9 Best Alternative to KWFinder for Ultimate Keyword Research (Free & Paid)

Are you searching for the best KWFinder alternatives?

Finding better keywords is hard. Unless you have access to the right keyword research tools, it’s almost impossible to find profitable keywords no matter what niche you are in.

But there are too many keywords tools out there. KWFinder is also one of them. Although KWFinder is a great tool for beginners to find easy to rank keywords but it’s NOT the ultimate keyword tool.

So in this post, we’ll talk about some of the better alternatives to KWFinder. But first, let’s briefly talk about the KWFinder tool.

About KWFinder

KWFinder is a freemium tool (offers both free and premium versions) by Mangools Tools and it is used to find better keywords in any niche.

You can also try their 10-day FREE trial where you’ll get 5 lookups per 24 hours, 25 related, and 10 competitor keywords per lookup.

Click here to try KWFinder for free (No credit card needed!)

Quick tip: If you want to save more on KWFinder from Mangools, go for their annual plans so you can save 40%.

Although KWFinder is great for finding better keywords but it has some limitations like any other SEO tool which include;

  • It is mostly used for keyword research and can’t be used as an all in one SEO tool like Semrush or Ahrefs
  • Lack of multi-tabbed keyword research (as you’ll have to use just one tab at a time for finding keywords)
  • Keyword searches are mostly limited when compared to other premium tools like Semrush

So if you’re looking for a better alternative to KWFinder, here’s a list of some of the best SEO tools that you can try.

Our Top Picks
1 Semrush (Highly Recommended)
2 Keyword Surfer (Free)

9 Powerful Alternative to KWFinder (Both Free & Paid)

Alternative to KWFinder

1. Semrush

Semrush has probably the BIGGEST keyword database with over 18 billion keywords in over 140 geodatabases.

Just have a look at the following chart to see how big their keyword database is.

semrush keyword database

Semrush also offers an amazing tool called “Keyword Magic Tool” for keyword research. If you’re looking for only one ULTIMATE tool for keyword research, we highly recommend you Semrush.

It’s also the same SEO tool that we’ve been using for the last 4 years and we’re extremely happy with all the keyword suggestions that it offers. If you’re looking for a free trial of Semrush, visit the following link.


  • Keyword research (offers you keyword ideas in 16 languages from 140 geo databases)
  • Organic research
  • Advertising research
  • Backlinks analytics
  • Traffic analytics (it’s a premium addon)
  • Access to various tool such as (domain vs domain, CPC map, keyword difficulty, SEO writing assistant etc)
  • Site Audit
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media poster and tracker
  • Link building tool


  • Semrush offers you a collection of over 40 awesome tools at ONE price
  • It has a HUGE database of over 18 billion keywords and it gets updated frequently
  • Gives you access to the SEO Writing Assistant which suggests you relevant keywords for your content to boost your search rankings
  • It offers a Site Audit feature which provides you a comprehensive report that lists all the critical errors found on your site (ranging from broken links to missing alt tags to lengthy meta description and so on)
  • The competitor analysis feature in Semrush is extremely helpful (estimate their traffic, find their top performing keywords, know their backlinks and so on)
  • Its “CPC Map” helps you easily discover the average CPC in your industry across different states or regions of a country
  • Offers you everything you need for effective keyword research (from keyword magic tool to keyword difficulty to topic research, you’ve everything)
  • With Advertiser Research, you can analyze сompetitor ad budgets and keywords
  • It offers you a free plan as well but limited daily searches


  • Semrush is expensive (as their pricing starts at $129.95 per month) when you compare it to KWFinder. But with Semrush, you’ll also get access to 40 other SEO tools under one roof.


Semrush provides you three pricing plans which are mentioned below.

  1. Pro plan costs you $129.95 monthly
  2. Guru plan costs you $249.95 monthly
  3. Business plan costs you $499.95 monthly

We also have written a detailed on various Semrush pricing plans where you can find all the details.

Who should buy it?

