Banner Ads Advertising: How to Make Money Selling Banner Ads on Your Blog

Every blog owner wants to make thousands of dollars from blogs every month. But that does not happen by the time your blog doesn’t have a good amount of traffic and you don’t know how to make money online off it.

You need traffic in the range of 5000 monthly impressions before thinking of making some decent money from your blog.

If I analyze those blogs that blog about ways to make money online and blogging, they seem to be making most of their earnings through showing PPC Ads, Affiliate Ads in the form of banners and links, selling text link advertising, selling banner ad space, paid reviews and some CPA or CPM based revenue models.

Today post will remain focused at ways to make money online through banner ads advertising on our blogs and website. I used to make good amount of money on my blogs showing banner ads through direct advertising or through banner advertising ad networks.

We need to have a blog with decent domain authority, Ahrefs Rank, search engine traffic, strong social media presence, and branding to start making real money from our blogs. Most of monetization methods through banner advertising that I will be discussing in this post, will be helpful for all website owners as well.

If traffic is the problem you are facing with your blog, you need to solve that problem first. Here are my proven way to increase traffic to your website. I’m hoping you will be able to bring in lots of traffic on your website by applying these methods. So let’s start today’s post where I’m just going to share proven methods that are tested by me to help you make money selling banner advertisements on your blogs:

How to Make Money Selling Banner Ads on Your Blog: Top 10 Ad Networks for Publishers

Learn how to make money selling banner ads on your blog

1. Create An Advertising Page

First of all you need to create an Advertise Here page on your blog to inform potential advertisers about the advertising opportunities on your blog. You need to convince potential advertisers why they should advertise their products and services on your blog.

You should share website traffic metrics like monthly unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, percentage of traffic stream coming from various demographics, etc.

Apart from this, you should share your website latest domain authority (DA), Ahrefs Rank and Email subscribers, Twitter followers count, and Facebook Fans count, etc on the advertising page.

You need to share most of the advertising options including banner ads that you are accepting on your blog through this page like image ads format, their respective locations, availability of ad slots, monthly pricing for each ad unit, etc.

If you are accepting image ads on a trial basis like one week to give advertisers a chance to get a feeling of your blog traffic, you should mention that on the advertising page.

Most importantly you need to share how you will be accepting money like via Paypal or through credit cards etc. You should also share how advertisers can contact you by sharing your email id or by adding a contact form on the advertising page.

If your blog had even been covered on top blogs and websites in your niche or in general, should share links for the same on advertise here page. From time to time, you should write special articles and blog posts for the promotion of advertising page on your blog.

Once you have included what I have discussed above on adverting page on your blog, you need to promote this page. You can promote this page by adding a link for it on prominent places on your blog where it gets maximum exposure.

I would recommend adding a link for advertise page in your blog header section and sidebars to send maximum clicks to this page. The best thing about direct advertising is that you can set your own pricing and all money that you made through this method will be going into your account.

If you are selling ads through a network, you need to give 25% type of your earnings to those networks. So you can keep all your earnings with you by selling ads through the advertising page on your blog.

You will be the only person who will be doing all communication with the advertisers, keeping track of sold banner subscriptions, keeping track of the number of page views and clicks that generated for each banner ad on monthly basis type etc.

So the only downside I see with this method is that you need to work to manage things at your end if you are aiming at making big money through direct advertising on your blog.

But on lots of occasions, we don’t get enough advertisers through advertising page or we think we can sell many more ads on our blog by joining some banner advertising networks. So here are some more banner ads advertising networks (Ads space buying and selling networks), we can use to make extra money from our blogs.

2. Google Adsense Ads

If you already have a Google Adsense account, you can place its code to show banner ads on your blog and website. As we all know Google Adsense allows us to add advertisement in the form of text ads, link ads and image ads on our website.

Google Adsense supports all standard banner ad formats. So you will not find difficultly in adding ads of your choice from Google Adsense on your blogs.

With Google Adsense, we are paid for each click, which is made on a Google Adsense Ad, which is placed on your blog. But we need thousands of daily impressions on our website to starts seeing good earnings in our Adsense account. Apart from banner ads, I would recommend you try Google Adsense text ads to increase your overall earnings to great extent.

3. BuySellAds (BSA) Advertising Network

BuySellAds, which is popularly known as BSA, is a marketplace for banner ads buying and selling. Lots of advertisers use this network to buy advertisement in the form of banners on top blogs and websites in their niche.

And bloggers from all categories use it to make extra money online from their blogs by showing BSA ads on their blogs. Buy Sell Ads only accept blogs with decent traffic into its marketplace. All ads are purchased on monthly basis through this banner’s advertising networks.

