How to Write a Blog Post for Your Blog

How to Write a Blog Post for Your Blog

I have been blogging for some time now. And my experience of writing blog posts for my blogs over the period of time has helped me develop a magical formula which helps me write successful blog posts for my blogs. If you are looking for quick tutorial or formula for how to write a blog post that gets lots of attention from your blog readers and traffic from search engines, I’m going to share the same in today’s blog post.

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How to Write a Blog Post

We need to keep on adding relevant and high quality content in the form of blog posts on our blog if we are aiming at building lots of search engine traffic, making money from our blogs and building a huge community of readers on our blogs. Sometime we find it really hard writing a blog post daily as it can take lots of time if you haven’t planned your blog posts properly.

You can easily create an effective blog post in 90 minutes time even if you have the killer formula about how to write a blog post for your blog.

How to Write a Blog Post

Choose Topic for Your Blog Post

First, you need to decide the topic for your blog post. If you already have the list of topics, you can go ahead with selecting one of them. If not, choose a post topic by browsing other blogs or by going through latest trends, news etc.

Create an Interesting Title for Your Blog Post

Then, you need to create an interesting title for your blog post. You should thought of using targeted keywords in your title. You should create a seo friendly and unique title which makes sense. Your blog title will be first seen by your blog readers and visitors on search engines. And if you are unable to impress them with your post title, they will not be coming to your blog.

Start Writing Your Blog Post

Before, you start writing your blog post, you should have clear idea about what you are blogging about and what kind of material you will be using in your post. It would be more beneficial if you could use list types or headings etc in your post content as I myself have noticed blog posts carrying lists doing great on search engines and readers on a blog also love those blog posts type.

Do the Editing and Formatting

Once I’m finished off writing my blog post, I will do the editing process. I will read my blog post 2-3 times to fix spelling, grammatical, syntax errors or sentence structure related errors. With this, I would try to make my post error free and easy to read for my blog readers.

Publishing the Blog Post

Then I will start the publishing process for my post. I will add it into my blog admin panel. Apart from text, I try to add related images and videos if available to make my blog post more attractive and search engine friendly. With this, I may add few links to my own blog posts or external blogs where they add value to my blog post. Once I’m fine with my current post contents, I will hit the Publish button or may schedule it so that I can publish it in near future.

Promoting Your Blog Post

If you don’t promote your blog post, your job will be half done. Now you need to promote it on social media websites where you have an active presence. I used to share most of my blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc kind of popular social media websites. This helps in faster indexing and creating some instant backlinks for my newly created post.

Conclusion about how to write a blog post

This is how, one can write a blog post in 90 minutes time only which includes publishing the guest post on our blog and sharing it 5-6 popular social media websites. Do you have something more to add to this list or what is the magical formula you use writing your blog post, please share in the comments section below. With this post I tried to give answer to the question how to write a blog post for our blog in quick time.


  1. Diana says:

    The above article is very informative. Actually i want to know how to find the duplicate article. Is there any tool??

  2. Trucker says:

    Its sometimes a good idea to have a set structure to your post. Firstly a good post title summarizing your article. Then in your first paragraph you could meantion what the article attempts to achieve or what it is about. In the body of the article various points or a step by step guide. You could then end the article with a conclusion summarizing the main points of the article.

  3. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Yes writting a engaging post is an art. Deciding the write title is really important because readers are not impress from the post title the are not going to read what you have mention in the post wheather it is informative or not. As said First impression is last impression.

  4. Nice tips you give here. Also let me add the importance of a good taxonomy for post before publish it. Tags and categories should be well organized and all post labeled under its category, and many tags as possible.

    I like your blog, Thanks !

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