30 Plus Experts Sharing 3 Blog Monetization Strategies If They Had to Start A WordPress Site from Scratch

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June 29, 2021

Which monetization strategies you would use on a WordPress site when it’s new?

That’s a great question and I thought of doing an expert roundup post instead of sharing my own views so it can be more useful for beginners to make money from their sites.

I asked a lot of expert bloggers this question: “what are the 3 strategies you would use if you had to start a WordPress site from scratch?” and I got amazing responses from over 30 people. I’ll be adding more as I get more replies from others so keep an eye on this post.

Without much ado, let’s jump into the details of top 3 monetization strategies experts use to make money from a new site.

3 Blog Monetization Strategies for New WordPress Sites

Experts Sharing Top 3 Blog Monetization Strategies


1. Pradeep Kumar

pradeep kumar incomeThese are the 3 strategies I would prefer for a new blog:

1) Affiliate Marketing: So, the thing about Affiliate Marketing is, you don’t exactly need plenty of traffic. You just need a proper & consistent source of traffic. If you are running a blog for ‘Fashion’, then you can focus on a particular ‘not-so-popular’ yet ‘might-become-famous-soon’ product and make your sale conversions there. You just need to analyze your traffic & prepare strategies according to that. You can focus on email lists side by and promote your products via that.

2) Sponsored / Paid Reviews: Okay, now, don’t get me wrong. The word ‘Paid’ is pretty messed up these days. You need to actually write an unbiased review, just like you promote affiliate products, use the product first and spread the word. Brands out there are ready to pay a decent amount of money for doing this, so worth a shot. Make sure you don’t end up writing plenty of paid/sponsored posts, Google hates them if you are not making it look natural.

3) Google AdSense: Last but not least. This is something you should always have, but you shouldn’t rely on this for your income source. You can use AdSense on your blog and your YouTube channel, if you have one. So don’t miss this platform, make sure you get an approved account and focus on getting quality search traffic, then focus on making more money via AdSense. Traffic first, Earnings next.

2. Daniel Scocco

Daniel Scocco1. AdSense: This should be your first choice because it’s very easy to get started with, and it will generate some money even if you have low traffic.

2. Direct ad sales: This could include banners and other types of advertising, like giveaways. Use this strategy once your reach a good number of monthly visitors (over 50k), as it will take some of your time to go after the right sponsors and to close the deals.

3. Sell your own products: This is by far the most profitable monetization strategy. The product itself can be an ebook, a course, a service and so on. Implement this once you have decent traffic and a large email list.

3. Marko Saric

Marko SaricI would focus on building some great content and an audience first. Without these two it’s very difficult to make any money from a blog. When I have some amazing content that regularly attracts people that want to consume it and share it with their friends I would focus on the monetization.

My main strategy would be to sell relevant and useful products and services through affiliate marketing. These products would be something that fit well with my content and supplement it. Alternatively my strategy would be to create my own product or do consulting services. This one is similar to affiliate marketing, but is useful in cases where you cannot find a valuable product or service to promote.

As the third strategy I would consider creating some exclusive content and other offers in order to let my fans sponsor me or join my site through a monthly membership.

4. Wade McMaster

wade Here are the 3 monetization strategies I would use if I had to start a WordPress site from scratch. They all work like a charm. Just make sure to focus on giving more importance to one after the other.

1. Find a good market with a profitable affiliate program (high percentage commission).

2. I’d do nothing but create killer list posts 2000+words and promote the hell out of them.

3. Convert to an email list promoting the affiliate program

5. Akshay Hallur

Akshay HallurThe majority of the bloggers go behind monetizing their blogs for only one source of traffic. But it’s wiseness to note that there are niches and ways by which you can you can earn money from your blog perhaps both by AdSense and Affiliate marketing.

Perhaps if you take the “Yoga” niche, you can monetize your blog both with AdSense and Affiliates. For “Blogging” niche, affiliate marketing is the only main go.

Before starting a site, go for a niche that can be monetized both by ads and affiliate marketing. It’s common to see this kind of nature in health and fitness niche. If you are reliant only on AdSense revenue, perhaps in the future if AdSense CPC declines, you can quickly switch your focus on Affiliate marketing without changing the blog in this case.

