Which Bluehost Hosting Plan Is Best In 2019: Basic, Plus Or Choice Plus?

Are you in a hunt for best Bluehost hosting plans? Thinking about which is best Bluehost hosting plan in 2019? You’re in the right place. One of the frustrating things for most bloggers is choosing hosting for their sites.

Few bloggers either get a free hosting that irritates their visitors (because of slow loading times) or choose unreliable hosting service that breaks down frequently.

See, you won’t spend your time frequently on shifting your hosting services. Once you get a hosting plan, it runs for years to come. That’s why it’s very important to get a hosting plan that suits your blogging needs for years to come.

When it comes to choosing the right hosting service, I mostly recommend Bluehost for all the beginners. The reason is, it’s the most reliable hosting available out there that also comes at an affordable price range.

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Which Is The Best Bluehost Hosting Plan?Basic PlanPlus PlanChoice Plus Plan
PricingCosts $2.95/moCosts $5.45/moCosts $5.45/mo
WebsitesYou can install 1 siteUnlimited sitesUnlimited sites
Website Space50 GBUnmeteredUnmetered
Spam Experts & Domain PrivacyNot includedNot includedIncluded
Site BackupNot includedNot includedIncluded
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Bluehost generally offers 3 hosting packages to its customers, this is where most people get confused about which Bluehost hosting plan to choose. If you are one among them and looking for best Bluehost plan, keep reading.

Which is the best Bluehost hosting plan in 2019?

Best Bluehost hosting plans

Before talking about the best Bluehost hosting plans, let’s first talk about why Bluehost is the #1 hosting service for majority for the bloggers.

3 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Prefer Bluehost

When it comes to hosting, I always look for two major things in a web hosting company.

1. Uptime reliability: You and your visitors can’t access your website if your hosting is not operating as it is. Bluehost gives you 99.9% uptime reliability which makes sense. See, no one can give you 100% uptime guarantee (and even if they do, you might face issues if their servers are dead or running slow). So make sure to consider the maximum uptime reliability when considering a host.

2. Speed: Your website speed is one thing that can make or break your online success. Not only Google gives top priority to the sites that load faster but your website visitors will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So why take a chance? Bluehost runs faster, it uses advanced servers to keep your website both secure and faster. At an average Bluehost servers take no more than 2 seconds to load a site that makes it easy for your users to browse your site lightning fast.

3. Support: Bluehost’s support staff is available 24/7/365 to assist you via Telephone, Live Chat, or Email with any hosting-related issues. You can try Bluehost hosting services at no risk! If you’re not completely satisfied, you can ask for a complete refund within 30 days of purchasing any of Bluehost hosting plan.

Apart from all the above reasons, one of the major reasons most people go for any one of the following plans is its pricing

  • Bluehost Basic Plan
  • Bluehost Plus Plan
  • Bluehost Choice Plus Plan

I guess by now, you might have realized that Bluehost is the most reliable, secure, fast and customer support friendly hosting service. If you are wondering which Bluehost hosting plan is right for you, let’s dive into the details to know more.

Introducing Blue Spark from Bluehost

Bluehost recently introduced a new feature which is called “Blue Spark” where they are providing WordPress expert support service which is totally free to all Bluehost hosting customers if you purchase their hosting using our affiliate link from this page.

blue spark from bluehost

So why Bluehost Blue Spark is useful?

Bluehost is proving all the assistance and help you need to get your WordPress website launched and configured, including theme selection and plugin installation. That means, even if you’re not tech savvy and looking for some expert help to setup your WordPress sites, Bluehost Blue Spark is extremely useful for you.

Here are few ways you can use Blue Spark from Bluehost:

  • To setup your WordPress site the right way
  • To choose the RIGHT theme for WordPress
  • To install the essential plugins on your WordPress site

So how can you contact Bluehost to get started with Blue Spark?

After creating a Bluehost account, you can simply contact their 24/7 support team via (844) 741-1192 and ask to begin your Blue Spark call.

So what are you still waiting for?

Get started with Blue Spark offered by Bluehost now

Which Bluehost hosting plan should you go for?