If you’re looking for an all in one SEO toolkit with the largest keyword database on the market, Semrush is the perfect KWFinder alternative for you.

Click here to try Semrush FREE for 14 days (worth $129.95)

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2. Keyword Surfer (Free)

Are you looking for a free alternative to KWFinder? Try Keyword Surfer as it is a free Chrome extension. If you’re looking for a free keyword research tool, Keyword Surfer is for you which is used by more than 100,000 people worldwide. If you want to perform keyword research inside Google Search, Keyword Surfer is for you.


  • Unlimited keyword ideas
  • Provides you monthly search volume data for each keyword
  • Export to CSV file
  • Provides you estimated domain organic traffic
  • Offers you datasets from 70 countries


  • Come up with a ton of relevant keyword ideas for any keyword term that you search on Google
  • Easily find out the monthly search volume for any keyword
  • Free to use


  • Doesn’t provide you competitor data or other keyword metrics like CPC, keyword difficulty etc

Pricing: Free to use, forever.

Who should use it?

If you’re looking for a free tool to find keyword ideas on the go, Keyword Surfer is a great free Chrome extension. Yes, it’s totally free to use. You just need to use Chrome browser and install it to start using it.

3. SpyFu

SpyFu offers you the most affordable competitor keyword research tools for your organic SEO and PPC campaigns. If you want to steal your competitors best performing keywords (both paid and organic), you should definitely try SpyFu.

Their keyword research tool shows you unlimited searches on millions of keywords including advanced insights such as history, transactional keywords, mobile vs desktop metrics and so on.

SpyFu is currently indexing over 7 billion results across 102 million domains. That’s a lot of data!


  • You can perform unlimited domain searches
  • You can do unlimited keyword searches
  • Offers mobile vs desktop metrics
  • Gives access to all metrics for both SEO and PPC (even on their basic plan)
  • Unlimited data exports
  • You can perform unlimited backlinks searches


  • Extremely affordable pricing plans as they start at just $33 per month
  • Even with their basic plan, you can perform unlimited search results to see all the data including domain overview, data exports etc
  • Extremely easy to use and there’s not much learning curve when compared to other big tools like Ahrefs or Moz
  • Offers a huge database with over 7 billion results across 90 million domains
  • Their AdWords Advisory helps you easily discover best buy recommendations for paid keywords you’re missing (from your competitors)
  • You can export all the data to Excel, CSV or PDF


  • It doesn’t provide information about social media and it also lacks “mobile rank tracking” feature

Pricing: SpyFu is available in 3 pricing plans

  1. Basic (costs you $33 per month if you pay annually)
  2. Professional (costs you $58 per month if you pay annually)
  3. Team (costs you $199 per month if you pay annually)

SpyFu also offers you a 30-day money back guarantee so you can cancel your account anytime within 30 days after the purchase if you’re not happy. You can cancel anytime via Email, Livechat, or Phone.

Who should buy it?

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend on an all in one SEO toolkit and looking for a KWFinder alternative with a similar budget, SpyFu is an excellent choice for you as its pricing starts at just $33 per month.

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4. Ubersuggest (Freemium)

Ubersuggest is an amazing keyword tool developed by the SEO guru Neil Patel. It’s an affordable SEO tool that helps you with everything from competitor research to keyword research, site audits and so on. When you search for a keyword on Ubersuggest, here’s how it shows the data.



  • Domain overview (helps you with competitor analysis)
  • Top SEO page which helps you discover your competitor’s to performing pages
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Content ideas
  • Backlink data


  • Offers you a free version which is fantastic for most beginners
  • Daily rank tracking
  • You’ll also get personalized SEO suggestions
  • Offers you all the important keyword metrics including volume, CPC, SEO difficulty and paid difficulty
  • Shows you the search trend for any keyword for the last 12 months


  • Its keyword data (such as monthly volume or CPC) is not accurate as most other paid tools including KWFinder

Pricing: Ubersuggest has a free version which you can use just by signing in with your Gmail account.