So I would say that I would start a blog that can be monetized by both AdSense and Affiliates. Of course, as the site grows additional monetization gateways like direct advertising, sponsored posts, and own product creation in the niche opens up.

6. Jane Sheeba

Jane SheebaIf I had to start from scratch, I’ll go with these methods!

1. Launching my own product – however, I realize that it is not so easy to successfully launch and make profits with very little audience/readership. So my first step would be to build my audience/readership.

This step is crucial not only for launching a product but with any monetization strategy. But once you have a decent sized readership, launching your own product is a great way to monetize your business.

Not only because launching a product build your authority in your niche, but it is also a great passive income stream. You work on creating your product once, and make money every time someone buys it!

2. The second best way to make money, as I think of it, is to set up a good affiliate marketing strategy. This is also a passive income stream but a lot easier than #1 because you don’t have to create a product in the first place!

However there are certain key things to keep in mind to succeed with affiliate marketing – you have to build trust, you should not be too focused on commissions and you should be very careful with recommending products.

3. My third preferred monetization strategy is providing your service. If you have a skill that you can use to help your readers, by all means help them.

Of course, this is not a passive income stream. You work – provide the service – in order to get paid. But this method helps to build rapport with your customers because you help them – one on one – and this is cool, right?

7. Ryan Biddulph

Ryan-Biddulph1: Before monetizing through any strategy, I’d start a blog from scratch with the intent to have fun with blogging. Meaning, 95% of my energy would be devoted to creating content and making friends and then, 5% to monetizing ideas. I’d start off with writing and self-publishing eBooks to Amazon Kindle at KDP Select. Awesome way to get your name out there, to have fun writing and to open a passive income.

2: Convert your Amazon Kindle eBooks to audio books via Audible.com for a quick, easy way to monetize your Kindle creation. Work with a producer and then, split the royalties via your eBook placements on iTunes, Audible and Amazon. This one is easy. You already have the content. Just upload to Audible, listen to samples from producers, pick a good match and they will be the voice behind your book.

3: Offer some service based on your blogging niche. This helps you learn your craft inside-out. I offer blog coaching and freelance writing services to monetize my skill set and to also improve my knowledge of my niche. Learn your niche. Cut through the beginner doubt of “How can I become a coach if I am just a beginner?” That’s BS, an ego-lie spewed to you by your Monkey Mind.

If you have a domain and hosting, and a blog post or 2, you can teach millions of aspiring bloggers both how to get to that point and how to build through blog from the ground up, by learning from bloggers like me, on the fly. Dive in! Just make sure all you do, do for fun, content creation and monetization wise.

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8. Sam Hurley

sam hurley1. Affiliate Marketing – Create exceptional content that hasn’t been covered anywhere else and insert links within the content where people click and buy the end product or service – which you then receive a % commission for. You need to convince visitors through amazing content and this can be done by in-depth coverage of the topic relating to the product / service (think interviews, reviews and how-to guides). Make it epic. For Affiliate Marketing to work – you need to gain trust from your community.

2. Sponsored Articles – As your content and traffic gains momentum, you can begin to offer a service whereby you effectively sell article space on your blog. Your clients will buy this from you to gain traffic to their own website and attention towards their brand. The articles could be promotional in nature, too. Just make sure everybody knows you offer this promotion.

3. Email List Building – Your email list will be your most powerful and untouchable asset. Work on building that straight away by inserting call-to-action buttons / signup forms within your content and also by scattering them around your website. You can sell email ads and also push your own products and services to your community. Again, trust is key and the closer and more exclusive you make people feel, the more they will buy through your emails. The possibilities of email marketing are endless!

9. Vladimir Gendelman From CompanyFolders

These are the steps you should take to monetize your blog content when starting from scratch:

Vladimir Gendelman

  1. Create high-quality, informative content. Research your niche thoroughly so that you can provide information or resources that nobody else is offering.
  2. Promote posts on social media. Even when you create great content, you can’t expect people to just happen upon it organically. Put a budget behind them and target them to your most important audiences.
  3. Create a funnel from your content to the products you sell. Whether it’s an ebook, promotional merchandise, or some other type of product, use your content to direct people towards the things that actually make you money.

