9 Best Ahrefs Alternatives: Free & Paid Competitors for 2024 [Pros, Cons & Comparison]

Ahrefs tops every list of best all-in-one SEO tools. It offers a lot of excellent features such as keyword explorer, site explorer, backlink checker etc.

But firstly, I would like to ask you, are you sure about your migration decision from Ahrefs to another tool?

I mean Ahrefs is really good! Literally, you don’t need an alternative unless you have an issue with their latest change in pricing or you’ve started facing problems with Ahrefs’ limited monthly reports.

Yes, Ahrefs used to be a major attraction previously among customers because of its powerful SEO features and affordable pricing.

But not anymore!

Now they are not the most affordable in the market, but I must say it is not a bad tool and you cannot say that it is not worth it. It still holds the top position in SEO tools.

I think that with the increased prices and the lack of a free trial, users are feeling like there’s more risk involved.

Anyway, you are looking for Ahrefs alternatives and I’ve got your back!

I handpicked 9 alternatives out of 15-20 SEO tools by analyzing these main parameters: SEO Features, Pricing, Database, & Overall Money Value.

Yes, you are going to see a mix of free & paid Ahrefs alternatives in the list.

By the end of this post, I promise you that you will be sure about which SEO tool you should switch to from Ahrefs.

Let’s get started.

ahrefs alternatives

9 Best Ahrefs Alternatives for All SEOs, Marketers and Bloggers

Here is the list of Ahrefs alternatives at a Glance:

Ahrefs AlternativesBest ForFree Trial
SemrushBest Alternative With Maximum Features & Money Value14 Days
SE RankingBest Affordable Alternatives to Ahrefs14 Days
MangoolsBest For Zero Experienced NewbiesFree plan is available
SpyfuBest For Powerful Competitive AnalysisNot available
SerpstatBest For Big Teams7 Days
Moz ProBest For Link Building & Advanced Reporting30 Days
UbersuggestCheaper Alternative for Keyword Research7 Days
Surfer SEOBest On Page SEO AlternativeFree plan is available
Google Keyword PlannerPPC Keyword ResearchFree Forever

1. Semrush – Best Alternative With Maximum Features & Money Value

semrush - first ahrefs alternatives


  • Offer a larger database of Keywords and Backlinks than Ahrefs
  • The number of features is huge compared to Ahrefs & other SEO tools
  • Pricing is similar to Ahrefs
  • Semrush allows more daily reporting limits (Example: Rank Tracking) compared to Ahrefs, regardless of the pricing plan.
  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for 14-day trial (unlike Ahrefs).


  1. Because of so many features, the learning time is a little bit more
  2. Not a beginner friendly user interface than Ahrefs

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools and an alternative to Ahrefs. 

It is used by more than 10 million people worldwide, and it has over 25.6 billion keywords, and 43 T backlinks data in its database. Ahrefs database is slightly less than Semrush (22.1 B keywords & 35 T backlinks).

I have been using the Semrush SEO tool for more than 8 years now, and I am extremely satisfied with it. I have written a detailed review about it too.

Just like Ahrefs, If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO toolkit, Semrush is the best choice for you. It has the highest number of SEO tools (60+) you ever come across in any SEO tool.

why use semrush over ahrefs

The best part about Semrush compared to Ahrefs is its number of features and the advantage of a 14 days free trial. 

But remember, Semrush’s user interface may not feel as beginner-friendly as Ahrefs.

In earlier times, people didn’t choose Semrush because its pricing used to be higher than Ahrefs. 

But now, that’s not the case anymore. The pricing of Ahrefs and Semrush has become the same, so you can’t skip Semrush just because it’s expensive.

Both tools have similarities in the majority of features, I mean you get key SEO features like competitive analysis, keyword research, link building, SEO audit, and rank tracking in both packages.

But still, Semrush has the edge in the total number of features. (The reason why it is no 1 Ahrefs alternative)

By offering an extra set of features in the same Ahrefs pricing, Semrush is now offering a better money value.

