5 Best Offshore Web Hosting Providers for Anonymity & Privacy Control [2024 List]

Searching for handpicked options for offshore hosting? You’ve come to the right place.

Offshore web hosting is the practice of storing a website’s files and data on servers located in a country other than the country where the website owner is based.

Simply put, you’re hosting a website on servers outside your own country. There could be a ton of reasons to choose offshore hosting providers, such as;

  • To maintain anonymity: This is the #1 reason to go for offshore hosting, as it is essential for people who are publishing sensitive or controversial content.
  • To avoid censorship: Some countries have strict censorship laws, so they choose offshore servers to prevent a website ban.
  • For better performance: If your website’s target audience is MOSTLY from other countries, choosing a web host with servers closest to them is better. It will help with better website performance.
  • To upload banned & controversial content including gambling, porn, pirated movies, etc.

We believe in quality and not quantity that’s why we have filtered the top 5 offshore web hosting providers list based on the following parameters:

Privacy policy & laws, Server Geolocation, Performance, Common hosting features, Private domain registration, Private IP, anonymous payment methods, and money value.

Before exploring each option in detail, let me introduce you to the names of Offshore hosting services which has passed our tests successfully.

CompanyPer MonthData CentersBest For
Hostinger$2.998Money Value & Affordability
Ultahost$5.509Singapore data center
HostPapa$2.953Amsterdam data center
Kamatera$3418High Performance, Scalability & 30 Days Free Trial
Shinjiru$3.958Leading Offshore web hosting

Let’s explore them in detail >>

What is Offshore Hosting?

offshore hosting means

Offshore hosting is a type of web hosting where the website is hosted on servers located in a country other than the website owner’s country.

For example, if you’re residing in the USA and want to host your website on offshore servers, you can choose a hosting provider with servers in a country other than the USA (such as Singapore, Southeast East Asian countries, etc.)

How to Choose a Offshore Web Hosting

While picking an offshore hosting service provider, you need to keep in mind several things, such as;

1.) Data Center Location: Pick an offshore host with a data center in any of these DMCA ignored countries: Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia

2.) Privacy (if you are concerned about privacy, choose a provider that is located in a country with strong data protection laws.)

3.) Cryptocurrency Payments: To maintain anonymity, go with the host which accepts the payments in cryptocurrency as they are untraceable.

4.) Freedom of speech: Confirm with the host before hitting a shot about whether they allow your type of content to be published or not. 

5.) If you seek anonymous offshore hosting, opt for a provider that minimizes data collection during the registration to keep your identity separate from your website.

6.) Price (decide how you want to spend on hosting each year)

7.) Performance (choose a hosting provider that offers better uptime, CDN, backups, etc)

Security (make sure to pick a web host that offers bulletproof security features to protect your website from unauthorized access and cyberattacks)

8.) Customer support (the web host should provide 24/7 customer support in case you need any assistance with your website)

9.) Reputation (choose a web host with a good reputation for reliability and better uptime)

10.) Features (Consider the hosting features that are important to you, such as bandwidth, storage space, and technical support)

Above all, Hosting your website offshore does NOT mean you are safe or protected from the law. That’s why it is important to do your research and understand the laws of both the host country and your home country before choosing to host your website offshore.

So this is a basic of Offshore web hosting and a glimpse of how one should make a decision.

List of 5 Best Offshore Web Hosting With Better Privacy Control In 2024

offshore web hosting

1. Hostinger – Money Value & Affordability

hostinger offshore host

Key Highlights:

  • 8 Data Centers: USA, the United Kingdom, France, India, Singapore, Brazil, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.
  • Pricing: Starts from $2.99/mo
  • Cryptocurrency Supported Payment Method: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.  
  • Private IP: Available in the VPS plans
  • Cloudflare Nameservers Protection: Yes 
  • Uptime: 99.09%
  • Common Hosting Features: 1 Click WordPress Installation, DDoS protection, Website firewall, Free Domain Privacy, Free Backups, AI Website Builder, and more.
  • Money Back Policy: 30 Days

Hostinger offers several advantages for offshore hosting. With affordable prices starting at $2.99 and robust features, it provides excellent value. 

