always in range of (0-8) and all those were from facebook or other media accounts none from google. This gets quite frustrating honestly as it feels like shouting in thin air.
    Really glad to see I am not the only one and am not in a situation that is unique to me.

    Thanks for the article it put a lot of things in the right perspective for me and now I know what I should do in the next 3 months. Definitely going to bookmark this article.

    • Hey Som, yes you’re not the only one who’s struggling with pitiful of traffic. Almost everyone without the right SEO strategy struggles with getting more traffic especially from search. You need to create contents by optimizing them for few keywords. Only then, you’ll get good results in the long run.

  9. I am a new logger and all the points that you have explained here sound so true for me! It is as if, I am reading my own report! My blog is just 3 months old but I can identify the hopes and fears expressed in this post.
    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Sukanya, glad you liked it and nice to find that you’re doing well with your 3 months old blog. My top tip is to focus on building a network around your blog either using a Facebook group or email list so you don’t have to rely upon Google for sending you traffic.

  10. Dear Anil,

    I have started my own educational blog and trying very hard to sustain it on the net from the last one year. After reading your article I am truly inspired and like to say tons of thank for this wonderful article. Would you guide me how can i stay here in blogging world.

    Kind regards
    Raju Vasishtha

    • Hi Raju, just make sure to focus on being consistent. Plan your content well in advance. Look at your competitors sites and find out their top performing keywords. See if you can cover those topics and create 10x better content. That’s how you can establish yourself as an authority in your field.

  11. Thank you so much Anil Sir for sharing the article. By the far, this is the best blog about the initial stage of the blogging if you want to become a pro in blogging and I am surely going to implement these tactics.

    • Hi Jyoti, yes once you get past the initial stages of blogging and start making money, you can get comfortable with blogging.

  12. Blogging really does feel like an uphill battle, especially in the beginning. It’s likely that you’ll publish article after article with absolutely zero results.

    It’s really no different than publishing several YouTube videos with only one or two views each. Who wouldn’t want to give up?

    The difference between winners and losers lies in their perseverance, along with a solid plan consisting of realistic goals and milestones. And as you said, the promotion (and networking) is vastly superior to simply posting mindlessly and endlessly.

    The question to new bloggers now is: Are you going to be just another person that gave up too soon?

    Thanks for the awesome read,

    • Hi Elvis, it’s so true what you said, blogging really does feel like an uphill battle, especially in the beginning. It’s likely that you’ll publish article after article with absolutely zero results. But that’s what any real business feels like. You need to hustle a lot to see the results.

  13. Hello Anil,
    Exactly you wrote here the real story of every bloggers now they are may be expert or even still beginners. But in my opinion, the consistency and dedication makes a blogger success. Because, i have failed with many my sites, i can rank the websites but the ranking dropped some days ago. And analyzed those reason and again start blogging and clearing all those mistakes and learned a lot from mistakes. When a blogger know what to do and what don’t do and working consistently, success will follow him. Anyway, Thanks for this valuable post here.


    • Hi Shajeer, yes, consistency and dedication makes a blogger successful. If you’re not consistent, no matter how talented you are, you’ll never build a profitable blog. Just make sure to create a content calendar for at least 1 year for your blog, be consistent with your posting frequency, find new ways to grow your traffic.

  14. Hey Anil,

    You are right, beginning of any venture is the hardest. We make our minds about the things we would do when we achieve a certain goal but the reality is that, it would take a lot of effort and dedication.
    Whenever I am feeling low, I go to Reddit’s just started subreddit and read success stories.
    They are the true inspirational material.
    Anyways kudos on the awesome article
    keep up the good work

    • Hi Bhawna, yes beginning is always the hardest because it’s hard to climb when you don’t see any results even if you’re working hard. That’s why you need to keep small and tiny goals you can achieve regularly. For instance, if you’re just starting out, you can get your first 50 subscribers and then focus on 100, 250 and so on.