10. Yogita Aggarwal

yogita1. I always believe in authority and authority comes with time, dedication and hardwork. I started my 3rd blog few months back (FashionAndBeautyBlogger.com) and to be very honest I am not earning anything from this as of now. It is not because I am not getting opportunities but because I am not focusing on income as of now. My main focus is to build the website authority with good content and huge readership.

2. My 2nd suggestion is never ever underestimate the power of social media. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat not only give you readers and engagement but also they can bring paid social campaigns too. Brands are spending a lot on social mentions, these days.

3. Never endorse something on blog that you can’t relate too. Endorsing brands and products you generally don’t talk about or irrelevant to your blog niche can harm your web reputation, so better BE CAREFUL

11. Harleena Singh

Harleena SinghI think the first and best monetization strategy would be to promote a product or service that is in line with your site focus and your expertise. Yes, this would be affiliate marketing – it’s not about promoting just any product or shopping items, but only the ones that enhance your value and reputation as well.

The one thing you can do, before even launching your site so it can help you create revenues later, is to build a list. Do that from day 0. As they say that the money is in the list, they aren’t wrong! Your list will keep giving you returns even if your site doesn’t.

Finally, as all life coaches suggest, enhance your personal value and build your brand. Invest your time and money on yourself, and it will be worth it. Try to gain important information and experience, and this knowledge and wisdom will help you make money. You can launch your own product or start coaching and counseling others to help them, and just use your site as a tool.

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12. Kulwant Nagi

kulwant-nagi incomeHere are the 3 monetizations strategies I would try on my website.

  • AdSense – This is no doubt one of the best and easiest way to monetize a blog once you have some traffic running in. I will target some high traffic keywords in my blog posts, get some traffic and use AdSense ads on blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing – This is my one of the most loved methods to make money with a blog. I’ll build my email list from the blog, send awesome emails to educate them about blogging and finally recommend some products to buy. Email marketing is by far one of the most one-to-one channel to sell the products by making a personal connection with your readers.
  • Selling Services – Being a new player in the market, I can monetize my blog by selling small services like WordPress installation, blog theme modification, setting up email service, creating stunning graphics and blog’s optimization. These micro services can bring big income if you do them in a professional way.

13. Sue Anne Dunlevie

Sue Anne DunlevieI see the following mistakes when beginning bloggers try to make money with their blogging business.

1) You focus too much on you and not your audience. If you are writing about what you ate for dinner – no one cares except your Mom. Put the focus on your reader’s problems and situations and help them. Answer their question. Get them talking in the comments. Find out what they need and want.

2) You aren’t getting enough traffic to sell anything. Before you can sell your freelance service, coaching or even a course, you need to have people visiting your blog. Start with roundup posts, guest posts, and being interviewed on blogs and podcasts. It’s more work than just blogging on your own site, but if you want to make money, it really works to get your name out there on more popular sites.

3) Think you are only going to put ads on your site and make enough to quit your job. I cannot tell you how often I get this question. You need to have 100K visitors a month to make around $100 in ads. IF you have 100K visitors a month and sold 1% of them an eBook, course or a service or coaching, you would be making 5-6 figures a year!

You can make a full-time income from blogging – I do. It just takes some work, focus, and strategy to make it happen.

14. Adam Connell

Adam ConnellThe exact strategies I’d use would depend on the niche and target audience of the new site. As well as the time I had available. As an example if I were to start Blogging Wizard from scratch, I’d probably go for:

  • Affiliate marketing – There are some great products in the blogging space with decent payouts that solve core problems for marketers.
  • Ebook – This would be the low ticket offer in my funnel. Otherwise known as a ‘trip-wire’. It wouldn’t be offered on the front-end – I’d encourage email sign ups with a lead magnet that ties into the ebook. I’d run a soft launch on Amazon Kindle as a free ebook to get some momentum, then return it to regular price and start offering it on my site.
  • Course – the ebook would eventually lead up to a higher ticket course that would be promoted to those that had purchased the ebook. I could position this as a subscription based course where I add extra content on a regular basis or leave it as a static course.

15. Deepanker Verma

deepankerI use Ads, affiliate and sponsors as primary monetization options. Before you jump with any of these ways, first start working on your blog to get good traffic. It is because traffic and regular readership is the key to success.