However, there’s a downside: to access the best prices, you’ll need to commit to a 48-month plan. 

Despite this, Hostinger meets many offshore hosting needs. It has servers in DMCA friendly locations like the Netherlands & Lithuania, supports cryptocurrencies, and offers WHOIS domain privacy. This aligns well with common offshore hosting requirements.

For maintaining a high level of privacy, you can explore Hostinger VPS plans in which you get a dedicated private server & full root access to the server. For your kind information, Hostinger has the lowest priced VPS plans as well.

But don’t go for VPS plans unless you have a site that requires huge storage and bulk traffic requirements.

We have tested Hostinger in detail. During the tests of their most popular plan (premium), we found the performance is moderate. I guess for an extra performance boost you should grab at least their business plan.

hostinger uptime

In a situation where affordability matters the most, Hostinger should be given a top preference for offshore hosting. It has plans to serve all kinds of sites including small, medium, and large.


  • Has a dedicated data center located in a country (Netherlands & Lithuania) where DMCA laws are not working.
  • Pricing is affordable across the market.
  • In Hostinger, There are no laws that obstruct you from publishing any kind of content including gambling and adult content.
  • Offshore Hosting plans are available where you can get a dedicated private server.
  • Perfect for long-term commitment as you see offers and discounts running all the year.
  • There have been no complaints about security breaches as per the existing users.
  • Free website migration


  • Phone support is absent.


For offshore sites, Hostinger’s shared hosting plans start at only $2.99 per month, and the cloud hosting plans start at $9.99/month. The final choice would depend on the resources you require for your site.

Most of the plans offer a few freebies such as domain name registration, daily backups, and free domain privacy.

Apart from shared offshore hosting plans, you have the option to choose VPS servers (starting from $4.49/mo) which gives more room to the high resource consumption site.

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2. Ultahost – Best For Mid Range

ultahost offshore hosting service

Key Highlights:

  • 9 Private Data Centers worldwide
  • Cryptocurrency Payments: Allowed
  • Private IP: Allowed
  • Private Domain Registration: Allowed
  • Pricing: Starts from $5.50/mo
  • Common Hosting Features: Unmetered bandwidth, Free backups, Staging Environment, Free Migration, Dedicated Firewall, 24*7 Monitoring, and more.
  • Money Back Policy: 30 Days

Ultahost is another offshore web hosting service that offers users 9 low latency data centers across the globe. The locations include the USA (3), Canada, Germany, the UK, Turkey, Singapore, and India.

If anonymity and privacy matter, you can choose Singapore. The privacy laws are strict and there is no restriction on the type of content to be published on a website (Almost 0% DMCA issues)

Ultahost VPS plans are affordable and they stand out by offering users the benefit of private IP, unlimited bandwidth, and “Managed” service.


  • For meeting the offshore web hosting requirement, Ultahost has lots of data centers to choose from.
  • The Ultahost plans are fair as almost every plan has these core features: Unmetered bandwidth, Free Backups, 24*7 server security, Automated backups, and Staging Environment.
  • Pricing is not expensive


  • RAM is not available beyond 6 GB. 
  • You will experience a lack of storage no matter what Ultahost offshore plan you choose. 


The Offshore plans of Ultahost are VPS based hence you don’t have to share your resources with others. The dedicated server is the advantage and plays a role in maintaining privacy.

  • The Linux based Ultahost plans start from $5.50/month
  • The Windows based Ultahost plans start from $15.90/month

Here, Choosing a longer tenure would give you an extra discount. You’ll have access to up to 4 cores CPU, 6 GB RAM, and up to 100 GB SSD storage.

