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How to Make Money Blogging Guide

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There are thousands of blogs being created each and every single day. Most of these blogs get abandoned within 2 to 3 months. That’s a harsh truth. Do you know why 90% of bloggers are not able to make any money though they are spending quality time on their blogs?

The reason is, they don’t know how the money works online. Read it again. Most bloggers are just writers, they are not marketers. Only marketers know how to sell online. That’s why only few percentage of people are able to make money online despite of their online reputation or experience.

If you want to make money online through your blogging efforts, I’m here to help you.

Do you want to know how to make money blogging? If you are asking this question, you are not alone; there are millions of other bloggers who are interested in knowing answer to the same question.

Most of bloggers start their journey to make money blogging with lots of motivation, dedication and hard work but soon, they start giving up, as they don’t have the patience that we need to have to be successful in the blogging niche. And the end up simply saying, we cannot make money blogging. But that’s not true at all.

How to Make Money Blogging

If you ask me this question, I would surely say, you can make money online with your blogs. And now lets move on to how you can make money blogging. I have been blogging for quite some time now. And in this time period, I have created several niche specific blogs, which gives me good profits. So I would say I have been able to make money blogging. Like me there are hundreds or thousands of bloggers who are able to make their living though blogging only.

With this special Make Money Blogging Guide, I’m going to make you learn how to make money with your blogs. So here is the step-by-step guide especially new bloggers can follow to start their successful make money blogging journey:

Make Money Blogging Guide: The ONLY Guide You Need As A Blogger To Make Money

Here are the PROVEN ways to make money from your blogs. Hope this make money blogging guide helps you in getting best results from your blogging efforts.

Make Decision about Your Blog Niche

Your Blog NicheFirst of all you need to decide about your blog niche and that niche needs to be profitable. You should consider several factors while making decision about your targeted niche like your expertise and interest about that. You should choose a niche you are most passionate about, as it would help you generate lots of quality contents, which you will need to convert your simple blog into popular one.

You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool or any other keyword tool to get extra keywords idea around your targeted niche. And if you are thinking it’s going to be very easy make money blogging, it won’t be the case. Your real work starts from making research about your blog niche.

Domain Name for Your Blog

Domain name is what the key for a successful blog or website. Don’t rush in selecting the domain name for your blog, always try to spend quality time on picking up the RIGHT one for you.

Domain NameOnce you are fine with your target niche and the kind of keywords you will be targeting through your blog, it’s time to choose a domain name for your blog. Suppose you have decided to sell weight loss diets, so the best option for you will be buying domain. But that domain may not be available as there is huge competition in this niche and these days it becomes really difficult to get a good domain name.

You need to try lots of keyword combinations while choosing a domain name for your blog. Once you have decided a domain name that is available, go to Godaddy website and register your domain name. Click this link to directly go to website for domain registration.

Blogging Platform for Your Blog

Do you know most successful blogs and websites run on WordPress platform? WordPress is the only one platform that is used by millions of bloggers worldwide.

There are lots of blogging platforms available on Internet that you can use for your first make money blog. But I would recommend using WordPress. I only use WordPress platform for developing all of my make money online blogs. You could choose any other blogging platform if you are comfortable with that. But the obvious choice for creating blogs used to be WordPress for most of people as it the most popular blogging platform, have lots of ready to use solutions available around it. Internet is flooded with WordPress plugins, tools, themes, tutorials, hacks and communities etc. I myself don’t know the A B C of coding but still able to manage my WordPress blogs by myself as there are lots of ready to use solution available around most of your blogging queries on WordPress.

Web Host For Your Blog

Web Host for Your BlogNow let us talk about which web host to choose for hosting your blog. Most new bloggers choose either a cheap web host or free web host for their websites. And often they get either hacked or manipulated by hackers because most cheap or free web host providers don’t provide any security.