  15. I started my blog back in February and was discouraged at first, especially after the first few months where page views were really low. It has definitely picked up as of late and it’s been awesome! Pinterest has been a major factor in driving traffic to my site. The key to using Pinterest is making your graphics look clean and inviting. I use Canva and it has been so helpful. Also, don’t be afraid to make multiple edits to your graphic if they aren’t up to par. You definitely don’t have to strive for perfection, but spell-check, have a good color scheme, and write captivating text!

    • Hi Gigi, Yes, as you said the key to using Pinterest is making your graphics look clean and inviting. I also use Canva and it has been so helpful for image editing (we also use photoshop tools to edit our images on the blog) As you said, don’t be afraid to make multiple edits to your graphic if they aren’t up to par. You definitely don’t have to strive for perfection, but spell-check, have a good color scheme, and write captivating text. Thanks for the comment and suggestions.

  16. I have been blogging for the past 4 months. I write or update my blog once in a week. So far one of my artcle is ranking in google first page. Lucky me huh!

    • Hi Faith glad to know that you are ranking on first page of Google. Just make sure not to depend only upon Google if you want long lasting results. You should always diversify your traffic sources.

  17. Also, most new bloggers try to do this alone.

    Building a community isn’t just successful for your blog, it’s also a great way to receive support and motivation that will keep you going.

    • That’s so true, like most people think, building a community isn’t just successful for your blog, it’s also a great way to receive support and motivation that will keep you going. It will also help you easily get in touch with others, know their problems, share ideas, bring more traffic, increase your site sales and so on.

  18. Nice post. I have a 10 months blog and all this is true. I would like to add testing and site optimization as the things you should do with your blog. This includes SEO but site speed, design and performance too.

    • Yes both testing and site optimization should be done if you want to take your blog to the next level. Make sure to increase your site speed as search engines do love sites that open quickly in ideal circumstances. Site speed heavily depends on your server’s response time. JavaScript and CSS also play an important role to create a website with a fast average site speed.

  19. indeed true, I am still on my 4 months of blogging, your words resonate me, thank you for sharing this useful information with us.

  20. That’s a really motivating post Anil. I can relate this to my 10k running experiences where most newbie’s run full speed in the start and after 3-4 kms they loose all energy, are not anywhere near to the finish line and finally give up. Initially i did the same mistake and realised key lies in maintaining a consistent speed, staying motivated and not burning out self in excitement.
    When i started blogging 4 months back the first month pageviews were 86 and today the same number is for a days page view.I see google also referring my pages.I am really hoping to see better results in near future.

    • Hi Sumil, great comparison if you’re new to 10k, you’ll find it hard to even run for 2 minutes. But with time and practice, you’ll learn how to speed up and when to run slow to finish 10k run. Just like that, blogging is what comes naturally with experience. The more you blog, the better things you’ll learn. Glad to know that your traffic is increasing month by month. All the best.

  21. Very true… First 6 months is like the sad and hardest part for any blogger. I too have gone through the same. Only determined bloggers will come out with flying colors…

    • Exactly, only determined bloggers will succeed. That’s the whole point of this post. If you’re new to blogging, make sure to focus on building a community and spreading your word instead of making money.

  22. Hi,
    It is really hard for maintaining the blog first six months period,Because nobody will knows our blog.but for reaching blog much more wider social media like Facebook and Google plus etc which helps us our blog will reach many more people.For money making point of view,one should prepare for their initial days,because no income will come.More important thing is Blogger should post good article then only people will visit our blog regularly.thanks for sharing your ideas to us.

    • Hi Rajesh, it’s true. No one knows you and no one reads your blog if your blog is new. Even if your content is great, you need to spread the word out. You can do commenting, guest posting, social media promotion and all to succeed.

  23. Great Post Anil,
    The pain points you noted and the solution given to them are great. I agree with you that first six month are struggling to any blogger and blogger need to survive in those conditions. If he do that, he can eligible to be called as a real blogger.