But if you’re looking for more limits and keyword ideas, you should try their premium plans and Ubersuggest offers you 3 pricing plans which include;

  1. Individual (costs you $29 per month)
  2. Business (costs you $49 per month)
  3. Enterprise (costs you $99 per month)

Who should buy it?

If you’re searching for an alternative to KWFinder at the similar price range, Ubersuggest is perfect for you as their basic plan costs you just $29 per month.

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5. KeywordTool.io (Freemium)

KeywordTool.io is often considered as the best alternative to Google Ads Keyword Planner for finding better keywords for SEO and PPC ad campaigns. It also offers a free version where you can find up to 700 keyword ideas.

Here’s how its keyword data looks like;

KeywordTool.io view

As you can see above, you can get keyword ideas from various platforms such as Google, YouTube, Amazon etc.


  • Offers accurate Google and Bing search volume data
  • Discover all the essential keyword metrics like CPC, search volume and competition
  • Discover suggested bids on Google Ads
  • The ability to perform competitor keyword analysis
  • Get keyword data from over 192 countries, 47,035 individual locations and 46 languages
  • You can export all your keyword data into Excel or CSV file
  • Offers you “Negative keywords” filter so you can easily filter out unwanted keyword terms while performing organic or PPC ad campaigns


  • It offers keyword and content ideas across various platforms including Google, YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, eBay, Play Store, Twitter, and so on.
  • Excellent tool for finding long tail keywords in any niche
  • Great alternative to free tools like Keyword Planner (and you can use this tool for free without even creating an account)


  • The pricing is expensive as their Pro basic plan starts at $69 per month (and it is mostly for keyword research only, unlike Semrush, Ahrefs)


Currently, there are THREE pricing options included in the KeywordTool.io Pro version.

  1. Pro Basic ($69 per month when billed annually)
  2. Pro Plus ($79 per month when billed annually)
  3. Pro Business ($159 per month when billed annually)

If you’re not happy with their Pro plans, you can ask for a refund anytime within 30 days after signing up.

Who should buy it?

If you’re looking for only one tool to find better keyword ideas on different platforms including Google, YouTube, Amazon and so on, KeywordTool.io is a great choice for you.

6. LSIGraph (Free)

If you’re looking for an exclusive keyword research tool to find LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords, LSIGraph is an essential tool for you. You can discover the most profitable semantically related keywords for all your SEO and PPC campaigns using it.


  • Get access to unlimited LSI keywords
  • All the essential keyword data is provided (including Search Volume, CPC & Competition and Trend)
  • Latent Semantic Value (LSV) which helps you pick the highly relevant semantic keywords
  • You can perform a content analysis
  • Search History
  • You can export to PDF & CSV


  • Offers accurate search volume data for your keywords
  • You can easily find the top performing content in your niche
  • Gives you access to more than 36 million semantic LSI Keywords


  • It’s exclusive for keyword research unlike KWFinder which also gives you SERP analysis, competitor analysis, rank tracking etc


This is a freemium tool so you’ll get access to a free version as well. But if you want to unlock more features with unlimited searches, you should try their premium plans.

LSI Graph currently has 3 pricing plans which are listed below.

  1. LSIGraph Basic plan costs you $27 per month
  2. LSIGraph Premium plan costs you $37 per month
  3. LSIGraph Agency plan costs you $37 per month (for a limited time)

Who should buy it?

If you’re looking for a dedicated tool to find highly valuable semantic LSI keywords in your niche, you should definitely try LSIGraph. You can get started with their free version and if you like it, give a try to their premium plans.

7. Serpstat

Serpstat is a growth hacking tool which is used for PPC and organic research campaigns. It offers a wide range of features in its keyword research tool and that’s why we’re listing it here.