There are lots of hosting companies available on Internet. In case you have decided to use WordPress as your blogging platform, here is the list of best 5 WordPress Hosting Websites list. And if you ask me where I host all of my blogs, I used to Host all of my blogs on Hostgator although there are some other good web hosts available in the market. I have been using Hostgator Web Hosting on my blogs for the past 4 years and never though of making move to any other host.

With Hostgator, WordPress can be installed with a Single Click from your Hostgator Control Panel. Apart from WordPress, there are 50 plus other Scripts that you can install with a Click from Your Hostgator Cpanel. I managed to get a 25% discount for Bloggers Passion Readers on any of Hostgator Hosting Plan for their first billing cycle. For Claiming 25% discount on your first invoice from Hostgator, you need to use the BPWEBHOSTING coupon code. Click This Link to buy WordPress hosting from Hostgator and use BPWEBHOSTING coupon code to save 25% on your first shopping with them.

So by now you have chosen niche for your blog, domain name, platform and web host for your first blog.

Start Producing Quality Contents

Without a doubt, content is the king. You really can’t make money online especially through blogging without having great content on your blogs. You have to make sure to write quality stuff for your readers to grab their attention. Then and only then you will be able to gain their trust to make relationships with them.

Quality Blog PostsThis is very crucial phase as far as being a successful blogger and being another blogger. Your writing skills will decide a lot like how much you will be able to make money with blogging. You need to start writing quality contents around the targeted keywords of your niche. It’s not the case that you cannot make money blogging if you are not good in writing. In that case, you have to hire a writer and edit the content written by him as per your requirement. Your contents should be able to answer most of questions people have about your targeted niche, should be engaging and you should be able to recommend few products in your niche which will help you earn some affiliate commission.

You should aim at using your targeted keywords into your contents, use them in titles, meta description section and interlink your blog contents using targeted terms. If you don’t know about these things right now, you will get knowledge about them as you start working on your first WordPress blog.

Promote Your Blog

Do you know why only few people get most attention online? Because they spend more time on promoting their contents than creating them. They focus more on promotion than creation. But most new bloggers do it exactly opposite. They spend most of their time on creating contents rather than promoting and reaching out most people.

Remember that, a bad post could do more damage than writing no post at all.

SEO Your BlogNo doubt, our blog should have good quality content to be eligible to drive lots of targeted traffic from search engines. But you cannot win the search engine race on the basis of good quality content only. You need to back your content with quality backlinks from different websites and blogs based in your niche. There are numerous of ways we can drive traffic and backlinks to our blogs. This is a huge topic in itself. So I’m just sharing some tips in brief and towards the end I’m sharing some reference points if you want to know about these tips in detail:

  • Start contributing guest posts on top blogs in your niche and build relationship with fellow bloggers and their readers through blog comments
  • Spread Words about your blog in the social media websites
  • Share your blog contents on popular social bookmarking websites
  • Use Squidoo and Hubpages for creating topical pages
  • Make use of discussion forums and communities based in your niche
  • Do some article marketing and blog directory submissions
  • Look at ways to improve your subscribers
  • Use free blogging platforms for additional links

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List of Ways to Make Money Blogging (Guide)

Ways to Make Money BloggingNow comes the ultimate part and most fruitful thing for which we are making all efforts. Yes, let’s talk about the list of websites or methods we can use to make money blogging. For making money from your blogs, you can show contextual ads, banner ads, sell your own products, selling other people products with the intension to earn commission per transaction through your affiliate link etc. Here are some methods you can actually apply to make money online from your blogs:

Google Adsense

Google AdsenseThere are thousands of bloggers who are making decent income from their Google AdSense accounts. Google Adsense is the most popular PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising program that is owned by Google. We are paid for every Google Adsense Ad which is placed on our blog. We will be able to make more money as the number of clicks on Adsense ads improves. You could make a good living though Google Adsense only if you have a high traffic blog. Click this Link to create a Publisher Account on Google Adsense.