  • Ads: For ads, we have multiple options including Adsense. Here one must understand that putting too many ads does not increase revenue but reduces the the website’s speed and irritate users. Ads placement must be clear to give pleasant user experience. Now wait for few days to see how users are interacting with your website and ads. If you are getting good traffic, but not good clicks, you must think of going with the CPM ads. Sulvo is a good option.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Now do not go and promote every product out there. You must try to buy the product and use it by your own before you write a review and sell it. If you write an article with your personal experience, people will surely buy. Never ever promote products that are not worth. You can sell once, but you will lose the lifetime opportunity and genuine followers. Email marketing helps a lot in this. If you have built a good email subscribers, you can push the new offers to attract more sales.
  • Sponsors: This is the most tricky thing and you must have good traffic with a decent marketing skill. So try this after your blog has started getting traffic. Sponsors are not always Sponsored posts to sell links. There are many companies that are interested in genuine promotion. For example, I pitch mobile app companies to offer them an opportunity to showcase their mobile app to our thousands of readers. Here, I am not selling links but selling my traffic.

16. Atish Ranjan

Atish RanjanI always prefer Google Adsense ad program to monetize my blog(s) because it is quite simple, and it helps earn well if you are able to get enough traffic. Also, Adsense ads are clean looking which don’t make the blog look cluttered. I like the cleanliness of ads from Adsense which helps earn money without making the site ugly.

Second comes the Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is the second most favorite monetization technique that I love to use. Different niches need different products to promote; for example, if the blog is on gadgets, I would love to go for Amazon Affiliate program.

Though that is for Amazon products;similar thing can be done with other products. All you have to focus is to rank your post for buying keywords.

For a startup blog, I think there are not many options available for monetization because a new blog may not get a huge amount of traffic instantly. Moreover, as the traffic grows, I would love to monetize with CPM banner ads and Sponsored Reviews Too as they are lucrative.

17. Imran Uddin

imran-uddinInitially, I would like to avoid monetizing with display ads completely and build a reader base on the first hand.

Then I would slowly start displaying ads on those articles that are driving traffic from Search. I would prefer to avoid ads on those articles that are getting low or no views.

Secondly, I would chose some product that fits to my blog and promote it being an affiliate.

The third and best monetization strategy would be sponsored content once the blog drives reasonable traffic.

18. Donna Merrill

donna merill1. Membership Sites: The free “Paid Memberships Pro” WordPress plugin  allows you to set up your membership site pretty quickly. So the technology is available and pretty user friendly if you want to build a blog or website that can reap monthly payments instead of one-off commissions.

And who wouldn’t prefer that, right?

Just offer monthly training in your niche, load them up to your membership site, and you’ve got a great monetization model for your blog. This is something that even new bloggers can do almost immediately if they know how to solve people’s problems.

2. Coaching: Coaching and mentoring can also be very simple using your new WordPress site. You can develop this business right from scratch on your WordPress site or blog. “Booking Calendar,” for instance, is a simple WordPress plugin that takes all the hard work out of this process.

Just upload it to your WordPress site and people can schedule their coaching appointment right on the calendar.

Even if you charged a small fee, like $100 a month, for this kind of personal coaching, you’d only need 10 clients to be making $1,000 a month from your blog. And, of course, you can quickly scale this up.

3. Affiliate Product Reviews: Reviewing products and services that you affiliate is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Just think, you get a commission when people buy something from your affiliate link and you don’t even have to deliver a product or service. The vendor handles that, and you just get back to the business of getting more sales. Now, that’s pretty sweet, don’t you think?

Author hReview is my favorite plugin for bloggers who focus on writing affiliate reviews for digital information products, software and services.

Among other things, it will generate a Google Rich Snippet that looks very impressive and is sure to improve your click-throughs and sales. Using this plugin, you can build a powerful WordPress review site… right from scratch. Then, just get down to the business of writing some great reviews.

