How to Quickly Make Your Blog Profitable Starting From Scratch in 2018

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Do you want to make your blog profitable? Are you a newbie who wants to build a blog that makes money? You’re in the right place.

Every year, there are millions of blogs being created. Most of them are getting abandoned in their first 6 months of creation. If you want to succeed in blogging, you have to create content that educates your readers.

You can’t make passive income from online without having a blog, can you? 

One of the reasons why most people fail at making money blogging is they don’t care about their readers or traffic. They always focus on either SEO or link building related stuff to rank higher in the search engines.

In this Google Panda and Penguin world, you just can’t build links by guest posting to make your blog profitable. You have to think beyond and work consistently to achieve your blogging goals. Here is a guide for newbies and aspiring bloggers to make their blog profitable in 2018 and beyond.

How to make your blog profitable in 2018?

profitable blog in 2018

Create engaging content that connects with your audience

This is a no brainer. Content is always king. You can’t build a successful blog or business without posting great content. Your content should solve your target audience problems and your content has to be unique.

If you deliver problem solving content on a regular basis, by the end of 2018 you can build a thriving audience around your online business.

How to create content that attracts more traffic and sales?

There are two types of content that goes well online.

  • Informative content (tutorials, how to articles and so on)
  • Entertaining content (which entertains your audience memes, trolls, videos etc)

No matter what industry you are in, you should try to use the above two types of content to generate more traffic and buzz online.

Don’t create content just to get more traffic. Your content should actually help your audience in one or other way. Only then, you will be able to sell your content.

When it comes to creating content that sells, pick the right monetization strategy and we highly recommend you to give a try to affiliate marketing as it one of the most effective ways to earn passive income online.

That said, here are few types of content that work well with affiliate marketing.

Product reviews: The fastest way to make money from affiliate marketing is to write detailed product reviews about the products you promote. Share everything you need to know about the products along with pros and cons so your audience can decide whether they are worth the money or not.

Case studies: We love case studies and people love them as well because they will be learning a lot from case studies. Make sure to create case studies including all the data and screenshots about the products or people or brands you’re talking about if you want to generate more buzz, leads and sales from your content.

SEMrush case studya

Here are few tips to create great stuff.

  • Understand your market (know who you are writing to)
  • Find out the problems in your niche
  • Come up with unique set of solutions (and post them on your blog regularly)
  • Promote it to get wider reach (ask others to share your stuff)
  • Always write great headlines that persuade people to click on your posts.

Nichify your niche to build targeted audience

Most bloggers cover almost every topic under the sun. It worked before. It won’t work now, not anymore. You have to create authority in a specific niche and you have to deliver stuff that no one else is offering. That’s the success mantra for your online business in 2018.

Don’t cover too many topics, narrow down your choice of publishing posts.

For example, if you want to create a blog on Internet marketing (IM) which is widely known and ever green, don’t cover all the topics from affiliate marketing to list building. Instead, focus on 2 to 3 topics and conquer them first. Then you can add up more topics as your blog grows. This way you will be able to find the market for your niche and you can also create authenticity in specific topics by frequently covering them.

It all starts with the right niche selection

It is a common mistake for bloggers to venture into a particular market or industry with little or no knowledge at all just because the market is trending. You should always blog about something you are most knowledgeable of. Readers don’t want to take advice and recommendations from someone who doesn’t even know what are talking about.

Bloggers like Pat Flynn who is extremely smart blogger when it comes to making money by launching niche websites is a good example of this model. In niche websites, you need to stick to particular topic and write quality articles related to only them. If you are doing good SEO and getting good amount of traffic to your keywords, then you can make money through Google AdSense or placing affiliate products by selling banner ads in your niche websites.

Here’s Neil Patel video on how to find a profitable niche.

All it takes is to figure out the best keywords for your niche and write in depth articles related to it and drive more traffic from search engines.

