Top 10 Secret Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly

So the #1 quickest way to use twitter to grow your blog’s traffic is to get more followers.

Unless you are Justin Bieber or Narendra Modi, you can’t get natural followers automatically.

Here are few quick stats about twitter:

  • Monthly active users: 313 million
  • Unique visits monthly to sites with embedded Tweets: 1 billion
  • Active users on mobile: 82% (that’s HUGE!)
  • Employees around the world: 3,860
  • Accounts outside the U.S.: 79%
  • CEO of twitter: Jack Dorsey

Note: All the above numbers approximate as of June 30, 2017.

By seeing the information above, you can easily say twitter has massive active users and if used it right, it can send you a TON of visitors to your own blogs and websites.

So how are you gonna get more twitter followers quickly?

Here are top 10 secret twitter tips to increase your twitter followers really quickly.

Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly

increase twitter followers

1. Follow Twitter Influencers First

The #1 reason I put this no.1 in the list is because it works like a charm. Make a list of all the twitter influencers in your industry and follow every one of them.

You may ask, they are not going to follow me even if I follow, so what’s the use?

Yes, I agree that most of the influencers don’t follow you back especially when you have zero online reputation. If they already know you, they might follow you back but the chances are low.

So what’s the purpose of following influencers in your industry?

Here are few of the amazing benefits of following twitter influencers.

  • There are thousands of people who actively look for influencers to follow. They also follow their followers simply to increase their own following count. So if you are following an influential blogger in your niche, you will have high chances of getting more followers.
  • People use twitter automation tools like ManageFlitter, Tweepy etc to find and follow influencers followers. This is another great way you can automatically get followers by following top bloggers in your niche.
  • The people who are already following the influencers might follow you if you engage with the influencers frequently by retweeting their stuff or commenting on their links.

Takeaway: Make sure to create a list of 50 to 100 twitter influencers in your niche. Follow them all within a day. Within a week, you will start noticing the growth in your twitter followers.

Also tweeting on weekends can boost your twitter engagement really quickly. Have a look at the below screenshot by Buffer team.


2. Use Twitter Bio Hack

Use hashtags related to your industry within your twitter bio.

For instance, if you are a fitness freak, use hashtags like #fitness, #yoga, #fitnessfreak etc in your twitter bio. And also make sure to use the words like “Follow me and I’ll follow you back”.

If you are a beginner to twitter, just by using this twitter bio hack, you can quickly increase your twitter followers.

Takeaway: There are thousands of people who actively search for those “follow me and follow you back” users. So by using those phrases in your twitter bio, you will attract a ton of people. By using the relevant hashtags in your bio, you can attract “relevant twitter followers”.

3. Use Tools to Find and Follow People

I highly recommend you to check out the two amazing twitter tools mentioned below. They help you quickly increase your twitter followers even if you are a beginner with zero online reputation.

Tweepi: I have used Tweepi, it is one the amazing twitter tool used by over 1 million users to increase their twitter followers. They also have a free version so you can simply create a free account with Tweepi using your twitter id. Simply start following relevant people in  your industry by using their search function and you can also unfollow those who don’t follow you back on Twitter.

Manage Flitter: This is also an incredible twitter tool and almost similar (or even better) when compared to Tweepi. Currently over 3 million users are using this service to grow their twitter followers and brand awareness online. You can find and follow people with similar interests and you can also unfollow your unfollowers. They also have a free version which you can get access by using your twitter account.

Takeaway: The above two twitter tools are free and really effective. Even if you are a beginner, you can use those two tools to follow more people to increase your own twitter followers quickly.

4. Use Buffer to Post Amazing Tweets

Increasing your twitter followers is NOT easy especially when you don’t have much online reputation. The simplest way to increasing your twitter following is to post amazing tweets.

If people notice that you are posting great tweets, they will start following you. Don’t be self promotional. Try to spend time in finding the epic content in your industry and tweet about it often. Another great thing about is, it gives you right timings to post across all the social media sites and you can add your own timings too. Look the image below.


Buffer is a free platform to find and tweet quality stuff. Just create a free account, add your twitter profile and you can schedule tweets in advance so the tool automatically sends tweets at the optimized times so you can get wider reach.

Takeaway: Tools like Buffer are essential to find and tweet quality links. Almost every top twitter influencer uses Buffer to increase their twitter engagement and followers.

5. Follow Others Until You Reach 5000 Twitter Followers Limit

Not so long ago, twitter used to block those users who have hit the limit of following 2000 users. Unless they have a good follow to follow ratio, they used to block the people to follow more people.

Just an year ago, twitter had increased the follow limit from 2000 to 5000 accounts. That means, now you can follow up to 5000 users on twitter without any follow limits.

