Bluehost Review 2024: Is Bluehost ANY Good? [Including Speed & Performance Tests]

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Product Name: Bluehost

  • Performance
  • Support
  • Hosting Features
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  • Affordability


I found Bluehost’s web hosting service fast and effective in delivering performance. The test site I used recorded 99.99% uptime for a span of 30 days. The customer support agents are highly trained here and attentive, usually replying in seconds.

Bluehost comes with a free domain name, daily automated backups, easy-to-use cPanel, free migration, and a 30-day money refund policy. 

Pricing is reasonable, starting at just $1.99. I found the Bluehost Choice Plus plan more valuable in terms of money & features.

Are you looking for an honest Bluehost review in 2024? You’re in the right place.

I have been using Bluehost on a few of my blogs. And this is why you should trust my insights. 

Disclaimer: Every review you find on our site about web hosting comes directly from our personal experiences and thorough testing. We’re sharing these insights to help users make well-informed decisions.

Bluehost is hands down one of the most popular web hosts trusted by over 2 million users across the globe.

In this Bluehost Review, I will share my personal experience covering everything about Bluehost, including; all the major problems and benefits I faced during these years about Bluehost.

i am a verified bluhost user

Don’t worry it’s not gonna take long for you to take your final call on Bluehost. You can read the quick summary in this review’s first section and decide. 

Ultimately, In this review we are going to talk about: 

  • Bluehost performance (speed, uptime, support)
  • Hosting features
  • Ease of use
  • Bluehost pricing 
  • Backups
  • Alternatives
  • Benefits and drawbacks of using Bluehost
  • And a lot more.

Without much ado, let’s dive into the honest review of Bluehost.

bluehost review 2024

Bluehost Review Quick Summary

Best For:
  • Entry-level WordPress blogs or new bloggers seeking affordable shared hosting with a free domain for a year.
  • Entry-level businesses aim to establish online stores without any coding requirements.
  • Budget-conscious individuals with an overall budget for web hosting ranging from approximately $25 to $120 for a year.
  • Websites with traffic ranging from 5000 to 50,000 per month.
  • Those in search of a dedicated server plan for their site. Bluehost remains one of the few services in the market still offering dedicated server-based hosting.
  • You may have to compromise a bit on performance as Bluehost’s plans are shared-based, and their uptime tends to fluctuate a bit similar to other beginner web hosting services. 
  • You’ll have to manage your site’s maintenance yourself because Bluehost is not a fully managed hosting service like Kinsta or Cloudways.
  • If your requirement is to host numerous sites on a single web hosting license or more than 5 sites, you might face issues here because even Bluehost’s high-end plan allows installing only 5 sites with a single license.
  • If your site is already hosted on another hosting service and you’re thinking of migrating to Bluehost, remember that Bluehost no longer provides free migration services. Now, you might have to pay up to $149 per site for migration. Their migration policy is very confusing, They do offer free migration if your website qualifies.
  • Bluehost’s data centers are limited to a few locations – India, USA, London, and China. If you’re considering choosing a data center from somewhere else, you might face issues with Bluehost. Also, during the purchase of your data center, you can choose it only once, and you cannot change it in the future. So, think about it carefully before making a final decision.
Overall Pros and Cons:


  • Bluehost has really good customer support compared to other hosting companies with similar prices. You can contact them in many languages, and they have phone support.
  • From 2024, Bluehost has started offering hosting for just one month. This option was not available before.
  • Starting with Bluehost is easy & affordable
  • Free Domain name for 1 year
  • 1-Click WordPress installation
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Daily backups and fully secured
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free CDN
  • Daily automated backups for 1st year


  • If your site isn’t qualify for free migration, they charge $149 extra for this additional service. I Must say, It is a huge drawback of Bluehost.
  • Bluehost does not give any guarantee related to uptime.
  • Hidden pricing is another major disadvantage of Bluehost. Your final pricing may differ from your chosen plan because Bluehost offers many features like domain privacy, daily backups, etc., as paid add-ons, which can increase your annual charges.
  • The charges for a 1-month hosting plan are high.
  • Bluehost does not offer automatic backups in the basic plan.
  • Renewal price is much higher
  • You don’t get the option to choose the data center manually
Bluehost Review Verdict:

Bluehost should be a first choice for low-traffic sites whose priority is budget and good performance. Regardless of any uptime guarantee, I found their servers uptime 99.978% and relatively fast. Bluehost comes with a free domain name, phone support, and a 30-day money-back policy. One should be aware of the extra charges associated with paid add-ons, migration, and those features that are complementary only for the first year.