Space for Content

After making high-value content, create space online to market your blog. Possible spaces include Facebook fan pages, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. WordPress is ideal for bloggers lacking know-how regarding creation of a website.

Don’t think you can grow your blog only by posting contents on it. You can also make your blog profitable by helping people to solve their problems. Use social media sites to boost your reach, stay in touch with the influencers and you will over time notice the best results.

Schedule your content 

You shouldn’t create 10 long posts and distribute them all at once. You should schedule release of content on a regular basis. For example, 10 articles can be divided into 5 weeks, meaning you will update your blog post with 2 articles a week. However, always remember that you can still post secondary blogs about your dinner last night or the latest news in sports.

One of the easiest ways to schedule your blog contents is to write well in advance. Don’t sit back and relax after writing and publishing a post. Think beyond and write few posts to schedule them in advance. This way even if you sometimes don’t feel like blogging or writing anything, you can schedule your already written posts to publish.

So your readers don’t have to wait for your posts when you schedule them automatically. Whenever you are in writing mood, write posts and don’t stop. You can edit later but don’t edit while writing. And keep away all the distractions like phone calls, emails, Facebook etc. when you are writing.

Money isn’t it in the list, it’s in YOU!

The problem while building an email list is most people think building an email list is enough, it makes itself money. No it isn’t. You can make money from the list only if you are following right strategies. Without having a monetization strategy, you can’t make a penny from your email lists no matter how big they are.

Most bloggers build their email lists blindly. They use freebies like eBooks to collect emails and they never spend time on building a rapport with their blog followers.

If you only care about building a massive email list, it can never give you money in the long run. You must focus on creating relationships with your email list subscribers. And once you build a great rapport with them, you can then make them purchase your stuff by making them aware of your products.

How to make money from an email list?

Money is in the email list. Yes, it really is but you need to know how to make money from your email lists. Otherwise, no matter how big your email list is you can’t make even a penny.

We highly recommend you to build your email list strategically by adding value first. Then you can use different strategies like adding tripwire, offering your main products etc to start making money from your email list.

Here’s how it looks like;

sales funnels use

You can see from the above image, there are 3 things involved;

  • Lead magnet (it can be anything from an eBook to video to a tool that you giveaway to your audience for free in exchange of their email address)
  • Tripwire (it’s a method of turning a lead into a customer by making them a low cost, relatively cheaper offer, then having the opportunity to upsell them once they are in your sales funnel. It usually costs anything less than $10)
  • Main offer (this is the actual offer where you sell your high end products ranging from hundred to thousands of dollars)

Trip wire is where you’re asking your email subscribers to buy something at an affordable price tag. The key here is to turn freebie seekers into buyers. Then, you can easily turn those customers into buy something expensive.

First impression is the LAST impression

Design is the king. If you want to build a profitable blog or business in 2018, make sure to give top priority for your website design.

Website design is the first thing most people see. If someone lands on your blog or website for the first time, they don’t read your posts, they don’t buy your stuff, they look at your design. If it’s good, they will proceed to read or buy your stuff. Having a great design is that important, it can make or break your blog success.

Either hire a professional designer to design your site or buy search engine friendly themes like Thesis, Genesis etc. Never use free themes, they give mediocre appearance most of the time.

Here are few tips to create an appealing design for you blog(s).

  • Avoid the clutter (white space is always good)
  • Don’t use too many plugins (as it can slow down your website speed)
  • Use a readable font size (14 to 16 px is good)
  • Use a good font (Georgia, Verdana are the best)
  • Avoid using mediocre logo designs (Either hire someone on Fiverr or simply use fonts if you want to go cheap)

How to make your website design appealing and conversion focused?

Here are some of the proven tips to make your website design highly converting and appealing as well.

  • Use large font sizes if you really want to give a better reading experience to your website audience. If you’re using too small font sizes (12 or even 14 px), you’re making it too hard for your website visitors to skim through or consume your content. As a rule of thumb, go for font size of 16 px and more.
  • Go mobile if you don’t want to leave your website traffic to your competitors. Make sure your site is mobile responsive and website performance is great. You can use plugins like WPTouch to instantly turn your website into mobile friendly if you’re using WordPress.

