5 Privacy-Oriented, Conservative Search Engine Alternatives to Google in 2024

Are you looking for search engines that DO NOT track you? Your search ends here.

Search engines such as Google have become a HUGE part of our lives.

But there’s a BIG issue with search engines like Google and Bing.

They use trackers to collect our data and online activity. Google literally knows everything about you. Google knows your online searches, IP addresses, and any other personal information.

This creates a serious risk to our privacy, as there is no guarantee that our information will be kept safe. One way to prevent this is to use conservative, privacy-focused search engines.

Almost all the private search engines allow you to search privately by offering features like site encryption, tracker blocking, etc. 

So if you don’t want anyone to find information about where you go online and what you search for, start using privacy-oriented search engines.

In this article, you’ll discover;

  • 5 handpicked private search engines that don’t track 
  • Benefits of using them
  • What are private search engines and much more

Are you ready to discover them? Let’s jump into the details. 

Top 5 Alternative Search Engines to Google that Don’t Track Your Data

Conservative Search Engine Alternatives to Google in 2024

1. DuckDuckGo

There’s a reason we put DuckDuckGo #1 in the list of best conservative search engines. 

The BIGGEST reason millions of people use DuckDuckGo is that it doesn’t track you. It doesn’t collect or share any personal information about its users.

Here’s what its interface looks like when you search for something;


See that? It’s almost similar to Google’s interface but gives you an extra layer of privacy.

DuckDuckGo does not collect or share any personal information, which means your searches are completely anonymous. Also, DuckDuckGo does not keep a record of your search history, so you can be sure that your privacy is always safe.

Whether you’re looking for a specific topic or just want to explore the web, DuckDuckGo is an excellent alternative to Google. It also offers great features to help improve your search experience. 

It has a great interface that is intuitive and easy to use. You can easily find what you’re looking for, and the results you get on DuckDuckGo are HIGHLY relevant and accurate.

Benefits of using DuckDuckGo: 

  • It will automatically block advertising trackers so you can be sure to experience ad-free surfing
  • You can easily search with DuckDuckGo by default as it offers a free browser extension
  • Keeps your search history private (it’s like you’re browsing in incognito mode)
  • You can easily take control of your personal data
  • DuckDuckGo is user-friendly and its simple interface makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for really quickly 
  • It never collects any personal information
  • DuckDuckGo provides more accurate and comprehensive results than other popular search engines
  • It offers useful search features like autocomplete suggestions and fuzzy matching to provide faster and better results to users

2. Swisscows

Swisscows is one of the leading private search engines and a great alternative to Google. It’s a perfect solution for those who want to keep their information confidential. 

One of the most important benefits is that Swisscows does not track your searches and it is family-friendly. It does NOT store your search history or data. 

In addition, Swisscows encrypts your searches, making it more difficult for third-party apps to collect your data. 

Here’s what it looks like when you search for any topic;


As you can see above, you’ll find relevant search results including related search queries for your topic.

Swisscows has its own servers and does not work with a cloud or third party to store your data. Its data center is placed in the Swiss Alps which is one of the safest bunkers in Europe.

Overall, whether you are concerned about privacy or simply looking for a powerful and effective search engine alternative to Google, Swisscows is an excellent choice for you.

Benefits of using Swisscows:

  • It’s a family-friendly private search engine (adult content will NOT be indexed or displayed). So it’s safe to browse even for children. 
  • Swisscows does not monitor or store any data
  • If you want to stay 100% anonymous while browsing online, Swisscows is the perfect search engine for you
  • It can help you stay private and anonymous online. When you use Swisscows, your search history, cookies, and other personal information are not stored or tracked by anyone – not even Swisscows.
  • Swisscows provides users with convenient access to a wide variety of content which includes articles, videos, images, and more. 

3. Brave Search

Brave Search is a search engine developed by Brave and it was released in 2021.

Unlike traditional search engines like Google, Brave Search focuses on privacy and security by providing strong encryption technology and ad-blocking capabilities.

One of the major reasons to use Brave Search is that it is a fully-independent search engine as Brave is fully capable of answering 99% of queries completely on its own.

Here’s what the Brave Search engine’s search looks like;

brave search

As you can see above, it shows you a list of all the top-notch information along with the recent entries (in form of News) when you search for something. 

Whether you are looking for the latest news, funny videos, or just browsing your favorite websites, Brave provides a smooth browsing experience.

So if you’re looking for a safer and more efficient way to find information online, you should definitely check out the Brave search engine.