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ClickBank Products

Want to make passive income from your blogging efforts? Then there’s no better way than making money from affiliate products. One of the best sources to sell your affiliate products is to use ClickBank market, they offer too many affiliate products to promote. All you have to do is to pick the right products that are suitable for your audience and place those links in right places, convince your readers to buy them.

ClickBank AffiliatesClickBank is a marketplace for buying and selling digital products. ClickBank marketplace has hundreds or even thousands of wide range of categories they are covering on their website. So you will most probably end up seeing some targeted products for your blog. You need to create an affiliate account on ClickBank before start promoting their products on your blog. Best thing about being an affiliate on ClickBank is that you will be able to earn 30 percent to 70 percent amount of total cost of a product. Click this link to start an Affiliate account on ClickBank.

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon AssociatesIn case you are not interested in selling digital products and interested in selling real products, you can use type of shopping portals. Amazon gives 4 to 15 percent commission which varies from category to category on a product sold through your affiliate link. Click this link to create an affiliate account with shopping website.

Some other affiliate networks you can try for selling different kind of products on your blogs are,, and

Selling a Product of Your Own

Selling your own products is by far the best way to make money online. Because you don’t have to pay commission to anyone to make more sales, and you have all the flexibility to charge how much amount you want from your customers or users.

Sell Your Own ProductsIf you are able to create a product which is able to grab the eyes of internet users, you can make big money. But your product model needs to be very solid. It should do the task for which people are buying it. Once you have that kind of product, you just need to drive the targeted audience on your product pages. You should target keywords which people might be searching to find your product. You can sell your products by creating a vendor account on Amazon, ClickBank and Commission Junction kind of websites.

Selling Direct Advertisements

Are you getting good amount of traffic from search engines to your blogs or websites? If yes, you can make a lot of money by selling ad spaces on your websites. There are so many advertisers searching for places to place their ads to get more reach or increase their sales. So if you can provide them, they would be glad to pay you decent paychecks each and every month.

Direct AdvertisementsYou can make good amount of money selling direct advertisements on your blog in case you have a popular blog that gets good stream of traffic from search engines. For getting good success through Direct Advertisements, you need to inform your blog readers about different advertising options. For this, you should set up an advertising page on your blog the way I have one in place on Bloggers Passion.

Selling Banner Advertisements through Networks

Buy Sell AdsYou can increase your earnings further if you decide to sell banner advertisements on your blog though BuySellAds kind of banner advertising networks. BuySellAds has a wide range of advertisers in major categories. These advertising networks will pay up to 75 percent of your total earning that you made through them and rest of money go into their accounts.

Doing Paid Reviews

There are many advertising people or product launchers who are actively searching for ways to increase their sales and if you could provide them a paid review and link back to their products, they will be happy to pay you money. You can make anything around $50 to $1000 depending on the product you choose.

Sponsored ReviewsYou can some quick money though blogging while doing paid reviews for different advertisers in your niche. You can use Sponsored Reviews and Review Me kind of paid reviews website to grab more paid review opportunities on your blog. Most of paid review networks keep the revenue share ratio to 50:50 with their bloggers (Publishers).

Sell Your Expertise

If you don’t want to make money by any one of the above mentioned money making stuff, then you can start making money blogging by selling your own expertise. You could make money by teaching blogging stuff, you could conduct online courses and make money, you could even launch your own membership site programs to make money online.

Sell Your ExpertiseOnce you have established yourself as an Expert in your niche, start selling your expertise to others. Suppose you are good in writing, you are make money online doing freelance content writing for other website owners based in your niche of expertise. You could sell consulting services in web design, web development, and SEO etc. industries as well if you are really good about any of them.

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Make money blogging guide biggest question: How much money you can make through blogging?

This is the big question. I would say it depends upon how much work you put into your blog and how much expertise you have about the targeted niche. But if you follow the make money blogging methods that are shared above, you will surely be able to make good profit.