19. MiMuba

mi mubaThe three best strategies to monetize your blog in the beginning are:

  • Place banner ads: First of all place banner ads of your hosting company and blog template designer. Almost all such companies offer affiliate service to their buyers. Do mention in heading of these banners why you picked them and why your readers should buy them.
  • Sell your blog setup skills: While going through the whole process of setting up your blog you have become expert of building a WordPress blog. So sell your free service to help build blog. Keep it free if your customers buy the hosting and blog template with your affiliate link. If they already have then charge a nominal amount as fee of your services.
  • Write reviews of products: As noted above write well thought and well covered reviews on products you have used while starting your blog. Write review on those products as well that right now you are using their free version but soon will buy their premium one like Yoast Plugin etc.

20. Erik Emanuelli

ErikMost of the monetization methods I use for my blogs depend on a certain level of traffic.

If the blog is brand new, the number of visitors will be limited (at least, at beginning). However, there are some strategies I would use.

  • First, working on a mailing list and a sales funnel with automated emails.
  • Second, creating a product and selling it to my newsletter subscribers.
  • Third, building a landing page for selling my freelance writing services (I’d promote it via PPC, using AdWords and Facebook ads).

21. Rafi Chowdhury

rafiHere are the 3 monetization strategies I would go with if I had to start a new blog from scratch.

  • I would start blogging and make myself into an expert in that industry. Once that level of trust is achieved, I would start selling consulting services to my audience.
  • E-commerce – Its a great idea to start a blog in a niche that is low competition but high in demand. Once you begin to educate your audience in that sort of niche, you can soon start to sell products in that niche to your audience via your own website or platforms such as Amazon.
  • Become an affiliate and form partnerships with various other companies in the niche.

22. Dave Schneider

dave1: Build a business around your own product and market in on your website – If you’re after higher earnings, you should build a business around your own product. If you’re the business owner, you get to control the marketing, the pricing, and profit margins.

2: Invest in content and influencer marketing, but don’t spend too much too early. Start small and work your way up as you go along and gain more clients. For example, when it comes to content marketing, start with regular 2 to 3x a day posts, an ebook, a small course or mini tutorial series.

3: Build an email list: There’s no other way to go about it. If your business is going to be selling any type of product, you need to build your email list. You need to grow those leads. This is a necessary part of monetizing your WordPress site.

23. Nirmala Santhakumar


Earning from the blog is an art, and there is no shortcut in it!

The newbie and upcoming bloggers should understand the fact that it takes time (at least six months) to make income from a blog.

Getting targeted audience to the blog post content is the key to make money from the blog. Also, the monetization method should be implemented according to the niche of the blog.

For niche blogs with the public as the aimed audience (the people who are searching the general information on the web like best games to play, wishes & quotes), then the “Adsense” would be a perfect monetization method.

If it is a technology blog, then it is good to do the in-depth “tech product reviews” to attract the advertisers and paid reviews. Whatever may the blog topic or niche, getting the right audience is the essential thing which would result in huge income.

I prefer and making income with the following 3 blog income strategies.

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Google Adsense
3. Paid Reviews

24. Ankit Singla

Ankit-Singla1. Plan your monetization strategy: Don’t do this mistake. People start their blog, they post a lot of content and then they complain,“Blogs don’t make money.” Follow some top blogs in your industry and analyze them carefully to understand their monetization techniques.

Learn from them and list out how they are making money in that niche. If you can do the same (if not better), then go for it. Finalize atleast one monetization method that you can replicate. Let’s take an example of Affiliate Marketing.

2. Plan your content strategy: Outdoing your competitors in their own game is pretty easy if you follow some tactics. One of the best tactics is competitor analysis. Use some SEO tools and analyze their content and link building patterns. Plan your content strategy and monetize your content with affiliate links.

Note: Not all content generate sales. You will need to understand buyer’s persona first.

One of the best things you can do to make your content sell for you is to provide “Recipes” or “Checklists” to solve a problem. Introduce your affiliate product as the best solution (it must be best) and leverage the power of technology to make money while you sleep.

3. Plan Promotion Strategy: Best product never wins. Best product with Best promotion wins.

To generate affiliate sales, you’ll need to promote your content as much as you can. Here again, social promotion is not going to make you sales. Yes, I have tested this. Understand this; traffic that comes from search engines is the best traffic for affiliate marketing because they are eager to get the instant solution.