3. HostPapa – For Amsterdam Location

hostpapa offshore host

Key Highlights:

  • Private Data Centers: Canada, Europe (Amsterdam), USA (California)
  • Cryptocurrency Payments: Allowed
  • Pricing: Starts from $2.95/mo
  • Common Hosting Features: Free Domain Registration, Domain Privacy, WordPress Staging, Daily Malware Scan, Free Migration, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Money Back Policy: 30 Days

HostPapa is known for providing extremely affordable web hosting plans starting at only $2.95 per month. If you’re looking for a cost-effective offshore hosting provider, HostPapa is an excellent choice.

The main offshore highlight here is the ability of the data center in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, the data collection laws are highly strict as companies have been told strictly not to collect personal data.

So in case you need a data center specifically in Amsterdam, then HostPapa offshore web host should be on your list.

Other than this, HostPapa doesn’t have any other offshore advantage. They don’t even accept payments through crypto. So a full hideout is not possible here.


  • HostPapa offers 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, and email.
  • It has a good reputation for reliability and uptime.
  • Offers all the essential security features, such as free SSL certificates, DDoS protection, etc
  • Free website migration
  • Free domain transfers
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee, so your website will be available for your users almost all the time
  • Free access to hundreds of mobile-friendly templates
  • Extremely affordable WordPress web hosting plans start at only $2.95 per month
  • HostPapa is an independently owned and operated hosting company 


  • A few essential features like WordPress staging are not provided with the basic hosting plans from HostPapa


HostPapa has plans for a single website to unlimited sites. The starting range begins from $2.95 and goes up to $12.95/month. The free domain registration can be found in all the plans.

The pricing might start from $2.95 but the most valuable plan of HostPapa is Pro which begins from $5.95 and has the extra advantage of Domain privacy, and Automated backups.

Do checkout our HostPapa Review to know more about its hosting plans, features, etc.

4. Kamatera – High Performance & Free Trial

kamatera offshore vps hosting

Key Highlights:

  • 18 Private Data Centers
  • Pricing: Starts from $34/mo
  • Private IP: Supported
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • RAM: Upto 128 GB
  • SSD: Upto 4 TB
  • Free Trial: 30 Days

Kamatera Offshore hosting is another Cloud VPS based service where you can get high level performance & scalability. No other offshore web host can beat Kamtera in these two parameters.

Talking about Data centers, you have 18 options including Hong Kong and the Netherlands – The first pick of Offshore hosting users. You can deploy up to 4 private servers as well. 

Despite a great performance, the Kamatera user interface might trouble you if you are new to the web hosting space. But gladly, these guys are offering a “Managed” service for an additional fee where you can leave the technical part to their engineers.

After thoroughly reviewing the Kamatera, I must say, Go for this offshore hosting service if your project storage requirements are high. Here you can plan your custom Offshore plan as well to meet the ends.

kamatera offshore plan customizer


  • Unmatchable performance
  • Huge list of data centers to choose from
  • Scalability is beyond the limits
  • The user can plan their own custom plan to avoid extra unnecessary charges
  • Multiple IP’s can be created
  • 30 days of free trial is a huge advantage


  • Not for beginners
  • Cryptocurrency payment gateway is not supported


To know the real pricing, You have to use the Kamatera plan customizer. For example, if my requirement is 20 GB SSD, 1 GB RAM, 1 IP, and Hong Kong Offshore server then my pricing would be $34/month.

As you toggle the RAM and storage, the rates may vary. Plus don’t forget they also have a Managed service add-on which costs you an extra $50 monthly.

5. Shinjiru – Leading Offshore web hosting

shinjiru offshore host

Key Highlights:

  • Private Data Centers: Netherlands, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Bulgaria.
  • Cryptocurrency Payments: Allowed
  • Private IP: Allowed
  • Private Domain Registration: Allowed
  • Pricing: Starts from $3.95/mo
  • Common Hosting Features: Unmetered bandwidth, Phone support, One click installer, LiteSpeed enabled
  • Money Back Policy: 30 Days

Shinjiru is an award-winning web hosting company that’s based out of Malaysia. If you’re looking for an exclusive offshore web hosting provider – Shinjiru is the right choice.