BSA has been maintaining a revenue ration of 75:25 with its publishers where publishers will be getting 75% of their total earnings and rest of 25% money goes into BuySellAds account.

Publishers can accept payments through Paypal, Check and Wire Transfer through Buy Sell Ads Network. Through Paypal, publishers can transfer funds two times in a month into their Paypal account whenever they want. In case of Check, Publishers can ask for Check once in a month.

BSA used to send payments via Wire Transfer every week. But you need to have a minimum payout of $500 before using this facility and you have to pay a fee of $35 every time you use Wire Transfer facility.

So far, I have used BuySellAds Paypal and Check facilities. If you have an active Paypal account, I would recommend using that for accepting funds because in that case, your earnings will be credited into Paypal account instantly.

4. OIO Publisher Network

OIO Publisher network gives the facility to manage advertising space on our blogs quite easily. We don’t need to share our revenue that we make by selling banner ads with anyone. We need to pay a one-time fee of $47 to start using OIO publisher network.

And with JUNO-BP discount coupon, you will get it for $37 only (Help you save $10). Once you have purchased the membership for OIO Publisher network, your blog will be listed into its marketplace and you will be given OIO Publisher software that you can use to manage various banner ad slots on your blog.

As an OIO Publisher, you will have full control over ads that will be shown on your blog.

Once you start getting some advertisers on your blog through this network, there will be many more who will be following them to place their advertisements on your blog. They have been keeping a variable revenue ratio of 70 to 80% for the publisher, which is decided on the factors like your blog quality and advertisers feedback about your blog.

For advertisers, they are able to place their ads on top blogs in their niche for low amount as low as $20 for a month. Publishers are paid into their Paypal account every month and they have been keeping a minimum payout of $25 for Paypal users.

5.  Adblade

Adblade offers you 100% safe and premium tier network of advertisers to display various ad types on your blogs and websites.

It also offers you real-time reporting and provides all the data such as number of impressions shown, click-through rate, cost-per-action, cost-per-click and so on so you can easily find and analyze your ad performance.

That being said, you can start using their network only if your site gets more than 500,000 page views a month and your site will be usually reviewed in 1-2 business days after you sign up.

6. Revenue Hits

With over 2 billion ad impressions served daily across the world, Revenue Hits is the most popular ad network used by thousands of publishers all around the world and it offers a wide range of banner ads including;

  • Display banners
  • Pop Ups
  • Buttons
  • Footer
  • Interstitial
  • Shadow
  • Box
  • Slider and so on

It offers you a self-service platform which helps you easily create your ad placements, manage those ads and monitor their performances.

You can show your ads on desktops and mobiles and you can pick your ad placement, insert code and the ads will start showing up.

7. Sharethrough Ads

If you are looking for a modern ad network where you can display ads that fit in naturally within your content, you can give a try to Sharethrough ads where you can display programmatic display and video ads.

Here are some interesting stats of this ad publishing network

  • 40B impressions per month
  • 203 million uniques
 (320 million Global)
  • 2.8x Higher CTR than Native Competitors

Not only that, Sharethrough uses dynamic adaptive templating technology that automatically fits your site content requirements by serving the appropriate ads. Each placement is optimized for high click through rates to increase your revenue.

8. Adsterra

Adsterra offers you 100% fill rates to monetize every impression on your site.

The good thing about using Adsterra is that it provides superior security and protection against malware and spam ads using their fraud detection system, so you can customize your website with high-quality ads to boost your income.

It also offers you desktop and mobile ad along with a ton of ad types to start monetizing your website. It also offers a ton of banner sizes: 160*600, 300*250, 728*90, 468*60, 800*440, 320*50 where you can show various ad types including display banners, popunders, interstitials, push-ups, direct links and slider ads.

9. Epom Market

If you want to monetize all types of your website traffic across different devices including web and mobile, you might want to give a try to Epom Market.

You can monetize your site using their platform in various ad formats including;

  • Banner
  • Native
  • In-feed
  • Catfish

Their image ads are 100% programmatic friendly and they offer a 100% fill rates with various types of ad units including 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, etc. It also offers you video ads so you can monetize your videos as well and the video ad types include;

  • Video Slider
  • In-banner Video
  • In-roll
  • Instream
  • Video Slider

10. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the biggest publishing networks which is used by more than 150,000 people worldwide. This network moderates all of their ads manually 24/7 and uses high security integrations to reduce virus, malware or obscene content etc

Weekly payouts are made every Thursday and the minimum withdrawal is now as low as $5.