  • Keyword clustering tool (which helps you easily group highly relevant and symentantic keywords together)
  • Domain analysis tool so you can analyze any domain in the world
  • Text analytics tool
  • PPC research (can be useful for PPC ad campaigns)
  • Keyword research (which helps you find profitable keyword ideas)
  • Backlink analysis (so you can start finding backlink sources of any site)
  • Rank tracker (helps you with keyword rank tracking)
  • Site audit tool (helps you find and fix your site issues)


  • Extremely easy to use UI (user interface)
  • Their pricing plans are excellent when compared to other similar competitor research tools including Ahrefs, Semrush or Moz
  • Their Text Analysis tool helps you easily optimise the content on your page to rank for a group of clusters instead of keywords
  • You can easily optimize your website’s technical SEO with their Site Audit tool
  • It also offers a free version to help you research keywords, analyze competitors and so on (with daily limits)


  • It doesn’t provide you any data from social media


Serpstat offers you the following pricing plans.

  1. Lite plan costs you $69 per month
  2. The standard plan costs $149 per month
  3. The Advanced plan costs $299 per month
  4. Enterprise plan costs $499 per month

If you’re not satisfied with their tool or features, you can ask for a refund within 14 days from the date of subscription payment.

Who should buy it?

Serpstat is useful to anyone who is looking for an affordable all in one SEO toolkit and it also provides a huge database of keywords and backlinks. You can also read our in-depth review of the Serpstat tool to find more details.

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8. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another all in one SEO toolkit that is known to provide accurate keyword and backlink data. They also have around 2000 servers worldwide and it has a big keyword database that consists of over 10.2 billion keywords.

Have a look at the following chart to know how big their keyword index is;

Ahrefs keyword index

As you can see above, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool can help you with major search engines and platforms like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon and so on.


  • Offers “Site explorer” for domain analysis
  • Offers “Keywords explorer” for keyword research
  • Offers “Site audit” for performing website audits
  • Offers “Rank tracker” for tracking your keyword rankings
  • Offers “Content explorer” to discover and analyze top-performing content in your niche
  • Offers “Domain comparison” to compare several domains at once and see which one is ranking well
  • Their “Link intersect” tool helps you discover the sites linking to your competitors but not to you
  • Their “Content Gap” tool helps you find the keywords your competitors rank for, but you don’t
  • You’ll also get access to email alerts for tracked keywords and get notified of new and lost backlinks


  • Keywords Explorer from Ahrefs is known to provide accurate keyword data such as search volume, difficulty, CPC and so on.
  • Ahrefs runs an amazing SEO blog (out of all the tools listed here, Ahrefs has the best content around SEO) and most of their tutorials give you insider tips on how to get more out of Ahrefs
  • They update their databases regularly (in fact, every 24 hours they discover 1.8 million new pages and their keyword database currently consists of 10.2 billion keywords in 10 search engines from 171 countries)
  • Their interface is better than most of their competitors (which is extremely easy to use even for beginners)
  • Ahrefs also offers a WordPress plugin which performs content audits, monitors your backlinks and so on
  • You can use their new SEO toolbar to check SEO metrics for any web page and analyze Google SERPs


  • There are no free trials provided with Ahrefs. They offer a 7-day trial for $7. Similar to Semrush, Ahrefs is also expensive as their basic plan starts at $99 per month.


Ahrefs offers you the following FOUR pricing plans.

  1. Lite plan costs you $99 per month
  2. The standard plan costs $179 per month
  3. The Advanced plan costs $399 per month
  4. Agency plan costs $999 per month

Who should buy it?

If you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to use and provides accurate keyword data, Ahrefs can be a great choice for you.

Try Ahrefs (No Free Trial Available)

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9. Answer the Public (Freemium)

AnswerThePublic is an excellent visual keyword research tool which visualizes search questions and offers you autocomplete searches to help you with better content ideas.

Here’s how its data looks like;

answer the public overview


  • You can perform unlimited searches
  • The ability to add unlimited users
  • Compare data over time
  • CSV export
  • You can hide branches and keyword suggestions
  • High resolution images
  • Priority customer support


  • You can uncover a lot of informative keywords around any topic
  • Offers data in an appealing visualization form which is completely unique from other keyword research tools mentioned here
  • The ability to export your keyword data


  • Doesn’t offer any other keyword metrics such as volume, difficulty, CPC etc.