It has been in the hosting business for over 20 years and has remained a hosting leader in the offshore hosting space. If website security, protected servers, and data privacy are what you want, go for Shinjiru web hosting.

One major reason to go for Shinjiru is that they have data centers in 8 offshore countries. 

These 8 locations are all considered offshore because they are outside most major countries’ jurisdiction. This means that your website and data will be protected from government surveillance and censorship.

Over 50,000 businesses use offshore hosting from Shinjiru because of its tight security features, including an Anti-DDoS Attack network, dedicated servers, and IP addresses.

The main drawback of this web hosting is the lack of highly essential security features such as DDoS protection. You can trust the privacy it is offering but the security level is not strong here.


  • Shinjiru has goodwill in the Offshore web hosting space specifically, so you can trust and rely on it.
  • 8 Offshore Jurisdictions so you can host your websites in a specific jurisdiction
  • Offers unmetered bandwidth, which means you can download and upload as much data as you need without worrying about overage charges (useful for websites with video streaming or file sharing)
  • You can pay for your web hosting accounts with Bitcoin (Bitcoin transactions are also very fast and anonymous)
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try their hosting service and get a full refund if you are unsatisfied.


  • Slow customer support
  • Less secure (lacks a couple of security features such as DDoS Protection, Malware Scanning, and more)


Most people go with Shinjiru’s budget offshore web hosting plans listed below.

1. Basic plan: This plan lets you install 1 website and costs you $3.95 per month where you get the following features.

  • 100GB SSD Web Space
  • 10 Email Account
  • 1GB Memory
  • Single Website

2. Superior plan: This plan lets you install 2 websites and costs you $4.95 per month where you get the following features.

  • 250GB SSD Web Space
  • 50 Email Account
  • 1GB Memory
  • Two Websites

3. Ultimate plan:  his plan lets you install unlimited websites and costs you $6.95 per month where you get the following features.

  • Unlimited SSD Web Space
  • 100 Email Account
  • 1GB Memory
  • Unlimited Websites

FAQs on best offshore hosting

Here are some FAQs people often ask about offshore web hosting.

Is offshore web hosting legal?

Yes, offshore web hosting is legal in most countries. However, make sure to check the laws of the country where you are hosting your website. 

What does offshore hosting mean?

Offshore web hosting refers to hosting your website on servers located in a foreign country. Offshore hosting can be a good option for people who want to improve their site performance, security and want privacy.

What are the benefits of shore web hosting?

There are several potential benefits to offshore web hosting, including:
– Different tax regulations
– Better privacy
– Better security
– Lower costs (especially when the hosting is expensive where you live)

Who should consider offshore web hosting?

People who want privacy go for offshore hosting. However, you can also try it if you’re running businesses globally. Also, you can consider offshore hosts if you want to handle sensitive data, such as financial or medical data, in a secure place (other than your country).

Is Shinjiru legit?

Yes, Shinjiru is one of the trusted web hosting providers and is an industry-leading offshore web host founded in 2000. Their biggest selling point is offering excellent security to the websites hosted on their servers.

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Final thoughts on web hosting offshore

Offshore web hosting is an excellent option for people who need better privacy, security, or freedom of speech. 

Today, we have talked about 5 Offshore hosting solutions that are suitable for different conditions and for different users.

Here is a recap of them:

  • Hostinger: Best money-features value and affordable in the market.
  • Ultahost: Best for Singapore data center
  • HostPapa: Best for Amsterdam data center
  • Kamatera: The performance beast offshore web hosting service
  • Shinjiru: Most popular Offshore solution across the world

If your country has strict laws or doesn’t allow the content you want to publish, offshore web hosting is what you need. No matter which hosting provider you pick for offshore hosting, make sure to consider the pros & cons, and the checklist we have shared earlier in this article.

So, what are your thoughts on offshore web hosts? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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