Ahrefs has missed these important tools:

  • PPC tool
  • Local SEO tool
  • Content Marketing features (Topic Research, SEO writing assistant, Content template, etc)
  • Toxic Backlinks finder
  • Keyword search intent analysis
  • Keyword cluster tool
  • Many More


The Semrush plan starts from $129.95 and goes up to $499.95. You can save more on Annual plans.


Semrush is extremely useful for in-house SEO teams, website owners, small businesses, and digital marketing agencies. It gives you FULL access to over 60 SEO tools and its rank tracking system is better than Ahrefs (Update daily)

Its 14-day trial, extra features & same pricing as Ahrefs are enough for users to see this tool as a great alternative to Ahrefs.

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2. SE Ranking – Best Affordable Alternative to Ahrefs

se ranking


  • Core SEO tools are present
  • 14 days free trial is available (Not in Ahrefs)
  • Much better & fairer plans than Ahrefs
  • Offers extra features like Local SEO tools & Content marketing tools & White label advantage
  • Can save users a lot of money because of reasonable pricing


  • Although their pricing plans are affordable when compared to tools like Ahrefs it’s not as comprehensive as Ahrefs, Semrush, and so on.
  • The Links & Keyword database is smaller than Ahrefs.

SE Ranking is another popular SEO suite known for its core features and affordability. 

Here, you can find all the core features of Ahrefs such as Rank Tracker, Website Audit, Backlink analysis, On-Page SEO, Keyword Research, and Competitor analysis.

The main reason we see people choosing SE Ranking over Ahrefs is their fair pricing plans. For example, while Ahrefs gives you a limit of 5 projects for $129/month, SE Ranking allows you to manage 10 projects for just $44/month. This is just one example!

I guess this would be beneficial for small businesses where a couple of projects need to be managed simultaneously.

They have also managed cost-cutting very well. In short, they have divided extra features like Local SEO and Content Marketing tools into add-ons, allowing users to adjust their pricing by opting in or out of these features. – FYI These features are missing from Ahrefs.

Obviously, the SE Ranking database is not as extensive as Ahrefs. They have 3.3 billion keywords and 2 billion links information. However, considering the pricing advantage here, you might find the size of SE Ranking’s data comfortable.

If you prioritize high-frequency rank tracking, SE Ranking is more suitable than Ahrefs. SE Ranking updates tracking data daily, unlike Ahrefs’ weekly update policy.

Here’s what the SE Ranking dashboard looks like;

SE Ranking dashboard


Just like Ahrefs, SE Ranking offers monthly & annual plans but at a much more reasonable rate starting from just $44/month.


SE Ranking should be a go-to choice for every small business, website & blogger where the budget is tight but core SEO tools are a priority. One should live with a lesser database but hope SE Ranking surpasses Ahrefs soon.

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3. Mangools – Best for Zero Experienced Newbies

mangools dashboard



  • Not robust as Ahrefs
  • Lack of advanced SEO tools like Site Audit
  • The database of this tool isn’t as extensive as Ahrefs, resulting in fewer available question keywords, backlinks, and other data points.
  • Limited keyword lookups, competitor keyword research, site lookups, and SERP lookups within 24 hours (even with their premium plans)

I tried the Mangools SEO pack a couple of months back. 

And trust me, I found it amazing, especially if you are a beginner and never tried an SEO tool ever.

Well, Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool. We all know that!

But it is not best for newbies or those users who are looking for a simple cost effective entry ($19.90/month) into the SEO tools world. 

Here Mangools comes into the action.

You must have heard about KWFinder (A popular keyword research tool). Well, KWFinder is a part of Mangools SEO pack.

In Mangools, you just get the main 5 primary SEO tools that can just do the bare minimum. Nothing big or fancy features are available here as you can see in Ahrefs.

It has the tools like:

  • KWFinder: For keyword research
  • SERPChecker: For SERP analysis
  • SERPWatcher: For Rank Tracking
  • LinkMiner: For Backlinks research
  • SiteProfiler: For picturizing a domain profile

That’s it.

When I was playing with Mangools, the User interface was the best thing I came across in this SEO tool! 

Literally, they placed 5 tools into a single dashboard so effectively that even a newbie can understand it in a matter of minutes.

Yes, Ahrefs user interface is known for its simplicity, But Mangools UI is even better.