Promotion is the key

Without promotion, writing articles day in and day out is a waste of time. Why create more stuff when no one reads or promotes you?

Most bloggers underestimate the power of promoting their blog posts, videos and slides. If you want to get more views on your stuff, you should promote like no one else. Promotion is the success key to make your blog posts go viral.

One of the best ways to begin your promotion strategy is to use social media wisely. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ can give your posts wide reach quickly. The key to make your blog posts go viral on social media sites is to have irresistible headlines.

Distribute your guest posts to everyone in your niche at least once every week. This way, you have 1 guest post every week for 4 consecutive weeks. Those guest posts will be important in producing valuable website traffic. Make sure you post comments regularly on these individuals’ blogs as well.

publish tips

If you think guest blogging is not working well for you, then think about launching a pinterest board and share your images (link them to your blog posts) and create awareness of your brand. You can also think different ways to drive traffic like using slideshare to get more reach etc.

Create a blog sales funnel

Whether you want to build an online store or a website that makes money in 2018 and beyond, you have to create a sales funnel. Without a sales funnel, you simply can’t make money from websites in the long run.

To put it simply, a blog sales funnel is where you turn random website visitors into email subscribers and customers.

Here’s an example of how a sales funnel looks like on Facebook.

sales funnels fb

If you’re wondering how it works, let us explain it briefly so you too can get benefits from creating sales funnel.

  • You attract visitors to your site (either from search engines or social media sites like Facebook or paid ads)
  • Then, you offer a lead magnet to your visitors to instantly start converting normal website visitors into freebie seekers.
  • You’ll then send a thank you email along with additional paid offers (you can use tripwire to turn people into paid customers)

Automate, invest and grow

Once your blog or website starts generating money, the first thing you need to do is to hire someone and automate your content marketing process (so you can spend most of your time on finding ways to monetize your blog or launching new blogs).

Investing on things like SEO tools, content writing, building links etc can go a long way so make sure to invest money if you want to build a long lasting business that makes money.

Here are some of the incredible ways to automate blogging and your online business.

Hire someone to take care of your blog’s content and SEO: If you really want to take your blog to the next level and make more money, you need to hire someone who’s good at content marketing so you can create amazing content that pleases both your audience and search engines like Google.

Either you can hire other bloggers who in your niche to work for you or you can collaborate with other freelancers to do the content writing and SEO part for your blog which is a great investment that gives you solid ROI in the long run.

Get a social media management tool: You can’t ignore social media and you can build and grow a massive following by posting regularly. You can use tools like Hootsuite and buffer which are great social media management tools that help you schedule posts across sites like twitter and facebook.

Hire a virtual assistant (VA): A VA can help you automate simple yet time taking tasks such as submitting your blog posts, adding images and keywords, inserting relevant links within your posts, doing social media submission, repurposing your posts and so on so every penny you pay for a VA is worth it and can save you a lot of time which can be used to earn even more money.

Competitor research is everything

If there’s only one thing you should focus on this list to make your blog profitable, it has to be competitor research. Here are some of the things you can do competitor analysis to build a profitable blog in the long run.

Find best performing keywords of your competitors: Find great keywords you want to rank for that have high search volume and low competition. The best place to look for is your competitor websites. You can use tools like SEMrush to easily find keywords that are generating most traffic to their sites.

Create 10x content around it: Write mind-blowingly good blog content that includes your main keywords in the title, body, headers, and image alt text. Don’t overdo it though as it leads to keyword stuffing which is bad for your SEO and you can use a keyword 5 to 7 times in an article depending on the length.

Getting backlinks to your content: You should also find the backlink sources of your competitors if you want to get more traffic so you can use various link building strategies to increase your overall website’s SEO.