Bluehost: What You Need to Know

Bluehost is a web hosting and domain registration service that has been around for more than a decade and is recommended by WordPress itself. 

There was a time when Bluehost was highly sought after. However, in recent years, due to negative customer reviews, Bluehost’s reputation took a hit. Many customers faced problems, particularly with their hidden pricing (which I’ll discuss later).

But it seems like Bluehost is making an effort to regain its position in the market. Just a month ago, they reduced their shared hosting prices and have now become the most affordable web hosting service provider for a single website.

They offer a wide range of web hosting services, including Shared Hosting, Online Store Hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated hosting. What we like most about Bluehost offerings is that they have plans suitable for every kind of need. 

Their Shared WordPress plans should be preferred when the budget is a problem and you are happy to share server resources among multiple sites. Perfect for small business sites, blogs, etc. Features like WordPress auto install, plugin updates, 1 click backup, etc have been given.

They also offer a special plan for Online Stores, helping you set up a fully functional digital eCommerce store with features like booking, appointments, and online payments. This is a big plus for small businesses aiming to grow in the digital eCommerce world without hefty expenses.

bluehost online store plans

For websites with high traffic or over 100k monthly visitors, you might consider VPS or dedicated server plans. But from what I know, Bluehost’s main customers mostly go for shared hosting. Websites with high traffic often prefer services like Kinsta or Cloudways as they are considered more secure compared to Bluehost, especially for top-tier hosting needs.

So this is a basic overview of Bluehost web hosting. Let’s move ahead.

Bluehost Overview (Features)Details
PricingStarts from $1.99/mo
Free PerksFree Domain Name, Free CDN, Free SSL, Free Manual Backups
Uptime99.974% (Last 30 Days)
Speed Score97 (Desktop), 82 (Mobile)
Refund Policy30 Days
Payment MethodsAll International Debit & Credit Cards, PayPal UPI
MigrationPaid service
Customer SupportLive chat, Telephone 24*7, Ticket Email System, Knowledge Base
Backups & RestorationDaily automated backups & 1 click restoration via codeguard
Hosting PlansShared, WordPress, Managed WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, WooCommerce
Domain RegistrationPossible
TrustPilot Ratings4.2/5

Bluehost Performance Test Results

Website Performance directly impacts the website’s SEO and rankings in SERP. Your site must be loaded at lightning-fast speed to deliver a better user experience. For this, you need a high-performance web host server.

Let’s check out the Bluehost performance test.

Bluehost Speed Test:

To find out what Bluehost has for you in terms of speed,

I have measured the real-time speed of a blog hosted on Bluehost for over some years now. I used the top 3 website performance testing tools: GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze the speed performance.

Bluehost GTMetrix speed test result:

I got 97% overall performance and below 1.0s loading time, which is just amazing.

bluehost gtmetrix performance

Bluehost Pingdom speed test result:

I got a 91 (A) performance grade and .51s loading time, faster than the GTMetrix results.

bluehost pingdom performance

Bluehost Google PageSpeed Results:

I got a 94-speed score for the desktop and 82 for the mobile version, which is impressive too.

bluehost google page insights desktop

Bluehost Review 2024: Is Bluehost ANY Good? [Including Speed & Performance Tests]

Verdict on Bluehost Speed: I never expected good performance results from a basic bluehost hosting plans. My site was hosted on the Bluehost most basic plan without a caching plugin installed and surprisingly it passed all the tests and cleared the core web vital metrics as well.

Bluehost Uptime Test:

Many hosting companies promise a 99.99% uptime guarantee; Bluehost is one of them.

I want to verify the bluehost’s claims. I have set the uptime tracking for my blog hosted on Bluehost with the help of the UptimeRobot tool.

Here is a detailed look at Bluehost server uptime. Surprisingly, it was 100%.

bluehost uptime robot test

You can see in the image above it’s been more than 1 year since I started tracking, and there was no downtime recorded.

This is just performance proof of one Bluehost-hosted site.

Bluehost Uptime Test By by HRANK

I used the real uptime tracker by HRANK to reverify the Bluehost uptime.