There are 3 kind of bloggers, beginners, seasonal bloggers and advanced bloggers.

Beginner bloggers: These bloggers usually know nothing about hosting, WordPress, migration, SEO etc. They need a hosting plan that allows them to run a single blog.

Seasonal bloggers: These bloggers generally start with one blog, once they get experience and make some money, they launch more blogs. These bloggers need a hosting plan that allows them to host multiple sites at a time without slowing down their sites.

Advanced bloggers: As you might have already guessed, these bloggers usually make decent income from their blogs and usually built a couple of high trafficked sites. So they need something extra!

Now, I guess it’s much easier to choose which Bluehost hosting plan you should choose.

If you are a beginner, go with the Bluehost Basic package. If you are a seasonal blogger, choose Bluehost Plus package and Advanced bloggers need Choice Plus package from Bluehost.

1. Here are the features offered by Bluehost Basic plan:

  • Email Accounts 100
  • Storage (GB) 100
  • File Count 50,000
  • Network bandwidth Unlimited
  • Domain Hosting 1
  • One Free Domain Registration No
  • SubDomains 25
  • One Free Domain Privacy No
  • Free Dedicated IP No
  • Free SSL Certificate No
  • MySQL Databases 20
  • Database Tables 1,000

Perfect for? Beginner bloggers who start with ONE blog with limited traffic.

Pricing: Here’s the pricing if you buy Bluehost basic plan directly.

36 Month Term           $5.99

24 Month Term           $6.99

12 Month Term           $7.99

Here’s the discounted price if you buy from this special link (I’m an affiliate to Bluehost, so they give me discounts that helps you get Bluehost at a reduced price).

36 Months          $2.95

24 Months          $3.95

12 Months          $4.95

Tip: Make sure to buy a longer period hosting option (3 years) to get hosting at the lowest price.

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2. Here are few amazing features of Bluehost Plus hosting plan:

  • Email Accounts Unlimited
  • Storage (GB) Unlimited
  • File Count 50,000
  • Network bandwidth Unlimited
  • Domain Hosting: Unlimited
  • One Free Domain Registration Yes (for 1 year)
  • SubDomains Unlimited
  • One Free Domain Privacy No
  • Free Dedicated IP No
  • Free SSL Certificate No
  • MySQL Databases Unlimited
  • Database Tables 1,000

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Pricing: Here’s the pricing option for Bluehost Plus Plan

12 Month Term           $11.49

24 Month Term           $10.99

36 Month Term           $9.99

But when you buy from this link, the reduced price is:

12 Month Term           $7.45

24 Month Term           $6.95

36 Month Term           $5.45

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3. Here are the feature of Bluehost Choice Plus plan:

  • Email Accounts Unlimited
  • Storage (GB) Unlimited
  • File Count 300,000
  • Network bandwidth Unlimited
  • Domain Hosting: Unlimited
  • One Free Domain Registration
  • SubDomains Unlimited
  • FREE Backups
  • FREE Domain Privacy and Spam Experts
  • One Free Domain Privacy Yes
  • Free Dedicated IP Yes
  • Free SSL Certificate Yes
  • MySQL Databases Unlimited
  • Database Tables 3,000

Perfect for? Advanced bloggers who wants to host unlimited blogs without sacrificing the speed.

Pricing: Here’s the pricing option by Bluehost Choice Plus hosting

12 Month Term           $24.49

24 Month Term           $22.99

36 Month Term           $19.99

But when you buy from this link, the reduced price is:

12 Month Term           $7.45

24 Month Term           $6.95

36 Month Term           $5.45

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How to sign up for Bluehost shared hosting plans?

We hope that by now your doubt on which bluehost plan to choose is cleared and let’s talk about how you can use the best Bluehost plans to get started.

Step 1: Click on this special link where you’ll get a huge discount (offer valid only through the link).

Step 2: Click on Get Started Now button where you’ll get exclusive offer for fans of Bloggers Passion, which will be shown as below.

bluehost hosting offers

Step 3: Now in the final step, you simply need to pick the best shared hosting plan from Bluehost, enter your domain name and finish the payment. You’re done!