Create a content marketing strategy

Did you know that, 60% of organizations with a written content strategy are effective, compared to only 32% of those with a purely verbal content strategy being effective?

According to Content Marketing Institute, it’s absolutely true, just check out the data mentioned below.

data content

So what did you understand? Content marketing works like anything. If you really want to build a profitable website, make sure to create a solid content marketing strategy for next 1 year so you can find ton of ways to generate more leads, sales and customers to your site.

Here are few simple things to do to rock your content marketing strategy in 2018.

  • Define your website goals so you’ll know what is really more important to you. Is it traffic or sales or leads?
  • Conduct an in-depth market research so you’ll know how your competitors are generating more traffic and sales to their sites
  • Come up with a ton of profitable topic ideas and keywords so you can easily create solid content that attracts more visitors from various sources like social media, search engines etc
  • Create an editorial calendar to create content for your blog regularly

Profitable blogs are created over time, not instantly

Consistency is the key to online success. There’s no overnight success in blogging or any other business. You have to develop your network, increase your readership and sell more stuff to survive in the blogosphere. It definitely takes time, so use this year to build a great platform for your business.

Analyze any successful blogger’s journey, you will notice one thing – they all continued doing their work even when the things went wrong. They never gave up on their dreams, they always focused on building loyal fans around their blogs. Remember that, every professional was once an amateur.

In a nutshell: Creating a profitable business online is not a rocket science. It takes persistence, consistency and hard work to take your blog from zero to hero. If you focus on building a brand through your blogs, you will notice the results in the long run.

Amazing ways to monetize your blog in 2018

Finding proper monetization strategy is the key

Bloggers often travel the globe in the hopes of finding a conducive topic for their blog. Yet ultimately, they stumble upon the problem of not getting paid for it. If you want your blog to make money rather than lose it, you should prioritize looking for problems to solve instead of the travel. If you focus your perspective and your blog around problem-solving, monetizing your blog will become much simpler and faster.

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Affiliate Marketing

By far, affiliate marketing is the simplest and most helpful means of monetizing your blog site. Affiliate marketing involves selling other website’s products and services. If a customer buys these products and services with your help, you earn a commission, which is mostly not bad considering you don’t really have to mind anything.

You don’t have to build a highly traffic website to make money from affiliate marketing, but you must have good connections with fellow bloggers. Then and only then you will be able to make sales, because in online, no one buys from someone who they don’t know. Trust is the key to make more sales from affiliate products.

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Offer Your Own Services

The first and simplest means of monetizing a blog site is to offer services. Look for your strengths and skills and work on how you can offer it to clients in a way that they will find great value for it. Consultations regarding legal matters, accounting, editing, copywriting, etc. are some of the more common services offered by bloggers. Suppose you are good in guest blogging, you can start offering guest blogging as a services on your website.

There are many bloggers who started their career (of making money) by offering their own services. For instance, full time blogger (and successful Internet marketer) like Daniel Scocco started making his first money by offering his freelance writing services. So don’t feel shy to showcase your skills to make money.

Once you start making decent income, you can think about different monetization streams like affiliate marketing, niche websites etc. But don’t wait to make money if you already have good skills in your topics.

Offer premium products

Services included above should be treated as a short-term money-making strategy. If you want to earn stable income for the long haul, you need to think of and create a premium product reliant upon your expertise, adventures, or travels. Provide your readers and visitors with quality free content that they can use. In addition, create useful products and crafts to sell in your blog.

Few people like Darren Rowse offer premium products to sell to their audience to make passive income from their online sources. It’s often a best way to make money online by selling premium products like eBooks, membership sites, plugins, themes etc. Because you don’t have to work hard once people started liking and buying your products.

Moreover you can ask people to buy your products by offering affiliate commissions. Thus you can make more money without sweating much, but make sure to find the right product ideas or else they might get fail to make money.

Get Sponsors

If you do not get at least 1,000 unique visits per day, you won’t be able to start finding sponsors, which plays a crucial role in your pursuit. It is indeed possible to host your own events and contests. If you do, however, you will incur stiff costs and increase risks.