So, plan your promotion strategy and try to rank your articles on Google’s 1st page. 2nd page ranking won’t do any good. Remember, it will be challenging to rank and bank if you are a complete newbie but keep going and follow this checklist to make such a blog that actually makes money.

25. Anil Agarwal

anil-agarwalA quick note: I can write a massive post about the strategies one can use to make money from a new blog but this is a roundup post so I will try to make it really concise.

Here are the 3 monetization strategies I would personally prefer.

  • Affiliate Product Selling: This will be my #1 choice if I had to make money from a new blog. Read this case study on how I made over $2500 within a week using affiliate marketing. That’s a great income source if done right.
  • Paid Reviews: If you are getting great traffic, you can look for paid reviews. There are so many tools and people who are ready to pay you upwards $200 per paid post if you get 1000+ visits a day.
  • PPC Ads: For competitive niches, you can go for AdSense or look out for other Adsense Alternatives. PPC ads can help you quickly monetize a site without wasting much time.

26. Swadhin Agarwal

Swadhin-AgrawalIf I were to start a WordPress blog and monetize it from scratch, I would use these 3 steps for making money out of it.

1) Writing detailed content: With the fierce competition that comes with blogging, you can soon get lost in the crowd. The one thing that will help your blog stand out is through quality articles. Successful bloggers like Brian Dean, Neil Patel all don’t need to be blogging so rigorously but they still do. They churn out epic articles frequently which are longer than 2000 words that helps to increase their authority both for users and in the eyes of Google.

2) Engaging with other bloggers: You cannot survive alone with blogging. No matter how talented you are, if you work alone, you will always be beaten by a team. That is why I try and maintain relationships with other bloggers.

As you see in this very blog too, Anil uses other bloggers’ authority and utilises the same ethically to boost his authority. Check out the income series post in which he shares the income of other bloggers and their own method to earn that.

3) Collaborate with brands: I have always been asked by newbie bloggers as how pro bloggers get premium discounts and offers for hosting and tools. The answer is, they collaborate with brands. You can then create an advertise here page (no sense creating it when your blog is nascent), to let know brands that you are ready to plunge into action.

Then you can reach out yourself too and get brands to offer you discounts that are not available in the market. Like Anil offers premium Semrush discount that has a discount level you won’t get if you buy directly at the Semrush website.

27. Sanu Siddharth

Sanu SiddharthYes! you are right Blogging is not only hobby it’s huge and large place to explore your knowledge & talent . So as per my experience i started my first wordpress site without thinking about monetizing it but when it comes to hard work and parallel to other mates I noticed that doing blogging with lot of courage is not stopping we need to do something more work to drive more traffic and monetize it with world’s most popular monetizing method Google Adsense.

As a newbie in this field so it was not easy to trust on other network that they will pay me on this hand Adsense is an product by Google & also most trusty company in world.

SO now come as per roundup Best 3 Monetization strategies according to me are:

  • Google Adsense: if you could driving good traffic on your site.
  • Affiliate: In 2021, one of the most popular monetisation method.
  • Sponsored Post: When you will start writing quality content on your site and also having good no. of readers then related to your site many of brands will contact you to write about their product and link it in that content . so this is another great source of monetizing your wordpress blog.

28. Venchito Tampon

Venchito TamponWhat are the 3 monetization strategies you would use if you had to start a WordPress site from scratch?

  • Info Products – After you’ve built a community/tribe of followers (may it be in social accounts or in your email list), you can then create your own products that target your customers’ needs. Info products include audio & video courses, ebooks and membership sites.
  • Affiliates – While I’d consider this as my 2nd monetization strategy if I have to start making money from a newly built site, affiliates are good to monetize in profitable niches like health and fitness. I will go straight to Clickbank and find some high-quality products that I could become affiliate partnered with. Don’t just base products on commission percentage, but on how popular and how good the product is.
  • Services (Direct Service and Consulting) – This is trading time for money. But as you build your brand over time, you can start jacking up your services so even if you cater to a few clients, you’d still get good monetary value every month.

29. Nisha Pandey

Nisha Pandey1. AdSense: This is easily the choice for the masses. It is difficult to breakthrough but if you are ready to sweat a little, Google AdSense can give anything from decent to massive returns.