Apart from their free plan, they only have one Pro plan which costs you $99 per month. If you go with their annual plan, you can save 20% upfront as it costs you just $79 per month.

Who should use it?

If you’re looking for an easy to use (and fun to use) tool to generate keyword and content ideas quickly, AnswerThePublic is a perfect choice for you. You can also check out our review of the Answer The Public to learn more about how to use the tool for keyword research.

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Should you really invest in the keyword tools?

benefits of paid keyword tools

When you have access to many free keyword tools online, is it really a good idea to invest in the premium tools?

Yes, you should definitely invest in the premium tools for keyword research.

There are so many benefits of using premium tools including;

  • They usually have bigger keyword databases (so you’ll get access to thousands of hidden keywords which you won’t find in free tools)
  • They constantly get updated to give you fresh metric (such as search volume, CPC etc)
  • They give you access to premium support and tutorials (most free tools don’t do that)
  • Accuracy (most free tools don’t provide you accurate keyword data whereas premium tools generally provide accurate data, not 100% accuracy though)
  • Better keyword metrics (most free tools offer you keyword suggestions whereas premium tools such as Semrush offers wide range of metrics such as CPC, keyword difficulty, trend, paid data, backlinks data and so on)

So if you’re looking for easy to rank and profitable keyword ideas to boost your search traffic and sales, you should definitely invest in at least one premium tool.

FAQs About Alternative to KWFinder

Here are some of the most asked questions around KWFinder alternatives and other similar keyword research tools.

Is KWFinder free?

No, but you can grab their 10 day free trial from here where you’ll get 5 lookups per 24 hours, 25 related and 10 competitor keywords per lookup. If you’re looking for more details, check out this in-depth review of KW Finder.

What is the best keyword research tool?

There are literally hundreds of keyword tools available but here’s a small list of tools that can help you with unlimited keyword ideas.

→ Semrush
→ Ahrefs
→ KeywordTool.io

What are the best free keyword research tools?

Here’s a list of some of the best free keyword research tools to use in 2024.

→ Keyword Sheeter
→ KeywordTool.io
→ QuestionDB
→ Bulk Keyword Generator
→ AnswerThePublic
→ Keyword Surfer

How do I find high value keywords?

The best way to find high value keywords is to know the CPC (Cost Per Click) value of the keyword. Almost every keyword tool including Semrush, Ahrefs, KWFinder provides you the CPC value. Pick those keywords with high CPC if you want to generate more profits.

What is the best keyword tool for YouTube?

If you’re looking for a specific keyword tool for YouTube, here are a couple of recommendations.

→ KeywordTool.io (it offers an exclusive tool for YouTube research)
→ Ahrefs (it also offers reliable keyword data for YouTube)

How do I find competitors keywords?

Want to see your competitors keywords? Here are some of the best competitor research tools you can use to discover your competitors keywords.

→ Semrush (grab 14 days free trial)
→ SpyFu
→ Ahrefs
→ Majestic
→ Moz

What is a good keyword difficulty?

Keyword Difficulty (KD) is a useful keyword metric which tells you how hard it would be to rank for a particular keyword term. It is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100 (100 being the hardest). The keyword difficulty score changes from tool to tool. So it’s a good idea to use multiple tools to find the accurate KD score of any keyword.

SEO Tools Worth Trying:

Final thoughts about KWFinder alternative

When it comes to increasing your search traffic, keyword research plays an important role. No matter what niche you are in, you need to target the RIGHT keywords to grow your search traffic and sales.

Here’s where keyword tools come into handy. We’ve used a ton of tools (including free and premium) to perform keyword research and the above mentioned tools are extremely useful for bloggers and SEO enthusiasts.

So what are your thoughts about alternative to KWFinder mentioned here? Did we miss any of your favorite tools? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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