Benefits of using Brave Search:

  • Brave Search doesn’t track your online activities or searches. So your data is totally safe as it’s impossible for Brave Search to share or sell your data because they don’t collect it.
  • It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to provide more relevant and accurate results
  • Brave Search puts the privacy and security of users first by never tracking or recording their activity  
  • Shows a knowledge panel for popular topics (which is similar to Google, and it can be helpful to browse information quickly) 

4. Startpage 

Startpage is a private and conservative search engine that does not collect user data. It is a great choice for anyone who is concerned about their privacy online. 

Startpage does not track your search history or IP address, and it does not sell your personal information to third-party companies.

Startpage also offers a free browser extension that helps you block trackers and cookies while browsing online. 

Here’s what it looks like while surfing online;


As y you can see above, you can apply different filters to get better results while browsing the Internet. 

It doesn’t create personal data profiles based on your online activities. If you are looking for a secure and private search engine that provides accurate search results, then Startpage is definitely the right choice for you.

Benefits of using Startpage:

  • Startpage does not store your IP address or track your search activity, which means that you can conduct private and secure searches without leaving any traces on your computer or the websites you visit.
  • Startpage prevents third parties from setting price trackers on you so advertisers can’t manipulate prices while you’re shopping online 
  • Unlike other anonymous search engines, Startpage has a strict no-logs policy, which means that your search history and personal information will never be stored  
  • Startpage offers a variety of unique features that allow you to customize your search experiences, such as the ability to set your preferred language and region, create custom search shortcuts, and more
  • You can browse anonymously

5. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search is a popular browser extension that lets you search privately using your favorite search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This search engine browser extension is designed with privacy in mind, and it does not save or share any information about its users. As a result, it provides a safe and anonymous way to search the web using your favorite search engines. 

Here’s what it looks like;

disconnect search

As you can see, you’ll find all kinds of results including images, videos, news, etc when you search for something using Disconnect Search.

With Disconnect Search, you can easily access blocked websites and browse the web without being tracked by advertisers or other parties. 

So if you’re looking for a more secure, private, and faster online experience, try Disconnect Search today.

Benefits of using Disconnect Search:

  • Protection from malware and phishing attacks while browsing online
  • You can search the web without being tracked
  • All your searches are encrypted
  • You can access blocked websites
  • You can browse privately
  • You can search privately using your favorite search engine including Google, Bing, etc
  • You can prevent companies and brands from tracking and selling your searches
  • Search normally from your search engine, or address bar (you don’t need to install any app or third-party extensions in your browser)

What Are Private Search Engines? 

private search engines

Private search engines or conservative search engines maintain HIGH-LEVEL privacy and often DO NOT track users’ data for advertising purposes. 

These search engines are a great alternative to using commercial search engines like Google and Bing (which obviously collect user data).  So if you want to keep your online activities private, it’s important to use private search engines like DuckDuckGo.

So what are the benefits of using a private search engine?

There are MANY benefits to using a private search engine over a commercial one such as Google which includes;

  • Your data is not collected or stored, so you won’t be tracked while browsing information online
  • Your search history is not stored, so your privacy is always protected
  • Advertisers cannot target you based on your search history since these private search engines don’t put any trackers

FAQs | Conservative Search Engines Other than Google in 2024

Here are some frequently asked questions about private search engines other than Google.

What is a private search engine?

A private search engine is a search engine that does not collect or store user data and does not share user information with third-party advertisers.

What are the best private search engines?

There are many great private search engines available, but some of the most popular ones are listed below.
– DuckDuckGo
– StartPage
– Swisscows

How do I switch to a private search engine?

If you want to switch to a private search engine, simply go to your browser settings and look for the “Search” or “Default Search Engine” setting. From there, you can select the private search engine you want to use.

Will using a private search engine slow down browsing?

No, using a private search engine will not slow down your browsing. In fact, the majority of the private search engines are faster than commercial ones because they don’t track your data or show you targeted ads.

Is DuckDuckGo owned by Google?

No, DuckDuckGo is not owned by Google. Gabriel Weinberg is the CEO & Founder of DuckDuckGo which was launched on 29 February 2008.

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Final thoughts on search engines that do not track

Private and conservative search engines are BEST for online browsing as they’re safer, faster, and offer 100% privacy. 

If you don’t want major search engines like Google to track your digital footprints, start using search engines like DuckDuckGo, Startpage, or Brave Search. 

So what do you think about the conservative search engine alternatives to Google? Did we miss any of your favorite private search engines that don’t track like Google? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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