HRANK is a trusted platform that tracks millions of Bluehost websites every day, to bring you objective statistics about every hosting provider.

Here is the Bluehost uptime for the last 30 days: 99.978%, which is almost 99.9% as claimed by Bluehost itself.

bluehost uptime last 30 days
Verdict on Bluehost Uptime: Bluehost offers exactly 99.9% uptime which everyone demands from their web host.

Bluehost Server Response Time:

The Data Center (Server location) directly impacts the server response time. The closer the server is to your audience’s IP address, the better the website loading speed they will get.

Unlike other web hosting services, Bluehost never disclosed its server location to users. Yes, they won’t allow you to choose it as well during the website configuration process.

So, it’s not possible for me to disclose my Bluehost test site server location. But I can guess my server location is somewhere in the USA, as I purchased my hosting from

Quick Note: Bluehost offers a free Cloudflare CDN integration, which means you don’t have to worry about server location. Cloudflare CDN ensures your visitors will get your webpage delivered from the closest data center possible.

To check server response time, I have used this amazing tool BitCatcha. This tool basically sends automated traffic to the site from various locations, which helps us to determine how well the Bluehost site performed in all scenarios.

bluehost server response time
Verdict on Bluehost Server Response Time: Bluehost servers are highly optimized and delivered a webpage at a lightning fast speed to all major parts of the world.

Top 7 Benefits To Consider Bluehost

I found the following benefits after testing and analyzing each aspect of Bluehost hosting.

1. Starting with Bluehost is easy & affordable

Starting with Bluehost is a hassle-free and cost-effective way to launch your website. You can get your website up and running with their starting plan at just $1.99 per month.

With accessible pricing, user-friendly tools, and the flexibility to expand as your website grows, Bluehost is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses to establish an online presence without breaking the bank.

Whether you are searching for shared web hosting for your small site or dedicated server hosting for a big complex site, you will get both at affordable pricing. Plus, domain registration is free for a year & domain transfer can also be done from a single place.

2. Easy to Install Websites

Bluehost provides 1-Click WordPress installation for popular website-building platforms like WordPress. You don’t need to have advanced technical skills or coding knowledge to set up your website. You can install and set up your WordPress blog and website with just a few clicks.

bluehost cPanel

Bluehost also provides a user-friendly control panel (cPanel) that simplifies the website management process. You can easily navigate through various settings, install applications, manage email accounts, and perform other essential tasks related to your website.

3. Free Website Migration

Quick Note: Bluehost recently started charging for the “Migration done by agents” service. For one site you have to pay $145. If your site is eligible for the free migration then they will do it for free. You can clear this confusion through a live chat.

through live chat you can ask bluehost agent if your site is eligible for free migration or not

If you want to do it for free you can do it with any free WordPress migration plugin like All in WP Migration.

If you are eligible for free migration then, Migrating from one hosting provider to another can be time-consuming and complex, especially if you lack technical skills.

However, if you’re dissatisfied with your current hosting and wish to switch to Bluehost, you’re in luck. Bluehost offers a free website migration service, moving your sites from your current hosting provider to their servers.

I found the Bluehost migration service extremely easy.

Here are the simple steps to migrate your website to Bluehost.

bluehost migration service
Contact the Bluehost migration team either via phone at 888-401-4678 or through live chat.

Bluehost provides only 1 WordPress website migration upon the purchase of a Bluehost hosting account. You can migrate the website for free within 30 days after your Bluehost account purchase.

Personally, I feel only 1 free migration seems somewhat limited. Bluehost should consider providing up to five free migrations, especially for their higher-end hosting plans.

You also get access to a free domain for 1 year with every Bluehost Hosting. You can register a free com/net/org/info/EU domain for the first year.

It helps you save an extra $10 to $20 and also avoids the hassles of DNS configuration.

4. Plenty of security measures are available

I found almost all security measures available inside Bluehost work on an automated basis. If you are a beginner, then don’t have to worry about configuration and all.

The list of Bluehost Security Features that safeguard your site 24*7 are:

  • Resource Protection
  • CodeGuard Automated Backups
  • Website Firewall
  • 24*7 Malware Scanning
  • 24*7 Network Monitoring
  • Domain Privacy
  • Spam Protection
  • Hotlink Protection
  • SiteLock

5. Free CDN & SSL Certificate:

Bluehost offers a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) as part of its hosting services that helps to improve the performance and loading speed of your website.


