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Top 9 Image Gallery WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Blogs

Who else wants to add gorgeous looking image galleries to their WordPress sites? WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms on the web, you can not only customize your websites as you want but you can also use few fantastic plugins to tweak your sites for the maximum effort using WordPress content management system. If you want to insert beautiful images on your web pages on your sites, WordPress offers [...]

Hostgator Vs Dreamhost: Sensible Web Hosting Providers of the Industry

When it comes to building an online business be it small business or large-scale business, you need a website. When it comes to building a website, most users prefer WordPress content management system. WordPress is widely used for a reason: they offer excellent features both SEO wise and user experience wise. Upwards 18% of the websites built world-wide are using WordPress. And when you are using WordPress to create self-hosted [...]

Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes For Bloggers

Are you searching for responsive WordPress themes to use on your sites? Have you lately realized the fact of using a mobile responsive theme on your WordPress sites? If yes, this article is for you where I'll show you few incredible responsive themes for WordPress sites. Why use responsive WordPress themes? Before going into the details, I want to first discuss few essential things with you. So let's start with [...]

Bluehost Discount 2014: Save Maximum Money On WordPress Blog Hosting

No doubt BlueHost is one of the best web hosting services for Hosting WordPress Blogs and they are even recommended as an ideal choice for hosting WordPress blogs by website itself. They have 15 plus years of experience in the web hosting industry and they are one of the very few early birds in this industry. Millions of websites are already hosted on BlueHost Servers and more than 20 [...]

Premium WordPress Plugins: Top 10 Premium Plugins worth Paying

WordPress is used by almost 18% of the Internet users, it is the ONLY content management platform that offers exceptional features to its users. One of the great things about using WordPress is that you will have access to thousands of plugins (ranging from premium to free). As of now, they have over 33,000 free plugins available on their plugin directory excluding the premium plugins. WordPress is the ultimate choice [...]

What You Need to Become A Freelancer And Start Making More Money

Who else wants to become a freelancer and start making money without depending on others. Freelancing is a great way to work on your own conditions and make as money as you want. If you are new to freelancing and searching for proven ways to start making more money, this post is for you. Let’s get into the details. What is freelancing? Freelancing simply means working for yourself on a [...]

How to Persuade Your Readers to Take Action On Your Blogs

According to a survey 77% of Internet users read blogs and upwards 7 million people have their own blogs. The size is only growing day by day and making the web noisy. There’s only one way to get your ideas spread across the noisy web, "build loyal readership" around your blogs. Building a profitable website is really hard especially if you are new to blogging world. Most bloggers quit blogging [...]

The Art of Selling: How to Sell Affiliate Products Like A Pro

Selling affiliate products to make money is an art that most people fail. Observe any successful affiliate marketer who is making a living from online, you will notice that they hardly sell. Instead they focus on readers, only promote products they personally use and give strong reasons to let their readers buy. Successful affiliate marketers know how to sell without selling their soul. Selling is not talking. Most people think [...]

Here’s Why Most Bloggers Fail to Make Money And What to You Can Do

Most bloggers fail to make money because of one major reason: they try to make money without having any products sell. If you want to create a passive income from your websites, don't focus on making money by selling ads or Google AdSense. Create your own products. If there's only one way to make more money online, it is this: sell your own products. Yes I agree we all can make [...]