    • Hi Nikhil, yes first 6 months of blogging is always the hardest and that’s the reason why you need to work even harder. Just focus on the process, not the results if you want to succeed.

  24. So so true…. I know a lot of bloggers who have been trying to make money online and then after a few months they are gone!

    You stated the reasons clearly why bloggers fails and if only they can just follow the guide provided here, they will be successful just like bloggerspassion.com

    Connecting with other bloggers have been one of the thing that has increased my earnings and a little popularity 😀

    • Congrats frank for the good work that are doing.

      Whenever i’m approached by a newbie blogger, I try to make him convince like you should keep on giving you best efforts and soon result will come your way. Don’t lose faith in your abilities. No one is going become a millionaire overnight with blogging. Its going to take some time before you start smelling the taste of success from your blog.

  25. These days people stat blogging that after seeing some earning proofs of others and think they can also make money easily and later they realizes that the amount of hard work need to put initially and they quit from blogging.

    So in the initial 6 months we should put hard work to prove stand out from the crowd.

    • Yes, Naveen you are absolutely right, there are lots of blogger who fakes their earnings and that’s why many starts blogging. Although these earning sometimes keep us motivated but if we only look for money and money then it’s waste of time.

  26. Hi Anil. It is my own experience that the only thing that can help an amateur continue for more than 6 months is his interest and will power.

    Usually, people think of blogging as a get rich quick scheme or a job with less efforts and that’s why low traffic or no earnings make it difficult for them to continue.

    Whenever I meet any of my friend who faces the same situation, I advice them to keep patience, have faith in their work and to keep going.

    • [email protected]:- I agree your opinion that patience and traffic is the key to success in the blogging. But I saw many bloggers which having good traffic on their blog but stills they unable to take good amount of money from their blog.
      In addition, to the traffic, patience another factors which matters a lot about the identify of the blogger in the blogosphere. without identity you can not get comment, backlinks etc. on your blogs, that is also a plus points.

    • That’s true. Its due to our will power and interest about the thing we are blogging inspires us keep on doing blogging whether we are able to make any money from our blogs or not. The real problem is for lots of those bloggers who started doing blogging just for money and who were expecting like they will become rich overnight with blogging, which is not true.

  27. Great post sir.And I am really feeling good now that there are probloggers like you really care for the newbies. I am going from this peroid now and understand that its all matter of hardwork and patience

  28. Awesome post Anil and inspiring as well. It is very hard to keep on going without having any money making program and less traffic but blog like BloggersPassion keep us inspired and motivated. One thing you said about fiverr that in starting we can make money from it but it is still hard for a newbie to get work their unless he offers something unique. So I would say try to improve your skills in first six months and forget about making money.

    • Hi Pramod, yes it’s indeed hard to get motivation when you don’t see results like traffic or sales from your blog. But that’s how it is. You need to be determined to be able to create a money making blog.

  29. The first crucial month of a blogger is like a first six months of a new born baby 🙂
    when someone starts as a newbie, it’s really difficult to stand out from the crowd because almost all niches are crowded with thousands of blogs.

    • True that, if your treat your blog like a baby, you’ll be spending most time around developing it. Just make sure to find ways to make money from your new blog so you can sustain it for a long time.

  30. [email protected]:- I am also agree your all points. But, I think you have also mention LinkedIn as another great social media platforms, because LinkedIn can give a new ways to and brand and there are thousands of Business owner, freelance, blogger and many other people who daily used LinkedIn. and LinkedIn is also great tools to popularize a new blogs.

    • Hi Vikas, Yes, LinkedIn is great and it is not a platform to forget about it. Microsoft purchased for 26 billion dollars so they won’t let it slide away and it’s the go-to platform for professionals, particularly in B2B space. Just make sure to pay attention to your personal brand on social networks. Current or future customers might checking you out on LinkedIn and probably all networks and you’ll succeed.


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