You also get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate that ensures the data transferred between your website and your visitors is secure.

SSL certificate from Bluehost ensures the security and trustworthiness of your website, positively impacting SEO, and the overall user experience.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use CDN and SSL certificates. With just one click, you can enable CDN and SSL certificates on your website.

6. 24/7 Fast customer support

Bluehost is known for its speedy customer support, ensuring immediate issue resolution. You get 24/7 live chat support in addition to email and phone support.

I have personally tested their live chat support. The customer representative joined the chat within seconds, displaying their readiness to provide assistance..

Bluehost agents gave me an immediate response within a second.

Along with this, you get a vast knowledge base full of articles, guides, how-tos, and YouTube Channel on everything related to web hosting from the bluehost to resolve your issues.

7. Daily Automated Backups:

Some users had previously raised concerns about the lack of daily backup options. After that, Bluehost introduced a feature called “Daily Automated Backups” through Codeguard in all of its plans except Basic.

You get a daily automated backup for free for the 1st year. After that, you can purchase CodeGuard Backup for an additional $2.99 per month fee.

Bluehost Pricing Review & Evaluation

Quick Note: Bluehost has taken a step into Cloud Hosting, and just this March 2024, they rolled out their new Cloud plans. These plans are fully managed and come with a 100% uptime guarantee. If you’re looking for some serious performance for your WordPress site, check out what they’ve got to offer in their plans.

Bluehost’s pricing depends on the type of hosting you choose, but as everyone knows, Bluehost’s shared WordPress plans are the most popular. That’s why we are reviewing those plans specifically.

Did you know that Bluehost’s pricing has changed since January 2024? Now, you can see shared plans starting from $1.99/month, which used to start at $2.95/month. Due to this change, Bluehost has now topped the list for the lowest charges for entry-level hosting for a single website.

Similar to other services, the longer the tenure you choose on Bluehost, the more money you can save. Bluehost offers hosting plans in three tenures: 1 Month, 12 Months, and 36 Months.

Here is the side-by-side comparison of each Bluehost hosting plan;

Which Bluehost Plan to Choose?Basic PlanChoiceChoice PlusOnline Store Pro Plan
PricingCosts $1.99/moCosts $3.49/moCosts $3.49/moCosts $6.99/moCosts $8.99/mo
Free Domain (1 Year)IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Websites 1 Site2 Websites3 Websites3 Websites5 Websites
Website Space10 GB SSD20 GB SSD40 GB SSD40 GB SSD100 GB SSD
eCommerce FeaturesNot IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedIncluded (Store Analytics & $450 Worth eCommerce plugins)Not Included
Free SSLIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Free CDNIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Domain PrivacyNot includedNot includedIncludedNot includedIncluded
Free Daily BackupsNot includedNot includedIncludedNot includedIncluded
Automatic WP installationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Dedicated IPNot includedNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included
DiscountUpto 75% OFFUpto 75% OFFUpto 75% OFFUpto 75% OFFUpto 75% OFF
Best For:1-2k traffic per month2-5k traffic per month5k - 30k traffic per month5k - 30k traffic per month30k - 100k traffic per month
Quick note: Save big on Bluehost by redeeming the latest Bluehost Coupon Code.

Which Bluehost Hosting Plan is more money-oriented?

Out of all Bluehost hosting plans, The Choice Plus plan seems more fair in terms of money & features. Why?

Because, unlike the Basic plan, it offers multiple website installations, 30 GB extra SSD, Phone support, Free daily backups, Free domain privacy, and other perks. This plan is suitable for a new and growing website (let’s say 1-2 year-old). And its performance is also decent. 

The performance of the Basic plan is below average, and your site visitors will face slow loading time issues.

If you want pre-built eCommerce store features in your web hosting then an Online Store plan should be highly recommended. Their Pro plan is optimized for high traffic, it is a little bit expensive and only suitable for those who can handle over $100/year in the expense of hosting.

Quick note: The Performance test I shared in this Bluehost review is conducted on Bluehost shared plans as well. You can always check.

Bluehost also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try their services risk-free for 30 days.

Renewal Prices & Hidden Pricing

Despite cheaper plans, Bluehost has a bad renewal cost policy and some hidden charges.

You might think that the pricing table you saw for the plans is final, but that’s not the case. 