Here is the screenshot:

mangools seo user interface

Mangools is good for small projects but it is a tiny SEO tool. Hence the database of keywords & links is extremely small. Sometimes you just get 20-30 keyword suggestions only. 

I guess this is not a limitation. At $20/month it is offering more than you think.


The Mangools offers a free forever plan but it is not worth it as it has a limit on the amount of data you can fetch at a time.

A Mangools subscription starts at $29/month, making it an attractive option for users seeking cost-effective solutions.

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Mangools is a great alternative to Ahrefs, loved for its simplicity and user-friendliness. It’s ideal for beginners or anyone who wants a straightforward tool without all the complexity and high costs (It’s nearly 5 times cheaper than Ahrefs).

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4. SpyFu – Best for Powerful Competitive Analysis



  1. Perform detailed keyword research and discover all your competitors keywords
  2. Track your keyword rankings easily
  3. Monitor your paid and SEO rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  4. Track all of your competitors and download their PPC along with SEO keywords
  5. Analyze backlinks quickly
  6. Affordable pricing options when compared to other premium tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush
  7. The ability to build custom reports
  8. You can also get unlimited access to the last 17 years of historical keyword data
  9. A 30 days money back policy is a big plus.


  • It only shows you the PPC details of Google Ads and no Facebook, Bing, or other PPC ad platforms
  • Free trial is not there
  • Data accuracy issues are there

“SpyFu” The name itself represents the main characteristic and key highlight of this SEO tool – That is competitive analysis.

SpyFu is the most comprehensive competitor keyword research tool and a great budget alternative to Ahrefs.

Here’s how the SpyFu data looks like;

spyfu dashboard

I found SpyFu’s key strengths lie in its robust competitive analysis tools, providing users with invaluable insights into their competitors’ SEO strategies. 

If your priority is competitive analysis, then no other tool would be better than SpyFu including Ahrefs. Plus the lesser pricing advantage ($39/month) is also available here.

However, the weaker part of SpyFu is keyword research & backlink analysis. I guess you should explore Semrush if these two aspects are the priority.

And how can I forget to mention, that SpyFu has some issues with data accuracy, particularly with keyword rankings and traffic estimates, which could affect decision-making for some users?


Spyfu has distributed its SEO features into two competitive plans starting from $39/month.  The basic plan lacks historical data, but the Professional plan offers historical data up to 17 years which can be highly beneficial for detailed competitive analysis.

Here are the features you can expect in a SpyFu plan:

  • Unlimited search results (except basic plan)
  • Unlimited data exports (except basic plan)
  • Unlimited domain overview (except basic plan)
  • Track keyword rankings
  • Custom branded reporting 
  • Unlimited backlinks searches (except basic plan)
  • Competitors’ results and many more

Want to Read More?


For website owners, SEOs, and small businesses on a tight budget looking for a reliable yet powerful SEO toolkit, especially for competitor analysis, SpyFu is a great choice. 

5. Serpstat – Best Ahrefs Alternative For Big Teams



  • 7 days free trial is available
  • Plans are fairer for big teams 
  • Affordable than Ahrefs
  • All core features of SEO tools are present
  • Offers extra features like Local SEO, AI content tools


  • Keyword data is not as inaccurate as keyword difficulty, keyword search volume, etc as you find in Ahrefs.

Serpstat is another all-in-one SEO platform that is similar to Ahrefs.

It has the second highest tools available in their suite (55) after Semrush & Ahrefs.

The platform stands out for having the biggest keyword database for the USA and Europe and its own backlink index with no duplicates or trash domains.

Here’s what the Serpstat dashboard looks like;

serpstat dashboard

Serpstat offers a cheaper option compared to Ahrefs, making it suitable for freelancers and small businesses. 

It provides all the essential SEO tools like keyword research, rank tracking, content marketing ideation, content creation, search analytics, and backlink analysis in a user-friendly interface. 

Plus, you can try it out for free before committing.

why choose

However, Serpstat backlink analysis isn’t as detailed as Ahrefs, which might limit insights into link profiles. Also, it covers fewer search engines than Ahrefs, affecting the variety of data available.