If your blog is bit popular, you can attract so many sponsors to sponsor your expenses. It can be anything from offering web hosting services to giving away plugins. Most designers of these premium products would love to give away for your readers for free if you could write a post for them. It’s basically a win/win approach for both you and your readers.

Use job boards

Providing a job board within your blog is basic enough even for newbies. Through this feature, bloggers can provide complimentary and paid job listings for their visitors who may be looking for employment opportunities. To start earning from job boards, provide premium listings that enable greater exposure as compared to the regular, free job listings. You can charge users for as low as $10 to as high as $75.

But keep in mind that this job board thing works only if you have a huge loyal base around your blogs or at least if you are getting good amount of traffic from all over the world. Then and only then you can ask people to provide premium listings to make your blog profitable.

Sell banner ads

Once your blog site receives stable traffic, you can consider selling available ad space for marketers to place their text advertisements and banners. You can ask for fees on a monthly basis and earn as much as $100 for this strategy alone.

One of the best things about selling your own ads is the flexibility. It totally depends on you how much to charge, where to put your banner ads and which ads to consider using on your blogs or websites.

Here are few tips to sell more banner ads.

Overall, making money through blogs is a lengthy and demanding process, especially during its premature stages. Nonetheless, bloggers who are smart and skilled enough may be able to build an empire in a matter of months. An important thing to consider for any blogger is that you shouldn’t rush things and expect to earn thousands of dollars after only a few months. Be consistent in delivering high value content, products, and services to gain traffic over time.

What would I do if I were starting a blog from scratch to make it profitable?

Here are few of the most important things I’d do if I were to start a blog from scratch to make it profitable.

Invest in proper web hosting

If I had to start a blog from scratch, the first thing I would take very seriously is the web hosting since I know how importance it is to invest in a reliable, secure and better hosting.

Unfortunately most beginners don’t invest in the right hosting and they often struggle with frequent downtime issues and slow loading times. Don’t make that mistake and get access to a better hosting like WPX hosting so you can worry less about your website speed.

Get access to the right SEO tools

Here are two tools we highly recommend to all kinds of bloggers in 2018.

Yoast SEO plugin: If you’re a WordPress user, Yoast SEO is a treat for you which is simple to use and if you are beginner, you must use this plugin which helps you easily optimize your content. It is very easy to use and it’s a complete SEO plugin which has the all necessary features.

Content analysis from Yoast SEO suggests you to improve your content and gives you suggestions on where to insert your keywords so that you get the maximum benefit from search engines like Google. Here are some of the benefits of using this plugin;

  • Post titles and meta descriptions feature allows you to add post titles and write the meta description for your posts easily by clicking at the Edit Snippet section
  • Robots.txt editor allows or disallows search engine crawlers and spiders for the crawling and the indexing of a page, post or a link
  • Sitemaps features automatically generates sitemaps for your site
  • Import & Export feature allows you to import SEO settings from other SEO plugins or export SEO settings

It also has a premium version which we are currently using on this blog which is worth every penny, and we also talked about free vs premium of Yoast here.

SEMrush: Increasing your organic traffic isn’t simple as it involves in keyword research, backlink analysis, content analysis and so on and that’s why you need to get access to an all in one SEO tool like SEMrush to help with all of that. Here are some of the incredible features included in SEMrush:

  • Domain Analytics
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Projects
  • SEO Content Template
  • Lead Generation Tool

semrush dashboard

Competitor analysis from SEMrush is one of the best features of it which can help you see how your competitors are performing, decide which strategies might be best to implement for better SEO. It also shows you why some of your competition is doing poorly so you can avoid those mistakes. All in all, it’s a great tool which is worth every penny.

Here’s an unbiased SEMrush review where you can find all of the features offered by it along with a 14 days free trial to their Pro plan.