You can use this simple tutorial for installing WordPress on Bluehost (this should be only done once you bought Bluehost shared hosting plans), then you’re all set for running your blog.

FAQ’s On Bluehost hosting plans

1. What is shared hosting?

Multiple users will sharing the resources of the same server is known as shared hosting environment. That means, ever server from shared hosting will be used by multiple users worldwide.

2. What are the MAJOR benefits of Bluehost shared hosting plans?

Since there are several people using the same servers, Bluehost is able to offer their shared hosting plans at affordable price tags. Pricing is the primary reason why most people go for shared hosting.

3. Are there any discounts with Bluehost hosting?

Yes, when you use any of the links provided on this page, you’ll get huge discounts (coupon is not required as we’re already tied up with Bluehost to give you the best prices).

4. What if I need any help from Bluehost?

If you’ve any questions related to Bluehost hosting or their pricing packages, you can use this contact form of Bluehost for assistance.

5. Which is the best Bluehost plan?

If you’ve read this page carefully, you would have already picked the best plan from Bluehost. We highly recommend either you go for Bluehost ‘Choice Plus’ or plus package so you can install multiple sites.

Time to Buy Bluehost Hosting Plan of Your Choice

Have you figured out which Bluehost hosting plan is perfect for you? Select a plan according to your blogging needs and remember Bluehost offers 30 days money back guarantee as well if somehow you find unhappy with their hosing services.

Click This Link to Buy Blushost hosting package of your interest.

Let me know if you’ve any questions before buying in the comments or mail me at info@bloggerspassion.com. I’d be glad to reply!


  1. Priyanka says:

    @Anil Agarwal

    Hi Anil
    Nice post because i am confuse about Which hosting plan is good for my site?
    I want to ask a question to you that
    Can i have two domains running on the same hosting plan? If so, how?

  2. Gaurav Tripathi says:

    Hey Anil,
    Great advice, I am also thinking about changing host.Currently i am using godaddy but server response is very poor, I got warnings from google webmaster tool.
    I think the blue host plus package would be good option

    • Yes, Bluehost plus package is great where you can host as many websites as you want in this hosting service package. Not only that, you’ll also get a free domain along with SSL certificates, so start your Bluehost account asap if you want to launch a new blog.

  3. Hi Anil,

    Nice information here to choose best hosting plan for starter and advanced bloggers also. You have given all information like price, features and what is best for which one. Anyone can choose best plan with the help of above information. I am also using Bluehost, it is really good hosting, I never faced single issue in one year.


  4. niraj says:

    Hello, Anil first of all thanks for sharing such a good information about Bluehost. I have recently started a website & new in this field. My traffic is not so much but in future, it’s a great plan for me to take Bluehost. please keep up good work and keep inspiring new blogger like us.

  5. Nice one, Anil.

    I don’t use Bluehost but I like the fact that I hardly receive complaint from people about Bluehost.

    Anil, I’d like to be reminded. What marketing strategy does Bluehost use that made them charge the same amount on Plus and Prime or is it a mistake?

    Thanks for your insight.

  6. Plamena Kirova says:

    Hi there! I am interested in purchasing the Bluehost basic plan for 12 months. So if I use your link, I will pay $4.95 every month for 12 months, right? Do I get a free domain name and if not, how much would that cost me? Thank in advance.

  7. Adrian says:

    Hi Anil,

    Thank you for this handy guide. I’m a beginner blogger so I was very curious as to which hosting I should get. That said, I am still a little conflicted. I feel, for what I hope to achieve, the Choice Plus plan would be a better fit for me – but only if I can achieve those goals. With money being a bit tight at the moment, what would you recommend?

    If I start off with Basic, can I upgrade my plan to Choice Plus sometime during my initial term (if things go well)? Will I benefit from special offers in doing so or will I have to pay the normal price if I switch?

    Which Bluehost plan did you start with?

  8. subin babu says:

    Am using Bluehost for the last 8 months no issues at all, thanks

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