Serpstat has plans that would work even for agencies & big websites


  • Ahrefs offers a limit to track 750 keywords monthly, and Serpstat allows 10000 keywords to be tracked.
  • In Serpstat you can onboard up to 30 team members at a time. However, in Ahrefs you have to pay an additional $20-$80 per month if you want to onboard more than 10 members.


The SerpStat monthly plans cost you $59/month.

Its Individual plan costs $602 annually, while the minimum Ahrefs plan is priced at $990, making it one and a half times more expensive.


If you’re on a budget and need a straightforward SEO solution, Serpstat is worth considering. Its main audience is freelancers, large agencies, and big teams in their industry. 

It’s easy to use, affordable, and includes all the necessary features to improve your website’s visibility online.  

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6. Moz Pro – Best For Link Building & Advanced Reporting



  • The Generous 30 days free trial is available
  • The links database is bigger here 
  • All core features of SEO tools are present
  • They have a HUGE SEO community where you can get a ton of information and insights on using the tool
  • Has offering better reporting limits than Ahrefs
  • Fair & affordable plans


  • The core features like Keyword research, site audit, rank tracking, etc are not comprehensive as you see in Ahrefs
  • A bit difficult for beginners to use and get used to their tools

Did you know Moz has the biggest link building database? Yes, the number 44.8 Trillion is huge and beats both the industry top SEO tools – Ahrefs & Semrush.

Moz Pro provides a comprehensive set of SEO tools, including site audits, keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink analysis. If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO solution, Moz Pro might be a suitable choice.

And the pricing is still less than Ahrefs! 

Moz’s other great thing is that it believes in fair plans policy – They offer all the key features in its entry plan.

They have a unique feature called “spam score” that simplifies domain quality assessment and identification of potentially harmful links. Ahrefs missed this.

I see, Moz provides a fully functional 30-day free trial and has more generous reporting limits compared to Ahrefs.

Besides advantages, you might feel a lack of crucial metrics in Moz as compared to Ahrefs. Plus the keyword research tool, site audit tool of Moz is not as comprehensive as I found in Ahrefs.

Anyway, the pricing is lower and Moz has all the core features. You can’t ignore Moz. 

It gives a 30 days risk free trial. So why don’t you test it thoroughly before making any investment?


Moz Pro plans have started from $99/month, and you can always enjoy a discount of 20% with their annual plans.


Moz would be suitable where a larger set of requests on a daily/weekly/monthly basis is required. Their main focus is on link building so if you’re more into this aspect of SEO then it is a must-try Ahrefs alternative. You can always switch your decision in 30 days of free trial.

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7. Ubersuggest – Cheaper Ahrefs Alternative for Keyword Research



  • Offers a 7 day free trial
  • Generate a lot of keyword ideas you want no matter what niche you are in
  • Extremely easy to use as it has a great user interface
  • You can search by country which is great for local SEO research
  • You can easily see the age range of the searchers or how many times they click on the paid results versus SEO results
  • Gives you a ton of information such as SEO Difficulty Score, Search Volume, SERP Results, Keyword Filters, and so on


  • The data (keyword data or search volume) is not very accurate when compared to other paid tools including the remaining alternatives to Ahrefs mentioned here
  • Ubersuggest’s main strength lies in keyword research. Hence for extra SEO modules, you have to depend on another tool like Ahrefs.

Ubersuggest – A more of a keyword research tool created by Neil Patel.

If you’re a blogger and you just need an affordable keyword research tool rather than a comprehensive SEO tool, then you can explore Ubersuggest for sure.

Although it has a few extra features like site audit, rank tracking, and competitor analysis, they are just the basics compared to Ahrefs or Semrush.

I can only vouch for its keyword research tool.

It’s only meant for keyword research and it’s NOT an all-in-one SEO toolkit unlike Ahrefs, Semrush, etc.

Here’s how its interface looks like;

ubersuggest user interface

One of the major reasons to use Ubersuggest over Ahrefs is it is EXTREMELY cheap. 

Did you know that you can grab the Ubersuggest Business plan for only $200 (that too for a lifetime, no monthly fees required!).