It’s also the case some monetization methods which are working for me, may not work for you. So you need to test lots of ways to make money from your blogs and stick with those that gives you maximum revenue. Apart from these, there can be additional methods (Which I haven’t tested) you can actually use to make more money from your online blogs. But all the above monetization methods are tested by me and they worked for me when it used them on my blogs targeting different niches.

Conclusion: There are lots of ways to make money blogging, it depends on each and every individual to make more money from their blogging efforts. If you observe any top blogger who is making decent income from their blogs, you will notice that they are following only few income streams, they don’t follow everything under the sun.

So make sure to test few income streams that are mentioned in this make money blogging guide and analyze yourself which can work best for you. I personally think affiliate marketing and selling your own expertise can work best if you are really committed towards building a great readership around your blogs. I’m personally getting good results with these two income streams.

Your Feedback about Make Money Blogging Guide

With this, I came to the end of this special post mentioning step by step process one need to follow to start make money blogging. Would you be interested in sharing how you are making money online though blogs you own, share in the comments section below. Also share if I missed any effective monetization method I forgot mentioning in this post.

Article by Anil Agarwal

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  • Jim Antoine

    I used to only use google adsense. Let’s face it. My blog had decent traffic but not that much in order to give me a considerable amount of money.
    I then tried selling direct advertisements and banners and my bank account was immediately happy!
    The thing is that my own blogs are location specific. So businesses around me, already knew me and then… advertising.
    Thank you! It really is a very comprehensive article.
    Top Job!

    • Anil Agarwal

      That’s true. I have also enjoyed decent success while selling direct advertisements on my blog. So its a good idea to set up an advertising page on your blog.

  • Jamie Northrup

    It’s important to pick a niche that you love and are passionate about, it will make it a lot easier to succeed.

  • Trung Nguyen

    Clickbank is a great affiliates network for us to start making money online through blogging, thanks for share great stuff :)

  • Dean Saliba

    What a fantastic post to help people who are just starting out. I’d suggest adding a bit more and turning this into a free ebook, I think it would become very popular. :)

    If I started again the only thing I think I would change is when it comes to buying a domain name, I bought one that doesn’t really have anything to do with my niche. :)

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hey Dean

      Few days back only, I published my first eBook on my blog.I hope you will check it and share your honest feedback about the same.

  • Chong Kok Lin

    Anil, you have show all the tools needed to build an amazing blog and monetize them. Thank you so much.

    I personally using wordpress, and monetize using amazon, clickbank, own product, UIBC affiliate and donate. Will look into the rest you have mention.

    Interesting blog. I love it. :)

    • Anil Agarwal

      Good to know you are finding this guide useful and thanks a lot for sharing your current monetization methods.

  • Adam

    Blogging is one of the most popular ways to express our feelings and share information to other people around the world. In addition, blogging is also the best way to make money by sharing your knowledge and doing what you love. You can create food blog, photography blog, news blog, health blog, technology blog, and more! The most popular way to make money by blogging is by putting text link ads throughout your content. Of course, you also need to create and post useful information to your blog to achieve this. You also need to have an extensive knowledge about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

  • Theresa

    Thanks for the many suggestions. I think having a product is certainly a easier way when you have good traffic and a quality product. That way you have complete control. Instead of working with companies as an affiliate and waiting for a payout.

    • Anil Agarwal

      That’s dream come true kind of situation for a blogger if he has a killer product along with decent traffic.

  • karen

    i need to spend some time to learn about wordpress, and learn to make money blogging online.

  • Ben Troy

    i prefer adsence for niche site as it is quick and easy

  • Nizam Khan

    Wonderful and informative post! Well yes, WordPress is really an awesome Content Management System (CMS) to get started with, as it has lots of customizations and lots of plugins to make the work much easier. And no doubt, good quality content is very important to drive targeted traffic from search engines and also readers love to read interesting and useful content. You have mentioned the good list of Monetization programs, especially clickbank/amazon affiliate programs and buysellsads, . Thanks Anil for sharing this excellent info :)

  • Ravi

    Such a nice share thanks a lot. I am agree with you Make money is only done by hard-work. Best tip is Content SEO and earn. CMS is best for it. Blogger and worpress are the most useful platforms to express yourself to the world.