Build your audience from day 1

“If you build it, they will come” is a biggest myth especially when it comes to online. There are millions of blogs out there and it’s almost impossible for others to find your blogs and buy stuff from you.

You can’t build a profitable blog without building your audience first. The 2 simple steps to build a profitable blog is;

  • Build blog audience
  • Find ways to make money from that audience

So the first step is the most important step which makes or breaks your blogging success and make sure to spend quality time in coming up with proven ways to build and grow your blog audience in the long run.

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers has a great 80/20 rule for building blog audience where you need to spend 20% of your time creating engaging content and the rest of 80% of your time promoting it.

Derek built an email list of 30,000 subscribers within a year while writing on average less than three blog posts per month using the same 80/20 rule. So give it a try to it once and see the results.

Focus only on ONE niche

While running a blog or website, it’s so easier to get distracted. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of good bloggers wasting their time and energy on running several blogs at once.

Running several blogs at a time simply won’t work unless you’ve a team of people. So focus only on one niche and 1 website at a time so that you can devote majority of your time on building one profitable website at a time.

As you may probably know running a website means, you have to spend time on so many things including;

  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Content submission
  • Social media posting
  • Building links
  • On page optimization
  • Adding images
  • Cleaning up messy technical related issues

So you can’t do all the of the above mentioned things by running several websites at a time. It’s a smart strategy to first build a website that makes decent money every month and then you can think about outsourcing your stuff to run another blog.

Network with other bloggers

If you want to succeed online and make your blog profitable, make sure to start networking with other bloggers in your niche.

So as a new blogger what’s the best way to network with other bloggers and influencers in your industry? Try these simple tips and thank us later.

  • Use forums such as Blog Engage, Bizsugar, Indiblogger etc to connect with other bloggers. Start sharing their content, comment on their posts and you can also use blogging forums to promote your own stuff.
  • Link out to other bloggers often and make sure to send an email whenever add a link back to their content. That way either they will tweet or link back to you if they find your content useful.
  • Attend seminars or webinars conducted by other bloggers and personally connect with them. Get to know them more and find ways to offer help for free in order to build a lasting relationship with other bloggers and influencers in your industry.

Create 3000+ word blog posts

This is the content marketing tactic that’s working well for us. No matter how many websites we’re going to launch now or in the future, we’ll make sure to create detailed content which is around 3000 or even more words.

Do you know why? Long form of content works like a charm. You can include a ton of long tail keywords, you attract more search traffic, links, social shares and what not? Just look at the following case study.

2000 words importance

Also have a look at the below screenshot to know why long form of content performs well even in social media.

long content

Here are 2 quick tips that we use to create highly engaging and long form of content.

  • Spend most of your time on research. Spend as much time as you can to perform keyword research, competitor analysis and content analysis to come up with great topic ideas and write long form of content. You can easily create 3000 word blog posts if you research well.
  • Outline is the key. Make sure to add as many subheadings as possible so you can cover A to Z of any topic you’re writing about. Try to make your content a one stop guide so your audience can spend more time reading and sharing it (instead of diving one topic into too many blog posts).

Learn SEO

SEO is a never ending ocean. There’s a lot to learn.

If you really want to make your blog profitable, learn how to drive more traffic from search engines like Google. If you want more search traffic, you need to learn SEO. It’s as simple as that.

Whether you know it or not, SEO is a billion dollar industry and here’s an interesting statistic you should know about learning SEO.

In 2016, in the US alone, $65.26 billion was spent in search engine optimization? Yes, that’s true and this spending on SEO will rise to $79.27 billion by 2020 according to an SEO industry report. So don’t ignore SEO as you can see there’s a lot of growth and scope in the future.

We recently wrote a detailed article about the best SEO training courses you should take part in if you want to learn SEO and master the art of search engine optimization where you’ll discover courses ranging from Moz to Lynda to Serpstat.

That being said, here are few things to learn to get better at SEO.