They also have a monthly plan ($20/month) which allows you to test it first without investing a huge amount of money in the lifetime plans.

why use ubersuggest over ahrefs


  • Monthly Plan: Starts from $20/month
  • Lifetime Plan: Starts from $200


If you’re a small blogger and looking mainly for a good keyword research tool with minimum pricing possible then Ubersuggest could be a great fit. 

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8. Surfer SEO – Best On Page SEO Ahrefs Alternative

surfer seo


  • Can be considered as a dedicated & affordable On-Page SEO tool
  • The free plan is available


  • Not a dedicated SEO suite tool like Ahrefs

Surfer SEO is a unique SEO tool focused on optimizing on-page content. It provides valuable insights so that your content on-page SEO will improve.

They provide a SERP analyzer, keyword research tools, and a user-friendly content editor. Plus, its seamless integration with Google Docs simplifies the content creation process.

However, Surfer SEO may not match Ahrefs in terms of off-page SEO and competitor analysis features. Also, its pricing plans might be less flexible for larger teams or enterprises compared to Ahrefs.


Surfer SEO plans work on the basis of the number of articles you are looking to optimize per month. Their plans start from just $69/month.


In summary, Surfer SEO is a great choice if your main goal is optimizing on-page content. Other than this, it is of no use.

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9. Google Keyword Planner – Best Free Ahrefs Alternatives

google keyword planner alternatives


  • Best free keyword research tool for paid campaigns 


  • The biggest disadvantage is its average monthly searches feature as it doesn’t show accurate results (just gives you an estimated search volume)

If you’re using Google Ads or thinking about using PPC ads to find relevant keywords to grow your business, Google Keyword Planner is worth giving a try. 

They have the most accurate keyword database for PPC purposes.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Ahrefs just for the PPC keyword research part, Keyword Planner can be a great choice for beginners.

It’s a keyword research tool developed by Google and completely free to use (you just need to log in using your GMail account).

Here’s what it looks like;

google keyword planner dashboard

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Here’s a list of some of the frequently asked questions about Ahrefs alternative SEO tools.

Is Ahrefs free?

No, Ahrefs is NOT a free tool. It’s a premium SEO tool. If you want to learn why your competitors are getting top rankings in Google (everything from finding keyword data to backlinks), you can use Ahrefs.

Is Semrush free?

No, Semrush is not a free tool. It’s a premium SEO tool being used by over 10 million people.

What’s the best free keyword research tool?

There are a ton of keyword research tools out there, but there are only a couple of free tools that are actually worth spending your time. They include;
→ Ubersuggest (freemium)
→ KeywordTool.io
→ Google Keyword Planner

Which SEO tool is best?

If you’re looking for the best SEO tool, we HIGHLY recommend Semrush, as it provides you 60+ SEO tools. It is also the most popular SEO toolkit used by over 10 million people worldwide and offers amazing tools like keyword magic, organic research, site audits, and more.

Which is better: Ahrefs vs Semush?

Semrush is a powerful SEO toolkit when compared to Ahrefs, as Semrush offers you over 60 SEO tools under one roof. But Ahrefs is a bit cheaper when compared to Semrush as Ahrefs pricing plans start at $99/mo whereas the Semrush pricing starts at $129.95/mo.

Can I use Ahrefs for free?

Although Ahrefs doesn’t offer any free trials, you need to grab their premium plans (starting at $129/mo) to get access to all their features. You can also use Ahrefs backlink checker for free (with limited features) that you can use to check the backlinks of any website.

Check out a few more ultimate SEO tools alternatives:

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best SEO tool alternative to Ahrefs, then Semrush is the best option because it offers superior features and more comprehensive data.

You can try Semrush with its 14-day free trial before committing to a subscription. This allows you to assess its capabilities and determine whether it aligns with your needs or if another tool better suits your requirements.

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly alternative, consider exploring options like Serpstat and SE Ranking.

Did you find the above-mentioned Ahrefs alternatives helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Your list of alternative SEO tools for Ahrefs are astonishing. I have used several of them including Spyfu. In fact, although the other tools will show you relevant keywords your competitors are ranking for, SpyFu goes deeper into the meat to give you a comprehensive data with graphs. I’m happy you added it to the list.


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