It also offers a wide range of ad types including;

  • Push notifications
  • Onclick ads
  • Widgets
  • Interstitials
  • Smart links

It also lets you publish various ads for both web and mobile users to improve your overall ad income from your websites. 

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What are the best ways to make money online?

Here are some of the best ways to make money online.
→ Blogging
→ Affiliate marketing
→ Selling your own products (informational, physical)
→ Consulting
→ Online courses,
→ YouTube videos
→ email list building
→ one on one private mentoring
→ creating Saas products
→ offer services
→ sell banner Ads

What is a banner in advertising?

Banner ads are a popular form of online advertising that is image-based rather than text-based. Banner ads are effective ways to promote a brand and drive traffic from the host website to the advertiser’s website.

How to make money selling banner ads on my blog?

To get started with showing banner ads on your blog all you need to select an Ad network of your choice and in return, they will match the highest bidding advertisers based on your blog niche. You will be getting paid via Pay per click (PPC) and Pay per view (PPV).

What are the best Ad networks for bloggers and publishers?

Google Adsense Ads, BuySellAds (BSA) Advertising Network, OIO Publisher Network, Adblade, Revenue Hits, Sharethrough Ads, Adsterra, Epom Market, Propeller Ads, are some of the best Ad networks for bloggers.

What is Revenue Hits minimum threshold?

The minimum payment threshold of Revenue Hits is $20 for PayPal and Payoneer and $500 for wire transfer.

Final Thoughts

These were the ten methods I had so far used to make money online selling banner ads on my blogs and websites. Are you using any of the above method to make money online from your blog and how you will rate your success with them, please share in the comments section?

Are you using any other advertising network, which is helping you make good earnings, please share below so that other bloggers and website owners who are interested in making money online can get benefit from it?

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  1. Thanks a lot, Anil for writing such a wonderful blog about banner advertising!!
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    Also, could you advise on how bloggers can optimize their banner ads, CPM ads in 2019? what strategies will best for bloggers etc.

    Many thanks.

  2. my blog has crossed 100,000 and last month page views are in excess of 20,000. do you consider I can make some money now? what will be the best way? Can some one handle all issues regarding marketing against a fees? pl reply

  3. Banner ads has always been a popular method for making additional revenue from a website. I am a big fan of it if it is done correctly. Informative article btw

  4. Selling ad space has always been a profitable way to make money online. Most internet marketers and bloggers actually prefer selling ads. It’s a hassle free way to make money.

    I love BuySellAds. It’s a great marketplace for getting banner ads for your blog. Over time, they provide a steady source of income.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

  5. I was going to start out by saying what a great article (which it is) but I then thought again as it seemed so lame. Most new blog or web site owners often find it difficult in finding ways monetize their site. Through out this article (and I hope that a lot of new site owners read it) you have suggested some very good ways for them to find way of making money from their site.
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  6. Hi Anil. I have applied for and buysellads. I have got more than 20000 pageviews this month. In this month I am expecting more traffic. My approval is still pending. How much we can expect from puxee with 20000+ pageviews. Moreover would you please write a good article on google adsense approval.

  7. I got an offer to put an advertisement on my blog. My question is. how can I put it in a sidebar so that it is counted as ad and not as a link by Google. Also, is there a way I can track how many impressions does that custom ad gets?

    • Abhishek, since you will be placing the ad in your sidebar and thus will be available on all of your blog pages. Impressions for ad can be counted as page views your blog receive for a particular time frame. And for tracking clicks, you need to create onclick event. Hope this will help you.

  8. Hi Jasmine,

    Can you please help me with google adsense for my new website.

    Hope you will do the needful

    Vipendra (vipin)

  9. I don’t understand how Oio Publisher works. I have a blog and am willing to sell the ad space. I am confused as to why I must pay THEM to put ads on my blog? I am also confused about the Marketplace and where I should place those codes. Thanks!

    • Sudeep, I use both the methods. I used to sell some ads through BSA and some ads through advertising page which I have placed on my blog.

      • it’s so interesting, but it’s too hard to apply Google Adsense my blog. They refused me 2 times.
        Can i find other ways to follow ads on my blog or web site ?

        • First get good amount of targeted traffic on your website, some advertisers will be able to approach you directly or you can use BuySellAds kind of marketplace.

  10. Hey Anil thanks for this methods.
    I think Google ads and BuySaleAds is the best. But its both depend on visitor, if we have good visitor then it would be best method to earn money from blog.

  11. These are really good and popular advertising sites or software. Google Adsense Ads is definitely great if your website has a lot of good content. I have been running AdSense for quite a few years now, very satisfied with the performance.


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