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    Thanks for the many suggestions. I think having a product is certainly a easier way when you have good traffic and a quality product

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    This is truly a wonderful piece. Well nice post about Making money with blog, I have read many blog posts about this topic, and I always leave my comments Yes!

  • John Culbertson

    Highly enjoyed reading this post. I agree with the individual who mentioned you should turn this into an EBook. I personally use affiliate marketing, adsense, and my own services – but that’s just me. My services are currently the best seller, but I’m hoping someday that the affiliate programs and adsense start making more money.

    Once again, thanks for sharing. Very helpful, especially to new bloggers and internet marketers.

    • Pramod

      I think affiliate marketing should work for you as you already warn from your services. Marketing a product in same niche would actually help.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Hey John

      Recently only I published my first eBook around make money blogging. You can get a freed copy of it from sidebar where you have to share your name and email address. And thanks for sharing your methods of making money from your blogs.

  • Vikas Yadav

    A very useful guide to make money from the internet. But, the main and the very first problem that each new blogger face in their blogging career is the selection of the niche. I have saw many blogger who don’t know enough about blogging, SEO, still they start their blogging on this niche and soon they will demotivated it and stop blogging. But a wonderful guide to make money online. Thanks anil for sharing this on this popular blog.

  • Aditya Chintha

    Good Post Sir!!! Seems like a refreshed article with more quality content.

  • Manoj Jain

    Hi Anil,
    Read your post that was amazing for make money blogging guide.
    I’m still working on my blog and making plenty of mistakes. One big lesson learned is you need to distinguish the end goal of your blog and understand the difference between a niche site and an authority site. It took time to realize what my end goals were, once you realize the difference between niche and authority sites you will have better direction.
    Thank for posting.

  • Pramod

    Awrsone guide Anil. FROM the list above only method that a newbie can opt is Google adsense and that’s too becoming harder these days and when it comes to affiliate marketing, direct advertising, bsa etc the blog should have massive traffic that newbie don’t have and it may take a year to build so.
    No traffic means no money.

    • Anil Agarwal

      As a newbie blogger, you can start selling your services to start earning some revenue automatically. You can sell your writing services, web design or web development or any service you are really good at.

  • Dean Saliba

    What a fantastic guide, I’m really impressed with how much detail you went into. I would suggest maybe ading a bit more and then offering it as an ebook in exchange for people signing up to your mailing list. :)

    I like to have my fingers in lots of pies and would never suggest putting all your eggs into one basket, so I make money the following ways:

    – Freelance writing
    – Sponsored posts
    – Sponsored social media posts
    – Private advertising
    – Ad networks
    – Forum posting
    – Blog commenting
    – Paid guest posts (published on my blogs)
    – Blog building and maintaining
    – Referral

    That is just of the top of my head.

  • Uday Ghulaxe

    awsome write up as ususal and I want to say here is that you are the good blogger as well as marketer this is reflecting from your this post clearly.
    Selecting write domain is the very first step for making blog popular. I think selling the product of your own is what bloggers have to do now. Thanks

  • Abhijit Bangal

    If you had asked me a year back, I wouldn’t have given importance to domain names and might have chosen one at random. But after reading various articles and this one, I knew how important it was to have a great domain name.
    And yes, like Dean Saliba said, this is indeed a very fantastic and useful guide. Keep posting, Anil!!!

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  • Pramod

    Nice post Anil, domain along with hosting is very important. But EMD domain are not getting that much importance these days.

  • Prakash

    This steep by step tutorial on how we can make money online is really good. Yes first of all we have buy a domain then a hosting and then working on it and then monetizing our blog with Google adsense. These steps look very simple but practically these are so hard to implement. thanks for sharing this post.

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