  • Learn how to do keyword research: It helps you easily find traffic generating content ideas so you can get more search engine traffic to your sites.
  • Learn how to do competitor analysis: It helps you figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors so you can build a profitable blog that actually makes money.
  • Learn how to on page optimization: On page optimization is the process of optimizing your blog posts for search engines. Usually you need to optimize your content for at least one primary keyword and use it in headings, image alt tags, URL and so on.
  • Learn how to do site audits so that you can easily find and fix all your website SEO and technical related issues.

Repurpose your content

Do you want to know how to get more traffic to your sites without creating more content? The answer is repurposing your content.

Here are few proven ways to repurpose your content to make your blog profitable.

  • Create an appealing infographic. QuickSprout blogger Neil Patel attributes 2,512,596 visitors, 41,142 backlinks and 3,741 referring domains to the 47 infographics he’s produced and published. That’s the power of infographics. We too recently started creating infographics recently at Bloggers Passion and you can find infographic of AdSense alternatives from here.
  • Publish a slide presentation to Slideshare which has over 70 million monthly users so you get a lot of attention if your slides go viral. You can simply break up your blog posts or infographics, add them to a set of slides and post them to Slideshare.
  • You can also use some of the compelling quotes from your content and share them on Instagram which has millions of active users.
  • You can turn your article into a video and upload it to YouTube which has over a billion users or to Vimeo which counts 100 million users so you get extra exposure.

Use your time productively

We all know online is full of distractions and you can’t build a better blog wasting your time checking notifications online.

We’ve a simple yet most effective tip for you to use your time productively while working online.

pomodoro tool

Use pomodoro technique: Here’s how the pomodoro technique works.

  1. Decide on the task to be done (it can be writing an article or creating a video)
  2. Set a timer to 25 minutes
  3. Work on the task until the timer rings
  4. After the timer rings, put a checkmark on a piece of paper
  5. If you have fewer than four check marks, take a short break (3 to 5 minutes), then go to step 2.
  6. After four “pomodoros”, take a longer break (15 to 30 minutes), reset your checkmark count to zero, then go to step 1

So that’s how it works and it is one of the most productive ways to spend your time online to build a profitable blog.

FAQs On How to Make Your Blog Profitable In 2018 And Beyond

Here are few questions you might want to read if you’re desperately want to build and make your blog profitable in 2018 and beyond.

#1. How much time does it usually take to build a profitable blog?

Building a profitable blog depends on several things such as the topic your blog covers, your target audience, your traffic sources, monetization strategies you’re going to use and so on. It also depends heavily on how smart or experienced you are when it comes to selling online.

If you’re a newbie with zero online connections and zero selling skills, it easily takes 1 or 2 years to build a profitable blog that makes decent income ($2000 per month or more). If you’ve enough experience to create content, do SEO and promote your blog, you can start making money even in 3 to 6 months.

#2. How to make a profitable website?

As we discussed above, there are a lot of things involved in building a profitable website. But the surefire way is to pick a niche that has good enough competition and start creating engaging content so you can drive more search traffic to your sites.

Make sure to provide value to people, solve a problem, become a go to source in your industry. When you do this, profit becomes a by-product and you can easily build a profitable website in the long run.

#3. What are the best affiliate programs to join if I want to make more money?

Hands down, affiliate marketing is the best way to make thousands of dollars every month. Here are some of the best affiliate marketing programs you can sign up for free to promote great affiliate products to your audience no matter what industry you are in.

Final thoughts about building a profitable blog that makes money

A website or blog is just a tool to make money online. The amount of money you make from a website really depends on your ability to run a business.

So if you treat your blog or website like a REAL business, you’ll start investing more time and efforts into actually building a profitable website.

In a nutshell, building a profitable blog is like asking how profitable is a guitar. If you are a world famous concert guitarist, then it is very profitable. If you can’t play it, then it will generate $0 revenue, unless you sell it.

So what are your thoughts? Did you like the strategies mentioned here useful? Do you have any more tips on how to make a blog profitable? Share your views in the comments.