But once you reach 5000 accounts, you can follow more people on twitter unless and until your ratio of followers is good enough (typically if you can get at least 2000 people follow you before you reach the limit of 5000 accounts, you can follow any number of people).

Takeaway: You can only follow 1,000 users per day so don’t rush. As a rule of thumb, follow 100 to 200 people a day and make sure clean up those followers who don’t follow you back once or twice in a month.

6. Use Tweetable Quotes Within Your Blog Posts

One of the simplest tip most bloggers use grow their twitter followers rapidly is they embedded twitter quotes within their posts.

You can use free WordPress plugins like Click to Tweet, Tweet This, Inline Tweet Sharer etc to add tweetable quotes to your blog posts. Just install any one of the plugins mentioned above and you can make any part of your blog post content tweetable.

So your blog readers can easily tweet your tweetable quotes giving you more retweets, engagement and followers on twitter. Here’s how it looks like.


Takeaway: Almost every top blogger and top twitter influencer is using embedded tweetable quotes within their content to get more engagement and wider reach on twitter. If you want the same, use tweetable quotes within your posts.

7. Be Patient

Have you joined twitter just a month ago and thinking that you can get 1000 followers by next month? Well, you are thinking WRONG.

Don’t rush things. As I said, you can increase your twitter followers quickly by following more people.

But that doesn’t mean you should follow bulk number of people every single day to boost your twitter followers. Be patient. Start small.

Follow influencers first. Engage with them. That alone can help you grow your twitter followers. Then, tweet daily with interesting links. Use hashtags and follow people every day. In no time, you will get your first 1000 twitter followers.

Takeaway: Once you get your first 1k twitter followers, it’s easier to get more people as most people see that you have a good twitter reputation. So be patient until you get your first 1000 twitter followers.

8. Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Your twitter user id is what makes or breaks your twitter success. If it is vague, no one likes to spend on your twitter profiles more than a second. So make sure to create a captivating twitter header image (preferably with 1500 x 1500 size so it fits perfectly) by using your website links.

Also use your own picture so others will know that you are not a random twitter person or spam account.

Takeaway: Use your twitter picture with the size of 400 x 400 (height and width) and your header image with the size of 1500 x 1500 (height and width) to show perfectly on your twitter profile.

9. Use Images While Tweeting

We have all heard the phrase “an image is worth a thousand words”.

It’s true even when it comes to quickly increasing your twitter followers. Did you know that tweets that include images within them get more retweets, likes, comments and engagement from other users?

Yes, tweets that include images usually get a ton of engagement. According to a study, tweets that include images within them get more than 150% engagement than those tweets without images. People like tweets with images. So make sure to use images while tweeting.


Takeaway: Use twitter’s image upload feature while tweeting. Add a compelling image. You can use free tools like Pablo from Buffer or Canva to create royalty free images to boost your engagement and twitter followers.

10. Create a Twitter Follower Increase Strategy

Having a solid twitter follower increase strategy can help you quickly boost your twitter followers. Here are few of the effective things you can do to quickly increase your twitter followers.

  • Guest posts: While writing guest posts, use links to your twitter profile from your guest post author bio section. It gives huge visibility and if others like your guest post content, they might follow you instantly.
  • Use your own blog: Make sure to add a twitter follower button on your homepage to persuade your website visitors to follow you on twitter. You can also use your own freebie (eBooks, video etc) to mention your twitter profile id’s.
  • Use other social media sites: If you have good number of followers on Facebook, Google+ or Instagram, make sure to create posts that help people to easily find and follow you on twitter. Ask them to follow you on Twitter and most of them will follow if you have great fan engagement already.

Takeaway: Use your existing networks online to increase your twitter followers quickly. All you need to do is to just ask people to follow you on twitter.

Final Thoughts About Increasing Your Twitter Followers Quickly

I’m a big fan of twitter (and here’s my twitter id, follow me for top blogging tips) and I’ve been using it for a long time. Currently I’ve twitter followers close to 16k and they are growing rapidly. I’ve been using almost the same tactics mentioned in this article to increase my twitter followers quickly.

Make sure to find bloggers who are really active on twitter, engage with them, try to attract their followers, get your first 1000 twitter followers and keep implementing the tips mentioned on this page. In no time, you will start noticing the growth in your twitter followers.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have any more tips to increase twitter followers quickly? Please share them in the comments below.


  1. Vishwajeet says:

    Great tips Anil to increase the twitter followers. I really love to read your informative articles.

  2. vikrant says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have really enjoyed your article.I really want to increase my twitter followers but I did not know how to do this and i was confused but now you have cleared my all the confusions. All the 10 tips are very easy and helpful. I will follow your all the 10 tips .Thanks once again.

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