Your overall billing could be different because of hidden pricing associated with Bluehost plans:

1.) Addons Extra Charges:

When you choose the Basic plan, you will notice additional add-ons on the checkout page.

  • eCommerce feature addon: Cost an additional $59/year  
  • CodeGuard daily backups addon: Cost an additional $59/year
  • Single domain SSL: Cost an additional $39.96/year
  • SiteLock Essentials: Cost an additional $35.88/year
  • Yoast SEO: Cost an additional $23.88/year
  • Professional Email: $2.49/mo after 3-month free trial ends
Bluehost hidden charges comes with paid addons

If you look closely, you can avoid extra expenses by skipping some of these add-ons. However, avoiding it for daily automated backups can be a bit challenging. 

That’s why there might be a difference in your overall billing. These add-ons are available in all plans and can directly impact your final billing.

2.) Extra Renewal Charges

As a new user, the plans you are currently seeing will change once your first tenure is complete. In short, renewals will cost you almost double. This is a fine thing because every other web hosting service gives discounts to new users and charges regular pricing for renewals.

PricingBasicChoice PlusOnline StorePro
Regular (12 Months)$1.99/mo$3.49/mo$6.99/mo$8.99/mo
Renewal (12 Months)$3.99/mo$8.99/mo$15.99/mo$19.99/mo
Regular (36 Months)$2.99/mo$3.99/mo$7.99/mo$9.99/mo
Renewal (36 Months)$6.99/mo$11.99/mo$17.99/mo$22.99/mo

Furthermore, Bluehost’s plans include many free features that are free only for the first year; afterward, you’ll have to pay extra for these features. 

For example:

  • Free Domain: $10/year afterward
  • Professional Email: $2.49/mo afterward
  • Daily Website Backups: $59/year afterward
  • Domain Privacy: $11.88/year afterward

You must have understood why we were saying that Bluehost has hidden charges. So keep aware of them before swiping your credit card.

Quick Note: Compared to Bluehost, We have found zero hidden charges with Hostinger web hosting.

3.) Migration Charges

Bluehost is used to provide free migrations. However, things have changed. In 2024, they now state that if your site failed to meet the free migration criteria, then you have to take Bluehost’s paid migration service. For this, You will need to pay $149 per site.

from 2024 bluehost charges $149 extra for migrating a single website
Verdict on Bluehost Plans & Pricing: Bluehost shared hosting plans are value for money except for the Pro plan. You can choose any plan based on your needs. The only downside I felt in “Bluehost Basic Plan”is the lack of storage. The maximum value can be utilized from the “Choice Plus” plan. If you are having an eCommerce store, then choosing a “Online Store” plan gives you extra beneficial features such as Store Analytics, eCommerce plugins, etc.

Other Customer Reviews & Rating

Bluehost has received mixed reviews from customers across the web. While one segment of users has expressed satisfaction with the service, another segment has rated it poorly.

Here are a few of Bluehost reviews from real customers on the major review platforms;

4.2 out of 5 score on Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, Bluehost gets 4.2 ratings out of 5 from over 9100 customers.

Bluehost customer rating on trustpilot

About 66% of users give it 5 star rating. On the other side, 26% of users also give it a poor rating of 1 star.

trustpilot user rating

Bluehost Customer rating On Capterra;

On Capterra, Bluehost got an excellent rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

capterra reviews on bluehost

Bluehost Customer rating On G2;

Bluehost has received an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 from over 250 reviews on G2. The diverse ratings indicate that customers have had varying experiences with Bluehost, with some expressing satisfaction and others experiencing issues or concerns.

Bluehost customer rating on g2

I have read a lot of Bluehost reviews on different platforms to summarize all the positive and negative feedback from the customers.

Plus Points:

  • Users are highly impressed with the Bluehost performance & security they get at affordable pricing.
  • Not a single person feels difficulty in operating the Bluehost cPanel or completing the onboarding process.
  • Users are die-hard fans of Bluehost customer support. You can contact Bluehost even in Midnight, and they will respond in seconds for sure.

Negative Points:

  • Plenty of users have an issue with their confusion about what features or add-ons they should install or not. Bluehost has tons of tools in its marketplace, and because of extra charges, users won’t feel motivated to buy them.
  • 80% of them are complaining about the absence of manual data center selection options.
  • Many customers complain about the higher renewal charges.