The key to succeeding with Google AdSense is to do it right! It takes some hit and trial before you get it right and it starts generating revenue for you.

2. Affiliate Marketing: There are literally millions of businesses that want to pay you handsomely for selling their products or services. But affiliate marketing should always be focused on your niche. Sell products or services that match our industry. This is important because the products should be of interest to your visitors.

3. Sponsored Reviews: If affiliate marketing pays you for ‘selling’ someone’s products, sponsored reviews pays you for promoting others products or services. If you are good at research and evaluation, and have good writing skills, this is another effective way to monetize your WordPress site.

Again, it is important to post sponsored reviews for products or services related to your niche!

30. Harris Schachter

Harris Schachter

  • Don’t even think about monetization yet. Because you’re just starting out, thinking about monetization is definitely in the camp of putting the cart before the horse. What are you going to monetize if you have no traffic? Exactly. Focus on traffic generation first, and the website itself. What content do you need? What content does your audience want? What are the best ways to drive traffic to your site with paid means (since your SEO will take a while to grow). If you approach it from the standpoint that your sole focus is the quality of the site and the user experience, you’ll have a much better site to monetize later.
  • Assuming you now have traffic flowing and your bounce rates aren’t atrocious, think about affiliate marketing for products which might have a logical place on your site. This could be products, services, or even reaching out to businesses who don’t even offer affiliate sales yet and seeing if you can strike a deal with them based on traffic flow.
  • You could also monetize your traffic with a paid, special offer. Whatever your site is about, create a course, video series, or (very good) white paper) that goes way above and beyond the value your website brings. The key to this is twofold: 1- demonstrate your expertise by teaching something from the website itself and 2- driving leads from it. Whatever you sell HAS to be high quality though, or you’ll get more refund requests than actual purchases.

31. Zac Johnson

Zac JohnsonIf I was going to start a new blog, here are the three monetization methods I would focus on.

  • Build a mailing list – This is the best long term strategy for any online business. Also make sure to implement a solid autoresponder series as well.
  • Create a product – With a product of your own, you can track incoming orders and sales from your audience, which will lead to further upsells and direct revenue.
  • Affiliate marketing – Even with a product of your own in place, affiliate marketing will still play a huge part in your monetization process. To make this work best, always provide value and the affiliate offer as a valid solution.

Follow these three tips and you should have no problems making money with your next wordpress site.

32. Jimmy Rodriguez

Jimmy RodriguezIf I had to do a WordPress site over and monetize it better I would definitely do somethings differently. A lot of a new WordPress site owners think of getting traffic and running ads when in reality that is not the best thing to do. Here is what I would do differently:

  • Make it an e-commerce site – rather than just run ads or sell affiliate products, I would hook up with a good drop shipper and build my website to be an e-commerce store.
  • Start early with SEO – One of the best ways to monetize is to not have a large marketing cost. With SEO you essentially are driving visitors to your website for free.
  • Start building that list immediately – one of the most underrated ways to monetize your website is building a list. Not only can you target that list with specific content and products, but you can also sell advertisement with that data in hand.

Other forms of monetization that will come your way regardless is things like sponsored guest posts and product reviews, which I’m always careful with filtering.

33. James Norquay

James Norquay

  • Adwords – Googles ad platform
  • Private ad sales – sell ads direct to customers
  • Amazon – sell products on your blog

Recommended resources around making money:

Final Thoughts

I know this post gone really lengthy (over 5000 words) but you will get a TON of ideas on how to monetize a new WordPress site from scratch after reading it.

Not only that, you get advice from expert bloggers who are already making money from their sites. So it’s definitely worth reading and implementing.

So what are your thoughts? What are the 3 blog monetization strategies YOU would use if you had to start a WordPress site from scratch?

If you like this post, please share it with others so they can benefit. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Anil Agarwal

30 Plus Experts Sharing 3 Blog Monetization Strategies If They Had to Start A WordPress Site from ScratchAnil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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    Although, a blogger has to spread their wings to fly high and open for all the monetization methods from the very first day.

    This is where learning importance exists, before getting into something. Apart from Affiliate marketing, sponsored and paid reviews, the idea from Zac(creating a product) has a lot of potential in the long run.

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