  1. Dean Saliba says:

    I monetise my blog by selling ad space and sponsored posts, I am slowly looking at exploring adding affiliate marketing to the blog but I’ve been promoting a hosting company for five years and haven’t received one single sale so I don’t think it is for me. 😛

    • Hi Dean, glad to know that, yes, selling ad space and sponsored posts is definitely way more profitable than using things like AdSense. Not only that, you can also make money in the long run if you start using affiliate marketing the right way.

  2. Now I am using only adsense ads by which i make few dollars. But I believe affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from blog. I am working on it. Thanks for sharing the ways.

    • Yes, affiliate marketing is the ONLY best way for bloggers to make more online. Although selling online courses work like a charm but you need experience, lots of trial and errors to make money but with affiliate marketing, you can give it a best shot to make money.

  3. Felicia says:

    Hi Kelsey,
    Thanks for sharing these excellent tips on making a blog profitable. The truth is all blogs can be profitable; it’s just that other blogs can earn more. The problem with many blog owners, particularly newbies, is that they become overzealous of their blog for a few months, but once they find out that they don’t earn as much, they lose that zeal and eventually stop blogging. The thing is, you can’t really expect a blog that’s only 3 months old to earn as much. What I’m saying is if you want your blog to be profitable, then don’t stop blogging.

    • Hi Felicia, yes all blogs can be profitable but only few blogs can really make more money. The truth is: you need a strategy right from the beginning. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your time and money. You’re so true about new bloggers syndrome as most of them are not consistent enough to build a profitable blog.

  4. Sheeroh says:

    Hi Kelly,

    This tips are great but I especially love number three and four. Selling your services is the easiest way as you have said because we are all good at atleast that ONE thing. We only need to get out of our comfort zone and just do it. Selling a product is also quite easy. I have a transcription ecourse that I sold the very first month of launching my blog and its doing quite well. Its simply a matter of taking ACTION. Thanks again.

  5. I am a bit confused about offering affiliate marketing. We always need to do some sales and that’s really a tough job. I tried that before but had little success. Can you provide some detailed tips?

    • Affiliate marketing is tough in deed but in the beginning. Once you start getting sales, you only need to focus on generating constant visitors from search to those product pages to make sales.

  6. Hi
    Such a nice post. Yes, content is king and we need to make an effort to provide useful and quality content to the readers. Content should be in the way that can be easily digested and helpful for readers. Choosing a niche is a crucial part when you think of starting a blog and we should always choose a niche, according to our expertise.

    Social media platforms are one of the best ways to promote our content. In this digital era, if any, online business is ignoring social media marketing then they are making big mistakes. There are many social media sites available where we can effectively promote our content.

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways earn handsome revenue online. Here, I like the tips about monetizing a blog.

    This post will be very useful for newbies and I will share this post.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Have a great day.
    Praveen Verma

    • Yes, so true that, as you said, choosing a niche is a crucial part when you think of starting a blog and we should always choose a niche, according to our expertise so we can be able to build a profitable blog that actually starts making money.

      Social media platforms are one of the best ways to promote our content, rightly said. If you’re not focusing on generating traffic from the, you’ll eventually quit blogging.

  7. Hello Kelsey,

    Content always plays a great role in building a successful blog. I usually focus on creating content that helps my readers to solve their problem I really don’t bother myself too much in SEO and Link building stuffs. Just create helpful contents that resonates with your readers and it also help you to make money from your blog by recommending relevant products and services. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips here.


    • Yes, content is what makes your blog truly unique from other blogs. But here’s the thing: your content alone won’t help you build a profitable blog as you also need to network with other blogs and make sure to find ways to promote your website so more and more people will read it. The more quality traffic you get the more sales you can make. That’s how profitable blogs are made.

  8. Hi Clark,
    Amazing post for new blogger. But it is very important to create time to do all that. Maybe if we were a full-time blogger, we could do it all.

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