Top 3 Bluehost Alternatives

So many web hosting services are available in the market. If you still feel Bluehost is not for you, here are best Bluehost alternatives you can go for;

1. Hostinger

If you’re really tight on budget, then you can choose Hostinger, which starts from only $2.69 per month. Not just in starting, Hostinger can save your pocket in further years because of low renewal costs compared to Bluehost.

Unlike Bluehost, Hostinger allows you to manually pick a data center of your choice, which ultimately is another good reason to go with Hostinger instead of Bluehost. We are using Hostinger on one of our side blogs, and we genuinely found it very cost-effective.

2. A2 Hosting

If budget is not an issue, then you can go for A2 hosting, having Turbo Servers featuring up to 20X faster page loads compared to competing web hosting services. The shared plans of A2 are more rich feature-wise than Bluehost shared plans, starting from just $2.99/month

 3. HostArmada

HostArmada is one of the best web hosts and a great alternative to Bluehost Hosting. HostArmada uses cutting-edge Cloud Technology to provide faster, more secure, and affordable web hosting solutions. HostArmada shared hosting offers 3 different plans starting from $2.49/month

Few More Web Hosting Services You Might Wants to Consider:

FAQs About Bluehost Web Hosting

Is Bluehost good?

Yes, if we consider Bluehost features, speed, uptime, and support for the price of just $1.99/mo, Bluehost does its job perfectly.

Is Bluehost easy to use?

Absolutely! Automatic WordPress installation, 1-click SSL, CDN activation, and easy custom email creation, all these features make Bluehost an extremely easy-to-use web host for everyone.

What are the Bluehost hosting plans?

There are four plans for shared hosting, Basic, Choice Plus, Online Store and Pro that will cost you $1.99/mo, $3.49/mo, $6.99/mo, and $8.99/mo, respectively.

Which Bluehost plan is best for beginners?

For those who want to start with 1 website, the Basic plan is sufficient for them. But if you are looking forward to hosting multiple websites, go for the Choice Plus plan.

Bluehost vs Hostgator, which is good?

Bluehost and Hostgator are part of the same Endurance International Group group and offer similar features. But pricing-wise, Hostgator plans are cheaper as compared to the Bluehost.

Which is better, Bluehost or GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is a renowned name in the domain registrars but if we talk in terms of web hosting services and performance, Bluehost is way better than GoDaddy.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost?

Both Bluehost and Dreamhost are officially recommended by Still, I highly recommend Bluehost over Dreamhost, trusted by 2 million users. 

Is the Bluehost domain free?

Yes, you will get a free domain for one year with Choice Plus, online store & Pro plans. The Basic plan doesn’t offer a free domain name advantage.

Is WordPress free with Bluehost?

Yes, Bluehost is known for WordPress hosting. With Bluehost, 1-click WordPress installation is available for free.

Can I pay Bluehost monthly?

No, you will have to subscribe for at least a 12 months plan.

Is Bluehost worth the price?

Yes, Bluehost is worth every penny as you can get their hosting for as low as $35 a year where you’ll get excellent hosting features like free domain, SSL certificates, unlimited emails, and more.

Is GoDaddy better or Bluehost?

When it comes to web hosting, Bluehost is way better than GoDaddy. GoDaddy often has uptime issues with their hosting servers whereas Bluehost has an incredible 99.9% uptime.

What are the pros and cons of using Bluehost?

The pros of using Bluehost include: extremely cheap hosting plans starting at just $1.99/month, free domain, SSD storage, free custom themes, 24/7 support, and more.

The cons of Bluehost are: limited storage space and you need to pay extra for a few add-ons such as backups, website migration, etc.

Who is Bluehost For? Final Words on Bluehost

After testing & reviewing Bluehost hosting in-depth, I can say beginners should give a shot to Bluehost. All the required resources with a high performance server are available. The technical hurdles won’t bother them at all as everything (from wordpress installation to backups) is automated here.

Starting with Bluehost is easy, you just need a couple of bucks for onboarding.

For high traffic requirement sites or eCommerce sites, Bluehost top tier performance oriented plans are available. There won’t be any lack of resources. 99.99% uptime ensures smooth web page deliverability across all parts of the world. 

Avoid Bluehost if you are looking to purchase hosting for a year only. Purchase the hosting for 36 months, which will give you a relief from Bluehost’s most disappointing thing: High renewal cost.

Do you have any more questions about Bluehost Hosting? Let us know in the comments.

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